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Welcome to "name" salon/spa! We are very pleased that you have joined our team.

This employee handbook outlines our salon/spa policies, rules and regulations, educational guidelines, and everyday salon/spa procedures so that you can better understand what is expected o you on the job. !n our salon/spa, we derive success rom teamwork. !ndividual and unit growth are stimulated by the idea that many contributory minds working together can accomplish much more than an individual working alone. "uccess comes through education. #s techni$ues change, as products improve, as new services are introduced, we will be prepared through education to satis y the new demands o our clients, thus ensuring our success ul position in the uture. "uccess comes through change. We welcome it. %hange is stimulating. "timulated people achieve more, and achievers are success ul. &ur philosophy is geared toward uture growth and security through teamwork, education, ul illment and change, we are assured that we will continue to thrive as individuals and as a business. 'rom time to time, there will be roadblocks (this is part o the growing process). *owever, as long as you persevere, keep an open mind and have a positive mental attitude, you will succeed!
Professionalism Code of Professionalism

#s a salon pro essional, you are a caring, open+minded individual. ,ou are well educated in your ield and have the ability to utili-e all o your knowledge to bene it your clients. #s a salon pro essional, you are able to put your own ego aside in order to better contribute to the "alon Team. #s a salon pro essional, you have developed your listening talents and are able to communicate with your clients and teammates without intimidating them.

.ro essionalism is an intangible concept. !t is a balanced combination o education, honesty, talent and common sense. .ulling it all together in the salon/spa is not an easy task, but through cooperation, teamwork, and a ew guidelines, we can be success ul.
Guidelines to Professionalism

/. 0istening to your client + the most di icult skill to learn, but the most valuable once mastered. 1. "ervice to the best o your ability all o your client2s needs. 3ever deny him/her the proper amount o service time. 4. # consultation with every client prior to shampooing is the most pro essional way to establish good communication and avoid employee errors. #lways $uote prices or a new service on either a new or a regular client. "ell the service irst, then the price will not be paramount. 5. Teamwork and cooperation between service providers will make everyone2s day go better. *elp your teammates whenever possible, no matter what their level within the salon/spa. 6ach individual member o the team serves an integral part in the success o the salon/spa. 7. #void gossip between clients and/or co+workers. 8. "upport the expertise o your teammates. 9. .ersonal conversation between working employees will make a client eel super luous (unwanted). :. ;se proper grammar at all times.
Communication Communication within the spa/salon

Through e ective communication, a group o individuals with a common goal will come together to orm a strong team and work as one unit to the bene it o all. %ommunication decreases misunderstandings between team members and increases cooperation on a day+to+day basis within the salon/spa.

%ommunication aids in educational growth through in ormation exchanged during workshops and sta meetings, as well as one+to+one discussions between employees about daily work with clients.
Communication with Clients

6 ective communication with a client will greatly reduce stress or the service provider. When you ac$uire a thorough comprehension o client2s needs, mistakes and misunderstandings are eliminated. The service provider can proceed with servicing the client, knowing that he/she and the client have a mutual understanding o the desired results. <ood communication with a client is one o the most e ective tools to building a clientele. !t promotes a trusted and relaxed atmosphere or a skeptical or unsure client. # client who is pleased with the service rendered and who eels com ortable and secure with the salon/spa sta will promote the salon/spa through word+o +the+mouth much more readily than a client who is serviced well, but in a brash and hurried manner. %ommunication skills are easily learned but sometimes di icult to put into practice. They will be constantly stressed throughout our training programs + sometimes more so than the service skills themselves, because without communication skills, even the most talented service provider will be ine ective and not survive in this industry.
General Communication Skills

%ommunication skills determine how well you interact with people in general + including your clients and co+workers. ,ou can develop more e ective communication skills by practicing the techni$ues o maintaining eye contact, listening, leading, giving eedback, and proper $uestioning. /. =#!3T#!3!3< 6,6 %&3T#%T> The most important part o e ective communication is maintaining eye contact. 0ook into the other person2s eyes while speaking or listening... !t shows that your are interested and paying attention. 1. 0!"T63!3<> To avoid misunderstandings, give the other person a chance to put their point across without interruptions. .eople tend to stop communicating when they don2t have a chance to inish thoughts they originally wanted to share with you.

4. 06#?!3<> =ake comments and ask $uestions that encourage the other person to continue communicating in the direction you want. 5. <!@6 '66?A#%B> *elp the other person understand your position throughout the conversation by responding to statements made. 'eedback enables the other person to clari y any misunderstandings and encourages him/her to continue communicating. 7. C;6"T!&3"> #. %losed Cuestions + De$uire very brie answers (yes, no, name, number etc.) and usually begin with> ?o you, who, when, where, how many, how o ten, etc. #sk closed $uestions when you want to receive minimum, speci ic in ormation. %losed $uestions enable a $uestioner to lead the conversation. 6xample> "?o you live in the country or in the cityE" A. &pen Cuestions> De$uire lengthy, descriptive answers and o ten begin with> *ow, why, and what. #sk open $uestions when you want to receive maximum, detailed in ormation. &pen $uestions enable the speaker to lead the conversation. 6xample> "*ow did you choose your pro essionE"
Client/Service Provider Communication

6 ective communication between client and service provider is essential to ensure client satis action. 6ven the most talented service provider may encounter dissatis ied clients due to misunderstandings that resulted rom a lack o or ine ective communication. #s a pro essional, you can increase your understanding o client needs and greatly reduce the risk o client dissatis action by ollowing the steps below> /. ?etermine client needs or "The ?iscovery "teps" The irst step toward client satis action is understanding your client2s expectations. #lways encourage your client to express his or her wants and needs. This is also a good opportunity to gather in ormation about the client2s li e+style. 1. 0isten

<ive your ull attention to what your client is saying. %are ul listening is important to avoid misunderstandings. 4. Cuestions #sk closed $uestions to receive speci ic in ormation about your client2s needs and pinpoint any problem areas. 5. Depeat 3eeds %on irm your client2s needs or problems by repeating them. 7. 'ul ill 3eeds .rovide the service and/or pro essional retail recommendation that will ul ill your client2s needs.
Communicating with Different Client Personalities

?i erent clients need di erent kinds o guidance and attention. #lthough each client should be treated as an individual, it takes a long time to develop an understanding o each client2s needs. ;ntil you get to know a client well, the ollowing guide may help you to recogni-e his/her basic personality type so that you can provide the kind o attention he/she may need. .ersonality Type> *appy+<o+0ucky, very positive #ttention 3eeds> Tends to be daring, attitude, sel +con ident, 0ooks or challenges. .ersonality Type> @ery negative or insecure. <eneral appearance is very important. #ttention 3eeds> Tends to stick with one style or a long time. Will change in a trust situation. .ersonality Type> Timid or introvert. 3eeds a lot o inspiration. #ttention 3eeds> #ppearance important. 3eeds motivation. .ersonality Type> ?etermined and sel +con ident. ;sually very success ul, may be a most loyal client.

#ttention 3eeds> Will tell stylist what they want and how they want it.
Dealing with the Problem Client

When dealing with a problem client, it is important or you as a pro essional, to remember that the salon/spa2s image can be damaged more by one dissatis ied client than it can be improved by ten satis ied clients! .lease make every attempt to satis y your client2s needs and correct any problem be ore they leave the salon/spa. ! there is a personality clash between you and your client, try the "kill them with kindness" approach. When you love your enemies, they will ind it hard to ight back. ! you still have problems satis ying your client, you may suggest that another service provider might be better able to ul ill the client2s needs. 3o service provider can be a specialist in every type o service. .erhaps a teammate would do a better job with a certain type o service. ! the client remains unhappy, despite your attempts to satis y them, please ask the "alon/"pa =anager to assist you in resolving the problem.
Scheduling Appointments

We have $uali ied personnel to take care o scheduling appointments, but in the event you are re$uired to make an appointment, please remember that the impression you make when scheduling an appointment can determine whether or not the client will want to visit our salon/spa. 3ew appointments are essential to keep our business thriving! 3ever let the client eel that you are too busy to be bothered with scheduling an appointment. !nstead, make the client eel that we are pleased to have their business. #lways conduct yoursel in a pleasant and pro essional way.
Scheduling Appointments over the Phone

/. Demember that the client cannot see you. This makes it even more important that you sound pleasant. "mile with your voice! 1. #nswer the phone pro essionally + "<ood =orning, o salon, your name, and may ! help you". 4. #sk client2s name irst, (may ! ask who2s calling) then address the caller by their name as you schedule an appointment.

5. <et all pertinent in ormation by asking closed $uestions. ?o not attempt to conduct a consultation over the phone. 7. #lways repeat scheduled appointment time, day, date and service providerFs name. 8. #llow client to hang up irst. 9. ;ser proper grammar at all times. Do say things like "Would you hold for a minute" "Yes" "May I help you?" Do not say "Hang on" "Yeah" "Can I help you"

Information needed in Appointment Book

/. %lient2s complete name 1. ?ay time phone number 4. "ervice scheduled 5. De$uest, Trans er, 3ew %lient, Walk+!n 6ach service provider has basic scheduling times or each service. These times are automatically booked by the computer when you select the service providerFs name. When a new client is being booked, allow /7 minutes extra or a consultation. This time is very important or the service provider to have proper communication with the new client. !n the event a prospective client calls in to "price shop", try not to tell them the price right away. !nstead ask them how they heard about our salon. #n open $uestion will start them talking about their needs. &nce you know their problem, you can direct them to the best service provider or a ree consultation. .rice shoppers are an opportunity to "sell" our salon. They cannot see the value o our salon until they are here. ;sually, once you have the person through the door and in the chair, they are yours!
Client Consultation

The client consultation is the greatest opportunity or you to determine precisely what your client needs. Take advantage o this time to learn as much as you can about your client2s hair, skin, and nail needs, as well as their style,

pre erences and general li e+style. The steps listed below are a guide to conducting a thorough client consultation. /. Dead the client2s ile be ore a consultation whenever possible. 1. <reet and seat client in styling chair or a consultation. ?on2t orget a irm handshake and eye contact. 4. 0ook at general body shape and height o client. 3otice how the client has combed their hair. <enerally, it is combed in a direction that is most com ortable or the client. 5. #sk $uestions, such as> "!s there a particular style that you had in mindE" (.ictures are o ten help ul) "What is your daily styling routineE" and "*ow much time do you spend on your hair, etc. each dayE" 7. Arush hair away rom the ace. 3otice acial shape and growth patterns. 0isten to client2s likes and dislikes about their present style. =ake sure you and the client are speaking the same language. What is short hair to your client might be medium length to you, etc. 8. Arush hair into desired shape to see i client is happy with the style. ?o not make inal decision on new style until a ter shampooing! 9. "hampoo and condition hair. 6xplain to the client the products used and the reason or using them on his/her hair. While shampooing, check or condition, thickness, texture, head shape and chemicals used on hair. :. While combing the hair look or growth patterns, notice movement. #sk $uestions, such as> "*ow o ten do you like to have your hair cutE. #sk about chemical services. What they had in the past and i they were happy with the results. G. %on irm desired style and proceed with cut or chemical services. /H. ?uring inishing, teach your client how to maintain the new style. !nclude styling techni$ues and proper products to be used at home. //. To close the sale, take the client to the retail area and place the products in the client2s hands. #gain tell the client why you recommend these products or their needs. Demember, we are problem solvers, not just salespeople.

&ur salon pricing policy is structured "# 0a %arte2. The system records separate pricing or each service provider2s level in the salon, and separate pricing o services or each department o the salon. .ricing is determined or each service according to the cost o the supplies used and the time involved to complete the services. #ll prices are readily available in the reception area o our salon.

3o service provider may charge less then the listed price without management approval. #ny employee may do amily members in the salon as long as it is on your time or in a slow period o the week. .lease check with the management to okay times. # amily member can be Ibumped2 i a client wishes to come in at the same time. # chemical product charge will be applied to all amily members or their services. The charge must cover the price o the product or a perm, color, hilite, nail, tips, acials, etc. (must be paid be ore the end o the day). #ll other work is on the house. ! a amily member wants a service not provided by you, they may pay the service provider2s commission only, this is the same as the trade policy. Trades are a great way to ac$uire things at a discount. We are open to you trading, but i you negotiate with a person to trade services, your percentage o that service must be paid to the salon. 'or example> you trade a hair cut that would normally cost J4H, at a 7HK service agreement, you would pay to the salon J/7 (commission will not be paid or trade services). ! you have any $uestions, please ask management.
efunds and Credits

! a client remains dissatis ied with the service provided despite your e orts to please them, management will determine whether the client should receive a re und, a credit, or corrective service. "ervices may not be per ormed ree o charge without permission rom management. To prevent damage to client2s clothing or jewelry, it is the service provider2s responsibility to see that the client removes jewelry and change in to a robe be ore any chemical service is per ormed.
etail Philosoph!

#s a salon/spa pro essional, it is important to note the ollowing relationships that exist between today2s salon/spa clients and pro essional retailing. /. Today clients not only expect, but demand total service within the salon/spa. 1. Aecause many clients visit the salon/spa only once every ive to seven weeks, home maintenance programs are more important than ever be ore. 4. #s their awareness o products and ingredients increases, clients want to

know more about pro essional products and what ormula is best or their particular needs. 5. 6ach client is entitled to $uality products and your pro essional recommendation to help maintain his or her hair and skin at home. 7. #s technology improves and new products become available, you as the salon/spa pro essional must be open to change and continually update your knowledge o salon retail product lines. Ay keeping the ollowing points in mind, you can complete the total service relationship desired by your clients, and ul ill their expectations o the salon pro essional in the new century.
etail Polic!

!t is our policy to retail products through pro essional recommendation based on client analyses and product knowledge + not to sell products or the sake o selling. Demember that selling retail to our clients is always based on need, not on sales $uotas. ! you, as the salon/spa pro essional, have done your job in servicing and consulting with the client, there is no need or high pressure sales tactics to complete a sale. !t is your responsibility to recommend the proper products or each client and to teach him or her how to use the products at home to maintain optimum condition o hair, skin, etc. between salon/spa visits. !t is also your responsibility to prepare yoursel to retail products by increasing your knowledge o the pro essional products we carry. 6ducation is the key to building your con idence in retailing so that you eel com ortable in recommending products on a daily basis. Dead as much as you can about each product, its eatures and its bene its. The salon/spa will support you in this endeavor by o ering new product knowledge classes in conjunction with our regular training classes. #lways remember that retail recommendation is an important part o completely servicing our clients2 needs. #s you learn to service these needs, you also guarantee your pro essional growth. ,ou should attend our product knowledge classes and become amiliar with all our high $uality pro essional products. # ter the service provider recommends products or a client and records recommendations in the client ile, you will ollow through by closing the sale i necessary.

etailing Can Be "un#

! you remember that retailing is simply an extension o totally servicing your client, and you believe in the pro essional products we use in the salon/spa, you will discover that retailing can be a rewarding experience! To help you learn to retail success ully, please note the ollowing important points. /. <et your client2s complete attention. # retail sale cannot begin unless your client is seriously listening to you. 1. =aintain eye contact. 6ye contact is the best way to hold your client2s attention. Aut don2t over do it! "taring or standing too close to your client will make them eel uneasy. 4. 0isten. ,ou can learn a lot about your client2s retail needs i you really listen to what they say during your consultation and service time. 5. Bnow your product. .roduct knowledge is essential or proper recommendation. Demember that today2s client knows more about products than ever be ore. 7. Ae pro essional. %onduct yoursel as a pro! Thorough knowledge o the salon/spa2s retail lines will help you do this with ease. 8. <ive your client a reason to buy. 6xplain the product2s eatures and bene its, such as> ""ince you use a blow dryer and curling iron, this conditioner would be great or your hair because it protects against damage rom thermal styling aids." 9. #llow your client to examine the product. # ter you have thoroughly explained the eatures and bene its, let your client eel, smell and hold the product. :. #nswer $uestions and uncertainties. Demove all doubt be ore you close the retail sale by responding positively to negative comments, such as> %lient> "!2d never pay that much or a bottle o shampoo". "ervice provider> "The price per bottle may be higher than you are used to paying, but because it is highly concentrated, you will actually be getting more or you money." G. =aintain a positive attitude. ?on2t accept rejection as something personally directed toward you. Try again! /H. %lose the sale. ,ou must always remember to ask or the sale. Timing is important, do not continue to sell the product a ter the client has indicated readiness to buy.
$ob Description

Desponsibilities o the employer> The salon/spa.

#s your employer, it is the salon/spa2s responsibility to provide a pleasant, e icient environment wherein each employee may work in an atmosphere o pro essionalism. The salon/spa will provide education in all service areas as well as in communication, retailing and product knowledge. The salon/spa will provide an ade$uate supply o pro essional products or retail and salon/spa use. To ensure continued success o the business, the salon/spa will provide advertising media and our direct mail newsletters and postcards, when deemed necessary by salon/spa management. !t is the responsibility o the salon/spa to stimulate the growth o its employees through one+to+one per ormance reviews and group discussions at sta meetings. !t is the responsibility o the salon/spa to bring positive change to the business and to be a catalyst to set uture directions o the salon/spa. The salon/spa will abide by and uphold your salon/spa handbook and all policies.
%he &anager

#s the salon/spa manager, it is your responsibility to promote pro essionalism within the salon/spa and to maintain open lines o communication between management and employees. !t is also your responsibility as the manager to keep the salon/spa operating with maximum organi-ation and e iciency.
Guidelines and esponsibilities'

/. *andle personnel problems as they arise in the salon/spa (in accordance with the code o pro essionalism and the guidelines to pro essionalism in the manual. 1. *andle client problems and complaints as pro essionally as possible or re er to management committee or discussion. 4. 6valuate employees at semi+annual per ormance reviews. 5. #id in training o new employees. 7. #id in all in+salon promotions and advertising as scheduled. 8. !nventory and cost all supplies monthly. 9. =aintain ade$uate amount o service supplies.

:. !nterview prospective employees and consult with management committee about hiring. G. #ttend management meetings. /H. *elp all service providers to build clientele. //. %omplete daily, weekly and monthly reports. /1. %omplete end+o +day bookkeeping in absence o coordinator. /4. "upport the policies and procedures manual.
Coordinator/ eceptionist

#s the salon/spa coordinator, you are probably the most indispensable person in the salon/spa. ,ou have the irst and last contact with each client, and your impression is a lasting one. ,ou know the particular strengths and weaknesses o each service provider in the salon/spa and you schedule appointments accordingly. ,ou are trained to handle the client as i the client were the most important person around. ,ou are also in a prime position to receive client eedback. #s tra ic control manager, you are responsible or advising service providers o their time schedules and helping clients in any way.
Service Duties'

/. "chedule appointments 1. .rint service provider2s worksheets each night or the next day. 4. 6nter client service in ormation into computer at the end o each day. 5. %all clients to con irm appointments. 7. ?irect non+busy personnel in cleaning or stocking duties when needed. 8. %all clients i a service provider is running late in their schedule by 4H minutes. 9. *ave new clients ill out general client ile and put address in computer. :. =aintain tra ic control in the salon/spa. ,ou should attend our product knowledge classes and become amiliar with all our high $uality pro essional products. # ter the service provider recommends products or a client and records recommendations in the client ile, you will ollow through by closing the sale i necessary.
etail Duties'

/. "tart retail sales i opportunity arises. 1. %lose retail sales according to service provider2s recommendations.

4. %omplete daily and weekly inventory reports. 5. Beep retail area clean and stocked at all times. 7. 0earn product knowledge or all products.
Bookkeeping Duties'

/. %omplete close out procedures according to the computer. 1. Transmit charge cards at the end o shi t. 4. =aintain ade$uate cash in drawer. 5. *elp manager keep supplies in stock. 7. #ssist manager at sta meetings, or conduct meetings when manager is on vacation.
General esponsibilities'

/. "upport this salon/spa handbook.

Artistic Designer (evel

#s an artistic designer you are given the opportunity to grow in new directions. ,ou will become a teacher and director in your department and be the irst to learn and experiment with new ideas. !t is your responsibility to help the other service providers grow. #s a specialist in your area, you will be expected to maintain the salon/spa2s high standards o $uality service.
Guidelines and esponsibilities

/. "upport teamwork within the salon/spa. 1. Teach workshops or service providers. 4. =aintain the pro essional image o the salon/spa. 5. ?irect promotions or the salon/spa, such as programs or ashion shows and women2s clubs. 7. "ervice clients to the best o your ability. 8. #id service providers as needed in daily work. 9. Test and research new products. :. 0earn and teach new product knowledge. G. "upport this salon/spa handbook.
Senior &aster Designer (evel

Welcome to the position o senior master designer. #long with your new title, you will receive a new set o reedoms and a new set o responsibilities. The ollowing list should explain your position more clearly.
Guidelines and esponsibilities

/. "ervice clients to the very best o your ability. 1. #id in training o assistants and service providers in your area o speciali-ation. 4. =aintain the pro essional image o the salon/spa and serve as an example or assistants and service providers. 5. #id in promotions or salon/spa, such as programs or ashion shows, women2s clubs, etc. 7. .romote pro essional retail in salon/spa. 8. "upport teamwork within the salon + ?on2t orget what it was like to be an assistant or master designer. 9. %omplete client iles and return to receptionist when inished with client service. :. =aintain a clean work area and cheer ully help with end+o +day duties in the salon/spa. G. *elp other service providers whenever possible + advocate teamwork. /H. #ttend advanced training classes as scheduled by management. //. "upport this salon/spa handbook.
&aster Designer (evel

,our position as a master designer gives you the opportunity to start servicing clients on a ull time basis. ,ou will be scheduled with plenty o time to consult with your client and complete the service desired. *elp is always available i you are in need.
Guidelines and esponsibilities

/. =aintain the pro essional image o the salon/spa. #. "ervicing clients to the best o your ability. A. De lect current ashion trends in your hairstyle, makeup, and clothing. %. "upport teamwork in the salon/spa. 1. #ttend training classes as scheduled. 4. =aintain clean working area and aid in end+o +the day cleaning. 5. .rovide your own e$uipment + shears, dryer, irons, etc. 7. Work hours according to schedule.

8. .articipate in promotional programs to build clientele. 9. .romote pro essional retail in the salon/spa. :. #ssist #rtistic ?esigners and "enior =aster ?esigners as needed. G. "upport this salon/spa handbook.
Assistant %raining

?uring the irst six weeks, each new employee will receive on+the+job training in various areas within the salon/spa. The ollowing is a check list to be used to make sure that we cover everything with you.
Service Duties

#lthough many o these items will be covered at scheduled classes, it is necessary to also learn the ollowing on a daily basis> /. "hampooing 1. %olor application 4. Aasic product knowledge 5. #pplication o permanent wave solution 7. Dinsing and blotting permanent waves 8. 3eutrali-ing and rinsing permanent waves 9. =ixing o color (not ormulating) :. .roper use o conditioners
Cleaning Duties

The ollowing cleaning duties are to be per ormed daily> /. .roper maintenance o salon e$uipment 1. %leaning and sterili-ing o tools 4. 0aundry 5. =aking co ee and cleaning co ee maker 7. ?aily clean+up duties
Compensation and Benefits
)* Assistant

*ourly wages are paid every two weeks or the irst ninety days o probationary employment. #t the end o the probationary period, a per ormance review will be held and a change o status will be evaluated.

+* Service Providers

These position are on an hourly/commission basis. # retail commission o /H percent is part o the compensation policy.
,* eceptionist

This position is based on hourly wage.

-* &anager

This position will be either hourly wage or salary.

&a.or &edical Coverage
)* Coverage

#ll ull time employees De$uirement> # minimum o /4H hours worked per month. "pouses, dependents and amily members are not included (employee) may have the premium di erence deducted rom their paycheck or this coverage). .art time employees are not covered until they meet ull time re$uirements.
)* /ligibilit!

#ll ull time employees who have completed 4 months continuous employment rom date o hire.
,* Start of Insurance

%overage starts on the /st day o the ourth month provided three complete calendar months o continuous employment have occurred. ! three complete months have not been completed by the /st day o the ourth month, then coverage will start on the /st day o the ollowing month.
-* Pa!ment

,our salon pays /HHK o the premium due each month or all ull time employees (salon does not pay or premium o amily members or dependents, see L/).
Sick Da! Polic!

,our salon does not pay sick days at this time.


,our salon will pay or one week2s vacation ( ive working days) a ter one year o continuous employment. #dd one day or each additional year o continuous employment. @acation days are accrued rom the date o hire or a iscal calendar year. @acation pay is calculated on a daily average basis or the total days worked in the preceding calendar year ending on ?ecember 4/st. @acation days may not be accrued rom year+to+year and must be used be ore the end o each iscal year once an employee becomes eligible. @acation days not taken by the end o the prescribed use time will be or eited. .ay will not be substituted in lieu o vacation days not taken. @acations may not be taken during the busiest months o the year, (3ovember, ?ecember). %hoice o vacation time will be on a irst come irst serve basis. The vacation schedule is in the sta room. =anagement must have at least 57 days notice to schedule vacation times.

,our salon will observe the ollowing holidays by closing or the time speci ied. The holidays will be unpaid at this time. 3ew ,ear2s ?ay %hristmas ?ay %hristmas 6ve (//1 day) Muly 5th Thanksgiving ?ay =emorial ?ay 0abor ?ay 6ducation

!n+salon workshops are provided by the salon/spa at no cost to you. .articipation in these workshops will sometimes be mandatory. ?ates and times will be given to you well in advance o class times.

/mplo!ee Discount

,ou are entitled to a 4HK discount on any retail supplies purchased in the salon/spa. ?iscounts will not be given on items which are already discounted, (commission will not be paid on employee discount sales). ! you order any special tools or products, the order must be in your own name and be %.&.?. The check must be le t with the salon coordinator prior to the product2s arrival. #ny tools or products purchased under this salon2s name will be levied a /HK handling charge. (This covers the cost o shipping and taxes normally paid by the salon). 'amily discounts and trades are discussed in the Ipricing2 section o this handbook.
Salon/Spa Social /vents

The salon/spa will host a %hristmas .arty each year. The time and place will be announced well in advance o the event. 6ach member o the team will be encouraged to bring a guest.
General Policies and Procedures
3ork Schedule

The salon hours are as ollows> =onday %losed Tuesday G>HH + 9>HH Wednesday G>HH + G>HH Thursday G>HH + G>HH 'riday G>HH + 9>HH "aturday G>HH + 5>HH "unday %losed 6ach employee should take a //1 hour lunch break. We understand that sometimes it is not possible because o added service etc., but please try. .lease clock in and out on the computer and your hours will be recorded.
3ork Attendance

/. Whenever you are unable to report to work, please contact us. 1. .lease schedule doctors appointments on your o days. 4. !t is a courtesy to call management i you are going to be late or work. .lease don2t be tardy, clients do not like to wait. !t is a good policy to be in the salon/spa /H minutes prior to your irst appointment. 5. .lease tell the manager or coordinator i you are leaving the salon/spa, even or a $uick run to the ice cream store.
Staff &eetings

"ta meetings are held every other 'riday morning rom G>HH to /H>HH a.m. #ll sta is re$uired to attend. ,ou are on the time clock or these meetings, so remember to clock in. &ur meetings provide an opportunity or all sta members to communicate with each other and with management. =eetings include discussions o > N 3ew product knowledge N !n+salon classes N 'uture advertising promotions N .ersonal or client problems in relation to sta moral N #ny revisions in the handbook or policies N .lans or advanced education and trade shows #ll members o the team are urged to participate in group discussions. 3ew ideas are always welcome!
4our Appearance

"ince we strive or pro essionalism in all areas o our working environment, it is important that we also portray that image in our own appearance. /. .lease do not wear tank tops or thongs 1. ,our hair should be well maintained and ashionable 4. ,our clothing should re lect current ashion trends. ! in doubt, check with a team member. 5. ,ou are expected to wear makeup as bene its your look. 7. .lease have hair and makeup done be ore you clock in.
Personal %elephone Calls

.lease limit your personal calls to extremely important and emergency calls only.

.lease do not leave a client to take a phone call, someone in the salon/spa will take a message or you. !t is vital to make the client eel like they are the most important person in the world to you! "moking is not permitted anywhere in the salon/spa. There are no exceptions.
1ealth and Safet!

0earn where the ire extinguisher is located. ! you do not know how to operate it, please ask management to review its usage. 6mergency number is G//. !n case o injury to a sta member or a client, noti y the manager at once. #ll curling irons and heat e$uipment should be turned o at the end o each day. #nimals are not allowed in the salon/spa. <uide dogs are an exception.
3e welcome !ou to !our salon/spa team and we look forward to a long and profitable association*