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Tugay Beys Division

Micha Kadrinazi Paradowski, Rafa Szwelicki A Cossack-Tartar alliance directed against the Polish Lithuanian-Commonwealth was formed in March 1648. At rst the khan Islam III Girai sent several thousand warriors led by his most trusted advisor Tugay Bey to help the Cossacks. Large part of the Tartar corps was to include poorly equipped Nogai warriors and Tartar rabble. However Tartar support had a huge psychological signicance for the Cossacks, and at the same time negative inuence on the morale of the Polish forces. Warriors under Tugay Bey took part in battles at te Wody (Zhovti Vody) and Korsu (Korsun). It was the Tartar cavalry that nally crushed the Polish resistance during the latter battle by getting among the wagon train and spreading havoc and mayhem.

Special Rules
As long as the Commander is alive all enemy regiments receive 1 additional Breaking Point. If the Commander is killed or ees the eld they have 1 Breaking Point less.

Menace to His Enemies

Tugay Bay from Jan Matejkos paiting Bohdan Chmielnicki z Tuhaj-Bejem pod Lwowem from: Wikimedia Commons

Tugay Bey must use 2 Command Points to issue the Defense Order. Issuing an Attack Order costs 1 Command Point less (to a minimum of 1).


Tugay Bey may be deployed in two ways:

Brother to Cossacks and a Fierce Enemy to Poles

Tugay Bey (? 1651) famous Crimean Tartar commander. In 1644 his raid took heavy losses at the battle of Ochmatw (Okhmativ). Since 1647 he was a trusted advisor of khan Islam III Girai. Sent with Tartar forces to aid Khmelnytsky, he fought in the Ukraine until 1651 when he was killed at Beresteczko (Berestechko).

I. He replaces the Bey leading a Beys Chaput. Tugay Beys division is formed this way see the rule Weak and Timid Horde. II. Tugay Bey replaces a Mirza leading a Beys/Nuradins Chambul. Such a chambul can ONLY be deployed as Allies in a Cossack division by replacing an allied Mirzas Chambul. In such case Tugay Bey costs 3 points and has Command Points

According to the words of a soldier who fought against the Tatars of Tugay Bey: The horde was weak and timid and looked inconspicuous in their furs and peasant coats, with no sabers or bows; with only maces made of wood and bones, that are much worse than sabers () Tugay Beys division must have a Nogai chambul as a base. If the division has 2 Nogai chambuls then you may deploy an additional Cossack regiment exceeding the limit (such a division will include 6 regiments).

Weak and Timid Horde

T ugay Bey
Formation Move Armor Morale Skill Close Combat Shooting Weapons Effectiveness Range Special Rules

Tugay Bey


Hand weapon Javelin Bow Shield


Commander Scarce ammunition

/ CC

Feigned Flight Shooting in Charge bow

1. Command Points:

2. Cost: 5/3