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1 Configuration Management applies to development
and not to testing ?
True 3 Mark
Not Answer
2 Read the attached case-study.
(a)Draw context diagram, level-1 DFD and level-2
DFD of this software to be used by FGBB prize
(b) Give a Data dictionary for the DFD drawn above.

(c) Draw Structure Chart for the FGBB prize
scheme software whose DFD are drawn in (a) and
(b). ?

4 Mark
3 Primary role of testing is to determine ?
Both of these 3Marks
whether system meets specifications
whether system meets used needs
none of these

Verification is the process of determining whether
the output of one phase of software development
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conforms to that of its previous phase, whereas
validation is the process of determining whether a
fully developed system conforms to its requirements
specification. ?
True 3 Mark
Not Answer
5 Memory and CPU usage are measured during ------
Testing ?
Integration testing 3Marks
Performance testing
Unit testing
System testing

6 Process of testing multiple components together is
called ?
Unit Testing 3Marks
Regression testing
System testing
Integration testing
Consider a program of determining triangle type
from the length of three sides of the triangle. So
follwoing are input and output of such a program.
Input: Three numbers representing sides of triangle
Output: One of the following
(i) Isosceles triangle
(ii) Equilateral triangle
(iii) Scalene triangle
(iv) Triangle not possible
Write down the following type of test cases for this
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1) Boundary Value analysis
2) Equivalence Class Partitioning
3) Statement testing
4) Branch Testing
5) Condition Testing ?

4 Mark
8 The big-bang model is by far the simplest method of
software development. ?
True 3 Mark
Not Answer
9 Which of the following is most severe classification
of a defect for correct functioning of a software? ?
Cosmetic 3Marks

10 If you are a software tester, you will like Spiral
model because, ?
You will see where the project has come from and where it's
You will get a chance to influence the product early by being
involved in the preliminary design phases
Spiral model is not used by software testers
At the very end of the project you won't feel as rushed to
perform all your testing at the last minute
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11 A desired characteristics of a good design is to have -
----- among the modules ?
High coupling and high cohesion 3Marks
Low coupling and high cohesion
Low coupling and low cohesion
High coupling and low cohesion

12 Factoring is used with ?
None of the above 3Marks
Structure Charts
Both DFDs and Structure Charts

13 Automated approach to requirements analysis
provides all benefits except ?
easier tracing of the impact of modifications 3Marks
standardised documentation
reduced maintenance cost
better risk management

14 Software versioning is done as a part of ?
Project Management 3Marks
Configuration Management
Change Management
Defect Managent

15 Asset(s) generated in the testing process is/are ?
SRS 3Marks
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Source code
Design document
Test Plan
16 The requirements in a "good" requirements
specifications document must be ?
Unambiguous 3Marks
All of the above

17 If we follow the structured design methodology
(without applying any heuristics), the resulting
structure will always have one transform module for
each bubble in the data flow diagram. ?
True 3 Mark
Not Answer
18 Consider Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) applied to
finding real square roots a number. Following two
input partitions are defined:
1) Number greater than zero
2) Number less than zero
Which of the following are valid test cases using
BVA? ?
Input {the most negative real number}, Return 0, Output
"Square root error - illegal negative input"
Input {just greater than 0}, Return {the positive square root of
the input}
Input {the most positive real number}, Return {the positive
square root of the input}

Input {just less than 0}, Return 0, Output "Square root error -
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illegal negative input"
19 DFD during design phase represents how the data
will flow in the system when it is built. ?
True 3 Mark
Not Answer
20 In a big software development project two
developers A and B are given the following LLD
components after translation to the coding tasks as
given below:
A: Generate a List 10 elements each having value as
B: Compute zz* for any complex number z. z*
denotes complex conjugate.
A writes the following BASIC code.
Rem Create a 10 element to -1
Rem Initialize each element to -1
Dim data(10) As Integer
For i = 1 To 10
data(i) = -1
Next i
B is using A's code to compute "i" in his zz* code. A
goes on leave after completion of his code. B is still
writing the code.
Which of the following statements are true? ?
B will be able to compute zz* properly 3Marks
A's code is buggy

In A's code an array (data) of 10 integers and a counter (i) are
created. A For loop runs from 1 to 10, and each element of the
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array from 1 to 10 is assigned a value of -1.
B will be not able to compute zz* properly
21 Which of the following is/are example(s) of iterative
development model? ?
Spiral Model 3Marks
Incremental Model
Waterfall Model
Timeboxing model

22 White box testing is all about ?
internal logic and structure of the unit 3Marks
None of these
input ouput realtionship

23 Architectural design ?
provides algorithmic details for various modules 3Marks
determines the components of the system and their
identifies the data objects and the operations possible on them
restates the problem in abstract terms

24 Which of the following command(s) will be used to
create a new file in the CVS repository? ?
cvs add filename; cvs ci filename 3Marks
cvs ci filename
None of the listed options
cvs ci

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25 A SPR in DETS can go through a series of stages.
One the stages mentioned below is incorrect ?
Assigned 3Marks
26 Which one of the following steps in Requirements
phase is hardest to do? ?
Specification 3Marks
None of the above
Requirements Elicitation

27 Which of the following Artifact(s) consider
Alternative design approaches into one of the
sections as per Template available on Aricent
QMS? ?
Template for detailed Design 3Marks
Design Review checklist
LLD Template
HLD Template
28 Which of the following is/are valid component types
as per C&C view of an architectural design? ?
RPC 3Marks

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29 Entry criterion for test execution is ?
None of these 3Marks
Script ready
Test Plan ready
Both script and test plan ready
30 Data Flow Diagram are generated in Function-
oriented design methodologies at ?
Design Phase 3Marks
None of the above
Analysis Phase
Testing Phase

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