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Sector wise HR Questionnaire


What attracts you towards Finance? Why do you choose it as a career option?

Why Markets / IBD? What makes you fit for them? Why join us?

Why trading/structuring/research/sales?

What are the qualities required for the above mentioned roles?

Which asset class interests you most? What kind of products in that? Give reasons.

Your future plans? Why do you want to join a PE or a Hedge fund?

What would you do if, on the first day of your internship, you are asked to conduct a trade on something which you know nothing about?

Say you initiated a trade inadvertently which caused the firm a huge loss on Day 0. What will you explain to your boss?


Describe yourself as a leader in 1 word

Tell me something about yourself not in CV

Why our firm? - further, if the firm has multiple verticals, any particular interest?

Why consulting as a career choice? (can make the candidate uncomfortable by saying 'Don't give me globe' etc)

What do you like to 'fight for'

If not consulting, where would you go?

Questions on your interests (stated on your resume and otherwise)

Role based



Why do you wish to pursue marketing?


Why this company?


What do you know about us?


What makes you think that you can do well in working for a brand that men don’t


5. How is <my brand, e.g. Nestle> different from HUL and P&G?

6. Positives and Negatives of the company

7. Justify how you fit into the role and the company.

About yourself

1. Tell us about yourself and your achievements.

2. Your role as a leader in some team you were a part of.

3. Did you face any conflicts in this team? How did you resolve them?

4. Your role as a team member? (PORs)

5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

6. What are your career goals?

7. How do you like the dorm culture at IIM A?

8. On family background.

9. On work in a specific club in IIMA or undergrad.

10. Most difficult challenge and how did you face it?

11. Tell us a situation where you faced a difficult task, the options you generated and

how went about solving the problem?

12. If you had several tasks at hand, how would you prioritise them?

13. What are your short term and long term goals? How does marketing fit in them?

14. Tell us about your work-ex.

15. Why did you decide to leave your previous employer?

16. What lessons did your college life teach you? (Focus on softer aspects)

17. How do you spend your leisure time?

18. On specific projects done by the candidate.

19. How will you promote your interest/ hobby (such as magic)? What would be the

different elements of marketing you would keep in mind?