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The default setup of HP-UX often "messes up" ^C and '@' symbol. Default HP-UX /etc/p of!le map !nte upt to "D"#" and $!ll to @. Th!s cause lot of confus!on. %o& ' ecommend that you update you $eyboa d mapp!n( once you (et to a shell p ompt) stty !nt stty $!ll stty -a * chec$ you sett!n(s.

sam Te+t Use 'nte face ,TU'- fo sys conf!( ,.U' /e s!on a/a!l !f D'%P#01 set to 2o $!n( X se /e -. !n /us /sb!n %03 !s you f !end. 't should be the f! st place to t y !f you a e adm!n f om anothe 4% )5ot as (ood as a!+ sm!tty& but bette than sola !s that ha/e noth!n(6 Use T07 $ey to mo/e a ound& space $ey fo select. 0 o2 $ey 2o $s. --8-some of the ma9o f!les locat!on) /etc/hosts /etc/nss2!tch.conf /etc/fstab /etc/l/mconf//(55 ,b!na y f!les& but see all /olume ( p he e/sb!n/ c.conf!(.d/ /sb!n/ c.d/

System Setup
::::: 'n!t!al system !nstall chec$l!st) :::::

"nsu e that / and /us a e fa! ly b!(& as these a e not not e+pandable unless !n s!n(le use mode ,o maybe onl!ne;<%-. 3ost othe /olumes st!ll need to be unmounted befo e fs can ( o2& so est!mat!n( co ect s!=e !s p etty !mpo tant. 4nl!ne;<% should allo2 fs e+pans!on 2/o unmount l!$e 0'X& but mo e money.

.et latest of all > of 7U5D#"??!& H@"nable??!& .old0pp and .old7ase and !nstall them. <acto y 4% !nstall !ncluded the latest elease of all the abo/e > patch bundles. 0fte bundles& 9a/a patches may st!ll be needed. %ee) http)// oducts?/un!+/9a/a/patches/!nde+.html Up( ad!n( 4%. Default CD med!a allo2 fo both !n!t!al setup and up( ade. Up( ade has spec!al p ocedu e to !nstall lot of depot f! st 2hen system st!ll unn!n(. !pt!de 2as up( aded f om ??.88 to ??.??& seems to un f!ne. -------------Update HP-UX f om ?8+ and ??.8 to ??!) !nstall update-u+ soft2a e f om CD& then un /us /sb!n/update-u+ -s /cd om HPUX??!-4". Aefe to 'nstall and update (u!de !n "'nstant Documentat!on" CD.

-HP-UX /e s!ons P0-A'%C) ?8.B8 ,"4#-& ??.88 ,??-& ??.?? ,??!-& ??.BC ,ca B88D/8D'tan!um) ??.B8& ??.BB& ??.BC

Boot Time Troubleshooting
Aeco/e y of unbootable system. Default setup CD has opt!on to do th!s. 't may help 2hen E+<% has c ashed some c !t!cal 4% pa t!t!ons. boot!n( HP-UX mach!ne !nto s!n(le use mode.

http)//222.un! ,Connect dumb te m!nal to se !al consoleP ess and hold "%C at the be(!nn!n( of the boot p ocess ,!t should p ompt& but !f not& 9ust h!t "%C l!$e c a=y-. 'n the PDC ,f! m2a e p ocesso dependent code-& ente 74 to boot. ,o 74 P8 !sl-& 2he e P8 !s the boot de/!ce to use& 2hoh2n by %"0 ch.

H!t <> to to((le emote mana(ement on . * by spec!fy!n( -< /+fs& allo2 use of !ntent lo( .2!th : on !t-.KL8-/stand//mun!+ MKKK?KNCMOC?BN>8MKPP sta t 8+KcD8 Qe nel %ta tup 3essa(es 4m!tted '5'T) 4/e !d!n( default le/el 2!th le/el 's' '5'T) %'5.<% and thus completes much Iu!c$e .!n!t!al system load-& say yes. -lI H l/m& !(no e fa!led m! o d !/e allo2 boot!n( of mach!ne 2hen one of the m! o ed d !/e ha/e fa!led.9ou nal!n(* featu e of . /(chan(e -a y /de///(88 l/lnboot -/ /de///(88 fsc$ -< /+fs -o full&nolo( /de///(88/ /olP * fsc$ fo d !/es that ha/e lot of e o s& th!s method * may (!/e mo e !nst uct!ons to cmd of ho2 to do the clean!n(. Th!s !s somet!me needed e/en !n non-m! o ed d!s$.alte nate J 0fte th!s& should see these messa(es and the lo(!n p ompt) 7oot ) d!s$. @hen booted !n s!n(le use mode 2!th co upted fs& /(chan(e can be used to tell Ee !tas Eol 3( t 2h!ch de/!ce to use.) 14U 0A" %UP"AU%"A66 * 54T") The E.#" U%"A 34D" @0A5'5. a the '%# p ompt& ente ) hpu+ -!s G th e !s a 'hpu+ -lm' fo ma!ntenance mode also !t p obably doesn't mount the / fs us!n( no mal method and thus E+<% stuff 2!ll not 2o $ -lm H l/m ma!nt mode& somet!me -!s 2on't 2o $ 2hen l/m !s co upted. Th!s ma$es se !al console usable.0 mon!to N pc $eyboa d may sho2 some opt!nos. ll H l!st content of /stand& thus see f!lename of alte nate $e nel usable /!a e( -lm /stand//mun!+.scs!.@hen !t as$ 2hethe to use !nte act!/e '%# . :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: clea out attent!on l!(ht !n f ont panel .

boot /!a spec!f!c path& see %"0.?D '5 0## ente !nfo menu d!splay all !nfo& the e 2!ll be mach!ne model st !n(s to dete m!n 2hat class of mach!ne !t !s.ISL commands ---------'%# . 74 74 PA' 74 %"C 74 8/8/B/?.ua d!an %e /!ce P ocesso cl!(!/e access to b!os le/el cont ol of the mach!ne& /!e2 /fp . boot& use default de/ boot& us!n( p !ma y .P ocesso Dependent Code 0ccessed at boot up t!me by the ha d2a e to boost ap the system. Class !nfo usually not sho2n !n ta(/model !nfo !n f ont os system ). %"0 %ea ch and d!splay bootable de/!ce. %tep ? of boot!n(. The 2!ndo2 !s afte all ha d2a e has been chec$ed and befo e 4% bootst ab p ocess be(!ns. 7oot!n( f om CDA43 may need to use th!s to f!nd de/!ce path to use fo boot!n(. some soft2a e l!$e comp!le bound to the P88 des!(nat!on./! tual f ont panel-& clea h2 e lo(& etc.PDC commands ---------PDC . 5eed to h!t any $ey 2hen p ompted !n a ?8 seconds 2!ndo2s du !n( boot p ocess to ente the PDC !nte act!on sess! u se !al console sess!on) ^7 & ente B+ (et !nto (sp mode .default.. ---------. sl e n I * * * * sys lo( e o s no f!lte Iu!t co * e+!t bac$ to console :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ---------. e( M888/P88/0D88-DX %ystem 5ame) !pt!de !s 0-class. %!mple to do dual boot& us!n( seconda y d!s$. 4nly access!ble du !n( boot t!me. 3" memo y !nfo& tell 2h!ch ban$ has 2hat $!nd of D'33& /acancy.'n!t!al %ystem #oade 'n/o$ed by PDC so that !t can load the $e nel off /stand .

f!le '#%' to see a l!st of the '%# ut!l!t!es. boot /!a spec!f!c $e nel l!st $e nels a/a! !n /stand -8'%#R S H"#P #% 0UT4744T 0UT4%"0ACH PA'3P0TH 0#TP0TH C45%P0TH D'%P#01 #%0UT4<# <0%T%'T" P88%UPP4AT O88%UPP4AT A"0D5E3 A"0D%% #%70TCH 70TCH #%"%T "%T "nte Help <ac!l!ty #!st '%# ut!l!t!es %et o clea autoboot fla( !n stable sto a(e %et o clea autosea ch fla( !n stable sto a(e 3od!fy p !ma y boot path !n stable sto a(e 3od!fy alte nate boot path !n stable sto a(e 3od!fy system console path !n stable sto a(e D!splay boot and console paths !n stable sto a(e #!st contents of autoboot f!le %ets o d!splays <0%T%'T" 7oots the sP88 %uppo t Qe nel f om the boot de/!ce 7oot the sO88 %uppo t Qe nel f om the boot de/!ce D!splays contents of one 2o d of 5E3 D!splays contents of one 2o d of stable sto a(e #!st contents of batch f!le "+ecute commands !n batch f!le #!st contents of "%T . Use se !al console o #05 console& h!t ^7 default !s unsecu ed so 9ust p ess ente fo use name and pass2o d to (a!n .GSP commands ---------."+tended %elf Test. eI66 s!n(le use mode."+tended %elf Test.%PR p ompt access. hpu+ hpu+ hpu+ hpu+ -!s -lm -lm /stand//mun!+.%P .%P 2!ll d!an %e /!ce P ocesso . 7'4% le/el command& access!ble e/en 2hen mach!ne !s !n Po2e 4ff state. 'nte act!ons !n he e allo2 boot !nto s!n(le use %ee H4@T4 sect!on and hpu+ command !s !n '%#.!n( pa amete setup .%P Help HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.f om the ha d d !/e.f!le "+ecute commands !n "%T .. H" H help& #' !n the e l!st commands) HHHH . 0ccess!ble all the t!me& !t 2!ll not cause any !nte upt!on of unn!n( system. 5o pass2o d #E3 ma!ntenance boot mode. ) Pa. P. 'f mach!ne (ets !nto boot p ocess& use sess!on to . ---------.p e/ ll * * * * mode& etc.0dm!n!st ato -HHH 0C ) 0le t d!splay Conf!(u at!on PC ) Aemote Po2e Cont ol 0A ) 0utomat!c %ystem Aesta t conf!(.

o of the #"D !n f ont of E<P d!splay a /! tual f ont panel& a m! mach!ne. .%P 3A ) 3odem Aeset 3% ) 3odem %tatus -8C4 P% A% ) Po2e mana(ement module ) Aeset %ystem th ou(h A%T %D3 ) %et D!splay 3ode .%P XD XU ) D!a(nost!cs and/o Aeset ) Up( ade the .etu n to console mode te+tC%P ) Connect to emote %e /!ce P oc. %ho2 te+t messa(e that has been d!splayed to the console. Can pe fo m po2e cycle. cont ast to e+!t& 2h!ch 2!ll lo(off a telnet to the #05 console sess!on. Cont ast to %U5 #43 and 0'X se !al access& 9ust need to ha/e po2e fed !nto mach!ne.send a ms(.chass!s code ) %ecu !ty opt!ons U access ) %ystem %tatus of p oc.3T. A% Ha shes esta t of system& no 4% !nte act!on& no co e. PC allo2 tu n!n( mach!ne on/off. system DC ) Default Conf!(u at!on buffe D' ) D'sconnect emote o #05 console cont ol "# ) "nable/d!sable #05 access modules "A ) "nable/d!sable Aemote/modem Cont ol H" ) D!splay H"lp fo menu o command othe use s 'T ) 'nact!/!ty T!meout sett!n(s d!splay #C ) #05 conf!(u at!on use s #% ) #05 %tatus of .lo( !nto the ) %ho2 #o(s .%P le/el lo((!n(& 2!th t!mestamp !n UTC/.%P and #05 console 2!ll ema!n usable afte po2e off.%P <! m2a e etu n to console mode& e+!t . P obably s!m!la to %un 47P sync cmd.C0 ) Conf!(u e asynch/se !al po ts %tatus C# ) Console #o(. Use th!s command to clea attent!on l!(ht. %U5 473 eset. ) Aeset /!a T ansfe of ) T"ll. #%& #C %ho2 and conf!(u e #05 console sett!n(s ./!e2 console h!sto y s!(nal C4 ) C4nsole.'P& hostname& etc-& e+t emely useful& ma$e su e to conf!(u e !t6 TC %end s!(nal to 4%& fo ce !t to do a co e dump and eboot. to E<P ) E! tual < ont Panel @H4 ) D!splay connected .%P. Random Dai y Tas!s . %# C# %ho2 lo(& . P% 3on!to status of po2e supply& fan& etc.he+ o %" %# %4 %% TC T" ) %"ss!on.

B?D./e !fy 2!th doma!nname& !mmed!ate act!/at!on /!a doma!nname t!tan!umle(. mo/e mach!ne to ne2 subnet& maybe use sam !nstead of conf!( f!le chan(es fo 'P/5'C sett!n(s o else need to ed!t mult!ple places.chan(!n( hostname of a mach!ne /etc/ c.?O ?8.BDD ?8.sec * top& see H4%T503"H"name" * may not be needed.>8. /etc/ c.B8.K ?8.>8.conf!(.com" .B?D.BDD ?8.B? ?8.B?D.BDD ?8.C8.d/netconf /etc/hosts //a /adm/!netd.use th!s !nstead of don't use setFpa m sam o$ay& but chec$ f!les abo/e.B?D.C8.B?D.conf!(. o sla/e se /e .?8.B8. eboot- hostname 5"@503" .?8.B?D.B?D. c eat!n( /de//=e o cd /de/ m$nod =e o c C 8+88888> cho2n b!n)sys =e o chmod KKK =e o Chan(e system default t!me=one) ed!t /etc/T'3"T45" to be) TTHP%TPPDT e+po t TT %ett!n( up 5'% 2!th p edef!n!ed l!st of se /e s.d/namese /e )) 5'%FD430'5-"t!tan!umle(.B? /yp/secu ese /e s )) ?8.?MM /us /l!b/nets/c/yp/ypb!nd 5ote that yp!n!t can only be used to setup maste not to !n!t cl!ent conf!(.BDD ?8.

.. /de///(:/( oup /(c eate -sP /de///(8? /de//ds$/cCt?Dd8 Phy "+tend H P mb m$boot /de// ds$/cCt?Dd8 l/c eate -C y s!=e ?8B> 37 n -# ?8B> /de///(8? * c eate a ne2 /ol ( p.] !oscan -fnC d!s$ * scan fo d!s$ de/ path p/c eate -7 /de// ds$/cCt?Dd8 * ma $ d!s$ fo use as PE !n #E3 dd !fH/de//=e o ofH/de// ds$/cCt?Dd8 bsHK>$ countH?8 * 2!pe out obsolete #E3 ma $!n( on d!s$ so that * p/c eate 2!ll not compla!n& e un p/c eate cmd m$d! /de///(8? m$nod /de///(8?/( oup c K> 8+558888 he+& t y 8?& 8B& . 2/ * c K> !s d!s$ ma9o numbe * 8+558888 !s un!I m!no numbe * e(& ch$ a(a!nst ls -l * ma$e !t bootable d!s$ * c eate cont!(uous de/ l/ol? .Sto"a#e Dis! s2ap/pa(!n( s2ap!nfo s2apon /de///(8?/l/olB /etc/fstab ent y) /de///(8?/l/olB / s2ap * act!/ate s2ap pa t!t!on defaults 8 8 * s2ap de/!ce /us /sb!n/sam (oto Pe fo mance 3on!to s -R %ystem P ope t!es the e a e tabs fo cpu and memo y !nfo $o ume %ana#ement c"eatin# "oot and s&ap 'o umes (usin# L$%) [Adapted from Unix Sys Admin Handbook (USAH) p146.

. * s2ap add!t!on l!$e th!s eI d!s$ to ha/e a boot pa t!t!on& e/en on Bnd d!s$..f!nal s!=e2!ll f!ll up all allocated #"& !nc ease fs fo onl!ne.'%# hpu+ -!s& -lm ma!n mode 2on't 2o $6l/e+tend& e+tendfs& then eboot to !nc ease such fs./de///(8?/l/ol? l/lnboot -s /de///(8?/l/olB ne2fs -< /+fs /de///(8?/ l/ol? s2apon /de///(8?/l/olB /! /etc/fstab.<%& need unmount befo e e+tend. and t'"s #annot be extended( ()'ey "s"a$$y #orrespond to $*o$1 to $*o$+). //a & /us boot !nto s!n(le use mode ./de///(8? * emo/e oot /ol * undo l/lnboot l/ emo/e /de///(8?/l/olB * emo/e the lo(!c /(8? l/ emo/e /de///(8?/l/ol? /( emo/e /( * emo/e the 2hole bdf eI fo the #E.<%. l/ mboot . . * also& may need to set $e nel pa am ma+s2apchun$ 2h!ch l!m!t ma+ s2ap s!=e !n byte * calc as s2chun$ : D"EF7%'T"& 2hose def a e B8>P and ?8B>& esp./S is "sed. ne2fs -< /+fs /de///(88/ l/ol?? * l/ol?? ass!(ned dyn f om abo/e Clean up p ocedu e& e/e se of c eate. . * sam may p o/!de eas!e alte nat!/e.l/c eate -C y automat!cally n -# ?8B> /de///(8? * d!tto& 2!ll be named l/olB * ma$e l/ol? a boot pa t!t!on * ma$e l/olB a s2ap de/ * c eate the fs as /e !tas fs * act!/ate s2ap l/lnboot ... 5ot su e ho2 to do / 66 NOTE /.i-ar #an do it by mi&ratin& to anot'er disk and if on$ine.<% fsadm -< /+fs s!=e /fsmount * mount /fsmount 2he e leFnumbe !s ne2 #" /alue o -# s!=e'n37 . and -s /ol l/olB f om /ol ( p * df& be $eley /e s!on ( o2f!n( the fs) l/d!splay /de///(88/l/olX * f!nd out #" /alue umount /fsmount l/e+tend -l leFnumbe /de///(88/l/olX * * e+tendfs /de///(88/l/olX * . /stand and s ap re!"ire spe#ia$ po$i#y of %#onti&"o"s%.7 fo the #o( Eol. need unless ha/e onl!ne. non "system" /olumes can be c eated as& e( /us /local) l/c eate /de///(88 l/e+tend -# B888 /de///(88/l/ol?? * allocate B .

8- )'e /et#/fstab before mirrorin& is. 4nd 5d. by 1oniato ski.B. 'i#' "ses H1U3 nati*e 789. m$boot /de// ds$/cBtBd8 * m$boot -a "hpu+ -lI" /de// ds$/cBtBd8 * %"C45D0A1 d!s$& add 0UT4& lo2 Iuo um .8* ne2 d !/e fo m! o !s /de//ds$/cBtBd8 . * (et e & no l/m def on !t& a2 * add phys!cal d!s$ to be used by * !nco po ate ne2 d!s$ to p/c eate -7 /de// ds$/cBtBd8 #E3 /(e+tend /de///(88 /de//ds$/cBtBd8 e+!st!n( /(88 * do some chec$!n( st !n(s /etc/l/mtab l!fls /de// ds$/c?tBd8 l!fls /de// ds$/cBtBd8 * see ne2 d!s$ used by l/m * see lot of boot ut!l * no boot ut!l& add ne+t.8/8/?/?. it is an option t'at re!"ires more money. *** * e(& e+!st!n( /(88 !s !n /de//ds$/c?tBd8 . /de///(88/l/olC / /de///(88/l/ol? /stand /de///(88/l/ol> /tmp /de///(88/l/olD /lhome /de///(88/l/olK /opt /de///(88/l/olO /us /de///(88/l/olP //a !oscan -funC d!s$ p/d!splay /de//ds$/c?tBd8 p/d!splay /de//ds$/cBtBd8 d!s$. p146 Here is t'e pro#ed"re to mirror root disk. $*extend -m is t'e mirrorin& option t'at need $i#ense to be a#ti*ated..'i$e t'is mirrorin& soft are is nati*e to t'e H12U3 :S. /+fs hfs /+fs /+fs /+fs /+fs /+fs delaylo( defaults delaylo( delaylo( delaylo( delaylo( delaylo( 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 ? ? B B B B B * (et l/m !nfo of e+!st!n( d!s$.B. Wa"nin# .Setup *oot dis! mi""o"in# 0oot disk mirrorin&.. Adapted from H12U3 11i system administration 'andbook and too$kit.8/8/B/8. *** *** NN T4D4) f!nd out ho2 to dete m!ne !f mach!ne has l!cense fo m! o !n(. and not t'e 8eritas 8o$"me 9ana&er t'at t'e :S a$so s'ips it'.

!f needed- /( educe /de///(88 /de//ds$/cBtBd8 p/ emo/e /de// ds$/cBtBd8 *** *** *** Aeplac!n( a m! o d!s$ ?>M * /ol ( p conf * chan(e /ol * esync /(cf( esto e -n /de///(XX /de// ds$/c.m$boot -a "hpu+ -lI" /de// ds$/c?tBd8 * PA'30A1 d!s$& lo2 Iuo um ..s2ap* Aepeat fo all l/olX.SSl!fls /de// ds$/cBtBd8 e+tens!/e * see boot ut!l& but not as * as p !ma y d!s$.//a l/e+tend -m ? /de///(88/l/olO l/olOH.8 *** *** To undo the m! *** o !n( p ep 2o $) /de//ds$/cBtBd8 * add m! /de//ds$/cBtBd8 * add m! /de//ds$/cBtBd8 * add m! /de//ds$/cBtBd8 /de//ds$/cBtBd8 /de//ds$/cBtBd8 /de//ds$/cBtBd8 /de//ds$/cBtBd8 o o o fo fo fo o o o o o fo fo fo fo fo l/olBH/ * add m! * add m! * add m! * add m! * add m! * chec$ cu ent PDC bootpath * set PDCR 74 %"C ... 't !s o$. *** *** The ne+t steps 2!ll actually pe fo m the m! o & *** and !t 2!ll fa!l !f -m m! o !n( opt!on !s not act!/ated 2!th /al!d l!cense *** l/e+tend -m ? /de///(88/l/ol? l/ol?H/stand l/e+tend -m ? /de///(88/l/olB .B./optl/e+tend -m ? /de///(88/l/olD l/olDH./lhomel/e+tend -m ? /de///(88/l/ol> l/ol>H./us l/e+tend -m ? /de///(88/l/olK l/olKH.-a y/(sync /de///(XX lo(!cal /ol !n /ol ( p. l/e+tend -m ? /de///(88/l/olP l/olPH. ootl/e+tend -m ? /de///(88/l/olC l/olCH. *** *** Aeplace m! o ed d!s$ boot d!s$ *** 'n add!t!on to no mal m! o d!s$ *** add) eplacements steps abo/e& ./tmpsetboot setboot -a 8/8/B/8. esto e /(chan(e -a y /de///(XX ( p to a/a! lable ..

. /(. E+Em cmds a e /+./ol ( p !nfo * /(88 H oot /ol ( p . eboot * /(cf(bac$up !s un automat!cally on eboot Ot+e" $o ume %ana#ement Commands H12U3 <= 11 defa"$t boot disk is "nder #ontro$ of 789 2 7o&i#a$ 8o$"me 9ana&er... p/./e bose. to pa t!t!on/sl!de of sola !s.*** m$boot /de// ds$/c. Note H12U3 s'ip s it' TWO 789. /"sr. /"rt'er note t'at in addition to *xfs. t'is is akin to So$aris.system f!les* /etc/l/mconf l!st all /ol ( p !n system * sho2 lo(!cal to phy e+tents map fo o !n( sect!on. /*ar.../S.. )o some extend. l/d!splay -/ /de///(88/l/olP lo(!cal /ol * a fe2 mo e commands. and 8eritas 8o$"me 9ana&er for "se it' data partitions..all lo( /ol !n !t 2!ll .N cd/d/d-. H12U3 ?"st 'appen to s'ip bot' pre2insta$$ed. * scan fo all ha d d !/es .d!s$ to /ol ( p !nfo* de/ path f om !oscan output /(d!splay -/ /(88 * d!splay . #E3 de/!ces a e /de///(88/l/ol5 E+Em de/!ces a e /de///+/ds$/ ootd(//ol55 #E3 cmds a e l/. et#). and 8eritas for data disks. boot st"ff) and *xfs (root./S and on$ine. H1 ta$ks abo"t . see fs#k. --#E H lo(!cal /olume& s!m!la !oscan -fnC d!s$ d!s$!nfo p/c eate -7 /de// ds$/cCt?Dd8 * !n!t a a2 d!s$ de/ as de/ fo #E3 -!e ma$e a PE. m$boot -a "hpu+ lI" /de// ds$/c. 'ereby some admin "se t'e S"n 8o$"me 9ana&er (>isk S"ite) for :S disks.. /i$esystem #reated by 789 #an be 'fs (/stand.... some sample e( !n #E3 m! /(e+tend /( educe /( emo/e be (one- * /ol ( p& add d!s$ to * /ol ( p& emo/e d!s$ f om * /ol ( p& emo/e !t completely ..t. An nati*e *ersion for #ore :S partitions. p/ emo/e /de// ds$/cXtXd8 * e/e se/undo of p/c eate p/d!splay /de//ds$/c?t?Dd8 * d!splay phys!cal /ol !nfo .

cl!ent sta t ead the std out f om th!s sc !pt sta tup f!le !s !n /sb!n/!n!t.d/nfsconf * set both to be su e6 0UT4F4PT'45%H"-f V0UT4F30%T"A -D 0ACHH%CFHPUX" *olde automount 0UT434U5TDF4PT'45%H"-D 0ACHH%CFHPUX" *ne2e autofs see sambple conf!( !n hpu+/nfsconf /sb!n/!n!t.con(t!(uous& etc/ol& emo/e !t completely .cl!ent 5ote that !f 5'% map auto.fs 2!ll be (onel/ bootable. .d/nfs.o * * * * lo(! lo(! lo(! ma$e m! o /ol& educe space o emo/e m! o /ol& chan(e allocat!on pol!cy .f om ps-) /us /l!b/nets/c/fs/automount/automount -f /etc/autoFmaste 0ACHH%CFHPUX * old automount /us /l!b/nets/c/fs/autofs/automountd -D 0ACHH%CFHPUX * ne2e autofs& /net may need some 4% path !n P0A'%C -D /etc/ c. ne2fs& e+tendfs etc a e appl!ed to #E to ma$e usable f!lesystem.l/c eate l/e+tend conf!( l/ educe l/chan(e l/ emo/e l/lnboot * lo(! /ol& c eate .i esystem mount!n( cd om) mount -o o -< cdfs /de//ds$/cBt?d8 /mnt/cd om alte nate app oach .conf!(.phys!cal e+tents.d/nfs.S automount typ!cal auto sta tup .d!ff fo matS !ona cd-) pfsFmountd U pfsd U pfsFmount /de// ds$/cBt?d8 /mnt/cd om pfsFumount /mnt/cd om Connecti'ity (-et&o"!) -.!n!t!al setup* lo(! /ol& add space .maste use undesco e l!$e autoFhome& * automount/autofs& can .

* !d ca d type and d !/e .p oducts /etc/auto. <o compat!b!l!ty !ssues& !t !s p obably best to a/o!d both .p oducts Nauto.conf!(. 7ut 4h!o 5'% use that and !t 2o $s f!ne6 0ss hole befo e c eated the %50<U fo me. * l!st all de/!ces of Class lan * a-class bu!ld-!n 5'C * some old bo+ add on n!c /etc/ c.o . o F 5ot su e of the effect on autoFhome and autoFd! ect 5<% /etc/fstab /de///(88/l/olP netapp)//ol//ol?/use s/sa /etc/e+po ts /opt //a .automnt )) )) Nauto.hpu+ 2on't be able to t anslate that to auto. * fo ce sett!n(s& fo th!s sess!on only.' should 2o $. and F !n the f!lename The e should not be eason 2hy one can't use autoFmaste to ha/e ent !es l!$e) /p oducts autop oducts * !e& no .o /us /+fs /mnt/sa nfs delaylo( 2&!nt &ha d 8 B 8 8 e+po tfs -a -IC lanscan -/ !fconf!( lan8 lanadm!n -+ 8 lanadm!n -X ?88<D 8 !oscan -fnC lan lsde/ -C lan * * * * l!st all 5'C& !fconf!( -a doesn't 2o $. /e bose& sho2 n!c and d !/e & etc almost all 5'C a e lanX tell 2hat !s cu ent 5'C conf!(& e( duple+ * 8 !s 53'D f om lanscan.d/hp:conf e( hpbtlanconf H btlan hp(sc?88conf H btlan> hsc 9CD?Da hpbasetconf H btlan? .home 0s such& a sle2 of f!les need to be added !n /etc/autoFhome 2!th conent of Nauto.home /etc/auto. 7ut af a!d b ea$ othe 4% platfo m& not 2ell tested yet.automnt Con/e t!n( 5'% se /e to ha/e map 2!th '.

d/netconf * A4UT"FD"%T'50T'45G8JH"default" * A4UT"F30%QG8JH"" * A4UT"F.?" * A4UT"FC4U5TG8JH"?" .hp.conf * same as sola !s/a!+.conf!(.co e.? ? .?8.BDD.d/netconf * 'PF0DDA"%%G8JH"?8. othe dns chan(e !p/netmas$) sam& net2o $!n( and commun!cat!ons& net2o $ !nte face ca ds * th!s e/en allo2 fo speed duple+ sett!n(s66 0d/ance has mac add ess and mtu.??& olde & stable& safe patch PH5"FBC>KD latest btlan patch& ha/e some 2a n!n(s. /etc/ c.#05 ca d hppc!?88conf H btlanD "e+te nal" pc! ca d 0DBC80 hpsppc!?88conf H btlanK E-class pc! lan ca d * Update th!s f!le to * ha d coded 5'C sett!n(s .speed and duple+& e( ?88 <D* emembe to add the ca d !nte face e( lan8 !n the name * sect!on& o !t 2!ll ha/e no effect6 * can also chan(e sett!n(s /!a lanadm!n -X ?88fd * but !t 2!ll not l!/e th u eboot.0T"@01G8JH"?8.!t c.?BC" %U75"TF30%QG8J * 7A40DC0%TF0DDA"%%G8JH"" .a!+ cons!de !t as 80dd!n( default oute !n command l!ne) oute add default netmas$ BDD.conf!(.BO.a-classS.8 ?OB..blan$ seems to 2o $& auto calcS/etc/hosts * ente ne2 'P of mach!ne. Dete m!n!n( / sett!n( n!c duple+ and speed http)//fo ums?.com/se /!ce/fo ums/Iuest!onans2e . -et&o"! Con.mach!ne btlan PH5"FBBOBO patch fo btlan fo hpu+ ??.BDD.?8. !f 2o $& autone( 2!ll 2o $ bette .?8.?PP.7'5D-& D5% Aesol/e use 3enu& 0ct!ons& %et Default Doma!n..doS th ead'dHKP>K?> net2o $ d !/e patch fo some old .hpbase?88conf H btlanC 'nte nal . sam& net2o $!n( and commun!cat!ons& D5% . to add "sea ch" fo doma!ns.i# chan(e D5% se /e s /etc/ esol/.?8. chan(e out!n() sam& net2o $!n( and commun!cat!ons& outes /etc/ c. conf!( f!le ed!t !s eas!e & only ? f!le.

4#D dete m!ne !f any Wual!ty Pac$ o . s2l!st -l p oduct X ( ep PH loo$ fo !nstalled patches.i# Pac!a#e/So. 0ppe ently& all > of 7U5D#"??!& H@"nable??!& . <acto y 4% !nstall !ncluded the latest elease of all the abo/e > patch bundles.!e& don't Sys Con.old7ase should be !nstalled on the system.Se"ia /conso e po"t P"intin# To add a net2o $ p !nte & use sam& p !nte s and plotte s& #P %poole & P !nte s and Plotte s& (o to 0ct!ons menu& 0dd Aemote P !nte 5ame of Wueue to add 2!ndo2s Hostname of emote se /e 5ame of Iueue on emote se /e Type of p !nt spoole on emote se /e chec$ emote !s 7%D--R Use p !nte name mach!n( --R 2!ndo2s p !nt se /e name --R @!ndo2s p !nte name. -l p oduct seems to be needed fo ??! s2!nstall -f mysoft -s /mnt/cd supposed to !nstall soft2a e l!sted !n f!le mysoft f om cd om s2!nstall -s /home/sa/sha e/soft2a e-!n-cd/hpu+FaCNN/aCN NComp!le .old0pp and .depot .se /!ce pac$ eIu!/-.t&a"e mana#ement s2l!st -l p oduct l!st all p oduct/patches !n system s2l!st X ( ep -e WPQ -e .old 7ase patch has been !nstalled . --R %ystem E .P88.

utah.hp. see ema!l about 2he e (nu tools a e do2nloaded Ghttp)//hpu+.!t c. 3o/e to the /tmp d! ecto y and unsha cd /tmp sh PH%%FB88DD D.cs. 't !s eally 9ust a ta f!le.patch !s obta!ned !n a "depot" f!le fo mat& 2h!ch !s eally a ta .edu& depot fo mat& some !ns to /us /local/b!n& othe to /opt& !nto p oduct spec!f!c subd! s6J Patc+ patch !nstall e() .depot J s2!nstall -+ auto ebootHt ue -+ patchFmatchFta (etHt ue Y -s /tmp/PH%%FB88DD. Aun s2!nstall to !nstall the patch) G to chec$ that depot has been do2nloaded co ectly) s2l!st -d @ /full/absolute/path/PH%%FB88DD.doS patch!dHPH%%FB88DDUconte+tHhpu+)P88)??)88 ?. 7ac$ up you B.!n th!s case& su e the e !s bash only-. 'nst uct!on p esented !n he e !s also !n a te+t f!le !ns!de the ta .depot Y: !nstall e/e yth!n( !n the depot . oot.http)//222B. >.depot 7y default s2!nstall 2!ll a ch!/e the o !(!nal soft2a e !n //a /adm/s2/sa/e/ /!ce/patch/patchDeta!l. Copy the patch to the /tmp d! ecto y.depot @0A5'5. #o(!n as system befo e !nstall!n( a patch. C.2!ll needed to fully spec!fy the depot f!le befo e the damn th!n( eco(n!=e the f!le. 'f you do not 2!sh to eta!n a copy of the o !(!nal soft2a e& use the patchFsa/eFf!les opt!on) s2!nstall -+ auto ebootHt ue -+ patchFmatchFta (etHt ue Y -+ patchFsa/eFf!lesHfalse -s /tmp/PH%%FB88DD.) 'f patchFsa/eFf!les !s false 2hen a patch !s !nstalled& the patch) . s2!nstall -s /e+po t/tmp/bash.

D?B bytes& -pstac$ s!=e . <o !s futu e Please be ca eful efe ence& the contents of the PH%%FB88DD. * pty fo use lo(!n sess!ons.!n /us /sb!nul!m!t -a * sho2 many .bloc$s& -cdata se( s!=e .depot ofH/de// mt/8m bsHB$ Ke"ne /System Tunin# sysdef $mtune -l . * can set them to ?888 by othe pa ams .P$ma+s!=FK>b!t PCPPK8P su((ested /al fo small se /e >8?K8>K8P .bloc$s& -fma+ memo y s!=e . B8MO?D? ?8>PDOK unl!m!ted unl!m!ted B8>P ?K P?MB unl!m!ted OK unl!m!ted co e f!le s!=e .$bytes& -df!le s!=e .-np!pe s!=e .but not all. (o/e ned by $e nel stat!c pa ams and def /als ma+s!= PCPPK8P .depot a/a!lable !n the p oduct s2l!st -l p oduct -a To put th!s patch on a ma(net!c tape and !nstall f om the tape d !/e& use the command) dd !fH/tmp/PH%%FB88DD.-u/! tual memo y .ma+ allo2ed& CPCQul!m!t -n * def!ne ma+ open f!les& def $e nel /alues) ma+f!les B8>P stat!c >8MK * soft ma+f!lesFl!m B8>P dynam!c P?MB * ha d ma+use s npty nst pty * num of use s& base pa am as mult!pl!e * does not actually (o/e n lo(!ns.the patch cannot be de!nstalled.te+t f!le eadme) eadme -d @ /tmp/PH%%FB88DD.seconds& -tma+ use p ocesses .$bytes& -/- ul!m!t -s * def!ne stac$ s!=e.$e nel pa amete s * l!st all $e nel pa amete s& -l fo lon( l!st * d!splay all l!m!ts& belo2 a e p obably defaults.$bytes& -scpu t!me . 2hen us!n( th!s featu e.$bytes& -mopen f!les .

't should mod!fy) ma+use s D?B np oc B8>P ma+Fth eadFp oc C888 n$th ead K888 nf!le C888 ma+f!les B8>P ma+f!lesFl!m B8>P ncallout K888 ma+ds!= B8KCPCD?CK tcpFconnF eIuestFma+ B8>P 0ddin# Inte"nationa Lan#ua#e/Loca e suppo"t 7y default& all the bas!c suppo t fo !nstalled. /us /sb!n/$mtune 2!ll d!splay the $e nel pa ams. .nst tel np oc * ma+ p ocesses that can e+!st on system& ??! H stat!c * def B8 N P : 30XU%"A% . !nte nat!onal lan(ua(e a e The CD" lan(ua(e may need to be !nstalled manually) 'nse t CDB of HP-UX ??! <oundat!on 4pe at!n( "n/! onment& then un %03 %oft2a e 'nstall and add the CD" bundle of the des! ed lan(ua(e.#4. &et H1 too$ . @erne$ parameters in defa"$t os is not *ery &ood for $ar&e ser*er.nnn R /tmp/nettl.//a /adm/nettl. /or $ar&e ?a*a app ser*ers.#om/prod"#ts1/"nix/?a*a/?a*a4/o"tofbox/ do2nload . 1robab$y &ood for a$$ ser*er.depot -+ auto ebootHt ue Y: AeI eboot.depot& s2!nstal -s /full/path/to/9oobFB8CF??88.lot of opt!ons.t+t con/e t the net2o $ p oblem lo( f om b!na y to te+t opt!ons may ha/e been -l -5 -n -f stm& cstm +stm ha d2a e d!a(nost!c p o( am. 'ttp. Ha"d&a"e commands mode$ 2 &i*e ma#'ine mode$ info Dia#nostic too s d!a(nost!cs tools) netfmt -. te+t menu& cl! and X based.a*a4 :"t2of2box and it i$$ p$"& in a$$ desireb$e parameters.// . Chec$ 2!th "locale -a".'p. esta t !s needed.DMPPS- use sam to def!ne ne2 pa ams and bu!ld ne2 $e nel.

dosBun!+ Couldn't f!nd such command tool& only found cha con/. Random Stu.+ .t+t Comp!le ) The bundled cc comp!le !n /us /ccs/b!n/ccFbundled only ta$es QUA funct!on p ototype synta+& not 0ns! C.cs. 't could also be a syml!n$ f om sl!(htly d!ff /e s!on of HP-UX ??. 5o eal need to use %03 to !nstall the pac$a(e and +fe to 5<% se /e . "n/ /a !ables) %H#'7FP0TH !s used !nstead of %ola !s #DF#'7A0A1FP0TH #DF#'7A0A1FP0TH fo K> b!t /e s!on l!bs. 3oney2a e aCC !s 0ns! C compl!ant and !nstalls to /opt/aCC. %ola !s #DF#'7A0A1FP0THK> #'7 The e maybe someth!n( about the en/ /a also."ee&a"e 'nfo about !nstall!n( hpu+ (nu f ee2a e f om hpu+. /or t'ose from So$aris ba#k&ro"nd.. @a n!n() %ome adm!n may see th!s as $lud(e as !t bypass the soft2a e mana(ement tool.t+t X cha con/ -u R un!+output. cha con/ con/e t !nput f!le to des! ed output fo mat -u H un!+ #< -d H dos CA#< -m H mac CA -! !nputf!le& default !s std !n -o outputf!le& default to std out --help mo e con/e s!on !nfo& !nclud!n( "7CD'C e() cat doste+t.p obably not 2ell $no2n& suppo t people use onlyS tus$ some so t of net2o $ t oubleshoot!n( ut!l. HP-UX Can 9ust do ta t !c$& see note belo2. 1ou cho!ce )/!mpo t/hpu+??88/us /localV cat d! . 5ot su e.!nfo Th!s d! !s automounted as /!mpo t/hpu+??88/us /local Ea !ous l!n$ 2ould e+!st po!nt!n( to the pa ent d! of /!mpo t/hpu+??88& such as /t!tan!umle(!t. !nto 5<% se /e cent al locat!on.

88 f om The sou ce !s netapp)//ol//ol?/depot/hpu+??88/us /local The sou ce depot f!les a e hac$ed /!a unta put them !nto the des! ed us /local/b!n etc t ee st uctu e) (un=!p :. and set of cp commands to m$d! -p cleaned/opt cp -pA :/:/opt/:/: cleaned/opt/ --- .cs.depotZL do ta +f V!tem done m$d! -p cleaned/us cp -pA :/:/us /: cleaned/us and f!nally the clean ed/us /local d! --the opt d! !s e+t acted !n s!m!la manne ) !s mo/ed he e.utah./ HP-UX ??.These f!les a e (nu f ee2a e depot f!les fo hpu+.ta m$d! unta ed cd unta ed fo !tem !n Zls .