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AspenTech University Program

Enhancing the engineering curriculum with real-world experience for students

The AspenTech University Program has been a cornerstone of AspenTechs commitment to the academic community for more than 25 years. By empowering professors and students worldwide with AspenTech solutions, schools strengthen their curriculum and better prepare tomorrows leaders for evolving challenges in the process industries.

Deploy best-in-class solutions for process engineering Enhance engineering curriculum with hands-on access to real-world technologies Use the same technologies used in industrial companies worldwide Take advantage of simplied packaging, pricing, and licensing New! Get students up to speed faster with Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus Teaching Modules

Benets to the Student

The AspenTech University Program provides students with insight into the entire lifecycle of a plant with integrated software solutions for engineering operations. The technology enhances their education by delivering the tools they need to apply theoretical concepts hands-on. Students use realistic and practical simulated exercises to solve real-world problems, and gain the critical skills and expertise needed to succeed in the workforce.

Benets to the Professor

The AspenTech University Program enables professors to demonstrate the proper tools to resolve critical engineering issues that occur in the process manufacturing industries. Numerous articles and textbooks have been published outlining AspenTech modeling products, and engineering faculty are encouraged to share their experiences as part of an expanded teaching community.

New for Universities! Teaching Modules for Aspen Plus V8

Working with leading universities like Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University, University of Massachusetts, and Virginia Tech, AspenTech has developed 52 new Teaching Modules based on the new Aspen Plus. Now its easier than ever to equip your students with the practical experience theyll need to succeed in tomorrows chemical engineering workforce.

New for Universities! Teaching Modules for Aspen HYSYS V8

Get students industry-ready with 44 new Aspen HYSYS Teaching Modules. Empower your class to solve real-world issues that typically arise in the oil and gas production and petroleum rening industries. Now, students have the hands-on tools to gain a better understanding of various process simulation exercises.

Who Qualies?
The AspenTech University Program is available to universities that agree to use AspenTech software for undergraduate and graduate student education and research. It is also available for educational use by non-prot academic research organizations or institutions that freely publish their results.

Get Started with the New University Package!

Expanded package includes the new Aspen Plus, Aspen PIMS65 products totalall for one low price! Steady-state and dynamic process stimulation, equipment design, cost evaluation, and full installation support 24/7 access to AspenTechs customer support website, knowledgebase, technical documentation, training materials, and more For your convenience, you can now renew your license online at Once your online request is authorized and we have received the signed documents from you, please allow 10 business days for us to complete the processing of your request. We look forward to supporting your future educational and research endeavors through our University Program!

To Learn More
If you would like to nd out more about AspenTechs University Program and how it can help expand the engineering programs at your college or university, email or visit us at
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