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Renewal Premium Receipt

Policy Number 20875366

/ Date /

January 16, 2014 Ms. Asmat Ali

Ms. Asmat Ali Shaheedgunj Srinagar Jammu And Kashmir 190010

Person Insured

Dear Ms. Asmat Ali, (Client ID: 51759160) Subject : Renewal Premium Reciept

/ :

We thank you for choosing PNB MetLife as your life insurance partner. This is to acknowledge the amount received (RECEIPT NO: J3382610) by us towards your renewal premium payment vide Payment Gateway(Online Collen) dated July 02, 2013 . The details of the same are given below.

Policy Number / Policy Owner / Effective Date of Policy / Premium Details Base Premium / / Add Cess/ Edu Cess / Surcharge / Total Installment Premium / Total Amount Paid Service Tax /

20875366 Ms. Asmat Ali June 29, 2012 Amount / 12150.00 121.50 0.00 6.08 12277.58 / 12277.58

Premium Received on Due Date / Next Premium Due On / Mode / Coverage Details / Accidential Benefit Rider / Critical Illness Rider Waiver Of Premium Term Rider / /

June 29, 2013 June 29, 2014 Annual Amount /

0.00 0.00
0.00 0.00 44.84

/ Balance Held In Deposit / Plan / Jul 2 2013

/ / ( )

Your accumulated bonus as on Bonus Amount

Met Monthly Income Plan 7 Pay

Your Advisor Details / Advisor Name / Contact Number / Email Id / Branch Attached To /

Ms. Nazima Shabir , , 9622814124 JKB-NewSectRD-Kashmir Central

Please Note:(1) All Premiums paid to effect or keep in force a life insurance policy are eligible for a deduction under 80C of the Income Tax Act , 1961 subject to conditions as contained therein. (2) Premiums paid toward Critical Illness Rider, Waiver of Premium Rider and Disability Benefit Rider are eligible for a deduction under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, subject to conditions contained therein. (3) Payment made by Policy Holder is subject to realization. (4) If the amount paid is in excess of the balance due, excess will be held in deposit without interest. Please submit your request for refund of excess premium at your nearest PNB MetLife Office. (5) Service tax and relevant cess are charged at rates applicable from time to time and are to be borne by the Policy Owner. (6) You can also request for a detailed account statement by writing to or leave a request on our 24 hour helpline: 1-800-425-6969. (6) PNB MetLife shall not be responsible / liable for any cash payments made to any Financial Advisor / Corporate Agent / any other person. Customers are advised to use the authorized payment modes mentioned overleaf.(7) For Unit linked policies the NAV and Fund Value shown in this receipt may or may not include the latest Premium Paid as the same is dependent on the time (before or after 3PM) of Premium Payment. The NAV would be allocated as per the date and time of, premium payment information being received by PNB MetLife. If the information is received before 3:00 PM on a business day, the same day's NAV is applicable and for others NAV for the next business day shall be applicable. (8) IRDA vide its Circular No : 053/ IRDA/ Act_ULP_G/ Februry-07, dated 20th February 2007 , has permitted Insurance companies to invest in Money Market Instruments up to 40% (increased from 20%) of it Unit Linked Funds. This is the maximum permissible exposure and not the actual exposure, which may be much lower. (9) Surrendering your policy would entail surrender charge being levied. The surrender charges range from 10% to 70% (of first year Regular Premium) based on the policy year. Please refer the terms and conditions of your policy document for further details. (10) Cover ceasing/ Maturity age of Met Smart Plus/ Met Smart Premier/ Met 100 Gold (Par)/ Met 100 Platinum/ Met 100 (non Par) reduced from 100 years to 99 years, effect from 25-11-2009. Stamp duty of Rs.1.00 paid to Karnataka Govt. through consolidated stamp duty vide challan/receipt no. 360202 dated 2012-11-08

Yours sincerely, PNB MetLife India Insurance Co. Ltd. This is a computer generated letter/ statement and does not require a signature. Please help us serve you better by updating your email ID with us. SMS UPDATE <your email ID> to 5607071 from your mobile number registered with us.

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