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The Role of the Judiciary


The Role of the Judiciary

The role of the Judiciary is to administer justice to all citizens, on behalf of the Government. The Judiciary comprises of courts that take decisions on a very large number of issues. The work of the judiciary can be divided into 3 categories.

Now let us look at these categories a little more deeply. Dispute Resolution The judicial system provides a mechanism for resolving disputes between Citizens Citizens and the government Two state governments The centre and state governments Judicial Review The judiciary also has the power to veto laws passed by the Parliament if it believes that the law is violating the basic structure of the Constitution.

Upholding the Law and Enforcing Fundamental Rights Every citizen of India can approach the Supreme Court or the High Court if they believe that their Fundamental Rights have been violated. Let us take the case of Hakim Sheikh to under stand this Hakim Sheikh was injured when he fell from the train. Many hospitals refused to admit him. Due to this Hakims health became worse. He approached the Court for justice as it was his fundamental right to get Health Care at the Hospital. The Court ordered the government to pay compensation to Hakim and ensure that all citizens were treated promptly. The Judiciary has the power to pass laws if it feels that the Fundamental Rights of a citizen or state is in question. The Judiciary can pass a law stating that no teacher can beat a student It can ensure the sharing of river waters between states It can also punish people for particular crimes. The judiciary of India takes care of maintenance of law and order in the country along with solving problems related to civil and criminal offences. The judiciary system that is followed in India is based on the British Legal System that was prevalent in the country during pre-independence era. Very few amendments have been made in the judicial system of the country.




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