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DHIRAJ NISHANT | 9718161491 | copytimedout.blogspot.

in To write ads that work for the brands, agency as an entity and for me as an individual. An MBA from Amity School of Communication, Noida by chance. A copywriter by choice. The college days honeymoon period had an extended run at Mudra DDB, Delhi. Did nothing out there for a year or so. The brands assigned to work were HM, Philips, Channel 7 and HBO Nothing\: Amounting to nothing, as in offering no prospects for satisfaction, advancement, or the like. Had to quit. Good sense prevailed. Somehow. Joined Indus Union, as small format agency headed by Pradeep, Ex VP Publicis and Shwetabh, Ex CD Grey Worldwide, Canada. It was time to learn. Albeit a bit late.
Brands worked on Apollo Tyres, LivPure, Candico, Baidyanath, inlingua, Capitamall, IACM, Gagan, Infectiguard, Ozone Park, Safal to name of few. People were good. Brands were good, though lesser heard, and the honeymoon period looked round the corner. Once again. Complacency reserved its place. I decided to stick around. Not looking for a change. Actually I went ahead and said no to offers from JWT, TBWA, Percept/h, that too at a fatter paycheque. God should not bless me!

In between also worked with a so-called advertising agency Promodome Communications for a couple of months. Would not like it to be a part of resume. Brands assigned to work on were Bata, Maruti, Hudco. Co-founded my own agency 3 or Whatever with my Art Partner. Worked mostly on Real Estate clients including JP Greens, Real Anchors, V Square, KVD besides a bit on Vespa and HCL. Had to part for personal reasons.
Responsibilities included:

ATL and BTL activities Writing scripts for Radio / TVC Print ad, Radio, TVC, Social Media Participation in the making of TVCs Participation in client meeting

Writing brochures, other collateral.

Scripts written In thousands. Ok. In hundreds. Actually got made into TVC 2. Awards: 2nd prize in the Big Media Festival [A Zee group initiative] Multiple nomination for a Recruitment Ad in Pink Slip [A TOI initiative] Silver for best copy [Pink Slip] A poster campaign for IACM went on to become an intrinsic part of Delhi Governments Bhagida ri initiative

Take Away: Brief is a myth and a Copywriter must understand that anyone and everyone in the agency, with decent command over the language, can claim to be a Copywriter. Details: Total experience 6+ years CTC Peanuts (6 Lakh) Expectation More than peanuts ( 20% hike or so) Notice period Yesterday References Shwetabh, Ex-CD Indus, 9810436675 / Pradeep, COO Indus, 9811050373 / Kunal, CD TBWA, 9818604472 / Navneet, Ex-CD Percept/h, 9811235951

Dhiraj Nishant.