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!"#$%& (#%)*
+,-./*0 1234

5../$#%6$/", - 1he repeLlLlon of sound, usually Lhe lnlLlal sound and mosL ofLen a consonanL, ln
words of one llne or successlve llnes of verse. Lxample: .8end/ ?our force Lo 7reak, 7low,
7urn, and make me new."

5..8*/", - lndlrecL reference Lo an evenL, person, Lhlng, place, or quallLy. An alluslon may serve,
by suggesLlon, Lo exLend Lhe slgnlflcance of a poeLlc lmage or prose passage. Lxample: Pe has
Lhe paLlence of !ob." !ob ls an Cld 1esLamenL characLer who endured every form of loss and
re[ecLlon and lllness wlLh lnflnlLe paLlence because he knew LhaL Cod was LesLlng hlm.

59"*$%"90# - Words addressed Lo one or more persons (absenL or presenL) generally ln an
exclamaLory Lone.

5**",6,:# - A klnd of parLlal rhyme characLerlzed by a correspondence of vowel sounds, buL
noL of consonanLs. Lxample: greener, dreamer

;6..6< - A narraLlve (Lells a sLory) poem or song, wrlLLen ln slmple words and shorL sLanzas,
usually four llnes wlLh a rhyme scheme of abcb.

;.6,= >#%*# - unrhymed lamblc penLameLer, as ln WordsworLh's llnes:1here are // ln our //
exlsL //ence spoLs // of Llme 1haL wlLh //dlsLlncL // pre-em // lnence // reLaln A renovaLlng
vlrLue.."Much of 8omeo and !ulleL ls wrlLLen ln blank verse.

?6:"90",& - Parshness of sound, lack of euphony, dlscordanL quallLy.

?",*",6,:# - 1he harmony, congrulLy, or rhyme whlch occurs when vowel sounds dlffer and
flnal, consonanLal sounds agree. Lxample: call, pull

?"89.#$ - A palr of rhymed llnes of verse.

+890",& - a pleasanL, agreeable comblnaLlon of sounds. Lxample: keaLs' 8lue, sllver-whlLe,
and budded 1yrlan."

@%## >#%*# - oeLry based on an lrregular rhyLhm, Lhe flow of Lhe verse rlslng and falllng
lrregularly wlLh Lhe LhoughL or emoLlon over a group of llnes or lndeed, over Lhe whole poem.

A#%"/: ?"89.#$ - A palr of rhymed llnes ln lamblc penLameLer.

A&9#%7".# 3 LxaggeraLlon for effecL or emphasls.

B$6./6, C!#$%6%:06,D E",,#$ - A fourLeen llne, lamblc penLameLer poem dlvlded lnLo Lwo
secLlons, Lhe ocLave ( or ocLeL), llnes 1-8, rhymlng abba, and Lhe sesLeL, llnes 9-14, rhymlng cde,
cde. 1here are sllghL varlaLlons ln Lhe sesLeL rhyme scheme ln Lhe work of some poeLs.

F8G$69"*/$/", - 1he placlng of Lwo Lhlngs slde by slde for Lhe purpose of comparlson or conLrasL.
ls used Lo clarlfy meanlng, purpose or characLer, or Lo helghLen cerLaln moods, especlally horror
or suspense.

H#$690"% - A common flgure of speech ln whlch a dlrecL comparlson or ldenLlflcaLlon ls made
beLween Lwo unllke ob[ecLs.

I6%%6$/J# !"#) K A poem Lelllng a sLory. See also !"##"$ and %&'()

L<# - A long, formal, elevaLed poem wlLh an elaboraLe sLanza paLLern, a poem of pralse on Lhe
arLs, a frlend or a paLron.

L,")6$"9"#/6 - A poeLlc devlce ln whlch Lhe sense ls suggesLed by Lhe sounds of Lhe words
used. Lxample: groan, hush, chaLLer, rusLle.

LG&)"%", - A flgure of speech ln whlch an ldea ls expressed by means of Lwo words usually
consldered conLradlcLory: 'harmonlous dlscord', 'flery lce', 'pleasanL paln', 'cruel klndness'.

!6%6<"G - A sLaLemenL LhaL seems conLradlcLory, unbellevable, or absurd, llke 8lchard
Lovelace's SLone walls do noL a prlson make, nor lron bars a cage."

!#%*",/M/:6$/", - A flgure of speech, and specles of meLaphor, LhaL aLLrlbuLes Lo lnanlmaLe or
absLracL Lhlngs Lhe quallLles of a person.

E/)/.# - A flgure of speech ln whlch one Lhlng ls llkened Lo anoLher, ofLen dlsslmllar Lhlng
Lhrough Lhe use of words such as llke", as" and Lhan".

E06=#*9#6%#6, E",,#$ - (See also Lngllsh SonneL) A fourLeen llne poem ln lamblc penLameLer
dlvlded lnLo Lhree quaLralns and a coupleL, rhymlng abab cdcd efef gg.

(0#)# - 1he cenLral ldea of Lhe sLory, usually lmplled raLher Lhan dlrecLly sLaLed. lL ls a sLory's
observaLlon abouL llfe or human naLure, and should never be confused wlLh Lhe moral.