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Shaffaaf Ahmed Address: KBU Hostel, Badar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Telephone: +9607674433 Email: shaffaaf.ahmed@gmail.

com Personal Profile

I am currently studying BSC in Software Engineering at KBU International College, Malaysia. I am enthusiastic about software engineering and a hardworking student who is capable of working in a team or as an individual. I am able to handle pressure and manage time most efficiently to meet deadlines. I am a confident and fluent speaker of English language. I am able to adapt to changing conditions and I am flexible in my work scheduling.

Education and Qualifications

[2014-Present] Under Graduate Education: KBU International College, Malaysia. BSC in Software Engineering [2010-2012] Higher secondary education: Centre for Higher Secondary Education, Maldives. [Jun 2012] [Nov 2011] Edexcel GCE ALevel Physics: C, Biology: D, Mathematics: C Cambridge GCE ESOL English: B

[2010] Certificate 2 in Information Technology from Cyrix College, Maldives: Merit Level [2007-2009] Secondary education: Majeedhiyya School, Maldives [Nov 2009] Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics: A* [Nov 2009] English: B Cambridge GCE Physics: A Biology: A Chemistry: A Economics: B

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Computer Literacy: Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8 Linux: Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint Communication Skills: Team Skills: LibreOffice: Calc, Writer, Impress, Math Fluent in English Excellent written communication in English Team player skills Leadership skills

Work Experience
[jun 2013-sept 2013] Worked in Elections Commission of Maldives as a Registry Officer. Communication with those involved in candidate/voter registry. Entering data into central system Handled public relations work (Answering public questions, solving their problems) Had to handle lot of angry citizens, patience was necessary. Had to work extra-long hours to finish registry process for due date.

Interests and Hobbies

Linux: Im an avid user of Linux trying out new distributions as much as I get time. Android: Im and android enthusiast, who likes to hack android for better productivity. News: I follow several news outlets and their political sections specially. TechTrends: I always keep an eye on latest tech trends, which makes me always up to date and more efficient. Adventure and Food: I love hiking and trying out different activities. Im also a food lover with a dynamic taste. UIDesignTrends: I am interested in how UI design evolves, I keep a close eye on projects such as gnome, oculusrift, KDE, Elementary, Ubuntu mobile and other leading UI design projects.

Mr. Abdulla Ismail, Principal, Majeedhiyya School: Email: Phone: +9607554412 Mr. Fuad Thaufeeg, President of elections commission, Maldives: Email: Phone: +9607556891

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