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REGULATIONS FOR THE 2014 SEASON For the followi ! Co"#etitio $%& Under 9 Bucks Trophy Under 10 Bucks Youth Cricket Trust Cup Under 11 County Shield Under 11 County League Under 13 Cup Under 13 County League Under 14 Marlo !ark Trophy Under 1" #i$ %tchells Cup Under 1" County League

Or!' i$'tio
BCB Youth &rganiser Martin 'atts Tel( 01494)*+"019 Mo,( 0+*+ 9-9-34%$ail $artin( atts.,ucksc,(org Cli00 !ocock Tel( 01494 **1+1%$ail cli00(pocock.,ucksc,(org

/esults Controller 'e,site Controller

/ichard Burden Tel( %$ail support.,ucksc,(org

I (e) 1 %ligi,ility Clu,s !layers &rganisation o0 Co$petitions Match /egulations 3ational Stages o0 the Under 13 and Under 1" Cup Co$petitions Leagues ) Tea$s 0inishing on e4ual points

B C 2 %

5014 BCB #unior /egulations


1( Clu,s &nly Clu,s a00iliated to the Bucks Cricket Board 6BCB78 either directly or through the Milton Keynes & District Cricket Association (MKDCA78 $ay enter tea$s( 6Clu,s ,ased outside Bucks $ay a00iliate to the Bucks Cricket Board and play in the co$petitions( They $ay not ho e9er represent Bucks in any su,se4uent 3ational stages o0 the co$petitions7( 5( !layers a7 1ll players representing any Clu, in the co$petitions $ust ,e bona fide $e$,ers o0 that Clu, ha9ing paid all rele9ant Clu, su,scriptions( ,7 1 player $ay only play 0or o e clu, in any BCB co$petition in any one year 6e(g( a player ,' ot play 0or Clu, 1 in the Under 14 co$petition and then 0or Clu, B in the Under 1" co$petition and so on7( !layers $ay ho e9er play 0or their Clu, at $ore than one age group8 pro9iding that they are ithin the rele9ant age li$its( c7 :0 Clu,s enter $ore than one tea$ in any age group 6as they are so entitled to do78 then no player can play 0or Tea$ B i0 he;she has already played 0or Tea$ 1 at any stage o0 the co$petition in $ore than 5 $atches( :t is each Clu,<s responsi,ility to ensure that all players are eligi,le to represent ,oth the Tea$ and the Clu,( d7 :0 any Clu, kno ingly 0ields an ineligi,le player in an age group then that tea$ ill ,e dis4uali0ied 0ro$ the co$petition( :0 a Clu, enters t o or $ore tea$s in one age group and any tea$ 0ields an ineligi,le player8 then all tea$s in that age group ill ,e dis4uali0ied( The Cup and League co$petitions are regarded as separate co$petitions regarding player eligi,ility( e7 !layers are eligi,le ,y age 0or the co$petitions i0= >or Under 9= they ha9e not reached their 9th ,irthday ,y 31st 1ugust 5013 >or Under 10= they ha9e not reached their 10th ,irthday ,y 31st 1ugust 5013 >or Under 11= they ha9e not reached their 11th ,irthday ,y 31st 1ugust 5013( >or Under 15= they ha9e not reached their 15th ,irthday ,y 31st 1ugust 5013 >or Under 13= they ha9e not reached their 13th ,irthday ,y 31st 1ugust 5013 >or Under 14= they ha9e not reached their 14th ,irthday ,y 31st 1ugust 5013( >or Under 1"= they ha9e not reached their 1"th ,irthday ,y 31st 1ugust 5013

5014 BCB #unior /egulations

B 1(

Or!' i$'tio of Co"#etitio $ The co$petitions are organised ,y the BCB Youth &rganiser( 1ny 4ueries or disputes regarding the conduct o0 these co$petitions should ,e re0erred to hi$( Hi$-her (e,i$io $ will *e fi 'l. The BCB Youth &rganiser ill conduct the dra 0or the co$petitions( %?cept in the >inal and unless other ise sho n in the 2ra 8 the 0irst na$ed tea$ in the 2ra shall ,e the ho$e tea$ unless a change in 9enue is $utually agreed ,et een the Clu,s( :n the :nter)county stages o0 the Under 1" @ Under 13 co$petitions8 the %CB Co$petition &00ice at Lords stipulates the dates o0 $atches and their 9enues( The$e will ot *e e!oti'*le. The Co$petition $atches ill ,e played under the %CB 50 o9ers regulations 6see C Match /egulations ,elo 7( &utside o0 these /egulations the nor$al La s o0 Cricket shall apply( 6!lease note that the Board8 through the Bucks 1ssociation o0 Cricket &00icials can8 on re4uest8 organise short sessions on the La s 0or parent helpers 7( 1rrange$ent and Ti$ing o0 >i?tures a7 The Ao$e Clu, 6see B 57 shall8 at the 1nnual County #unior >i?ture Meeting8 pro9ide the 1 ay Clu, ith at least t o dates 0or the 0i?ture ,e0ore the deadline date speci0ied 0or the $atch in the dra ( >or su,se4uent $atches in knockout co$petitions8 ,oth tea$ $anagers $ust cooperate 0ully to co$plete the $atches ,y scheduled dates( Being una,le to 0ield your strongest side is not a 9alid reason 0or declining a 0i?ture(





*/ All le'!0e&*'$e( fi)t0re$ "0$t *e #l'+e( *+ the (e'(li e ('te o"i 'te( i the Dr'w ' ( for C0# 12 o,2o0t $t'!e/ fi)t0re$. 3't,he$ "'+ *e #l'+e( e'rlier th' the (e'(li e ('te$ *0t e4er l'ter.
c7 :t is e?pected that all clu,s shall 0ul0il the 0i?tures once $ade8 ith the only e?cuse 0or cancellation ,eing ad9erse eather;pitch conditionsB not ha9ing the strongest side desira,le shall not ,e considered a 9alid reason 0or a 0i?ture cancellation( 10ter the co$$ence$ent o0 the season8 in the e9ent that a Clu, 0ails to 0ul0il a 0i?ture on the agreed date 6other than 0or ad9erse eather78 the Clu, shall 0or0eit the $atch8 hich ill then ,e a arded to the opponent Clu,<( d7 Tea$ Managers $ust consult the Youth &rganiser in the e9ent o0 any insur$ounta,le pro,le$( e7 >i?tures that are pre9ented 0ro$ ,eing co$pleted due to the eather or other legiti$ate reason8 $ay ,e replayed on any $utually agreed date #ro4i(e( th't the+ 're ,o"#lete( *+ the $t'te( (e'(li e$. 6see Clause C+7 07 1ny Cup 6knockout7 0i?tures not co$pleted ,y their deadlines ill ,e decided ,y the toss o0 a coin 6see Clause C+7(

5014 BCB #unior /egulations

g7 :0 any League 6Croup stage7 0i?tures are not played ,y the speci0ied deadlines8 then one point ill ,e a arded to each tea$( :0 one tea$ concedes the $atch8 then the other tea$ ill ,e a arded t o points and the conceding tea$ none 6see Clause C+7 5. STRUCTURE OF CO36ETITIONS a( The Board ill run 3 types o0 co$petition( i( 1t U118 U13 @ U1" there ill ,e knockout 6sudden death7 co$petitions( The inners at U13 @ U1" ill proceed to represent their Clu, and Bucks in 3ational Co$petitions( ii( 1t U 98 U108 U118 U158 U138 U14 @ U1" there ill ,e League co$petitions( 1( The co$petitions ill ,e ,ased on 5 Con0erences ) 3orth @ South( %ach con0erence ill ,e di9isionalised( The di9ision that a Clu, is placed in ill ,e ,ased on its pre9ious 0inishing position in the pre9ious year<s Leagues one age group do n D $aking allo ances 0or Clu,s entering a side 0or the 0irst ti$e D and using sel0 assess$ent o0 playing strength and organiser<s kno ledge to get the ,est opti$al place$ent( Sel0 assess$ent ill ,e used ,y the organiser to structure the U9 and U10 co$petitions( 5( 'e ill ork to a 5 up;5 do n pro$otion and relegation here possi,le( 3( The top t o tea$s in 2i9ision 1 South and 2i9ision 1 3orth ill play o00 to decide the County >inalists( 4( 1ll sides ill play 11)a)side 50 o9er cricket 6see $atch regulations7 e?cept theU9<s @ U10<s8 here 10)a)side Barrington rules cricket ill ,e played 6see $atch regulations7( Ao e9er8 i0 ,oth sides agree8 then at U10 11 a side 50 o9er cricket $ay ,e played +( a7 League; Enockout Basis The $atches in the Cup Co$petitions at Under 118 138 and 1" and in the 3orth;South play)o00<s o0 the Leagues8 ill ,e on a Fsudden deathG 6knockout7 ,asis( :n the e9ent o0 a Clu, ithdra ing 0ro$ any o0 the league co$petitions8 then all points scored 0or or against that Clu, ill deducted 0ro$ that league( Code o0 Conduct The pu,lished Code o0 Conduct stipulated ,y the BCB and %CB shall apply to all $atches ) $#e,ifi,'ll+ it i$ re70ire( th't 'll Te'" 3' '!er$ e $0re th't i e4er+ ,ir,0"$t' ,e the U"#ire$ (e,i$io i$ 0 70e$tio '*l+ ',,e#te( '$ fi 'l *+ #l'+er$8 #'re t$ ' ( $0##orter$( The BCB e?pects all Clu,s to educate their players and their parents in the H,est traditions o0 the ga$eH( 1ll coaches should re0rain 0ro$ trying to captain their sides the$sel9es( :0 a coach is also u$piring8 ad9ice should ,e gi9en to the captain ,et een rather than during o9ers and this should ,e curtailed a,o9e the age o0 11(



5014 BCB #unior /egulations

9( a7

U$pires :n the preli$inary league $atches and earlier Cup /ounds8 Clu,s are e?pected to pro9ide their o n U$pires ho should per0or$ their duties ith 0airness and honour and ithin the spirit o0 the ga$e as ell as to the letter o0 the la s( Clu,s reaching the se$i)0inal stages o0 the co$petitions are encouraged to seek independent u$pires( Tea$ Managers 0ro$ other co$peting Clu,s are o0ten illing to undertake this task( The BCB ill arrange the u$pires 0or the >inals( /eporting /esults /esults should ,e entered onto the Board<s result e,site ,y the inning tea$<s $anager( The 'e,site address is= (,ucksc,(org( 1ny,ody ith di00iculty entering the site contact /ichard Burden on support.,ucksc,(org >i?tures that are not played due to eather etc( $ust ,e reported on the results e,site ,y the Ho"e Te'"9$ 3' '!er( >ailure to enter results $ay result in= 6i7 :n the Cup co$petition8 the a ard the $atch to the 1 ay tea$ ,y de0ault( 6ii7 :n the Leagues8 the $atch ,eing treated as a,andoned( Se$i)0inals and >inals The &rganiser ill re4uire Se$i)0inals to ,e co$pleted and $ay dictate the dates they are to ,e played or re)played8 as ell as the 9enue8 i0 the Clu,s in9ol9ed cannot agree( This is to ensure a Iresult on the pitchI is achie9ed and so that the >inal can ,e played ,y the Co$petitionIs deadline( 1lso see *(,7 re u$pires( 1ll Se$i >inals and >inals shall ,e played on grass pitches( League >inals ill ,e played on the 20th :0l+( The Enockout Cup >inals ill ,e played on one o0 the grounds o0 the participating Clu,sB ho$e ad9antage ,eing gi9en to the side ith the highest net run rate 6ie total runs per o9er in the se$i 0inal D your oppositions runs per o9er7( 1ll the Match /egulations ,elo ill apply unless the BCB ad9ises the participating clu,s other ise ,e0ore the no$inated date(


c7 10( a7

,7 c7

11( a7

,7 c7

3't,h Re!0l'tio $ The La s o0 Cricket shall apply su,Ject to the 0ollo ing playing conditions=

5014 BCB #unior /egulations

1 a7

!itches !itch Lengths shall ,e as proscri,ed ,y the La s o0 Cricket 0or each age group( 3a$ely= Under 9 D 1* yardsB Under 10 ) 19 yardsB Under 11 D 50 yardsB Under 15 D 51 yardsB Under 13 D 51 yardsB Under 14 and a,o9e 55 yards( 6The BCB recognises the practical di00iculties 0aced ,y Clu,s in preparing pitches o0 non)standard length and a di00erent length o0 the pitch $ay ,e $utually agreed ,et een t o co$peting Clu,s(7

5( a7 ,7 c7

Balls 1t Under 148 1"8 one " 1;5oK re)polished or ne ,all should ,e used and should last 0or ,oth innings( 1t Under 108 118 15 and 138 one 4 3;4oK re)polished or ne ,all should ,e used and should last 0or ,oth innings( 1t Under 9 $anagers $ay $utually decide to play either ith a 4 L oK repolished hard ,all or ith an :ncredi,all( :n the e9ent o0 non)agree$ent8 then the :ncredi,all shall ,e used 'ickets 1t Under 98 108 118 15 and 138 the stu$ps should ,e 5+ inches a,o9e the ground and the ickets * inches ide o9erall(



>ielding distances The U$pires shall not allo play to proceed i0 any player is ithin * yards 6Under 1+7 or 11 yards 6Under 98 108 118 158 138 14 and 1"7 0ro$ the $iddle stu$p at the striker<s end8 e?cept ,ehind the icket on the o00 side(


%CB D 2ou,le Bouncing Ball /egulations 6supple$entary to the La s o0 Cricket These regulations shall not apply to $atches played at Under 15 and ,elo

-( a7 ,7

11&'&$i(e 20 O4er$ Cri,2et 1A!e$ 11 0#w'r($/ Matches shall consist o0 one innings per side( The length o0 each innings shall ,e 50 si?),all o9ers( :n the e9ent o0 ad9erse eather this $ay ,e reduced to a $ini$u$ length o0 10 si?),all o9ers( The nu$,er o0 o9ers per$itted ,y each ,o ler shall ,e 9aried in proportion to the total o9ers ,o led( The Se$i)0inals and >inals ill ,e played to 50 o9ers per innings( 3o ,o ler shall ,o l $ore than 4 o9ers( :0 the nu$,er o0 o9ers in the $atch is reduced8 the nu$,er o0 o9ers per ,o ler shall ,e reduced pro rata(


5014 BCB #unior /egulations


1t Under 118 15 and 138 hen a ,ats$an reaches or passes a total o0 30 runs he $ust retire unless 9 ickets ha9e already 0allen in the innings( /etired ,ats$en $ay ot ,at again( Bats$en at U14 @ U1" shall retire at "0 runs unless 9 ickets ha9e already 0allen in the innings( /etired ,ats$en $ay ot ,at again The U$pires shall not call Hti$eH a0ter the last ,all o0 any innings until the ,all has indisputa,ly ,eco$e dead(


+( 'ides8 3o Balls @ LB'<s :n all co$petitions8 the La s o0 Cricket relating to 'ides8 3o Balls @ LB' ill ,e applied( Clu, U$pires should discuss and agree ho they ill apply the ide la s prior to each $atch to ensure consistency and co$$unicate their policy to ,oth Tea$ Managers( *( /esults The inner in all $atches shall ,e the tea$ ith the greater score at the end o0 the $atch( 'hen a $atch is played on a League 6group stage7 ,asis i0 the $atch ends ith scores le9el8 then it shall ,e dee$ed a tie and the points shared( The $atch shall not ,e replayed( 'hen a $atch is played on a knock out ,asis 6including League se$i 0inals and 0inals78 i0 the $atch ends ith scores le9el8 the inner shall ,e the side hich has taken the greater nu$,er o0 ickets( :0 still e4ual8 the side ith the higher score at the end o0 the penulti$ate o9er shall in and so on ,ack through the ickets( :0 still e4ual8 the side ith the higher score at the end o0 the penulti$ate ,all shall in 6and so on ,ack through the ,alls7( :t is there0ore essential that those scoring agree on the nu$,er o0 runs scored throughout the $atch( :n all knockout $atches hen a result is precluded ,y ,ad eather or light8 pro9ided that 10 o9ers o0 the second innings ha9e ,een co$pleted8 then the $atch shall ,e dee$ed to ,e concluded( The result shall ,e calculated ,y the scoring rate per co$pleted o9er o0 the side ,atting second as co$pared ith the o9erall scoring rate o0 the side ,atting 0irst( :n the e9ent that the side ,atting 0irst did not ,at 0or their 0ull allocation o0 o9ers8 their scoring rate shall ,e calculated on the assu$ption that they did ,at 0or their 0ull allocation( :0 less than 10 o9ers o0 the second innings ha9e ,een ,o led8 the $atch $ay ,e replayed on a $utually agreed date pro9ided this is ,e0ore the deadline date speci0ied in the dra ( :0 this is not possi,le= the $atch ill ,e decided ,y a toss o0 a coin or any other $ethod o0 resol9ing the $atch 6eg a ,o l out7

9( !oints syste$ :n 5013 e introduced a ,onus point syste$ to encourage sides o0 all a,ilities= 1" !oints 0or the inning tea$ ) 3o ,onus points( 5014 BCB #unior /egulations

10 !oints 0or each tea$ 0or a tied $atch 6,oth tea$s ending on the sa$e nu$,er o0 runs8 regardless o0 the ickets lost7 D 3o ,onus points( + !oints 0or a ga$e that has ,een a,andoned8 no ,onus points e9en i0 the $atch has ,een partially played ith no result 6eg the tea$ ,atting second has not had 10 o9ers or $ore7 0 !oints 0or a loss ,ut ith the 0ollo ing ,onus points ,eing a arded to the losing tea$= 1 point 0or each 50 runs scored M 1 point 0or e9ery 5 ickets taken

10 U (er ; < 10 These ,o"#etitio $ will *e #l'+e( 0 (er the ECB =Ke B'rri !to > re!0l'tio $8 e),e#t th't e',h $i(e $h'll ,o $i$t of 10 #l'+er$. a7 ,7 a7 ,7 c7 Match /egulations 5(,78 3(8 4(8 and "(a7 a,o9e apply plus the 0ollo ing= %ach tea$ shall co$$ence their innings ith 500 runs( %ach innings shall consist o0 50 si? ,all o9ers( %ach player e?cept the icket)keeper $ust ,o l at least t o o9ers ,ut not $ore than three o9ers( The ,atting tea$ shall ,e di9ided into 0i9e pairs o0 ,ats$en and each pair shall ,at 0or 0our o9ers( Bats$en shall ha9e unli$ited Hli9esH ,ut SI? runs shall ,e deducted 0ro$ the total e9ery ti$e a ,ats$an is dis$issed 6including run outs7( 3o ,ats$an ho is out should 0ace the ne?t ,allB ,ats$en shall change ends a0ter a dis$issal i0 necessary to achie9e this( The U$pires shall not call Hti$eH a0ter the last ,all o0 any innings until the ,all has indisputa,ly ,eco$e dead( :n the e9ent that the U$pires are satis0ied that a player is incapacitated during the course o0 a $atch8 his place $ay ,e taken ,y a reser9e ho shall ,at and;or ,o l in his place( :0 no reser9e is a9aila,le8 another player shall8 ithout e?ceeding his;her 4uota8 ,o l any o9ers due to ,e ,o led ,y the inJured player( The captain o0 the 0ielding side shall choose one o0 the ,ats$en in the ,atting side<s 0irst three pairs to ,at a second ti$e in the 0ourth pair( Should a side 60or un0oreseen circu$stances7 take the 0ield ith only nine players8 then the captain o0 the opposing side $ay decide prior to each innings8 hich o0 the re$aining nine players $ay ,at again as the tenth $an and hich should ,e allo ed to ,o l the 4uota o0 o9ers o0 the $issing player( :t is e?pected that all Tea$ Managers ill use their ,est endea9ours to pre9ent such e9ents occurring( 'ides and 3o ,alls ill ,e a arded 5 e?tra runs 6plus ,oundaries i0 applica,le7( There ill ,e no e?tra ,all8 e?cepting in the last o9er o0 an innings hen e?tra ,alls shall ,e a arded( N'tio 'l St'!e$ of the U (er 1@ ' ( U (er 1A C0# Co"#etitio $ 1t Under 1"8 the BCB Cup inner ill ,e eligi,le and ,e e?pected to represent Bucks in the inter)county stages o0 the Under 1" 3ational cha$pionship( 1t Under 138 the 5014 BCB #unior /egulations

d7 e7



BCB Cup inner ill ,e eligi,le and ,e e?pected to represent Bucks in inter)county stages o0 the Under 13 3ational Cha$pionship( The 3ational stages o0 the Under 1" Cup operates under slightly di00erent rules to these /egulations(

Le'!0e$ & Te'"$ fi i$hi ! o e70'l #oi t$ :n the e9ent that t o or $ore tea$s 0inish on e4ual points a0ter the 0ull progra$$e o0 6league7 $atches8 the 0inal placing ill ,e deter$ined as 0ollo s 6in order o0 priority7=

a7 ,7

:0 one tea$ has ,eaten the other6s78 then they shall ,e the League 'inners( The tea$ ith the ,est H3et run rate less the net run rate o0 their opponents 6in all co$pleted $atches7H( 6i7 6ii7 Matches that ha9e ,een on ,y the other tea$Is de0ault 6ceded; alko9er7 ill not count in the net run rate( 'here a tea$ has ,een Hall outH hen ,atting8 their total nu$,er o0 runs scored ill ,e di9ided ,y 50 o9ers 6or the lesser $a?i$u$ nu$,er here the $atch has ,een played to a reduced nu$,er o0 o9ers(

5014 BCB #unior /egulations