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The Taqua


Essential Knowledge For the Modern Believer

Omar Zaid, M.D Research Fellow, ISTAC, IIUM. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I propose that male-female dialogue is even more essential to a nations success than that of inter-faith discourse. I also propose that the chauvinist accord in Islamic jurisprudence essentially caused the decline of Islam because without the equal treatment of feminine wisdom and intuition in the affairs of marriage and community, civic unity imbued with the grace of true piety cannot be maintained well enough to establish the regency of truth and justice. ... Stereotypes need to be abandoned and replaced by the reality orientation of scientific knowledge in conjunction with Fiqh Jurisprudence of the highest caliber. ... As heterosexuals comprise the overwhelming majority (90%) of humans committing sexual immorality, there is little merit in an extremist perspective being adopted towards deviant sexuality during any review of public policies related to the conundrum of deviant sexual orientations. ... The Basic Needs and Responsibilities of the Virtuous Spouse are seven in number... but how does one qualify for the blessings of that holy moment when the covenant is consummated... and what is the authentic nature of the covenant of marriage? One cannot truly be a Muslim until he/she desires for their neighbor what they desire for themselves and in marriage , your spouse is your nearest neighbor. Marriage has become a kind of 'trench warfare' with spouses dug-in on either side of the gender-line. In-between lies ignorance of the other as a kind of no-man's land where insults are traded and frequent devastating assaults are launched. What has happened to the estate of marriage that it has become such a cause of despair for so many these days? If marriage is half the deen of Islams revealed requirements and instructions for salvation i.e., if it is the venue in which Muslims are commanded to implement the comprehensive system of religion as perfected by the prophet then marriage is a holy institution and should be treated as such. Why then is it profaned by so many? Within this little book are the answers

The Taqua of Marriage

Essential Knowledge for Modern Believers

Jan 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Final Revision, April 2010 All Rights Reserved by Omar Zaid, M.D.
Research Fellow, ISTAC, IIUM, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia, May 2009,

Ph: +60178841809 This edition prepared for e-book, Nov 2010 Hardcopy available from AS Nordeen P.O. Box 42 - Gombak, 53800 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. T: +603-40236003 F: +603-40213675 //

Omar Zaid: Taqua of Marriage

Unfortunately today, both the roles of men and women are tragically misunderstood. Even more tragic is the fact that they are misunderstood in obscene favor of the men. The illegitimate consequences of this misunderstanding are many.
Shaykh Seraj Hendricks (Wash. D.C., 1998)

For those who scratch their heads and sigh then sit and wonder why

Omar Zaid: Taqua of Marriage

Contents: Introduction & Overview Chapter One What You Need to Know
Wisdom for Men
Woman as Womb The Seven Basic Needs of a Wife

vii (1)

Wisdom for Women

Adams Rib Another Gender The Foolish Woman The Non-Ideal Muslimah The seven Basic Needs of a Husband

Chapter Two From Cosmos to Chaos: Order Deviation Disorder

The Natural Order or Taqua of Creation
Deviation: Limitation & Energy


The Nature of Normality and Deviation

Be or not be The Word of AlMussawwir

The Moral Imperative (Virtue) The Purpose of Knowledge

Chapter Three Human Sexuality

Other Genders: An Introduction to Deviancy
A Tradition of Misogyny The Brain as a Sex Organ The Husbands Call The Wifes Call Weakness and Strength Concluding Remarks


Omar Zaid: Taqua of Marriage

Chapter Four The Purpose of Human Touch

Nikah or Zawaj The Touch of AlByatt The Concept of Islams Deen Islams Adab The Tree of Romance


Chapter Five Sexualization and Amana (trust)

Fear, Trust & Touch As-Sakkinah vs. Misogyny Touch, Sexual Response, and Intimacy Pre-Pubescence


Chapter Six Incarnation and the Covenant of Touch

Comfort and the Rest of God Sexual Magic: The Reversal of Touch Sexual Etiquette:
Erotic Protocol of Marital Taqua


Touch & Discernment Double Standards

The Making of Hypocrites

Sheikh `Abd al-`Azz b. `Al al-Suwayd on

Mind Control or Taqlid Appendices I II Research on Sexual Di-Morphism and Deviations Luciferianism: The Religion of Apotheosis by Phillip D. Collins , Jan. 10th, 2006 137 153 158 164 176

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Omar Zaid: Taqua of Marriage

Omar Zaid: Taqua of Marriage

Introduction & Overview

In the Name of Allah (God), the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful. All praises belong to Allah alone, the Lord of all the universes. And may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon His messenger Muhammad and on all of his family, descendents and followers.

Following a devastating divorce in 1990 I came across a little booklet distributed anonymously entitled The Seven Basic Needs of Your Spouse . After reading it I was shattered by my ignorance and angered at the failure of the many educators who permitted such brainlessness to prosper (I was raised Catholic). I resolved to put those principles into practice which then began two decades of pensive contemplations on the institution of marriage. When I became a Muslim fifteen years later, the transcendent experience crowned my growing bank of scholarship and experience with remarkable clarity of vision. Now I was a man on a mission that carried me through middle age and into early grizzlement as a polygamist with two wives living under the same roof in peace. Life does indeed begin at forty, and at sixty I can honestly say this is the best chapter so far. I have ferreted out from these years of research, connubial failures and recent success, several observations and conclusions I now share with the reader from a new-found academic perch. But on a more serious note, and as most cognitive adepts of the present Age of Harm will agree, marriage, civilization as we know it, and genuine monotheism are under significant assaults by sinister forces I have also studied at great length and published elsewhere.1 I therefore pray that this volume will serve to counter the impunity of this libertarian prosecution on both sides of the pond and hopefully ameliorate some of the mischief and mayhem they and their Levantine masters have caused mankind. I begin with a chapter on the basic needs of each spouse. These are archetypal constructs intrinsically demonstrated by each gender as naturally normative by divine design. Such ancient wisdom will be scoffed at by modern humanists but such mockery is inevitable and even prophetic because our educational systems suffer a profound absence of gestalt discernment in light of materialisms boastful ascent. Hence, the wisdom

See p. 164: About the Author

Omar Zaid: Taqua of Marriage

required for successful marriage is officially untaught, especially in Muslim venues, and will remain so unless I and others write these books. Therefore, and as a Medical Doctor, my priority is to provide a remedy for this endemic heart disease, hoping the reader will be sufficiently encouraged by the first chapter to seek the greater medicine that follows. The Islamic perspective and religious instruction guide men and women towards the peaceful acknowledgement-of and reconciliation-with their Creator, His creation, and all living creatures except those who hate or deny God. Those who follow Islams precepts become the Peacemakers whom Prophet Isa spoke of on the mount of beatitudes.2 Nevertheless, Islam is far more than a religion. It is, in the final analysis, the perfected socially oriented discipline of conformity to truth whereby men and women are charged to constantly adjust their thoughts and activities towards the goal of maintaining these peaceful relations in consummate harmony with nature according to knowledge, or to war, according to the same knowledge, when injustice inevitably threatens this peace. As such, Islam encompasses all science and never deviates from acknowledging Allah swt as creations Source rather than Being, and His prophets and angels as messengers of the divine revelation. With respect to human sexuality and reproduction, Islam regards relations between men and women as holy, a word that means reserved for God. 3 Therefore, sincere and informed Muslims take exceptional care to guard this estate according to divine revelation and the examples of the prophets. Human reproduction is a repetitive miracle for the Muslim, as are all recapitulations of this ontology within the animal kingdoms. At the same time however, it is both a phenomenon of great mystery and commonality. The latter fact causes many to take it for granted and even abuse it in manners that are repugnant to anyone who has retained common sense. Therefore, and bearing these thoughts in mind, the purpose of this little book is to remind, encourage, inform and exhort readers to understand why they

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. (Matt. 5:9). The translators have overlooked the contextual allegorical implication of the phrase sons of God, for what it meant according to traditionl Judaic theology is servants of God or sons of consolation, or even True Pharisees. Therefore, Peacemakers are those who make peace with their Maker. See: Forgotten Saints, Omar Zaid, AS Nordeen, 2010. holy adj. (holier, holiest) morally and spiritually excellent or perfect, and to be revered; belonging to, devoted to, or empowered by, God; consecrated, sacred. Oxf. Dict. 10th Ed.

Omar Zaid: Taqua of Marriage

must knowledgeably forbid evil and enjoin what is good with regard for the awesome events and sexuality that brought each of us into this world. May it so please Allah to grant us this success. In the second part of the book, and before reviewing recent discoveries that shed light on human sexuality and its various expressions, Ive endeavored to set forth principles that will help the reader assess these disturbing facts with what I pray is greater clarity and wisdom. The concepts of normality, natural, supernatural, supra-natural, miracle, limits (boundaries), life-energy (formative forces), manifest extremes, morality and ignorance are discussed in relation to Islams revelation of creation and deviations from divinely predetermined principles and patterns, as well as mans perception and acceptance of normality. After the establishment of these definitions, I introduce scientific developments in the fields of genetics, anatomy, neurology, physiology and psychosocial conduct that inextricably combine to establish human sexuality as an expression of a core identity that is bound to sentience and behavior which often exceeds the orthodox limits of propriety. This recently acquired knowledge gives cause to revisit human sexuality anew and raises many questions that require cogent reassessment before reaching moral and ethical conclusions. Chapters then follow dealing with human development, sexuality, sex education and marriage with a focus on the sense of touch and its direct relationship to Iman or Faith, Disbelief and Hypocrisy As you proceed, I entreat your mercy and kindness for my shortcomings, as did Bro. Ibn Khaldun:
I confess my inability to penetrate so difficult a subject. I wish that men of scholarly competence and wide knowledge would look at the book with a critical, rather than a complacent eye, and silently correct and overlook the mistakes they come upon. The capital of knowledge that an individual scholar has to offer is small. Admission (of one's shortcomings) saves from censure. Kindness from colleagues is hoped for.4

Most Sincerely,

Omar Zaid, M.D.

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Omar Zaid: Taqua of Marriage

Omar Zaid: Taqua of Marriage

Chapter One

What You Need to Know

Wisdom for Husbands
The existence and use of your phallus may qualify you as a reproductively mature male of the human species, but this does not meet the criteria of a rightly guided father or husband! To qualify for the degree of these responsibilities you must learn how to govern, guide, protect and provide for the creatures of Allah whom your phallus indicates are your charges! To administer your household with wisdom, it is absolutely necessary that you understand the limitation of your abilities and adjust your vision to the collective aspirations of your family and community in order to reasonably approach these goals according to capacity and resources. This requires insight, first for yourself and subsequently for each person under your right hand; the most important of whom is your wife or wives. Unfortunately, most men are not taught how to love or guide their women and children, let alone govern their own soul. How then can they intelligently manage a family with wisdom? InshaAllah, this reading will help advance you to the front ranks of manhood as a true slave of Allah. Your wife is not your servant, nor is she your subject, employee, possession or toy! She, like you, is Allahs servant and his possession, and shes been specifically assigned to you as your most intimate ally and companion in the struggles of life. You may have purchased the right to enter her body with your phallus as you wish, but you did not purchase her person or soul. These belong to Allah and are not for sale. As the acquisition of knowledge is an Islamic requirement, and as you are your wifes Imam and Wali, you are therefore obligated by Allah to understand, at the very least, her most basic needs. These are seven in number. There are more, but this is a good place to begin after you have earned the right to sign a contract for the first kiss. When a man fails to provide his wife with an appropriate environment and protection from outer and inner enemies of her nature and purpose, she has no choice but to make the attempt to do this for herself, albeit at the cost of

Omar Zaid: Taqua of Marriage

her own nature as a woman. She becomes like a fish that must not only swim to breathe and seek food at the same time, but must also provide the water best suited for her estate and steer clear of predators at the same time. This is an impossible task, and yet it is one faced by multitudes of women today. And I beg you not to believe the tabloids that flaunt so-called success stories of liberated feminists, because most modern Athenas5 are somehow failing to fulfill their own natural purpose, even in the face of the greatest worldly admiration. The woman is naturally disposed to the passive and receptive role, wherein she best utilizes her abilities and talents under the guidance (stimulation) and protection of her husband. This archetypal pattern also reflects the ideal pattern of lovemaking that brings passionate ecstasy to both spouses. But it does not mean she cannot assume remarkably responsible positions in the scheme of things, for it is proven that she can and does. However, the contented successful career-professional lady is only found in partnership with a qualified husband willing to protect, nourish, guide and restrain her for her own best interests. An honest woman if you can find one will admit this. Just as the sperm is received to stimulate new life within the veils of her physical womanhood, so also does she receive what is given to her by her husband as home, guidance and provision wherein she safely utilizes, guards, and develops their entire estate as his vicegerent. The home is her principle domain, out of which she may safely explore the utilization of her talents in public spheres. If she opts for the public domain without such a nest or respect for a husband's provision and input, she will somewhere fall ill physically or mentally, or lose track of her childrens best interests, or make major errors in public judgments, or be easily hoodwinked by men or women much more cunning than she is. These consequences are inevitable. Whereas the man's chief domain is external and active, the woman's is passive and internal. Her natural submission to this passive and divinely-ordered estate is manifest in menstruation, pregnancy, and subsequent childbirth, over which she has absolutely no control, and to these life-long processes she must submit. The efforts made to override these realities all result in

Athena: Greek goddess of war and avatar of Cybele, the ancient Arcadian Mother goddess.


typically feminine disorders over which she has no control. These things simply happen to her just because she's a woman. Therefore, it is best for her to acknowledge the essence of her being and submit herself to the naturally normal order of life as divinely given to her by Allah SWT. In this posture she will find her greatest freedom and contentment, especially when placed in the loving arms of a righteous husband. His role is to protect and provide that for which she is best suited to both preserve and care for. Essentially, this is the truth of our human estate, and both roles are equally and ultimately responsible and accountable to Allah swt in the matter. These separate but equal roles require diligence, something people resist because they expect things to 'just work out' by themselves, which is akin to believing that Creation just happened its an absurdity! To understand the necessity for this work, we must first have an understanding of faith as described in later chapters in relation to grace and knowledge. We should also bear in mind that man carries the seed of command, without which the woman's ovum will not respond to develop a new life. This dual participation in the act of 'creation' is holy (reserved for Allah), and as such, it requires conscious attention as an act of worship. Woman does not mature to the fullness of her nature without this male command, so to speak, and neither does the male mature to the fullness of his nature without her freely given submission. Hence, when consummation and conception take place within the boundaries of solemn marriage, an additional grace of Allah is bestowed upon parents and child, giving the new family greater potential as reflected by the word 'legitimacy', which is another reason why women seek desperately for legal marriage.6 Furthermore, it is the wife who becomes fully responsible for the proper utilization of all that is 'planted' in her field, and hence, the nurturing of this miracle is what truly matures her. All the husband can do is protect, guide and provide her the means. It is she in whom the mysterious 'tree-of-life' takes root, develops its form, and then grows with or without her cooperation. Therefore, it is best that she takes active and conscious participation in this gloriously passive miracle within her belly.

Social Engineers of the Fabian School have successfully demoted the word legitimacy in the West.


If she eats what is halal she avoids the toxins that would disrupt the baby's formation and growth. If she eats too much, she moves her own form beyond the bounds7 and predisposes both baby and self to diabetic complications or toxemia in the third trimester. If she refrains from gossip8 and harmful relations according to the directions of her husband and Islamic adab, she avoids the devils of anxiety and their negative influences. She is the field the enlivened human earth and matriarchal utilizer of what engenders, sustains, cares for and then cherishes human life. In this regard, the husband can do little more than stand his watch and pray as the tree grows. When all goes well, the tree flowers at the 'quickening' when the soul arrives and the angels speak forth its destiny, after which the fruit appears at birth; and here we will stop, as it takes two-plus more decades for the fruit to successfully mature, and that is subject for a book on child development.

Woman as Womb
Enshrouded by veils of protection and provision by her husband, a wife becomes his womb9 in her entirety head to foot and heart to tongue. Every human seed (ideas and experiences) planted by her parents, companions, and now by her husband, sprout and grow under his watchful eye. If bad seed was sown, he must uproot its useless weed and she must yield to the pain that gives room for the good. She is also the mirror of his soul, reflecting both good and bad: a specter he must confront daily and deal with accordingly. She not only reflects him but also his household and the immediate communal society; without this mirror he would otherwise remain unaware, especially of the needs of his children. In this sense, she is a lamp unto his

Gluttony during pregnancy is a major cause of a womans loss of the beauty given her by Allah and also of her attraction to her husband. It is most difficult then to regain her form, and in many cases impossible. Gluttony is an irresponsible act of disobedience and directly counters the hadith. Pregnancy is not an excuse for this sin. There is no worse vessel for the son of Adam to fill than his stomach Sahih Hasan by Ahmad 4/132. Beware filling your stomachs with food and drink, for it is harmful to the body and causes sickness and laziness in performing prayers Allah will hate the fat man, and a man will not be condemned until he favors his desires over his religion. Hadrat Umar, Kanz alammal, 15/433 The one who engages in malicious gossip will not enter Paradise. (Sharl al-Sunnah, 13/147) The Messenger of Allah passed by two graves, and said: They are being punished, but not for any major sin. One of them used to spread malicious gossip (ibid, 1/370) Arhm is the Arabic word for relatives. It means womb.


feet that he might not stumble or trip as he looks out towards horizons beyond her purview. She is also a reminder his closest and most intimate companion one who knows and tolerates his faults and by her yielding gentle submission causes him to remember and thereby yield himself to Allah for correction and guidance. It is she who sets this example for both him and their children. The man who does not recognize these realities remains a chauvinist tyrant and worst of Muslims, and has not yet experienced the full potential of marital union and bliss; one reason many men unsuccessfully seek such felicity in illicit affairs. This same man will also fail to treat his wife as an equal as is the case with many Muslims, Arabs and Asians most especially and unfortunately; this a grave cause of the current feminist unrest. She is not his possession to be bought, as do Arabs with their ridiculous impediments to marriage 10 and consequent deviations from the principles of marital law. Both husband and wife belong to Allah, and are partners in the holy business of marriage, which must adhere to the contractual terms of the bargain equally and with diligence, so that the enterprise yields an acceptable profit for both. A wife is also the place (womb) wherein a man's vision is nurtured and re-enforced, as did Khadija for the Prophet a refuge where he is 'mothered', comforted, and nursed when wounded or in doubt. To deny this, is to deny her essence and purpose, and thus robs her of the right of that precious dignity attending her as his most compassionate consort and gift from Allah. To consider her a mere outlet for lust is an insult to both her and Allah. What fools men have become! Should he fail to see the light she reflects or to listen to the music of her soul, his womb will swell and cramp him with misery till he relieves the excess flow of waste or nurtures her songs of new ideas, direction, true needs born of reality orientation as her imam, or tender admonition. If this cleansing or nurturing does not take place periodically, stagnation sets into both spirit and body causing an estrangement from each other as well as their concord as shepherds watching over the words of al'Mussawwir entrusted to them in their children. Without reconciliation (effective communication), the estrangement results in divorce or deviation of form, both of marriage and

The Prophet said that the best marriage is that which costs the least. Presently in Arabia and adjoining countries, the minimum dowry for a wife is upwards of $50,000 USD. As a result, many Arabs subject women to the indignity of mutah, or temporary marriage, wherein he bears little responsibility, if any. What idiots!


body. The mosque is torn down even if they remain together in a loveless bond, which latter estate spotlights hypocrisy in one of its major roles. Hence, the husband is also his wife's primary physician. He must regularly monitor her spiritual and emotional health, which directly reflect and affect his own. It is he who is responsible to seek out remedies and assure their application, not she for this is the responsibility of a shepherd. The husband must care for his womb with all this and more in mind, lest he become sick himself in spirit and body... affecting and disabling his work and the primary polity of Allah: his family; and thus, effectively reduce his own authority and potency to serve the Cause of Allah.


ONE Your Wife Needs the Stability and Direction of a Spiritual Leader
You are the patriarchal leader she seeks and yearns to depend on for spiritual guidance and vision for your family. Should you fail to provide this guidance, she will naturally be attracted to men who give evidence of spiritually mature leadership. This can manifest as an irksome comparison of you to other men if she does not see you seeking the Wisdom and Will of Allah, because she will mistrust your judgments in deference to theirs and is actually trying to help you by pushing you under their wings. Therefore, you should set yourself firmly in the study of scripture, wisdom and knowledge suitable for your needs in the world, which means in the fellowship of men who do the same. Realize also that wisdom is learned by experience and not just through sitting, reading, or meditating and praying. The best and greatest wisdom comes by doing, that is, by applying knowledge through work... hard work. Therefore, my advice to ladies in search of mature husbands is to find a man who does not just sit and talk, but who actually works. You can usually tell the honest working wise man by the size of his belly, the strength of his hand, the limits of his speech and the mess in his office or workroom. No mess means no work is being done; a modest belly means discipline, balance and selflessness; a strong steady hand and eye


means humility, conscientiousness and attentiveness; and softness of speech means wisdom given in measured words; if he has nothing of worth to say, he says little. As a safeguard for you and your family, you, the husband, should clearly demonstrate your submission to a man of virtue who is held in high esteem by the community; someone your wife sees you turning to for guidance when perplexity comes knocking at your door. Under this traditional patriarchal structure or better said, divine order, she will feel safe and secure with your husbandry. The caveat here is that a man without an Imam is a dangerous fellow because of his lack of communal accountability. Women know this instinctively and will remain unsettled or restless in their nests until this Divine order of governance is established in your life. Therefore, when problems occur that are beyond your ability to solve, she needs to see that you seek the counsel of the wise. This calls you to a life of prayer and authentic companionship with wise and capable men rather than those preoccupied with ritual or the typical one-ups-manship of business, sectarianism or tribalisms competitive delusion! Prayer is not only an act of ritual cathartic obeisance, it is also the performance of the Will of God after contemplation and meditation (taffakur) upon His precepts; meaning the application of adab to Islams deen which begins in the home. When your wife observes your effort(s) in this direction, it allows her the peace of mind she requires in order to submit to your authority even when you fail, and fail you will. Bearing in mind that success is only born of the trials presented by failure, men who do not admit to failure or to faults are guilty of pride and no one but Allah knows either how proud or humble you are better than your wife and your parents. Therefore, if you desire the perfection of her charms and that she submits to you willingly, piously, courageously and without reservation especially on those occasions in which you may not explain your directives for unusual motives or requests (such as when Ibrahim left Hajar in the valley of Makkah) this approach to Spiritual Leadership is absolutely required.


For non-Muslims, the principle is the same because spiritual values governing marital relations are inherent and equally valid despite belief systems. Therefore, to apply this principle is easy. It merely requires that your wife witnesses your own submission to a man she and others in your circle consider wise. This person is, generally speaking, a man whom you respect as a leader of men, a man whose disapproval of your actions and decisions would make youas well as your family and friendsuneasy or embarrassed. The short end of this deep seated emotional and spiritually centered principle is this: without your own submission to a man greater than you, or to a fellowship of male peers if youre an elder, your wife will not be comfortable submitting to your degree of authority which is above her own, even if she obeys you in all things.


Your wife must know that she fulfills vital needs in your life

She is the means by which you draw others to right living and, unfortunately, the inverse is also true. She does this by the public demonstration of her freewilled submission to your leadership and manhood. A wife who does not submit publicly demonstrates that her husband is a weakling and much to his embarrassment, and there are indeed women who take pleasure in this sadistic modality and men who submit to them as masochists. Nevertheless, if taqlid or blind following is practiced and you are an innovator of the left hand, then her submission aids you in drawing others to the fires of Hell. Considering that 72 of 73 Muslim sects are people of the fire according to Hadith, this should give us all grave cause for concern, especially in view of the dismal innovations in which Muslims generally handle womens rights. A wifes surrender actually validates your authority in the community, and this unique grace of freely-given submission represents the Divine Order of Government and explains why the Prophet taught that no woman should marry against her will or be placed in State authority with power. You must therefore, reciprocate as her husband by acknowledging her unique role in your life and do not allow just any woman to do for you whatever tasks your wife does, including sex, without either her permission or knowledge ! Should you do so, it is an act that undermines her self-confidence and standing


authority in the fellowship of women in your community and as your consort 11 which then opens a door for her to be mocked and disrespected. This would be akin to hiring someone for an important executive position and then delegating their duties to someone outside the firm! If there is another woman in your life or professional-work milieu, make certain she is known to and/or accepted by your wife. Never discuss marital problems with this other lady, and make certain you praise your wife to her. This other woman including other wives must make the purpose of your marital responsibilities to each wife their own priority, even to the point of admonishing you should they see you neglect any of them. As your consort, she should from time to time observe that you humble yourself and confess your failures. Seeing this, she will praise your successes even more. Her position as your consort (co-regent) is an intimate extension of your own authority and influence that endorses her uniqueness as your companion in the community and strengthens her sense of identity and purpose. Furthermore, a wife with intact instincts is a natural alarm system given to you by God as a safeguard against persons with wrong motivations, and secondarily, her intuition serves to protect you from making hasty decisions! This latter is because she requires security and consistency in your behavior, and as such, this is a significant aide to the trial of self-discipline and taqua. Furthermore, her uniqueness is magnified by the fact that only she can discern the real needs of your children, hence you should also praise her and thank her for being a good mother . It is therefore beneficial for you to discover those areas of your life in which she uniquely fulfills a need, and then tell her exactly how you depend upon her for these things. Her love for you will be sealed in a continuum of bliss should you take the time and effort to do so.

THREE She needs to see and know that you cherish and delight in her
This is the chief key to the suite of lasting romance and perennial honeymoon renewals! She must know that you hold her with such great regard that you actually praise her to others. She desires and needs to hear you say what it is

Consort: n, a wife, husband, or companion, in particular the spouse of a reigning monarch. (Ox. Dict.)


that you see in her beyond her physical charms. Any number of women can meet your physical needs and she knows this, though she may be too shy to admit it. Here, the matter of import has to do with your joint-destiny. Something besides pheromones drew you to her and it is this quality that transcends the instinctive sexual union. This spiritual aspect is the most significant element of your union and has to do with mutual compatibility factors as designed and destined by Allah swt. Her feminine qualities and specific talents help you complete your deen because they complement your own and thus aid the fulfillment of your destiny. Opposites may attract but all surveys demonstrate that successful marriage depends upon similarities and collective expectations and desires that are shared, whether believers or not. These are the many sympathies and antipathies or likes and dislikes you hold in common and provide avenues for the grace of tolerance and mercy. You must define what these are in terms of her qualities of soul and intellect so that she knows the how and why it is that Allah prepared her and drew you to her and why you keep her as wife and companion! This is the essence of real romance and there is nothing Hollywoodish about it whatsoever. Mohammad (pbuh) says a man may marry a woman for her religion, wealth, beauty, or social position. A man of discernment who knows his destiny will be able to identify why it is a particular woman is placed in his life. For example, a comely lady of wealth must be made to realize that her generosity on your behalf is a providential opportunity purposely destined to aid the Cause of God in your right hand! As wealthy as was Khadijah, all her wealth was gone in the end, having been spent in the Cause of Allah. This is the sunnah dear reader. Or the pious lady of humble means must be made to realize that her submission as wife is the key factor, without which both your destiny and your authority in the community would lose the divine sanction of the communitys validation of your manhood! Women desire that you rehearse from time to time whatever heavenly signs led you to her life and bed, as well as the qualities of her character (virtues) that keep you there. If she spends your money wisely, praise her! If she has made mistakes, teach her how they have helped her to grow in virtue and your admiration! If she has a limitation, teach her how it helps her to depend


on Allah and increase her iman! The romance that follows in the wake of such husbandry and counsel is a delight that rivals Paradise.

FOUR Every wife has a deep need to be understood

It is the husbands responsibility to protect his wife from failure. She needs to know that you understand her well enough to shield her from over-reaching her limitations. This means you must set her boundaries proactively out of concern rather than the neglectful reaction that always follows an error you should have avoided! To do this, you must help her to understand her strengths and weaknesses, and give firm but loving guidance. For example, you should stop her from taking any position for which she is not qualified or one that would be detrimental to your households peaceful integrity. She may test you in this area, so do not give or permit whatever she may ask without careful consideration. It is advisable to postpone judgment on the matter, even if it means feigning consideration of the request! If you grant her every desire, she will become insecure because you lack the courage to say no! If you do not stand your ground, you will generate a petulant shrew that becomes a beautiful pebble in your shoe. It is of the utmost importance for you to realize that if another man understands her more than you do, she will be susceptible to his advances! So it is wise to study your wife and learn to read her well, so that you may honor her strengths and protect her from her limitations. This is a serious responsibility and should you ignore this warning, she will feel neglected, taken for granted, and not truly appreciated; all of which are open doors to divorce or even adultery for which she would be blamed, when in fact, it is you who invited the grievous default or sin by failing in your responsible diligence as her imam.


Your wife needs you to enjoy intimate conversations with her.

Intimate communication with her husband is a wifes most basic need and has everything to do with your covenants confirmation. The touching of tongue to hear is where hearts dance the tango. This converse mixes the mortar that joins and holds the bricks in place as you build your Mosque together. You are the brick mason who mixes the cement of your sincerity and guidance


with the sand of her many detailed concerns and observations. You must remove the rocks and stones of her worries with the filter of an attentive ear and understanding heart filled with patience. These requirements demand diligent craftwork so that the grit of her anxiety is filtered in order to smooth the blend for a fine joining and finish. Women are naturally chary and seek the solace of security in your manhood, which is, in this respect, more like fatherhood for her. She is more than willing to be sifted by the sincere eye of your soul and manly intelligence. For her this is a vital component of foreplay in the art of lovemaking: a most solemn matter in the eyes of a woman! Without the resultant admixture of your understanding, guidance, consolation and at times directives, her desire to be manhandled by you is diminished. Over time, if this is the case, you neglect of intimate conversation will cause your Mosque of Romance to either collapse or become dilapidated for want of the maintenance of this crucially concrete and metaphysical process! She will eventually fail to take you and your needs either seriously or in a positive and constructive context, because you have not balanced her soul on the scale of this essential trial of her equality with you. Her graceful devotion and delightful submission to you depends almost exclusively upon this component of intimacy; because she measures your love for her, not by your wallet, but by your hearts ability and desire to hear, appreciate, and at times, critique the song of her soul. Sometimes this song is dissonant and incompatible with yours. This calls for patience and tolerance of a thing you do not like. Notwithstanding this truth, when the soul-songs of each partner cannot harmonize on a continuum, it is a sign of a poor match and irreconcilable differences for which pristine Islam makes divorce easy. There is no middle ground unless you both choose to ignore the fitrah Allah has placed in your hearts. In this case, a certain mundane pall of silent conspiracy enters the bond, and reigns until death. Many marriages suffer this God-forsaken malady, wherein potency is surrendered to ritual and hypocrisy is king.


Your wife needs to know you are aware of her presence even when you are preoccupied

This is the quality that won her heart to begin with, and gave assurance to her friends and family that you would be a good husband. A wife is like a moon that revolves around the planet of her husbands destiny . She measures your


awareness of her as a test of her importance in your life and the effects of her gravitational pull on you. Be careful not to ignore or dismiss her carelessly! This test is an assessment of your manners (etiquette) and qualifies you as her specific gentleman champion, because love (kindness) always has good manners, always defends and defers, and never insults a lady. Do you help her with the heavy work; do you refrain from bad language; do you introduce her properly; do you inform her of your activities in a timely fashion; do you keep yourself clean and well groomed? In all these things she is looking for the consistent proof of the respect implied by the phrase I love you. Your acknowledgement in all these and more sets her firmly in orbit around your life for the time appointed by Allah SWT. Furthermore, your own honor and delight depend upon your proportional response to and manners in the presence of her gravitations! She will often approach you while you are occupied as a test of her priority in the affairs of your life. Do not ignore her! Even if all you can afford is a loving glance or gentle touch, offer it in recognition of her status, then excuse yourself and return to your work. If her intrusion is important, she will somehow let you know. Stop your work and attend to her with patient sincerity. A few such episodes are sufficient to pass the test and secure her sense of self-respect in the circumambulation of your mateship with her as your equal and most intimate companion. You will not regret it! In addition, the example of this protocol of impressive courtesy endorses the holiness of marriage in the eyes of your peers and superiors. It sends a clear message to all that your union with this woman is not only yours but also Allahs top priority in your living out the deen. When she sees the Divine Underwriter of our fate confirming this message as broadcast abroad by your deeds of recognition and honor on her behalf, her willingness to enslave herself to your destiny simply blossoms: increasing her courage, devotion, and loyalty by the grace of your loving diplomacy, which in turn confirms your own guidance by the Right Hand of Allah. All of this further endorses your position in the Ummah as a man of genuine authority. Remember, the endorsement of your authority in the community begins with her confirmation of and willing submission to your manhood in its entirety. People measure a mans quality of soul, intellect and authoritative abilities by the measure given to him by his spouse(s). SEVEN


SEVEN Your wife needs you to promote her talents and gifts
Study her; learn her aptitudes and talents then encourage her to fulfill her ambitions with these in mind. Make provision and time for her to nurture her dreams as they flow into the stream of your own river of destiny. Applaud her responsibilities and find ways to expand them within reasonable limits, so that she can visualize a future value for what she is presently doing. If she is a good seamstress, buy her the best machine you can afford. If she wants to learn, make a way for her education. If she has a sound aptitude for business or administration, seek a way for her so she may enter that world under the guidance of your watchful eye. Make it a point to demonstrate your approval and authority in the matter in the presence of her friends, family, and associates; so that all may observe she is clearly under your wing. In this way, both she and they will feel secure. You must be her chief management consultant, even if she is in an area beyond your expertise. She needs your guidance not in the affairs of her business, but as a rod of governance in her affairs with other people in order to protect her from overstepping the bounds of reason and her own limitations. Make certain that her ambitions complement your marriage as a prime priority, so that the Cause of God given to your domain remains administered by you and none other.

Conclusion If your wife is to graciously submit to your guidance and perfect your
manhood, you also must submit yourself to the tasks of fulfilling her needs. Meeting these basic needs is your chief responsibility as her husband and is also the essence of adab of justice as her Imam and Wali, which is the true meaning of the Prophets command to treat your wives with justice! So stop counting the money you spend and weigh your knowledge of her instead. If you lack the contemplative capacity to administer this justice, you are not qualified for polygamous leadership though you have wealth enough to provide sustenance for several wives. Most men cannot do what is described above for one wife. This lack of husbandly prudence is a chief reason that monogamy is the accepted and promoted norm, and also why illicit sex is a common outlet for the polygamous proclivity of most males. Customarily, men do not want to be bothered with relationship at this level because its too much work, and todays boy-men would much rather play games.


The most obvious reason is their lack of submission to the Will of God, as evidenced by the gross disobedience and injustice (lack of adab) that blankets the earths surface with sin. Most Muslims even consider adab to be the politically correct hypocrisy of superfluous social etiquette and religious ritual, so common amongst the Malay set for example. However, the lack of marital wisdom that is, the implementation of justice by husbands towards their women (wives and daughters) is the cause of the many failures to execute both monogamous and polygamous models successfully, and by extension, this is also a major contributing factor to overall social injustices, most especially in the Muslim milieu. If a man is not plugged-in to Gods Wisdom and grace through Prayer and Submission via obedience and knowledge, the marriage will fail or flounder in low tide upon beaches or rocks of tradition. Such a marriage will never set sail upon the sea of Gods Purpose and Cause because he is an unqualified Captain. It follows also that if a woman has a Godly husband Godly meaning much more than merely religious but she does not willingly submit to him, then Gods Word will cut off her marriage to him and remove her from his life! This was the case of King David and the daughter of Saul for example. These spiritual laws cannot be circumvented. When an unmarried woman sees a mans wisdom reflected in his demeanor and especially by the joy of his lawful wife, she will be naturally drawn to him and will willingly submit even as mistress or undisclosed wife because of the present miscarriage of Gods justice in the earth regarding marriage. Therefore, do not be alarmed any longer at the number of such liaisons, because it is the natural order that has been supplanted by mankinds departure from truth. The psychobabble of the last three generations cannot apologize for the existence of family disorder outside of Gods Laws. Therefore, consider these seven metaphysical laws that govern the headship of your role as husband (Imam and Wali). If you take these realities to heart, rest assured your wife or wives will submissively follow you in peaceful security and without the threat of disloyalty in any way. She/They will praise you to friends and delight you continually in ways many men can only dream of. Your own dignity as Gods Slave will be raised to heights not thought possible, because she/they will do everything possible to see that your ambitions are fulfilled and your fantasies realized. Most importantly of all,


Allah will praise you for the manner in which you have received and cherished the precious gift of His incomparable love, for it is incarnate in your wife.


Wisdom for Wives

O woman, give charity, for I have surely seen that you form the majority of the inhabitants of hell because you curse too much, and are ungrateful for good treatment (on the part of your husbands. (Fath al-Bari, 3/325) because they are ungrateful for good and kind treatment. Even if you treated one of them well for an entire lifetime, then she saw one fault in you, she would say, I have never seen anything good from you.

(ibid, 1/83)

Adams Rib
Ingratitude towards husbands is equated with ingratitude towards Allah SWT. It reflects pride and a sense of entitlement that obscures a womans creaturehood and absolute dependence upon Allah and hence, turns her mind away from the Hereafter to the dunja. Therefore beware dear ladies. To nurture life by reflecting the wisdom of your precious nature is your purpose. Your task in the deen of marriage is to help your husbands submission to Allah. By virtue of the hard ground of your own submission in marriage, it, like water, carves the path for the river of your husbands purpose and completes his maturity. It is said that woman is created from his rib, so very close to his heart.12 Ribs protect the vital organs (heart and lungs) of respiration, a process that exchanges impure gas for what is pure and essential, and distributes it to the body (family). Thereby, our blood (metaphysically and materially) continually renews then recycles a kind of

Treat woman kindly. Woman was created from a rib. She will never be straightforward and consistent for you in any way. If you enjoy her you will do so in spite of her crookedness. If you try to straighten her, you will break her, and her breaking is her divorce . (Bukhari and Muslim)


innocence and purity as a regenerative force that matures and maintains spiritual, emotional and bodily health. Women stand guard over this process. When she is ungrateful, however, she stands watch over the reversal of this process and gravitates towards hell bringing all the torment that accompanies such a journey. As wife, you are your husbands closest ally and protector of this divine process as his shield or Breast Plate, as it were. But this is not a militant or aggressive position. The ribs are passive components, pliable yet firm, expanding and contracting which each breath. Nevertheless, they are readily broken and when his heart is assaulted they are bruised, and each bruising reminds him of the assault that represents spiritual jihad. This war requires defensive work in three realms: the mental, the emotional, and the physical. This triad must be subdued and enslaved to Allah through submission to Islams deen in order to develop the virtues of moral imperatives that lead to success. Therefore, we must think, feel, and do what is correct according to Gods Plan. This discipline does not come solely by discourse, prayer, or study. It must be actualized via the discipline of taqua under rightly guided authority to the accomplishment of good deeds for our benefit here and Hereafter! Ideally this authority is your husband and those to whom he is submitted, and your good deeds as a mature woman primarily begin and remain in service to him and not to your children or any external venue! Those who deny that marriage is required for spiritual maturity are in error, for there is no incarnation of the Kingdom Polity without marriage, and there is no rightly guided authority without a husband and father as its magistrate! Therefore, when you oppose your husband, you oppose the Divine Order or Kingdom of Allah, and cannot possibly be of consequent help to the Cause of Allah, for the grace of divine guidance resides with him as Imam of the deen and will be withdrawn from you if you rebel. This will cause you nothing but abject wantonness and futility. This is a spiritual law! Such women are like ribs without a heart to protect and cherish. There lies a hollow beneath their veneer of urbanity for which they seek all manner of substitutions in vain using children for the purpose or even pets; but never can peace be attained as spoken of by Iesa or the Prophet in Sura 89, vs. 27. There is no rest of God for the rebellious wife!


Furthermore, for a woman to think she is sufficient for an authentic Patriarchal husband or that she possesses either him or his heart is a romantic trap that will imprison her in a cage of emotions from which she cannot escape! It is rare that such a man finds one woman who can encompass and penetrate his heart in its entirety. Wise women have sense enough to be no more than a single rib, and even they often prove inadequate for the task as we may acknowledge from the life of the many Polygamous Prophets. Therefore, plural marriage and the superfluity of good women has a unique place in the Kingdom of God, in order to safeguard, comfort, and give joy to the hearts of those men who carry the burden of leadership in Allahs Cause, so that the Kingdom may prosper and multiply in health of mind, spirit, and body for all concerned. This burden is often too heavy for one wife, and the strain will age her prematurely which often alienates her husbands physical attentions. Therefore, wise wives will welcome the help and love of a companion wife, so that the burden is shared and the heart of her husband may expand and contract comfortably in the hands of such sisters. These principles do not hold true for people with a romantic worldly view, as these mysteries are reserved for the humble and wise of heart who serve the Kingdom of God! If you oppose your husbands desires and vision, you cease to be a woman and enter the realm of manly competition. This will only demean your nature and deny or delay the cause of your destiny. Please read that again! A womans greatest shield of protection is her piety and submission. Feminists are veiled from this truth and cannot comprehend it! They are Liliths: goddesses of destruction! A wifes opposition is a battle she may cleverly win, but it starts a war she is destined to lose if she maintains such an aggressive posture. Rightly guided men will ignore her and her bed! This is a spiritual law for the mature of heart who do not worship cupiditys foolishness ! Just as your charms bring forth the fire of your husbands seed, your submission draws forth the grace of his greatest potential in the Kingdom of God! This is spiritual law and is truly your hearts desire. There is no other way it may be achieved with the peace of Gods grace. InshaAllah, the following essays will help you to orient yourself to the responsibility of being your husbands rib; that is: his companion, the closest soul to his heart in the Cause of Allah, even when he doesnt realize it!


Another Gender:
The Rebellious Woman
Rebellious women and their submissive men-folk reject the normal natural order and together become worse than male tyrants because of the confusion they bring to their children. Even women prefer a male boss to such a lady. This is because her true nature as nurturer of new life is replaced by antithetical behaviors with characteristics that are alien to her true nature; and there is no 'middle ground' of compromise in the realm of metaphysical 13 reality. If not a metaphysical woman, she becomes another gender, neither male nor female. If this is the case, she opposes al'Mussawwirs's word with her entire being, and self-engenders her own physical maladies which eventually manifest. Metaphysically speaking, she becomes the goddess al'Lat or Shakti who constantly seek men to worship at the altered nature of her self-profaned temple. She is the lady who entices and never ceases plotting to oppose, overthrow or subvert male authority. She knows that the power manifest at the moment of the man's orgasm is an abject surrender to her charms, but she mistakes this divinely ordained moment as her own triumph in order to wield its mystery as a weapon against both God and men. What a fool she is indeed, and the greater fool is the man who loves her. The righteous man will neither touch nor hear such a woman. And should his wife attempt to use sex as a weapon against his authority to enjoin good and forbid evil in her life or his domain, he will divorce her immediately, if not sooner. This is because such an act as spitefully withholding sexual intercourse is itself a statement of divorce on her part, as also is any act of lewd or suggestive behavior directed towards another man. For this reason, chastity and modesty are commanded of Muslims, both men and women. The rebellious woman cares nothing for either, and willingly flaunts her charms. She is to be avoided at all costs and never taken seriously unless it is on the road to her repentance.


Metaphysical: adjective, the essential question of the nature of mind (Oxford Dict.)


The Foolish Woman

The prophet was asked: Which woman is the best? He said: the one who pleases him when he looks at her, who obeys him when he tells her to do something, and who does not do something he dislikes with regards to herself and his wealth. (Iman Ahmad al-Musnad, sahih isnaid)

Prophet Solomon taught that the foolish woman destroys her own house. This woman is the embodiment of ignorance dressed in robes of selfrighteousness. Her mark is excess: she talks too much, gossips, eats too much, and offers too much to her children causing childhood obesity and greed (loves too much), and, she certainly minds the business of others too much. She is the expert 'fault-finder' who cannot leave others in peace as embodied by the mother-in-law 14 who crosses all borders of Islamic etiquette and still thinks that heaven lay at her intrusive feet. This woman suffers from a spiritual poverty that starves her into desperate intervention in the affairs of others. Her illnesses have no end and no cure, and every one in her community knows it. There is yet another type of foolish woman, and this one doubts her husbands word even in light of evidence for his good husbandry. This lady loves her man but feigns submission and often retains undisclosed ulterior motives for the marriage. She actually listens to and secretly follows the counsel of others outside her own home. This is a fatal mistake and it is often made because she falls in love and marries a man from another culture. Generally speaking her health is maintained, however, she brings down the walls of her own marital mosque when she does not accept the foundations Allah has laid as a worldview in her husbands heart. In other words, she does not truly accept or submit to his personal vision and destiny. He will leave her when the day arrives leading to the fulfillment of his destiny, just as Prophet Lut left his wife. This is because his destiny is often beyond

The rights of a mother do not include assuming authority in the house of her children unless it is delegated by the man of that house, especially that of her son and her son-in-law. Otherwise, as a man he submits to a woman which is antithetical to the Divine Order. Furthermore, the subjection of his wife to his mother subverts the wifes authority over her own household. This is a form of slavery commonly practiced in the traditional Chinese family.


what she and her community comprehend or accept according to their own conformity to traditional innovations divorced from Allah's principles. Such people attempt to put al'Mussawwirs word in a box they have designed from the comforts of fancy. They care not to draw closer to Allah than the comfortable orbit of their own traditions. Often, an entire community like this will fall ill due to infectious diseases or become subject to natural calamity, as they lack the enhanced immunity made available to the true slave of Allah and do not heed the warnings given by such a wifes husband.

Descriptions of the Non-Ideal Muslimah: pray you are not one of these.
'If you see a woman who is always laughing, fond of gaming and jesting, always ruling to her neighbors, meddling with matters that are no concern of hers, plaguing her husband with constant complaints, leaguing herself with other women against him, playing the grand lady, accepting gifts from everybody, know that that woman is a whore without shame.' And again to be despised is the woman of a somber, frowning nature, and one who is prolific in talk; the woman who is lightheaded in her relations with men, or contentious, or fond of tittletattle and unable to keep her husband's secrets, or who is malicious. The woman of a malicious nature talks only to tell lies; if she makes a promise she does so only to break it, and if anybody confides in her, she betrays him; she is debauched, thievish, a scold, coarse and violent; she cannot give good advice; she is always occupied with the affairs of other people, and with such as bring harm, and is always on the watch for frivolous news; she is fond of repose, but not of work; she uses unbecoming words in addressing a Mussulman, even to her husband; invectives are always at her tongue's end; she exhales a bad odor which infects you, and sticks to you even after you have left her. And not less contemptible is she who talks to no purpose, who is a hypocrite and does no good act; she, who, when her husband asks her to fulfill the conjugal office, refuses to listen to his demand; the woman who does not assist her husband in his affairs; and finally, she who fatigues him with unceasing complaints and tears. A woman of that sort, seeing her husband irritated or in trouble does not share his affliction; on the contrary, she laughs and jests all the more, and does not try to drive away


his illhumor by endearments. She is more prodigal with her person to other men than to her husband; it is not for his sake that she adorns herself, and it is not to please him that she tries to look well. Far from that; with him she is very untidy, and does not mind letting him see things and habits about her person which must be repugnant to him. Lastly, she never uses either atsmed nor souak. No happiness can be hoped for a man with such a wife. God keep us from such a one! Taken from The Perfumed Garden by Shaykh Nefwazi, Translated by Sir Richard Burton


The Seven Basic Needs of A Husband

One Your husband needs a wife who respects him as a man. All men aspire to leadership; it is their nature.
Men naturally establish their manliness via leadership. Taking charge of the family enterprise is synonymous with manhood! The initial steps are those of courtship followed by marital consummation, which is the loving dominion of your charms and entry to your sacred temple. I say dominion quite purposely, because in marriage the domain of your beauty and favor belong solely to him. Your submission in this primal realm of human intercourse confirms his manhood and establishes his natural authority. Therefore, when a wife defies his authority through disobedience, disrespect or refusal, she rejects his manliness and indirectly but still deliberately, invites the attention of another womans eager compliance by default providing of course, that he possesses desirable attributes! Once you understand and accept these realities you enter the realm of womanly wisdom. His regency may be the modest domain of a taxi or the exalted power of a prince; it matters not, for both are kingdoms and the home of each man is the castle of his lordship and you are his first officer of the watch, duly appointed by Allah then delegated by nikah! Begin to regard him as a prince, and you will engender his benign monarchy as an officer and a gentleman. Learn how to appeal to him with wisdom, and do not seek advice from other men! This is a mortal mistake that will slay the life and love of your marriage!
The wisdom of a wifes petition is this: approach him as you would a king. If the matter is important, address him formally as husband. Accept advice


only from those men approved of by your husband, and always let him know of their counsel depending upon the circumstances.

If you resist his physical affection, you assault his manliness and open wide the door for another woman to entertain his desires. Conjugal Right: A mans sex drive will lead him to distraction when not satisfied, and he will not be able to concentrate on his work. Some men have higher hormone levels and a greater libido that literally drives them to copulate. Your sexual favor is not only a basic need but is akin to his favorite meal. Imagine he is distressfully hungry and sits at a table you have prepared with his favorite dish but then forbid him to eat! When you refuse him, especially out of spite, in his eyes you become like the baker who refuses bread to a hungry child; your insubordination in this regard not only negates the primacy of your contract as his wife, but is also ground for divorce! Even if he does not divorce you legally, your act of refusal without lawful reason, spiritually divorces you from his grace and therefore, also from the grace of God because God has ordained you for this very purpose and you have publicly, before angels and men, agreed to the design! Refusal to submit or even a dispassionate participation removes you from his dominion, undermines his kingdom, and actually tears down the very walls of your marriage! A good King is pleased only when his subjects are happy and eager to receive him. So, if you are unable or naturally disinclined to have sex during the permitted times and his libido is greater than yours, or your circumstances demand prolonged periods of separation, these are perfectly good reasons to invite another wife into the realm. He will love you more for your consideration, and you will be protecting him from temptation and sin! In so doing, you will gain immeasurable esteem and devotion from him: exactly the opposite of what most women fear! But only if he is a Godly man! Your most powerful guardian is your meek submission in godliness (piety); it will protect you from abuse and enhance any petition you might make. You must be prepared to let him fail. If you take matters into your own hand you defy his authority, and therefore his manliness; though you may


gain a temporary victory, any persistent behavior of this sort will erode the foundation of your marriage and cause its failure. You are not his conscience or his judge! Read that again! Make suggestions not demands; requests rather than commands. Do so by appealing to his lordship and he will continually polish the crown of your regency as queen. Do not expect him to read your mind. You must tell him all of your concerns and you must not resist his decisions! Let him know the fears you bear, so that he may grow strong in his self-worth by setting cautious limits of protection in your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional life. Do not rehearse his failures and do not show loyalty to other men as leaders. The purpose of your loyalty (fidelity) towards him alone is to help control his ambitions and thus, guide his leadership through the diplomacy of your graceful submission and set an example for others, especially your children. This is an act of Dakwah.


A husband needs a wife who accepts his leadership and believes in his God-given responsibilities.

By scripture, husbands are commanded to govern (guide) their wives and wives are commanded to submit. He needs you to reassure his leadership through your submission because this is, in fact, the Will of God! The Kingdom of God on earth is actualized only through a mans decisions be they good or bad. Bad decisions reveal areas of his character and judgment that need improvement: therefore, even when you see an error in the making, do not rise up but rather avoid the matter and let it come to pass gracefully. Do not rebuke or condemn him, but humbly appeal and offer help. This act of faith demonstrates the piety that protects you and reinforces your trust in both God and your husband, that they will establish whatever remedies are required and remember always that the greatest success is born of failure! The more you show trust in him, the greater care he will take in giving direction. Loyalty under pressure and error is essential to a mans growth in leadership, and such loyalty is demonstrated only in adversity! If sometimes he seems to take you for granted, it is only because he trusts


you. Never ask others for counsel in adversity without your husband s permission, as this is an act of sedition! It will erode his trust in you as his prime minister, and will open a door for your replacement. He needs you to admire his leadership. When he makes right decisions that reflect truth and good deed, and is slow to anger without seeking revenge against a fault; when he does not imbibe in gossip; when he rejects evil company; when he seeks wisdom from the wise and honors Allah; when he keeps his promises and refuses bribes or profit at the expense of his neighbors misfortune, you must praise and honor him for any and all of these victories. This is your duty of enjoining what is good and the example you set will guide your children to taqua! He also needs praise for his Godly leadership to the community. When he shows signs of wisdom, generosity, spiritual discernment, modesty, sobriety, the example of hard work, patience, peacemaking, good management, maturity, and fidelity; let him hear you speak of these good deeds to others. Encourage him when he battles (is tempted) with any challenge to his leadership in these virtues, and ask him from time to time to share with you his deepest goals and concerns. Be patient with his vision, especially when he is under pressure or depressed by the discouragement of lifes trials. Men are macro-visionary and women are micro-visionary. A mans vision is often filled w ith longrange goals that require much time and struggle, but a womans vision is usually oriented towards short term projects with more immediate satisfaction. Men see national and world problems with clarity, while women see familial and community problems with clarity. Men see the long road to Mecca and beyond, but women see the path to Zam-Zams well for the benefit of the proximal community. Women see obstacles along the immediate path, men perceive obstacles on the horizon; both perspectives are complementary and necessary for success. Express enthusiasm for his work and achievements. If you reject his work or its fruit, your rejection, in his eyes, may be more insulting than a refusal of sexual favor. This is because you reject what he perceives to be his God-given purpose in life. The chief desire of a mans heart is not the


approval or pleasure of his wife, but rather her acceptance of his vision and its successful validation by his peers and superiors. As his wife you are neither his peer nor his hearts desire, so just forget the romantic idolatry! You are his hearts necessity, and once he has found you he returns to his vision (his work) with greater zeal! A wifes rejection or indifference to her husbands vision is a fundamental cause for estrangement and the downfall of many marriages. And it most probably is a major sign of incompatibility, which is best resolved by a peaceful no-fault divorce. Therefore, when he shares his views be attentive and look at him in admiration as he speaks, especially when he talks to others, because this inspires their respect for him and his work. From time to time, express your gratitude for the benefits of his provision and enquire as to the progress of his heart s desire and offer assistance in any way possible. You will not regret this! And bear in mind that if you cannot appreciate, or accept, or support his work and the purpose of his vision, chances are you have chosen the wrong husband.

Three A husband needs a wife who continues to manifest inner and outer beauty. How you dress and style your hair reflects your submission to authority,
and is a basis for the spiritual protection that manifests inner strength, beauty, and self-control. This protects you from the intent of men with an evil eye and clearly announces to other women that you are not in competition with them! For women who choose not to wear hijab, please realize that your hairstyle must please your husband rather than fashion. A womans hairstyle signifies many aspects of her character that are readily discerned by the cunning and the wise, such as: femininity vs. masculinity; contentment vs. frustration; neatness vs. carelessness; submission vs. pride; diligence vs. weariness; softness vs. hardness; self-acceptance vs. selfrejection; obedience vs. defiance; organization vs. disorder; discipline vs. inconsistency; reverence vs. idolatry, modesty vs. immodesty. And of course, wearing hijab in public is one of the highest expressions of all the above in piety. A wife should always dress modestly and to please her husband. Men are visually stimulated, so dress accordingly but not revealingly. Control your


weight, as this is a symbol of honor for your husbands leadership and your own self-respect, and will maintain his admiration and desire for you as companion and lover, lest you become a mere house servant. A meek and quiet spirit is the basis of a wifes true beauty: it separates rights from responsibility and demonstrates the conquest of fear and worry through prayer. This is the dignity of poise and reflects your training in etiquette and right thinking (adab), showing you to be content with his governance and your own self-acceptance. Your grooming communicates the Godly standards of kindness, understanding, and wisdom. The manner of your care for the home reflects your regard for your husbands wisdom, provision, and protection. The convictions of character are formed in the home, and a wifes spirit sets the atmosphere in the home as shepherdess. Keep the home free of clutter; train the children to be neat and clean; provide good music throughout the day, and appeal wisely for needed home repairs. What indeed has romance to do with all these responsibilities? When they are met true love blooms without peer or fear of fading.

Four A man needs a wife who can lovingly appeal to him when he goes beyond his limitations. He needs a woman who can wisely respond to those who question his ideas, goals, or
motives. This advice flies in the face of feminist logic, but its wisdom will save you much headache and heartache. Appeal to him as you would to any ruler of State. When you do so, bear in mind his reputation, goals, and authority and above all, wait for the right moment! Never assail him with any problem immediately upon his arrival at the door. This is a grave error made by many women and will condition him to not only to reject your concerns but also to seek the comforts of homecoming elsewhere, or at least make frequent visits to the pub or caf that may actually be prelude to an affair. Give him time to adjust and leave the world behind; let him enjoy your appreciation for his safe return by greeting him warmly and in peace; make him comfortable be patient!


The preparation of your spirit to honor his leadership without words of condemnation will overcome his resistance to any advice, objection or request you might humbly raise. Be constantly ready to ask forgiveness if you do offend him, and always bear the manner of a loyal and loving servant of his best interests. Study the story of Queen Esther of Bani Israel and learn wisdom from her wisely prepared appeal to her husband the King, which saved her people from destruction. Never criticize your husbands motives or convictions to others but always show appreciation for them, and do not respond to any negative backbiting gossip just peacefully walk away.


A man needs quality time to be alone in order to meditate and seek Gods direction.

Man is created to have communion with God, even if he thinks he is an atheist. This is why many men go hunting, play golf, or spend time alone in the wilderness. In your conversations, demonstrate admiration for men of historical character that sought after wisdom; ask questions that require him to seek such wisdom and tell him how pleased you are when you see him spending time with Allah. Every man needs a sanctuary in which to meditate, whether a quiet room or a place outdoors. His desire to be alone is not a rejection of you but rather a manifestation of his manly need to acquire a larger perspective, what is commonly called the big picture. His discussions with other men sharpen his thinking and teach him how to bear his own burdens. Be ready to receive his deep concerns, and never assume you are the cause or are responsible to remove them. Men were created to work under pressure because this is when leadership is at its best.


A man needs a grateful wife.

Ingratitude is a sword that pierces the heart of his manhood. Throw your expectations into the lap of Allah and not your husband. Expectations destroy gratitude for the blessings of God in your hand, so be content and expect nothing, and be genuinely grateful for each little token of your husbands love. Material things compete with the weightier matters of spirit wherein true riches lie. Gratefulness is the basis of happiness and a happy wife is a crown to her husband, while an unhappy wife is a public rebuke to him. Be content with little and your joy will increase as the little increases.


A wifes priorities are usually different from her husbands. A mans priorities often involve manly activities, expenditures, security, and reputation. This is not a bad place for you to start admiring him. Do not overlook mistakes he has avoided and compliment him on his wisdom in those matters. Praise his achievements, especially in areas where you want him to excel. Troubles will come, and when they do, patiently admire his development of character through such tribulation without adding to the burden with additional demands.

Seven He needs a wife who is praised for her character and good works.
Your morals, wisdom, hospitality, generosity, discretion, trustworthiness, loyalty, fidelity, submission, obedience, home management, thriftiness, virtue, modesty, diligence, pious influence on others, management of children, and skill at whatever you lay your gifted hand to should be public knowledge. So let your light shine, that you may teach the younger women how to love and live with their own husbands, that your faith and character cannot be spoken against except by the pitiful jealous. One word of caution here is in order: never attempt to resolve your husbands problems with any good work without his consent, as he will resent your presumptuous attitude.

The above counsel is ancient wisdom and almost completely counters the current feminist contructs. Those who fly the libertine flag do not know how to improve their lot except by rebellion against the men they have chosen or through flagrant seduction which is demonic mockery of human sexuality. Rebellion is faithfully followed by disillusion and anarchy after the mob has quenched its lust for blood. Even in victory its crown is made void by hands neither prepared nor anointed to wield the staff of authority. An empty bed is the shadow of nemesis to a womans desire and need for masculine company, and only leads to futile isolation and self-recriminating bitterness of soul, no matter her career or social status except of course for those few who are truly gifted and prepared for celibacy, or for widows who have loved great men. Therefore, a wifes rebellion leads to a fools prison!


If you are fortunate enough to have a man who does not abuse you, practice the diplomacy of humility and watch the miracle it will bring as he changes before your eyes into a Patriarchal Prince. If you are blessed to have married a patriarch, the wisdom above is necessary for you to help him achieve his purpose, and thus, meet his destiny. Whoever you are dear reader, be assured that you will suffer no loss of freedom when you employ a servants humble submission. Quite the contrary will occur; you will prosper in your heart s desire as your husband prospers in his purpose; provided of course, he is a decent man with righteous potential.


Chapter Two

From Cosmos to Chaos

Order Deviation Disorder
Who has created the seven heavens one above another; can you see any fault in the creation of the Most Gracious, then look again: Can you see any rifts? Then look again and yet again: your sight will return to you in a state of humiliation and worn out. (Q, 67: 3-4)

The Greek word, cosmos, literally means 'an orderly arrangement'.15 This Creation of Allah is universally understood by the wise to be a divinely 'ordered' unicity that expresses a concord of interrelated phenomena of incalculable diversity. The singularity of its created order is evidence that reflects Gods transcendent magnificence and imponderability and is referred to as altawhid in Islam. The Universe containing this created order encompasses a surpassing excellence that humans experience and call good (beneficial) as well as a potential for disorder (chaos), which we also experience and may call 'bad' (harmful), and in some cases, evil. Barring natural catastrophe, if the variance of any of its system exceeds their normal range of temporally limited form and function, the deviation tends towards entropic chaos (disorder)16 in proportion to the degree of deviation. This chaos17 is usually, but not always, a departure from the normal range of the


Cosmos (Kosmos, Gr.): the universe, esp. as a well-ordered whole. an ordered system of ideas etc., a sum total of experience.. A thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system's thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system. (Symbol: S) figurative lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder: a marketplace where entropy reigns supreme. The Greek term Chaos is commonly thought to refer to disorder or even anarchy. The archaic Greek refers to a fullness of potential as reflected in the Hermetic mythos by the Egyptian god Nun who they conceived as the vast ocean of formless magma including the




divinely intended manifestation of goodness or benefit, and autonomously defaults towards non-beneficent expressions of the phenomenon following an insult that causes deviation. For example: when unguarded deforestation occurs at the hand of men, the function and form of the local ecology is altered so that inherent forces of entropy are released bringing disorder and destruction to a concord otherwise intended for perennial benefit. Hence, the injudicious manmade disruption cuts short the manifestation of the intended tawhid of nature. When this natural order is disturbed and thus deterred from obedience to the word of al' Musawwir, it becomes subject to forces that lie 'outside' the range of what men generally site as normal. This unbalanced estate favors extremes of too little or too much, while a more balanced approach represents the taqua or pious obedience of creation to Gods command, which, if left confined within its extreme boundaries will never deviate of its own accord towards chaos, even if it may appear to do so for example, in the case of an asteroid strike or volcanic eruption after which nature autonomously restores itself according to Gods command. Therefore, we may redefine natural chaos as the created potential for both order and disorder, and as such, chaos also represents both the 'beginning and end' of any created thing. Hence, chaotic potential is an inherent quality of the cosmos. In the Greek, it actually translates as full of potential. Therefore, out of chaos God ordered the universe and to chaos it inevitably returns to be recreated or re-ordered, or even annihilated as God wills. The interval between this divine ordering and disordering represents a kind of 'rest' period during which the divine word 'Be' completes or fulfills itself in the cause and effect activities that Muslim philosophers have termed accident. Man however, tends to accelerate the return to chaos when participating in activities that disturb this balanced interval of active rest, both in nature (macro-cosmic) and self (micro-cosmic). We may consider mans rush towards chaos the antithesis of miracle , because the miracle is what accelerates energies inherent in the manifest word of Al-Musawwir towards restoration of the affected systems perfection; this being the return of its form, function and purpose, or even the creation of a new system.
potential for life as well as the principle of consciousness. All potential disordered or not, and regardless of mythos, can only have originated with Allah.


Hence, we can say that human reproduction is a microcosmic restatement of the initial ordering of the cosmos from Allahs created potential for chaos. In other words, its the recapitulation of a miracle.

Deviation from the Natural Order

Deviations within the normal range of natural activity may readily be restored (redeemed) by man through corrective thought and deed. However, once chaos takes hold, only God has the power to restore that thing to its pristine form and function. This implies that laws of maintenance and decay are inherent as absolute determinants and qualities of Natures orderly arrangement. Man is often helpless in these conditions and may even have caused or hastened the demise of form or function. This is to say that deviant behaviors release inherent default potentials causing premature decay, destruction, and/or degrees of chaos according to pre-determined boundaries of normal form and function as predetermined by God. AlQuran appears to attest that this transgression of bounds equates with evil and that evil equates with falsehood:
But if it gets known that these two were guilty of the sin (of perjury), let two others stand forth in their placesnearest in kin from among those who claim a lawful right: let them swear by Allah: We affirm that our witness is truer than that of those two, and that we have not trespassed (beyond the truth): if we did, behold! the wrong (evil or harm) be upon us! (Q. 5: 107) Go you to Pharaoh, for he has indeed transgressed all bounds. (Q. 20: 24)

When the deeds of men exceed natural limits by poisoning the water with mercury for example, no doctor on earth can avoid or heal the distortion of form and function in any creature conceived under the excess influence of this toxic metal. Health simply cannot be restored except by virtue of a miracle. Man is trapped with the cost of caring for the chaos he created, and only then does he cry to heaven for relief and redemption (restoration) of the natural taqua or truth that lay at rest (as-Sakkinah) within the predetermined limits. Man thus becomes ensnared by the chaos he released, and often cries to heaven for redemption (restoration) of the natural taqua or


truth that lay at rest (as-Sakkinah) within naturally pre-determined limits contained within the created form and purposed functions. Therefore, as we approach the mystery of human sexuality and development, bear these principles in mind. The real miracle within our loins is the potential for engendering the best of offspring perfected in form and function. It is therefore better to preserve the natural taqua (balance within the bounds of beneficial form and function) by first preserving it within ourselves and hence also, our communities. This is the task of all Muslims and the call of alhisbah.

Limitation and Energy

Boundaries represent divinely predetermined limitations. Within these limits exists a range extending from permissible to forbidden after which they move towards the impossible. For example, it is permissible for man to hold his breath but there is a limit as to time, just as there is a limit to what he can inhale in order to maintain health or life. If he breathes what nature normally forbids, he will become ill (poisoned or intoxicated). If he holds his breath beyond the limit of his strength or inhales fluid or mortal toxins,18 he exceeds the forbidden and entertains what is impossible then dies. These limits or boundaries cannot be exceeded without naturally predetermined detrimental effects. In the same way, limits also exist for the energy dispensed by Allah that maintains life. For example, prior to the Flood of Prophet Noah 19 it is written that men lived longer, some extending for nearly a thousand years; and there is convincing orthodontic evidence that the Neanderthal hominid enjoyed life spans beyond 500 years and took nearly a century for offspring to mature. 20 After the Flood, Allah decreased this limit to 120 years and it has rarely been exceeded in recorded history. This implies variable temporal limits for life energies that infuse mankinds physical organism. These energies may be

E.g. the major cause of death in fires is the toxic smoke that results from the burning of manufactured synthetic materials with which man has now surrounded himself. Now scientifically established at about 5,500 BC. See: Noahs Flood, Ryan & Pitman, Columbia Univ., Simon & Schuster, 2000 Buried Alive, Dr. Jack Cuozzo, Pelican, 1998.




substituted via artificial life supports and bionics, but they cannot be restored except by divine intervention. Even a heart transplant represents another persons unused life energy for that specific organ. This implies temporal limits for life energies (life force) that infuse mankinds physical organism. These energies may now be substituted via artificial life supports and bionics, but they cannot be restored except by divine intervention. Even a heart transplant represents another persons unused life energy for that specific organ. Now if the life energy as a whole is limited, so also is its fractional allocation to each bodily system and organ, so that energies meant for one system, if diverted to another, will fail to fully penetrate and vitalize the donor system or organ that was robbed, so to speak. In addition to this effect, if an organ is over utilized through excess stimulation such as an alcoholics liver, its life energy component may be exhausted before those of other organs.
Monstrous Monstrous Distortion Extreme Eccentric Eccentric Extreme Distortion


Impos FORBIDDEN Negative limit infirmity

Chaos & Death

disability invalidity

NORMAL Range of Variation

Positive limit + infirmity

FORBIDDEN + disability invalidity


Chaos & Death

Failure Dysfunction Debility Life Support onset of chaos onset deformation

Deblity Dysfunction Failure onset deformation onset of chaos Life Support

I am not speaking of energies in terms of calories commonly known to dieticians. I am speaking of energies that direct formation and sustain functionthose of wound healing or the restorative functions manifest by activated stem cellsas opposed to those which provide mere fuel for utilization. Fuel (calories) may be pumped into a system which has


exhausted its life energies to no avail, just as fuel in a rusted engine block with a bad electrical system has no effect. These life-sustaining energies may be likened to a hurricane that builds its formation then storms until exhausted and dispersed. These are the energies (forces) that occult magicians, shamans and Satanists like to toy with, and they exist in all life forms: human, animal, plant and even latently in the mineral kingdom. These energies are those written of by Ibn Jazlah and Ibn Khaldun:
The wise person must prepare his supplies for travelling according to the distance intended, for if the supplies end before the entire journey, the traveler perishes. However, if the supplies are sufficient for the entire journey, he is safe. This is 21 parallel to the health of the human being. Then the growing power takes over and it [food] is turned into flesh and bones.22

The mystery of these reproductive life energies was taught by the angels Harut and Marut in ancient Babylon, after which the Satans taught their manipulation (sexual magick) to the Jews as recorded in AlQuran (Q, 2: 101102). The Jewish book of magic known as the Kabala is filled with these and other occult doctrines and formulae, and hundreds of medieval Hebrew treatises exist for the practice of this magick. The Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead are similitudes if not primal. Therefore, we should include this empirically evident but unseen life energy23 in our contemplations of the Sciences of Life, Religion & Medicine, and especially in sexuality and reproduction. If for example, these energies are redirected towards the development of abstract thought before a child has completed the first seven-year growth cycle, the directing dynamisms that maintain the childs bodily development of form, growth and internal organ systems are prematurely diverted to

Joseph Salvatore, Compendium in the Eleventh Century as Represented in the Works of Ibn Jazlah. P. 55. Ibn Khaldun, Muqaddimah, p. 460. Prophet Iesa called it the Sense Body and likened it to a plant, so that during coma, the soul leaves but the sense body maintains the many functions of the physical body in a vegetative state as long as it is fed and watered (see the Gospel of Barnabas). Some European scientists call it the Etheric body; Homeopathic doctors call it the Life Force; and Chinese Doctors call it Chi.

22 23


support the power of thinking. The damage or loss is not apparent, but it will inevitably show itself later when organs that were robbed of a sounder foundation begin to fail, or perhaps if the childs mental faculty becomes hyper-active or manic. Thus, parents who hastily nurture a genius may actually do the child irreparable harm by accelerating the return to chaos by means of this imbalance.24 It is possible yes, but not necessarily wise. It is best that the child adjusts to the normal pace of social development within his/her peer group, as this allows these formative forces to complete the process of respective maturations of bodily systems within Gods pre-ordained, natural balance. In a similar manner, women who wish to compete with men do so to the detriment of their health as well as their feminine persona and beauty. For example, physical prowess in women is a known cause of the cessation of menses, especially when musculature is overdeveloped.25 Restoration of normative function may return when training and competition cease. However, the directing life-energies meant to maintain feminine health, reproductive capacity and beauty of form are irreplaceably diverted, misutilized and therefore lost implying the supplies mentioned by Ibn Jazlah are mis-rationed and therefore will not last for the intended lifespan. This is one reason the Oriental female is able to maintain her natural beauty longer than Western ladies; i.e., assuming she doesnt overeat as is now become the fast-food custom, or become oppressed by excessive forced labor or the incontinent demands of chauvinist tyrants. This principle extends to fields of endeavor that are traditionally given to men such as the judiciary, military, government, hard physical labor and police work. If such work ages the incautiously undisciplined man prematurely,26 then what chances have women to withstand the same effects? Surely, women can function and perform well in these roles, but it is always to the

Such children, as most Pediatricians and Psychiatrists know, often develop forms of neurosis to the point of mental breakdown or social dysfunction and/or disturbing habits, with the latter often excused as eccentricities because of their so-called gifted status. Consider the fact that men do not menstruate! Therefore, the cessation of menses in overly athletic females is actually an attempt on the part of their body to become manly , and reflects an antithetical power of human will that causes deviation from divinely intended norms. Except for men who follow the sunnah of the prophets




detriment of femininity due to the diversion of life-energies henceforth called etheric forces that are meant to preserve her function and form. Nervous energy (stress, anxiety) is an obvious manifestation of this robbery or displacement. Anxiety is an etheric thief. Physically, its toll is far more than that of a days labor in the mines. Emotionally, its toll is the disturbance of peaceful human relations. Spiritually, its toll is the loss of the remembrance of Allah. All of this is theft and/or wastage of the divine word Be as dispensed to the stressed individual. In terms of the etheric life-force, energies meant to form, direct and maintain the organ systems are diverted to useless mental activity, which, in essence, is a lack of faith that manifests the fear of man rather than the fear of Allah. Even if outwardly a person appears calm, inwardly the theft is constantly occurring with major detrimental effects on both immune and endocrine systems. Therefore, if a woman carries anxieties attendant to a negligent husband or those of a manly role, the psychic burden continually overtaxes her etheric reserves and inevitably results in typical female disorders and an overall dissipation of beauty and health; and these deficitsas we shall seeextend also to that which she carries in the womb. Al-Majusi (1294 CE) has this to say about stress:
finally, control the emotions so that one would avoid worry, anxiety and envy which cause the body to become weak and sick.27

And modern scientific findings agree with the sage:

Research has shown that stress is a contributing factor in a majority of disease cases. A relatively new area of behavioral medicine, psychoimmunology, has been developed to study how the bodys immune system is affected by psychological causes like stress. While it is widely recognized that heart disease and ulcers may result from excess stress, psychoimmunologists believe many other types of illness also result from impaired immune capabilities due to stress. Cancer, allergies, and arthritis all may result from the bodys weakened ability to defend itself because of stress.28

27 28

Al-Majusi, Kamil al-Sinaah alTibiyyah, I: 152 Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology Second Edition, PsychologyEncyclopedias. I. Strickland, Bonnie R., ed., Gale Group, 2001, NY. London, Boston, p. 634


Now, if reserves of etheric energy are sufficient for 120 years of life, then the premature utilization of this reservoir becomes apparent in middle age possibly earlier, dependent on the degree of premature depletion. This is when organ systems begin to distort, dysfunction and fail, representing an accelerated devolution towards chaos. Furthermore, it is tantamount to wastage, which is haram in Islam. Musa was preserved in strength and comeliness beyond the age of 100. Sarai, Abrahams wife, was still beautiful at the age of 80-90. The Prophet remained vigorous and attractive to the satisfaction of his wives and admiration of other men till he died at age 64. Sheik Omar Mukhtar of the Libyan Desert heartily fought on horseback in his 70s. These people did not retire but worked well into old age and enjoyed active sexual lives as well, Alhamduillah! Therefore, what is naturally normal, we may, as Muslims, take as the Sunnah of their examples and the reader may appreciate from these examples just how far from that norm we have removed ourselves. To our shame, what is naturally abnormal is now the norm for most Muslims who profess to follow the Sunnah, which clearly demonstrates ignorance, delusion and traditional denial of truth. Such denial presents hindrances to medical intervention on behalf of those who are actually making themselves ill. The fact of the matter is that if Muslims followed the Sunnah, doctors would have to seek a second job, as there would be little work for them to do other than attend the ordinary casualties of life and limb.

The Nature of Normality and Deviation

There is no such thing as 'supernatural' or 'un-natural'. These common misconceptions are due to inferior reasoning and consequent misapprehension of truth. Everything in creation, including what we do not perceive as material, is natural or that which is created. What is commonly called 'unnatural' are deviant expressions of existential forms intended by Allah for good or evil purposes (harm) and function, described above as an acceleration towards chaos or disorder. What men commonly call supernatural are forms of being and energies beyond our present sense perception and/or comprehension; some of which manifest in magick or astral realms called paranormal, as well as via divine interventions commonly called miracle. The latter being the supra-natural acceleration of energy


towards a re-ordering of chaotic potential. Hence, all is natural in the worlds created by al'Musawwir. Even some forms of illness are naturally intended for benefit such as common childhood infections that sometimes take the life of the weak, but which, to the contrary, and in fact, strengthen the immune capacities of those who are healthy. Therefore, in attempting to prevent such illnesses, modern medical intervention actually weakens the gene pool, creates trans-generational miasms and compromises otherwise healthy immune systems overall. This artificial process causes deviations from the normal course of natural events whereby the entire lot is crippled. Not a pleasant thought for professionals dispensing the profitable immunizations manufactured by international drug cartels, but nevertheless true. When scientists compile data to establish what is normal or natural, they observe an average medium enveloped by ranges of positive and negative variation considered normal or natural. Beyond this range of normal variation a 2.5% range of phenomenon is ostensibly considered for statistical purposes at either pole as 'abnormal.

2.5% Negative Normal Range of Variation Positive Normal Range of Variation

Abnormal + 2.5%

This 5% of the total represents departures from the mean that have exceeded the bounds of arbitrarily determined normal ranges of activity or presentation of phenomenon, and generally are considered zones of concern. However, we must remember that these extremes do not represent something unnatural. Rather, they represent the natural outcome of events that are said to have deviated from those centered on the normal range of variation but are outcomes of what is indeed naturally extreme, either positively or negatively. Therefore, when something 'bad' happens, it may be abnormal but certainly not unnatural.


Keeping this in mind, the role reversals presently taking place between women and men may be abnormal but not unnatural, as this is the natural outcome of behaviors promoted by humanist ideas that deviate from the central norm of male and female stereotypes that Monotheist wisdom declares are archetypes. This phenomenon (e.g. house-husband)29 may be considered the product of social-engineering policies disseminated among the ummah by an elitist kleptocracy Ive described elsewhere.30 Nevertheless, the deviation of existential human sexuality does indeed naturally progress to extremes beyond the range of acceptable orthodox variations, and these phenomena are the focus of our study. Over time, what often occurs when cultural paradigms (commonly accepted public opinion or worldview) change to embrace extremes of deviation is this: rather than correct or forbid the deviations, social pressure is exerted to conform (reform) peoples perception of the abnormal towards its acceptance as a new norm; one that is often disguised as progress. This is also how sin becomes normalized. Hence, male/female role reversal is now a normal advancement in the worldview for many. This social engineering policy also strives to embrace extremes of sexuality expressed as homosexual, transsexual and bisexual, androgynous, etc., as well as the monstrous perversions of pedophilia and pederasty, sadomasochism, orgiastic celebrations including sexual magick that include torture and murder, as well as the purposeful creation of schizophrenic secret agents by Intelligence Services, a

Researchers asked parents to talk about their partner's strengths and weaknesses and rated their responses. They found that among mothers who thought their partners were competent caregivers, the more time those fathers spent alone with their children, the lower the mother's self-competence rating was. "In American society, women are expected to take a main role in parenting despite increasingly egalitarian sex roles," said study researcher Takayuki Sasaki of the Osaka University of Commerce in Japan. "Thus, we believe that employed mothers suffer from self-competence losses when their husbands are involved and skilful because those mothers may consider that it is a failure to fulfill cultural expectations," Sasaki said.


The Hand of Iblis: An Anatomy of Evil, Summary Observations on the Hidden Hand of the New World Order, Omar Zaid, AS Nordeen, Kl, Malaysia, Dec. 2009.


methodology that includes sexual torture and perversion.i The sociologic principle of this psycho-manipulation applies also to the sectarian traditional developments such as the abandonment of Shariah for the utopian mirage of liberalism and sectarian pluralism without either definition or enforcement of ethically moral institutions (al-hisbah)especially for corrupt leaders who often enjoy something called immunity. Nevertheless, none of this changes the divine law that describes sexual deviancy as abnormal human behavior not conforming to the word of al'Musawwir.31 However, abnormal and evil manifestations and effects are indeed natural and, I fear, will soon be considered 'normal'. This fulfills prophecies made by many a slave of Allah that during the last days good will be considered evil and evil considered good. Therefore, the challenge that modernity, or evangelical Eurocentric ideations presents us with, is the restoration and defense of knowledge (wisdom) and behaviors (deeds) that conform to scriptural laws and prophetic sunnahs from time immemorial. However, the pressure of alDajjals propaganda machine presses us to conform to globalist ideations of sociologists and their colleagues who've adapted social-engineering32 principles utilized by comrades Stalin and Chairman Mao: the two greatest captains of atheism and most renowned mass-murderers in world history. Therefore, beware the sectarian social

The wisdom and eternal law of Allah dictate that men have a character distinct from that of women, and vice versa. This distinction is essential for both sexes, because each of them has its own unique role to play in life Islam put things in order when it defined the role in life of both men and women Going against this divinely ordained definition is a rebellion against the laws of nature and is a distortion of their sound original natures The universe cannot be cultivated and populated properly, and humanity cannot achieve true happiness unless the sexes are clearly differentiated, so that each may appreciated and enjoy the unique character of the other, and both work together to achieve those aims. Dr. M. Ali al Hashimi, The Ideal Muslimah, p 405-6 The Messenger of Allah cursed the men who act like the women and the women who act like the men. (Fath al-Bari, 10/332, Kitab al-libas) The Prophet cursed men who act effeminate and women who act like men, and said, Expel them from your houses (ibid, 10/333) The messenger of Allah cursed the man who dresses like a woman and the woman who dresses like a man. (ibid, 4/86)


Social Engineering is a communist phrase coined by atheist British Educators known as th Fabians (mostly Jews, Zionists & Jesuits) during the early part of the 20 Century. As you now see, three generations later, it is now a normal construct. Stalin was a Jesuit Priest, by th th the way, and Jesuits perfected Communism in Paraguay during the 15 -16 centuries.


engineer (government agent) who knocks on your door to offer his/her help in order to develop Human Capital. It is much better to follow the Sunnah and seek out the true norm as it applies to each individual as a Malikite principle of Fiqh. What is more disturbing is that much of the aberrant sexuality and crises of identity orientation suffered are, as we shall see, actually man-made phenomenon. Modern man has actually interfered with the reproductive process so as to disturb the formative forces in-utero causing reversals that confound the phenomenon of orthodox sexualization.

Be or Not to Be
When He decrees a matter, he only says to it; Be! and it is. (Q, 2: 117) O man! What has made you careless about your Lord, the Most Generous? Who created you, fashioned you perfectly, and gave you due proportion. In whatever form He willed, He put you together. (Q, 82: 6-8)

Allah is Al'Musawwir: The Bestower of Form. Since the fall of the apple on Sir Isaac Newtons head however, medical science has progressively taken a materialist approach to therapeutics that has conceptually reduced the human being to little more than an animated machine. This platform of reactionary speculation is centered on principles that regulate the lower (animal, plant, and mineral) kingdoms, particularly the latter. These principles are then mistakenly applied to Homosapien-sapien33 to the exclusion of higher laws that govern mankinds physical and spiritual being. The myopic logic has contributed to the plethora of new diseases and dysfunctions of infinite complexity and perplexity. Our Creator has most certainly endowed us with formative forces that need acknowledgement and definition:

Modern Man (Homosapians-sapian) whose appearance around 50,000 BC is apposite to Neanderthal and Homo-sapien. See: Extinct Humans, Tattersall & Schwartz, Westview Press, Oxford, 2000


He (God) it is Who forms you in the wombs as He wills. (Q. 3:6)

These formative forces manifest in magnificent splendors that constantly confront the cogent observer with nothing short of all-embracing reverence. Formative etheric forces are metaphysical directives that guide the genetic expression of whatever life-form follows. They are created constructs that refine, direct and develop the elemental formative art so profusely manifest in the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. One might think of them as the Word Be gone forth to manipulate and enliven genetic components after their extraction and elevation from the mineral kingdom. Once expressed at the human level, the designated incarnate soul is imprisoned in a pre-formed body and remains so, more or less, till death. In the interim, this restrained soul is subject to insults from all kingdoms astral, human, animal and mineral and will react to them vigorously according to inherent faculties and superlatively hidden reserves such as stem cells and fibroblasts, etc. However, there may come a point in a persons earthly life when forces inherent in the non-human kingdoms overwhelm the human according to his/her singular capacities34 and proclivities such as gluttony, for example. When this occurs, laws governing the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms modify and/or degrade or distort the human form and subsequently inhibit prevent destroy inherent functions that maintain the capacity for otherwise truly human expressions of health. Bearing this empirical theorem in mind, let us consider cancer for a moment. Without a doubt, cancer is the number one pandemic of the modern world. Never before has mankind witnessed the likes of its current multiplicity of deformations of physiological chaos. The materially oriented scientist seeks an answer (cure) in particulate matter and gives but a faint nod to the psychology of stress as a contributing factor in the immune suppression process that contributes to cancers advantage, but never fully recognizes the metaphysical life forces that govern formative human processes.35 Ultimately, cancer represents the active destruction of what was once superbly formed or crafted by the Word Be of Al -Musawwir, hence, it is an accelerated return to chaos (disorganization and death) that reduces the living form to its material (non-living) elemental components. Therefore, its
34 35

(limitations of strength or restorative etheric reserves) As stated above: Genes, allegorically speaking, are little more than tools manipulated by AlMussawwirs Word.


presence announces a deformative process that often has been in position for quite some time prior to the manifest disturbance of that which was divinely formed. The question remains: What does the disorganizing process of cancer actually oppose? In plain terms, this destructive process opposes the divine will that created the thing formed vis--vis the occlusive intercept of the genetically oriented dynamic under guidance of etheric forces. Essentially, these forces are subsumed and the guidance is usurped by an incompetent. Imagine replacing Michelangelo with a graffiti artist and youll get the point. Therefore, cancer is a radical consequence of the withdrawal of divinely created etheric energy that maintains life form and function. Another way to express this process is this: it is the excarnation of powers that govern the living form and integrated incarnation of the soul with both the divine power and functional form of the affected organ system. This untimely death process bypasses normal aging and accelerates natural morbidity, so that what lives dies prematurely via the loss of natural function that otherwise would not normally occur. The early morbidity of cancer is therefore, the predetermined default status of two natural determinants: one being life and the other being death. Surely, life expresses itself to face death, and though death is the end of our physical journey, its premature manifestation is naturally opposed barring traumatic accident as long as the creature formed behaves according to life sustaining principles that protect it from unseasonable morbidity. Barring direct interventions by God such as the Prophets terminal illness for example, premature death or debilitating illness is the absence of conformity (obedience) to Allahs word Be as articulated by the inherent regenerating and restorative powers expressed by formative energies. In other words, when man ceases to cooperate with alMusawwirs word through obedience to His law, he opens the door to debilitating illness and premature death for himself and those within the range of his/her influence. When man walks towards God, God runs to him with more grace and assistance. To the contrary, when man walks away from God through disobedience to life sustaining principles, God withdraws the protective and pro-active grace that maintains that persons or communitys life in health.36 The divine word Be


More appropriately, it is man who withdraws himself from alMussawwirs formative forces or divine word. Nature then takes its course as a default (negative) status that brings disorder or chaos.


automatically becomes Not to be. It is quite simple and naturally manifests as an self-executing acceleration towards chaos that man cannot escape. There is nothing at all supernatural about it, and if people realized thus fully, Bomohs (Shamans or Witchdoctors) would be out of business, not to mention many doctors. Hence, since the living form is ultimately reduced to its mineral components in death after the withdrawal of the etheric and expiry of the soul from its then useless body, the mineral kingdom may be said to be a closer expression of what we call death than are plant, animal, and human kingdoms respectively; as the latter orders are all reduced to mineral elements when death occurs. Therefore, the error of modern medical science is threefold:

(2) (3)

A blatant disregard for empirically evident formative principles; The equating of human bio-dynamic processes with those of the animal and plant kingdoms; And the neglect of principles that differentiate that which is bio- active (alive) from that which is inert (mineral).

If principles governing all four kingdoms were equivalent expressions of formative forces, what then differentiates the mineral realm from the biological realm the genes? To make such an assumption is comparable to Dr. Richard Dawkins imagining that nano-rocks intelligently formed genes by chance in some ancient mud puddle struck by lightning, which is a proven statistical absurdity and Frankensteinian romance! Therefore, the challenge presented to medical scientists is to realize the existence of something greater than nano-rock technology in their cogitations over an approach to curative therapeutics, which is, after all, what most aspire to. The proof of what I speak is as self-evident as the above photos which demonstrate that animals have specifically devolved from the general human archetype


rather that the current Satanic lie of evolution that has no basis except for fancies that attempt to establish the exact opposite as truth. The baby chimp begins life with a form that is nearly human, but is then shaped into something entirely different than its ontogenic model. This is quite clear and only the blind of heart or thick of skull will fail to see this substantiation of Gods Word in action. As I will establish below, we must also adopt and adapt this gestalt position as we re-consider deviant human sexuality. Tawhid guides the Muslims every attempt to define knowledge (research and development) and apply appropriate measures of prevention or remedy for any given cause of accelerated morbidity and chaos. Without doubt, sexual deviance is a statement of fundamental social chaos as it pertains to the core identity, orientation, integration, function and purpose of each incarnate human soul. Our goal is to discover principles, define and correct errors of perception causing bias, and administer this knowledge in the form of intellectual and medical remedies. All of this must be based on a clear understanding of the phenomenon presented according to an appropriate conceptual model. The reader will soon appreciate that sexual deviance presents far more than moral questions for consideration, as the causes for these aberrations are shared by everyone.

The Moral Imperative (Virtue)

Unless a man is regenerated from above, he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Prophet Isa I have only been sent to make righteous behavior complete. Prophet Mahammad, (Bukhari, Al-Adab al-Mufrad, 1/371)

Restating this in terms more meaningful in light of our study so far: Unless a man is morally conformed to virtue by Gods grace, he cannot enter the Rest or Peace of Allah. This rest we have already described as the interim period between genesis and death (chaos) during which man and creation develop according to Natural Taqua (balance). It is within this place of balancedbeing that man dwells in the Kingdom of God at present, if at all. The condition for the continuation of this additional grace of Gods Rest in a


Muslims life is the attainment of virtue; the true purpose of a Muslims Islam. Without the acquisition of moral virtue with its supra-natural grace, man remains in a lesser but admittedly natural estate, which is but a step above the animal kingdom, in as much as both the child and these kingdoms follow certain imprinted instinctual drives and thermodynamic principles respectively. And yet, even the exercise of morality is insufficient for entry to the Kingdom because morality is not spiritualized until virtue consciously serves The Cause of God as the sole focus of behavior.37 I suggest you read the last sentence again. This was the Way (Tao) of the Chinese Mandarin under the guidance of Lao Tse and Confucius, for example. And now it is the better Way under the guidance of Muhammad, The Lawgiver. In the lesser natural state, mans activities focus upon himself and those whom he favors for his benefit. This is hardly moral in light of obvious tribal bias, no matter how the group is dressed. Even if degrees of morals and ethics are achieved through excellent discipline, they are often pressed into the service of human glory in defiance of Gods Commands. For example, Roman and British Patricians were an exemplary lot but served a power dedicated to false gods and the merciless exploitation of the weak.38 On the other hand, the truly virtuous man delights only in serving Gods Cause rather than the preferment of worldly desire and those who can benefit him. Wealth, family, and reputation mean nothing to such people other than fearful responsibilities and/or tools in the service of God. This man enters the Rest of God even here on earth by virtue of his communion with Allah (taqua). He does not simply go through the motions of ritual and prayer or practice morality because he has learned their requirements as social protocols for acceptable conformism. To the contrary, he or she literally become morality and prayer in every sphere of activity! This is the Peacemaker Prophet Iesa spoke of on the Mount of Olives: the man or woman who has actually made peace with God and keeps it because they delight in it more than any other pleasure! Some call them Saints.

Whoever seeks the pleasure of Allah at the risk of displeasuring the people, Allah will take care of him and protect him from the people. But whoever seeks the pleasure of the people at the risk of angering Allah, Allah will abandon him to the care of the people. (al-Timirdhi, isnaid hasan)


Most British Nobles are Freemasons of upper rank, at which stations they knowingly worship Lucifer. As predicted by the Prophet, .there are many Freemasons of high rank amongst Muslim Leadership.


This state reflects the actual difference between the natural and the supranatural. Many have confused the paranormal (super-natural) with the supranatural, and from thence easily regress to idolatry and its attendant perplexity. The supra-natural however, is a direct manifestation (clear evidence) in the natural by Allah. As such it is therefore not unnatural but merely removed from what is normally perceived as natural. All other paranormal phenomena are the result of influences of some creature or principle of science not yet fathomed. Therefore, the acquisition of Gods Grace in this transformation process is a supra-natural event causing the regeneration of a mans heart in conformity to spiritual law. It is this estate that naturally preserves the teleology of etheric formative forces without the practice of occult magick. If a mans conformity to morality is mere plastic surgery (hypocrisy), the Peace of God cannot be attained because Communion with God is impossible. This is the reason for massive demonstrations of repetitive major sins by the so-called faithful, as most have never truly repented and turned to God in sinceritythese are just card-carrying religionists whatever the faith professed, merely going through the motions and unending confessions of grief like good Catholics! Such people and nations cannot carry the Peace of God because they have never known it inwardly by His supra -natural grace. How then, while on earth, can they enter the Kingdom of Heavens metamorphic rest between their birth from chaos potential and their return when they wake up from the sleep of life at the moment of death? You can recognize the Spiritually Mature person because he or she bears a powerful dignity with a joyous childlike demeanor, but will dispassionately cut off the head of a pedophile without batting an eye and then have lunch blessing the name of God and afterwards make love to his spouse! A bit like Salaudin or Hadrat Abu Bakr. Here is the Qurans version: For him who fears to stand before his Lord and is in awe of His Greatness
and Majesty, there are two gardens, one in this world and the other in the hereafter. (55:47) Those who are wholly devoted to God will be given a drink that will purify their hearts and their thoughts and their designs. (76:22) The virtuous shall be given a drink which is tempered with camphor, from a spring wherefrom the servants of Allah drink. They cause it to gush forth through their own efforts. (76:6-7)


The earthly trees (gardens in this world) are those good deeds and intentions sent forth to establish gardens in the Hereafter.39 The drink is Gods Grace of Spiritual Communion representing the Wisdom and conscious knowledge of His Guidance; the Camphor is an extraordinary supra-natural grace-gift that overcomes worldly passions leading to virtue; and the effort is prayer, study, and patience (tasawwuf). The moral virtues cannot be acquired or perfected without the latter three major efforts: i.e., Prayer/Study/Patience, or without Gods Camphor as an active supra-natural force that subdues the worldly passion with virtuous restraint and appropriate utility. An example is the reservation of sexual delight for marriage whether monogamous or polygamous depending upon the virtuous mans virility and means. Artificial camphor never fully works, which is why men who affect virtue suddenly run amuck, commit suicide or simply drop dead in their tracks. The Rest (peace) of God is manifest as the call of holiness, and this is the conscious reserving of ones self for Gods Cause in the earth. Here is the stage of maturity where Unity with God is attained in thought, word, and deed as hadrat Iesa said, I and my Father are one or: Allahs hand is above their hands. (Q, 48:11) It was not thou who didst throw, but it was Allah who threw. (Q, 8:18) Virtue, therefore, is the highest elevation of the moral qualities, whereby the middle path of Taquas balance is maintained via direct communion with the divine Word of Command or Spiritual Law, and not by maintaining a balance between good and evil as Illuminati and Freemasonic Magi teach. Virtue is keeping the exact middle path between two falsehoods: i.e., either excess or niggardliness in all thought word and deed. Do not turn the other cheek to someone who is about to murder you and your family, or, should you succeed in subduing him, do not forego justice if it allows him to murder someone else! Do not give alms to a man of sloth, and do not give so much you impoverish yourself and tempt the recipient to excess. In other words, be appropriate in your judgments, according to Gods Law ( adab) discussed below) and not some dubious interpretation by Divines who eat jinn-crisps instead of Truths common sense.


See: The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam , by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, first published in Lahore, India, 1896.


This being the reality of the Moral Law, it is then imperative that parents nurture their children towards the acquisition of Gods camphorated supranatural grace, otherwise, their efforts will fall short of the mark. This nurturance of the child begins prior to conception! The Straight Path is actually quite easy; the difficulty lay in sectarian worldly influences that easily distract child and parent from transforming natural instincts to moral conformity to virtue and conscious sincerity. This requires not only education but also example, and here is where Muslims have failed miserably, as have all other faiths. What to do? Simple: Obey Gods Law!
O ye who believe! Why say ye that which ye do not? Grievously hateful is it in the sight of Allah that ye say that which ye do not. (61:2-3)

The lesson pertinent to the present study is the hypocrisy cited in this verse and that without the establishment of virtue, man will abuse the etheric lifeforces and accelerate himself, his family and environment toward poles of chaos, thereby causing deviations from Allahs predetermined range of normal variance, as in the case with mercury toxicity and its teratogenic40 effects on the developing fetus. The reader will come to appreciate that the majority of those born with anomalous sexual orientations are the result of environmental factors caused by humanitys generic lack of virtue on the part of the entire generation that engenders them. I posit that such people are victims and cannot be held morally responsible for their sexual orientation. However, as we shall see, their deeds are an entirely different matter, as also are the deviant deeds of heterosexuals involved in haram relations and who massively outnumber this small fraction of mankind.

The Purpose of Knowledge

The Muslims worst enemies are ignorance, lack of education, illiteracy, and abject 41 poverty. I said O Messenger of Allah, teach me something that I may benefit from. He said, Remove anything harmful from the path of the Muslims.

teratogen n. Med. an agent or factor causing malformation of an embryo. Oxford Dictionary, 10th Ed. Datuk Seri Abd. Ahmad Badawi, PM Malaysia, Sunday Star, 21 May 2006, p. 2.



(Sahih Muslim, 16/171) To deceive the peoples for the purpose of exploiting them, to enslave them and delay their progress, or prevent it even if possible, such is the crime of black magic. Eliphas Levi, LaClefds Grande Mysteies, p 308

Ignorance, though incredibly common, is abnormal for the Muslim in terms of virtuous development, especially 1400 odd years after the veil was removed by Muhammad, and 1000 years after the awesome ascension of Islamic Science. Nevertheless, the quote by Fra. Levi a Jew, Catholic Priest, Kabalist and Freemason represents the occult purpose of deviant sects established by Batinites under the direction of Abdullah ibn Maymun so long ago.ii Today, after a millenium of this occult progress, the effects of this backwardness amongst the ummah are frightening, as is the lack of righteous counterweights amongst todays ullema. If this were not so, you would surely have no need to read this book, written by a new revert and non-ullema. Adam was given knowledge as were all prophets, and without doubt they each passed on what they knew, yet it is clear that men continually reverted to ignorance. Despite the shame and loss of dignity that ignorance has wrought, Muslims take pride in merely counting the many blessings of their prayers as if they were so many dollars in the bank of Jannah. Notwithstanding the many merits of pious sincerity, the proud human creature on the other hand, especially one whos ignorant of his ignorance (one who looks down on others, i.e. disdains them, etc.), is one that will not enter Paradise, and this includes a goodly number of Ive met in SE Asia especially Middle Eastern holiday makers who visit for the sake of Mutah and Zina tis a real pity:
And swell not your cheek [for pride] at men for Allah loves not the arrogant boaster. (Q 31:18) No one will enter Paradise who has an atoms weight of pride in his heart. (Sahih Muslim, 2/89) Shall I not tell you about the people of hell ? Everyone who is harsh, proud, disdainful and arrogant. (Bukarih and Muslim, Riyadh al-Salihin, 334) Allah says: Might is my cloak and Pride is my garment. Whoever vies with me for either of them, I will punish him. (Sahih Muslim, 16/173)


Unfortunately, prayers do not plow fields, provide energy, build weapons, direct armies, establish useful sciences, navigate air or sea, manufacture and distribute the necessities of life, educate doctors and engineers, relieve those struck by natural disaster, build bridges and hospitals or produce medicines. Only men and women of knowledge can do these things. So then, Who is doing the things just mentioned? Muslims? As stated previously, the Islamic perspective is a unified total embracement of all truth. Therefore, Muslims should rise from prayer mats and embrace the truth wherever it is found by running to it, and it will meet them before theyve taken the next step. To be aware of and partake in this renaissance is an advantage intended by Allah, for He will surely guide us in its use. But how can Allah SWT guide those who do not know He has placed in their hands, loins and physiology those gender specific attributes and calling cards that only guide mankind when collectively utilized with wisdom? This implies that the largest sects amongst the ummah are not those who attend silly religious ideations, but rather those who attend the gender divide of Male and Female. Ignorance must be removed as it is an obstacle in the path of Muslims causing great harm. Pre-occupation with hair-splitting religious ideations (minutia of no significance) causing sectarianism is one of Shaitains most successful methods wherein men create the many mirages of chauvinism with vistas of heavenly reward at the cost of earthly good. In addition, Iblis creates another mirage called progress at the cost of heavenly reward. The irony is that both methods are extremes that destroy opportunities for men to fulfill their destiny for good in both worlds. Therefore, the purpose of knowledge is to prevent Shaitain from hijacking Muslims with fantasies in order to preserve Allahs intended form for the polity of His best of all people. To proceed with the natural course of events in a state of ignorance will surely not guide us to virtues mandate for this success. However, considering the Prophet said that his generation was the Best and that each succeeding generation would stray further, Ive not much hope that this book will be of value to the many of Ibn Khalduns concern, but only for those few who attend the white thread of dawn in order to preserve their microcosmos from chaos until their appointed day of return.



Chapter Three

Other Genders
Human Sexuality: An Introduction to Deviancy
Moroccan feminist Fitna Sabbah says in her book Woman in the Muslim Unconscious, there is a disturbing conflict in the lands of Islam between sexual libido and repression. Socially segregated from womenArab men succumb to homosexual behavior. But, interestingly enough, there is not a word for homosexual in their culture in the modern Western sense. This is because having pre-marital sex with boys or effeminate men is seen as the norm. 42

From what I have read, many Taliban fellows follow this perverted path. Allah created the world in perfection and it is permeated with repetitive patterns that reflect His creative (formative) Word. It is my hope that after reading this chapter, the reader will understand the rightly-guided balance between the reciprocal apposition of both male with female human forms. Some may contend that taqua (piety) is purely an individual struggle to attain a constant consciousness of Allah. However, I posit that the masculine and feminine mindfulness of God are separate realms of dissimilar but complementary cognition and that each is incomplete without the other by Allahs design. Therefore, and contrary to the musings of sundry pundits, I submit that the summit of taqua is found only within the mosque of marriage as archetypal Islamic unity. In other words, Marriage is the primary masjid of guidance divinely authorized for raising the best of offspring for the position of Khalipha or Vice-gerency.
among all established assemblies in Islam, no assembly is as loved and favored by the Glorious and Dignified God as the marriage an act that saves half of 43 ones faith.

42 43

ISBN 10: 0080316263, 0080316255, 1984, Pergamon, Press, NY. (Dewey: 297/.19783442) Wasail al-Shiah, vol.14, pp. 3-4


The phrase an act is much too limiting and potentially degrading an imputation, because the act of conjugal union is merely what signifies the metaphysical communion intended to transcend mundane carnality and lead us by its gestalt deen to everlasting bliss in the Hereafter. Remove the moon or shield the earth from her influence and so also stops the swell and ebb of our seas as well as the unseen forces that call animals to breed and plants to sprout forth in season affecting even the menstrual cycles of women. Remove the light of the sun and the moon has little reason to exist. Yet in the perfect cosmic balance in which they are placed, the earth thrives and cycles of regeneration with sexual coupling and embryogenesis are regulated. For this analogous reason, every major Prophet of durable influence was married and most polygamously so.
Marriage is my tradition; Then whoever does not favor my tradition is not with me.44

Mating in the animal kingdom is a straightforward affair. Roles are well

defined and though there appears to be a kind of ritual courtship whereby males display their wares, it is little more than the divinely imprinted instinct that assures survival of the fittest. Monogamous paring is reserved for about 3% of the millions of species, while the rest go about independent ruminations without a hint of emotional concern after the act that joins their seed. Lions, with which both Prophets Iesa and Mohammad have been compared in scripture,45 are polygamous and remain aggressively faithful to their Pride for life. Eagles and doves, on the other hand, are faithfully monogamous. There is room for both types of joining within the range of what is naturally normal in the realm of reproduction. The roles of male and female in the animal worlds are, for the most part, well defined. Tigers, for example, are solitary carnivores and after mating the male leaves the tigress never to return, after which she protects, provides-for and raises the cubs on her own. A Lion generally does not hunt but remains faithfully diligent and aggressive towards intruders as his females catch their prey and collectively rear the offspring. Quarrels between male and female
44 45

Bukhari, vol. 007, Book 62, #001 Isaiah 21:5


animals have mostly to do with food, space and dominance and are short squabbles without lasting resentment or estrangement. This is not so in the human kingdom and I shall demonstrate why as we approach human sexuality in its diverse layers of mystery. Humans have the capacity of thought and free will, which allows choices based on experience and belief in addition to inherent instinct. We do not always think before acting and often instinctively react to sentient (physiologic) stimuli and this is typically true in the sexual realm of human affairs. The challenge of Islams attempt to civilize the world is to guide this reactionary behavior with the pious development of virtue according to the moral imperative of Muslim etiquette or adab. This standard of conscientious behavior is what separates us from animals and raises mankind to the office of Allahs vicegerent. In no other relationship is this quality of soul more important than in marriage via the diligent management of inherent sexuality; bearing in mind that sexuality is far more than genitals that bump in the night!

A Tradition of Misogyny
Since human choice depends upon thought, and thinking is guided by belief and experience, what we believe affects with its bias what we learn through experience and largely determines how we manage inborn physiological responses to environment and community, and most especially to the opposite sex. And although we may intuitively doubt some of what we have learned, often, the social pressure to conform to traditions of communalized partiality cause us to deny our inner intuitive guide (heart) so that we press on with the customary approaches to marriage without tolerating any rational challenges. Most collective traditions, such as the Catholic approach, were and are imposed or negatively modified by persons with either a poor understanding of divine law and human nature or with suspect motivations, as also are many Muslim conventions. Take for example the Arabs negation of the Prophets laws of inheritance for women as well as her free-choice in marriage in order to assure male tyranny rather than provide the wisdom of a loving patriarchal dominion according to Divine instruction.46 I propose that

See Women In Islam, Chap. 3: A Tradition of Misogyny, by Fatima Mernissi


this chauvinist accord in Islamic jurisprudence essentially caused the decline of Islam because without the equal treatment of feminine wisdom and intuition in the affairs of marriage and community, civic unity imbued with the grace of true piety cannot be maintained well enough to establish the regency of truth and justice.
Some women requested the prophet to fix a day for them as the men were taking all of his time. On that he promised them one day for religious lessons and 47 commandments.

Muslims instinctively know this, but because most do not understand women and many, including women, believe it is impossible, they subsequently refuse to also admit that her divinely given gifts are directly related to the well being of the polity outside of domestic engineering. Therefore, they generally exclude or pay lip service to her counsel in both private and public policy forums. To the contrary, rather than admit her light to the inner sanctums of council, with few exceptions she is kept like a child for centuries while sexist assemblies plot the unbalanced course of Islams ruin without her unique perspective! Mind you, I said unique perspective and not direction.
The fact is that men and women literally think differently and this is not by happenchance any more than is the ubiquitous manifestation of the spiral in nature! The multiple differences between men and women are by divine design and present us with the challenge of uniting their independent gifts and roles so that tawhid consciously permeates the marriage and hence also the community according to what Allah has given to each gender. And just as the moon reflects sunlight and gently pulls her weight against the earth while solar rays bathe the cosmic communion for the benefit of mankind, marital and communal government requires similar conjugation rather than the current asymmetric veil of bigoted censorship. I propose that male-female dialogue is even more essential to a nations success than that of inter -faith discourse. It is as essential to successful governance as is the corpus callosum that connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.


Bukhari, Book 3, # 101


It is confirmed that women have 30% more nerve fibers (corpus callosum) connecting the right and left hemispheres of the brain than do men. Estrogen (the female hormone) actually increases nerve cell inter-connections both within the hemispheres and between them. Hence, women have greater communication between right and left brains resulting in superior language fluency (speech) and transfer of sensory data input. This allows her to multitrack both thought and speech simultaneously at different levels. Furthermore, because of her domestic focus on social welfare, she comes to very quick and accurate intuitive assessments of human motives, intentions and needs regarding the nature of social relations in her environment. Upon severing this anatomical channel of communion, both cerebral hemispheres remain isolated and unaware of the other to the point of complete dissociation. A person with a severed corpus callosum will even deny that the left side of his body belongs to him. Thus, any censorship of women can only result in an analogous division and denial within the ummah and cause disunitybearing in mind the many prophetic references to the ummah as one body. Thus, I posit that the largest sects in Mohammads ummah are those of men and women. The manifestations of this phenomenon are the schools of reactionary feminist conceit and male chauvinism that now suborn piety. With few exceptions, a generation after the Mothers of Islam Arabs censored women fearing her natural capacities; considering it foolish even to educate her. But only man reduces to foolishness what Allah ordains otherwise, and this, as we have demonstrated previously, is accomplished by means of impressive ignorance and/or pretentiously pious arrogance. As a result with the exception of wealthy Ottoman Turks for example48 Muslim women became isolated behind protective veils of taboo and learned to submit to tyranny according to traditions that denied both her free-will and preordained intelligence. Her prodigious instincts remained confined to the mundane and were utilized for the advancement of her children if not herself. She learned to become the superlative consort for as long as charms allowed, after which she retired to the peaceful futility of patronized servility. Remaining ignorant with gifted aptitudes underutilized, she was all but forgotten except for the sincere and obligatory platitudes given to an honored

Asli Sancar, Ottoman Women: Myth and Reality, The Light Inc., N.J., 2007


placated servant Her submission was an act of traditionally sponsored resignation that became the norm. What was she to think of men who rejected the commands of AlQuran and the advice of the Prophet as she read hadith, Scripture and sunnah? That is, provided she had access and could read. The creature called husband was an intimate alien soul; often neglectful and uncommunicative, and seemingly indifferent to the songs Allah had placed within her breast. Harshly was she spoken to and even beaten or divorced at his whim. What indeed was he thinking after he left her holy cave to stare into the fire after bidding her be silent! The prophet she could comprehend, but what of the lout she was commanded to obey? So easily confused or angered was he at the slightest imposition of her concerns, how is it Allah created him as her other-half in the trials of life? How is it that one moment they bow together in solat and in the next she becomes the focus of his fury? Where indeed was her earthly refuge of contentment and peace to be found (As-Sakkinah)in her children only? Resigned to her position as servant rather than mate, she used her wiles to placate the fool and obtain what favor possible, knowing full well the day would come when he tired of her charms: the only thing that truly bound them and kept his undivided attention if but a few moments. But this is not virtue or taqua, it is mere convenience! This division is a symptom of a fatal illness incivility iii that afflicts the ummah still and globally so! The illness is ignorance and the cure is knowledge, without which the divorce rates will continue to soar because the Muslim has lost the dominion even of his foolish tyranny. Sexuality is far more than the genital identity and function described by the word nikah. The entire sexuality of a person, including thought pattern, behavior, instinctive drives, body language, perceptive abilities, sub-conscious sensitivities, sentience, physical characteristics, emotional proclivities, talents and sexual responses are well defined by naturally manifest norms of two formative (somatic) and functional developmental archetypes. These complementary gender related traits and the bodily substrates that guide them are scientifically established as almost completely differentiated between male and female, and the difference is so pronounced that one might as well attempt to equate a leaf with the symbiotic vine that supports it.


There is surely wisdom in silence when the veil of misunderstanding is raised between the sexes, but there is greater wisdom in understanding the differences between men and women in order to draw forth the perfection of marital taqua with applied knowledge, so that our offspring and community will gain the enhanced advantages Allah intended for His best of all peoples. In other words, it is wiser to learn and understand the differences and apply this knowledge as an act of true love rather than hide behind bouquets of romantic drivel or ritual pagan celebrations such as Valentines Day.

The Brain as a Sex Organ

Scientists have known about physiologically guided differences between men and women for years, but the onslaught of feminist, homosexual and androgynous ideations by social engineers not to mention dark-age taboos regarding sex education have prevented this knowledge from consequently penetrating the public domain. As in all phenomena there is a range of the natural norm in sexuality including men who may be effeminate but not homosexual, as well as women with masculine traits who are heterosexual. However, the unexpected result of numerous studies over the past 20 years reveals that sexualization of the human brain affecting gender specific form and function occurs between the sixth to the twelfth weeks of fetal development. A hadith supports this position: At every womb Allah appoints
an angel who says, O Lord! A drop of semen, O Lord! A clot. O Lord! A little lump of flesh. Then if Allah wishes (to complete) its creation, the angel asks, O Lord Will it be male or female, a wretched or a blessed, and how much will his provision be. And what will his age be? So all that is written while the child is still in the mothers womb.49

Here the sacred literature of Islam supports the model we have used. The angel inquires as to the specific etheric energies and exact quantity to be

Al-Bukhari, Vol 1, Book 6, # 315


dispensed for utilization and guidance of and by the formed body, that is if Allah wishes to complete the creation. All of this unseen business is accomplished in preparation for later integration of the incarnating human soul at twenty weeks. As noted in the hadith, a certain degree of autonomous development has already taken place regarding the lump of flesh which is the blastula. This gobbet of flesh (above right) is present in the womans womb during the first week of embryogenesis as an offshoot of parental etheric dispensations and normative biological activity. Furthermore, it is to be noted that the genetic sex of the embryo is decided autonomously by means of germ cell conjugation before the angel speaks, implying that the divine word for completion has not yet been given.
Human Embryo 4.5 weeks

I submit therefore, based on inductions from common sense and recent neuroscience and from what we know of embryogenesis, that the energies imparted by angelic means may be confounded by the actions of Gods vicegerents, and even more so today than in the day when these recorded words were first spoken. I say by means of common sense because it is inconceivable that Allah SWT would purposely modify the sexually decided embryo and thus force the innocent being destined to dwell in that developed body to enter an aberrant estate of sexualization with a male body and feminized brain or vice versa. Nevertheless, the modern neurosciences have established without doubt that such phenomena exist. How then does this happen if not for the mark of some feral trespass by the hand of homosapien-sapiens? As an aside, occult groups of Gnostics claim this anomaly is Gods Will in evidence of His own nature. They go so far as to say that Allah is the Androgynous ((Animus Mundi) of archaic Rosicrucian pagans, and that the bisexual Androgyne is a superior human being and best suited for the office of Magi High priest such as the Sanhedrins Supreme seat.iv Let us now see how these anomalies occur.


Male Fetal Brain Proclivity

Hypermasculine Masculine Effeminate -------------- Bisexual Homosexual Transsexual

Fetal Androgen Level

(6-8 wks)

Female Fetal Brain Proclivity

Transsexual Lesbian Bisexual --------------- Masculine traits Feminine Hyperfeminine

More Than Sufficient for male, extreme for female Sufficient for male, too high for female Adequate for male, excessive for female --------------- Insufficient for male, too much for female Deficient for male, normal for female Absent or too little


naturally normal range of gender variation

If insufficient androgens (male hormones) are circulated during fetal development, chances increase that a genetically male fetus will develop a feminized brain that later dictates character traits describing effeminate, homosexual or transsexual males respectively according to decreasing levels of hormone. To the contrary, if the fetus is female the brain can be exposed to excessive androgens that cause masculinized brain structures favoring male behavior and/or thought patterns, so that the child may become Tom boyish, feminine-lesbian, masculine-lesbian, or even transsexual on maturation.v In addition, there is second surge of masculinizing hormones permanently affecting the brain at 6 months of gestation if the fetus is a boy, which can then result in hypermasculine homosexuality such as Rock Hudson or Raymond Burr. The chart is an accurate oversimplification of the leading hypothetical construct as to cause and fairly represents an extremely complicated unified enmeshment of data that supports the thesis albeit, it does not adequately stand alone as to causality and effect due to components of genetic, immunological and environmental influences yet to be completely defined.


In addition to the Transsexual category is an anomaly now called the Third Sex:
Prior to recognition of transsexualism as a disorder deserving medical and psychiatric attention many patients self-mutilated or committed suicide out of despair. Transsexual patients are helped by sympathetic assessment and intervention A recent development in the pattern of patients presenting clinically are those with a transgendered identity popularly known as the third sex'. These males or females do not request sex change'. Rather, they want, if male, to be demasculinized and, if female, to be defeminized. Thus males want castration and penectomy but no oestrogen treatment and no neovagina, and females want mastectomy, perhaps hysterectomy, but no androgen treatment and no neophallus. These patients pose a dilemma for clinicians. The crux of patient management for gender identity disorder [Transexual] is the Real Life Test' including cross -sex hormonal treatment, the prelude to possible surgical alteration. Reversible procedures precede those that are irreversible in this management strategy. But with these third-sex patients, no Real Life Test' is possible. They do not have a trial period. Guidelines for testing the rationality and stability of their requests need to evolve from the body of clinicians currently attempting management of this unique population.50 Androgyne baphomet of the Freemasons and Adam Kadmon of the Kabala

It is clear that just as mercury has profound teratogenic effects on fetal developmental form and function which predisposes us towards pity and compassionate support for these profoundly handicapped victimsit appears we must similarly position our perspective towards sufferers of heterodox sexual orientations after considering causes of relative hormonal deficit or excess below. In addition to and notwithstanding the valid entities just described as victims of bio-errors, are several sexual digressions that are indeed socially

New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry (September 2003): by Michael G. Gelder (Editor), Juan J. Lopez-Ibor (Editor), Nancy Andreasen (Editor), Jaun J. Lopez-Idor By Oxford University Press, p. 118.


conditioned such as fetishism, pederasty, sado-masochism, sexual addiction (satyriasis and nymphomania), hedonism, various paraphilias,vi religious and magickal sexual ritualism, as well as temporal homosexual proclivities such as take place in the prison environment. Most not all of these latter are however, subject to therapeutics of one or more medical disciplines. Nevertheless, their deviational inclinations fall outside the pale of embryogenesis and fetal development. Nevertheless, not a small segment of persons legitimately subject to the developmental sexual anomalies described previously also fall prey to immoral and criminal behaviors common to the latter groups due to social ostracism and/or absolute censor. The problem is compounded further in the case of anomalies such as hermaphrodism or infants with ambiguous genitalia. This is because the sexual orientation of their brain is not known at the time of birth. Diagnostic procedures are still in the initial stages, bearing in mind the new data just mentioned. In the past, a decision was made to surgically alter the baby and raise it as a female as this is usually the easiest and most successful path of least resistance naturally. But in the event the brain is masculinized, this approach leaves an irresolvable identity crisis in later years. Some experts now recommend postponing surgical and hormonal intervention until the child manifests gender specific behavior usually during the fourth year. As for causative factors that interfere with the etheric formative energies during the crucial 6-12 weeks of embryogenesis during which the brain is sexualized, we present the most likely determinants:
a) severe stress or illness during early pregnancy; b) the use of certain prescribed drugs such as the Birth Control Pill or those used for the treatment of diabetes and psychosis, as well as intoxication from illicit drug usage; c) eating chicken and beef raised with additional hormones may add to the imbalanced sexualized development of the brain during this crucial time of re-creation.vii

As for evidence, we have the following synopsis for laypersons:

1. various types of brain scans and sophisticated physiological assessments


demonstrate typically feminine brain patterns for adult homosexuals and masculine brain patterns for adult lesbians. These patterns are both structurally formative and functional. In other words they are developmentally anatomic (structural) and physiological (chemical) conditions that may be modified by medical intervention but never changed. 2. The development of the entire body also demonstrates different patterns of growth, mass and weight that are gender specific yet independent of brain sexualization. In addition, the brains sexualization is gender specific for cognitive functions. Furthermore, there is convincing evidence of non-sex-chromosome involvement in the gestalt sexualization of the entire fetus.


These scientifically established facts indicate that choice is not an identitarian option for the sexual orientation and instinctive behavior of human beings, whether they fall within or without the normal range of variation.
February 16, 2005 Michael Gurian, psychologist and author of "What Could He Be Thinking?" has claimed to identify approximately one hundred structural differences between male and female brains in a recent study. Gurian comments: "Men, because we tend to compartmentalize our communication into a smaller part of the brain, we tend to be better at getting right to the issue, the more female brain (will) gather a lot of material, gather a lot of information, feel a lot, hear a lot, sense a lot." One major structural difference that Gurian has made clear is that males generally have more activity in the mechanical centers of the brain, while women have more activity in centers of the brain dedicated to verbal communication and emotion. A clear example of this is the hypothetical situation of giving a child a toy. He explains it as such: "That doll becomes life-like to that girl, but you give it to a two-year-old boy and you are more likely, not all the time, but you are more likely than not to see that boy try to take the head off the doll. He thinks spatial-mechanical. He's using the doll as an object."

Modernity, with its stressful lifestyle, endless wars, abusive husbands and caretakers, artificial food production, illicit drugs and deleterious prescribed


pharmaceuticals have altogether caused these aberrations with increasing incidence. In addition, with the exception of the conditioned behavioral examples listed above, it is well established that role modeling during childhood has little or no effect on the erotic inclinations or gender-specific behavior of these children because they are indeed born that way. We must also keep in mind the effect of meat bearing hormones on normal children as mentioned earlier. This latter, when added to prolonged exposure to electric light, decreases melatonins inhibition of growth-hormone which causes premature maturation and prurience such that pubescence and the onset of menses globally occurs much earlier than in centuries past. When added to the pornographic media that is purposely disseminated by anarchists and Luciferians [see Appendix Two, p. 147] to cause moral chaos by the hidden hand of Talmudic media moguls and the ruling elite, the problem confronting Muslims may be better brought into focus. Setting this disturbing moral dilemma aside for review by the wise, Ive included significant papers on sexual dimorphism and function in ten page report for your review in Appendix 1. This represents a small fraction of the work available. Ive made an attempt to edit them for summary and thus avoid overburdening the reader with medical terminology only the professional might comprehend. Nevertheless, I must caution the reader that this new field of research is complex and intricate in scope, and may well be of such a nature as to confound even the experts. I will be bold enough to suggest that the following verse applies to this disturbing aspect of the microcosm:
He Who created the seven heavens one above another: no want of proportion will you see in the Creation of (Allah) Most Gracious. So turn your vision again: see you any flaw? Again turn your vision a second time: (your) vision will come back to you dull and discomfited, in a state worn out. (Q. 67: 4-5)

This material should serve to establish the need for further study by the Alim, as it demands pious contemplation and comprehensive review as well as periodic revisitations. The implications are perplexing, and it is clear that Muslim Institutions need to:
1. rid themselves of inflated scholasticism;


2. 3.

update knowledge banks with consequently realigned approaches to human sexuality along with pertinent educational applications; Professionally stream Human Resources according to natural and man-made differences and deviations between men and women and the various Other Genders. Abandon stereotypes for the reality orientation of scientific knowledge conjoined to Fiqh Jurisprudence of the highest caliber. Gender Archetypes need to be definitively re-examined and presented intelligently

4. 5.

In view of the seriousness of these disclosures, professionally pretentious Turbanites will not do, especially those who identify with sectarian cognomens other than Muslim. Furthermore, as it is heterosexuals who comprise the overwhelming majority (90%) of humans committing sexual crimes against heaven, there is little merit in an extremist moral perspective being adopted during any review of public policies related to the conundrums presented. I will now attempt to describe some aspects of Male and Female Archetypes, inshAllah.

The Husbands Call

Since the soul clearly does not choose its sexuality, it is the body that directs the souls attentions vis--vis its physical preparation in the womb. The soul is a kind of victim, captured and taught by the body how to respond to all external stimuli according to physiological (chemical) and anatomical (form) compositions. This thesis obviously suggests that the soul is intrinsically sexless. It appears that just as water flows down a mountain through ancient channels to settle in lakes and drain into r ivers, the souls sexual orientation runs through pre-determined channels that are unyielding, even hard-wired pathways in both brain and organ systems, which also include emotional realms. When a virile heterosexual male views an attractive lady, the response is


automatic in both mind and body.51 This autonomous reaction is an instinct to mate and reproduce. It involuntarily rises to the surface of his consciousness like a wave to which he must respond according to discipline or lack thereof; which is why the first glance is permitted according to Islamic etiquette. The higher his level of testosterone and vigor, the more potent is this physiological call in response to the stimulus of feminine beauty. So strong is the reaction that his primal instinct can and will distract a man to degrees that disable him from concentrating on other work or thought. This is the reality that confronts both Muslim and Muslimah on the path to virtue, and is the chief reason the chaste Muslimah is veiled. Furthermore, men with higher testosterone levels who also tend to be successful competitors (aggressors) have a more potent response and corresponding sex drive. Men do not multi-tract their thoughts as do women. Their brain is designed to concentrate on one thing at a time; the so-called one tract mind. This is why men do not like to be interrupted when working, reading a newspaper or even watching TV. Men are superior concentrators who focus on goal oriented problem-solving thought; this differentiates them from the feminine capacity for integrated multi-level thought processes that often run in endless cycles; a phenomenon that men find irritating at times but which complements his capable decision making abilities. Therefore, in problem solving self-debate or councils that exclude data processed by the feminine mind regarding socio-political matters, mans singular conclusions may be inaccurate and hence detrimental to the welfare of those given to his authority. This is the chief reason the Prophet listened to his wives when they voiced their many concerns to the dismay of Islams primal chauvinist, Hadrat Umar. Under conditions of sexual stimulation the soul is literally forced to respond. The virtuous man may be able to quell the bodys urge or simply call his wife to bed in order to relieve the urging of powerful hormonal tides. With this in

The very sight of an attractive woman immediately stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals that cause pleasure in the brain. Endorphins are a natural morphine like chemical produced as the result of many activities, including physical sports. It is responsible for the honeymoon effect that typically lasts for about two years, after which it is replaced by the potent chemical, oxytocin, that provides a sense of cozy comfort even if less excitement. Sex addicts are addicted to the effects of endorphins.


mind, it is incumbent upon the Muslimah wife to assure her husband s sexual needs are fulfilled. Men, according to bodily strength and levels of testosterone, have differing levels of sexual need so that the more potent a mans body the more frequently he requires intercourse. Furthermore, long intervals between mating give cause for greater desire and opportunities for fitnah (temptation) to overwhelm his will power. For this reason, the Muslimah wife is commanded to submit to her husbands call as a duty to Allah. She must understand that her husbands body and mind simply will not rest until this right of his body is satisfied. Whether or not his wife is in the mood means very little to a man in the heat of this demand; her lack of interest when he presents his amour is nothing more than an obstacle to be removed, especially in the eyes of a younger virile maleas is also her clothing. The wise woman knows this, as also do cunning prostitutes, which places both classes in positions of management or manipulation as the case requires because men are goal-oriented hunters, and their brains are pre-wired specifically to attain any goal they seek no matter the cost. This residual strength reflects both hunter and warrior instincts which women simply do not possess. However, to the latters advantage, men become obsessed with achieving the goal s well as single-minded to the exclusion of all other stimuli. This is the naturally normal estate of the male brain, and is as foreign to the female thought pattern as is High Tea on Mars. The wise man will remove the obstacles with persuasive talk and gentle cuddles, after having paved the way with the foreplay of romantic attentiveness women attach to little things such as opening a door or merely acknowledging her vital presence on a polite continuum. Unfortunately, many men lack this wisdom, but even so, his lack of sensitivity is no excuse for the Muslimah wife to refuse his call for her sexual favors. His call is far more than a right; it is literally a need no different in import than are food and water.
By the One in Whose hand is my soul , there is no man who calls his wife to his bed, and she refuses him, but the One Who is in heaven will be angry with her, until the husband is pleased with her once more. Allah will curse those procrastinating women who, when their husbands call them to their beds, say I will, I will until he falls asleep. (At-Tabarani +Al-Kabir, Majma al-Zawaid) The issue of protecting a mans chastity and keeping him away from temptation is


more important than anything else that a woman can do, because Islam wants men and women alike to live in an environment which is entirely pure and free from any motive of fitnah or haram pleasures. The flames of sexual desire and thoughts of pursuing them through haram means can only be extinguished by means of discharging that natural energy in natural and lawful ways. This is what the Prophet meant in the hadith narrated by Muslim from Jabir: If anyone of you is attracted to a woman, let him go to his wife and have intercourse with her, for that will calm him down. (Muslim, ibid, 9/178)

This brings us to a sensitive issue that most people sweep under carpets fabricated in lands of traditional taboo. Men are predominantly visually stimulated by the shape of women and not necessarily size. If the wife is lax in bodily discipline and loses her curves (especially waist) by means of obesity (excess), she is automatically physiologically disqualified as a desirable sexual partner. The fact is that most men (70-80%) simply are not physically attracted to women who do not possess a waist/hip ratio < 90% (70 80 % is preferable) and they will not physiologically respond to her because, for the most part, they cant. They may remain in love emotionally, but the sexual response is not there and this majority of men will not rise to the occasion or initiate sexual play out of disinterest despite the fact that he needs it! This also holds true if she fails to dress alluringly or keep her hair tidy for him when in private. An unkempt woman in a house robe simply does not excite him and he feels he is being slighted and disrespected by her lack of alluring deportment. After marriage, and especially after one or two children, it is not unusual for a woman to become lax in the self-discipline of keeping her husbands visual attention, which, unfortunately, is his prime sexual stimulant. Many women suffer denial in this realm and prance about indignantly or indifferently in blimps of excess flesh as if it doesnt matter unfortunately for the many who complain about their lost amours, it does. It really is their own fault. And please dont blame pregnancy and hence, your husband . A 12 -15kg weight-gain is sufficient, considering more than half of that is baby, amniotic fluid, and placenta. More than that is sheer indulgence i.e., gluttony for which apologists market the many dietary aids that are of little or no significance. All studies show that women are more sexually motivated by affectionate


attentiveness and the mans ability to provide security for her and long term help with the children. Physical characteristics are not lacking in prioritization but they are lower on her list as long as the pheromones he emits are to her subconscious physiologic approval as an adjunct stimulant. Regrettably, women assume that men are similarly disposed and fail to comprehend his lack of interest in her sexually when she loses her curves. Instead of being self-critical in assessing her failure to maintain the form Allah gave her to attract him in the first place, this wife becomes resentful, indolent, obstinate or melancholic when he instinctively responds to any lady with appropriate curvatures as per the word of AlMussaw wir. Many women do not understand the situation or refuse to confront the dilemma honestly. These ladies prefer to hold themselves and their men hostage to pretence and its unavoidable fitnah. This sad estate does not reflect forthright sensitivities or the attention Islam demands for knowledge and truth. If a wife has disqualified herself as a desirable sex partner and cannot fulfill the sexual right of her husbands body for this reason, it is her responsibility as his sister in Islam to see that another woman can and will do so as his wife in order to protect his soul from hellfire; else she should remain accountable for divorce. This is surely comprehendible and no unctuous apologies are required. The tide of male sexuality must be confined by the legal boundary of marriage for the Muslim. If this is not done honestly and forthrightly without inconsequent hysterics or emotionally driven ruminations, then his involvement in pornography, fornication, self-abuse or hidden marriage are inevitable consequences. These undesirable repercussions are especially so today because of the lewd and provocative exploitation of womens sexual attractiveness in venues of politically-correct tolerance for sin, profit and feminism.

The Wifes Call

Taqua is the active pursuit of virtue and balance in thought and deed so as not to exceed the boundaries set by Allah. It is the acquisition and practice of adab whereby we choose what is good and beneficial according to principles of truth and justice. For the comprehension of pious marital relations, it is therefore incumbent upon all who profess Islam to acknowledge the following truths:


1. 2. 3. 4.

male does not equal female; the differentiated attributes of men and women; recognize the need for both sets of attributes as equally applicable to human affairs and welfare; apply both male and female attributes appropriately in judgments and deeds for the communitys benefit.

While a man is one-sidedly goal-oriented and immediately seeks to deposit his sperm, this is not so for the woman. Her resistance is a natural restraint that guides her husband to responsible social etiquette. A virtuous wife requires the genteel persuasion of which our Prophet spoke. Communication is her foreplay; gentlemanly conduct is her aphrodisiac; a comfortable secure nest is her couch of bliss, and slow, knowledgeable hands with manly endurance are her path to satisfaction. She is a God-given challenge to improve and maintain a mans manners and discipline as a gentleman. The responsible Muslim will learn the etiquette of proper marital relations in the same manner he studies the etiquette of solat and social proprieties. To ignore these requirements is like ignoring the formalities of solat or protocols for entering a royal court. Otherwise he remains a hypocritical dolt of the highest order, for the careless chauvinist has forgotten that marriage is the mosque in which half the deen of Islam honors Allah, and that he, the husband, is the imam of that masjid and is therefore held accountable! Another aspect of the wifes call to her mate is conversation in which her interests may seem innocuous to many a husband. However, feminine cognition and social interaction skills are those which strive to maintain communal harmony. A womans keen ability for close observation (literally a wider visual field) and her extraordinary dexterity with communication and language skills (most diplomatic translators are women), are directed at perceiving and transmitting details that concern immediate human need and intent. She does this subconsciously, fluidly and automatically as an instinctive drive to seek out matters pertaining to those close to her in order to maintain social harmony. This is accomplished in order to secure a stable environment as a guarantee for her own safetyjust in case her husband doesnt come back from the hunt or battle. Sorry ladies, you probably thought you were being selfless but this is not so. This instinctive behavior is


for the sake of self-preservation and is a womans normally natural state, one that is barely above the realm of instinctive animal behavior. In order for women to achieve taqua they must learn to mind their own business and give of what Allah has blessed them with to those who have neither reason nor means for reciprocity. Women often bore their husbands with non-essentials because they constantly push their noses beyond the bounds and easily get lost in their neighbors private affairs. They meander through life ever searching for the most pressing need or anxiety ridden relationship with the same acuity of perception that allows them to shop and find a bargain or edible berries, roughage and roots in the field. Their attention is pressed close to the ground when exploring new developments, friends and neighbors. All the while they are subconsciously seeking the advantage and safety of close warm feelings of intimacy and mutual support. Nevertheless, at the same time they become acutely aware of any signs of danger from the slightest social opposition that might negatively affect her and her family, which is to the husband s advantage. For these reasons, Islam requires them to obey their husbands who must set boundaries for these ruminations and for everyones benefit. Within these limits she may meander to her hearts content and report all she finds to him like a telecom pack-rat. The wise husband will set the bounds and take the time to listen when she reports her discoveries. For her this is a necessary act of marital intimacy and trust, as if she were giving intelligence reports to the chief of security. Every investigator knows he must sift through hundreds of details before he finds something of import, and a mans wife is expert at gathering evidence. Ive no doubt the Prophet gathered a vast amount of significant social data via the enhanced surveillance capacities of his several wives and that this helped his decision making. I expect Gibril stepped in only when they missed something significant. Should a man reject his wifes desire for these communications, it is as if the Internal Security Chief refused to talk with his chief investigator! She feels not only rejected and emotionally estranged, but useless and disaffected as well. Hence, under these circumstances, she is certainly not inclined to respond to his call for the intimacies of sexual union, especially if her rejected report held substantial matters regarding the family. In rejecting her


conversation, the husband rejects her feminine intellect as if it (she) were worthless. This is an effective denial that her abilities are divinely endowed for the sake of his best interests. Every woman knows this instinctively and will grow to dislike such men despite loving them. Furthermore, the latter circumstance predisposes her to admire almost any man who will listen to her, and thus, the inattentive husband actually opens the door for fitnah and perhaps zina. Don Juans of the International Cad Society (especially cult leaders, Bomohs and certain would-be Shayks of dubious merit) have become expert listeners until they reach the sinful goal. Unfortunately, many husbands are of the same ilk until after they marry, after which, they censor the poor girl who fell in love with their onceattentive ears and imprison her in bed, kitchen, nursery and laundry rooms. This is not the taqua of marriage, nor does it lead to sexual fulfillment and bliss, and neither does it help the man make intelligent decisions. When a man refuses to listen to his wife, he removes her from the scale of marital taqua where he then sits alone unbalanced and wanting. Like it or not, its as simple as that!

Weakness and Strength

The masculine attributes of cognition and behavior are focused (smaller field of vision), goal oriented, singularly logical and rigid. They are aimed at problem solving, conquest and control (government) rather than harmonious egalitarian virtue. These are clearly balanced by communion with feminine attributes solicited vis--vis marriage, sisters and mother as opposed to infeminization or getting in touch with a feminine side; something that doesnt exist in authentic human males. To the contrary, a woman generally lacks the capacity for firm resolve and tends to meander or circumambulate in her cogitations. Hence, she is quick to make compromise for what may be a dangerous peace and false sense of security. However, when cornered or insulted, she may lean towards an irrational extreme of obstinacy and become less willing to conciliate than the strongest male, and may even self-destruct or devastate the very thing she thinks she desires or loves, when in fact, feeling her self-willed expectations and worth threatened, it is her own safety and pleasure with which she is


subconsciously concerned. woman scorned.

Hence, the saying: hell hath no fury like a

Man, lacking inherent feminine gentleness, both requires and seeks it out through marriage as a restraint that hinders his tendency towards merciless tyranny and indifference towards social welfare. To the contrary, the woman lacks his firmness and requires his masculine power of restraint to better order the limits of her ruminations. Masculine weaknesses include his inability to readily perceive the immediate needs of those close to him. In addition, his unwillingness to admit failure, error or loss of control causes no end of social injustice. Here, the pious woman acts as a mirror to hold him in check and keep him humble. She also reveals obstacles at his feet over which he might stumble as he looks upon future horizons. A man may ignore the wisdom of his wife out of fear he might lose face (control). Under such a man, immediate needs are often ignored completely or taken lightly so that wife and children are repressed or even oppressed. Nevertheless, Islams deen requires forthright frankness and criticism especially in marriage. These virtues serve truth and were certainly manifest by the wives of the Prophets much to Hadrat Umar s chagrin; especially with Aisha and Umm Salama. Under repression or oppression, household harmony becomes subject to undercurrents of discord because the feminine skills of observation and communion are sacrificed for the sake of male dominance (ego) and his compartmentalized goal achievements which masquerade as dignitas. This is neither Tawhid nor Islam. Islam subjects the womans gifts to her husbands goal-oriented scrutiny and decision making process (governance), so that social harmony and egalitarian distributions of goods and services are achieved in a balanced manner. The ideal in Islam is for the man to acknowledge the womans counsel and implement her valid recommendations in his position as imam. If not, he discards half of the wisdom Allah presents through his wife and subsequently resorts to behaviors that are barely a step above unredeemed animal instincts; another reason women often refer to men as animals. The West is trying to compensate for the lack of marital taqua (balance) by feminizing the male and masculinzing the female; thus creating the androgynous ideal human of Kabbalist and sundry pagan Mystery religions


as preserved by the Freemasonic concept of Baphomet. The effect of this propaganda on rising divorce rates and social harmony is ominous. Similar efforts are made in the East with comparable results as rising divorce rates demonstrate. Currently in Malaysia the flagship of Islamic Pluralism they are approaching a disgraceful 70% among Muslims. Divinely blessed civic power arises out of unity subsequent to matching human weaknesses with complementary strengths. It appears that Allah purposely gave differing asset and liabilities to men and women so they would unite in marriage in order to help each other overcome their deficits by attaining virtue via the collective implementation of collective strength to Islams deen. The call of the wife to her husband is therefore a plea for assistance and a directive from Allah for the man to listen and receive both her counsel as well as her charming consolations. When the husband hears his wife and attends to her concerns, her own sexual response system is fully activated so that when he calls her to bed she will eagerly minister to his needs and desires. This is because the womans sexual response system is divinely endowed with a social consciousness that demands his attentive ministry to her needs and those of the family and proximal community in order to assure her safety, without which she cannot relax and enjoy intercourse out of fear. This fundamental reality of marriage is purposely placed in opposition to the mans goal-oriented hunter/warrior instinct that drives him out of the home and into the world. Her call awakens him in order to direct his consciousness towards piety: the taqua and adab (Islamic etiquette) practiced within the microcosmic social milieu of her consoling charms and general family relations. Everyone is looking to see the postconnubial smile on her face, the after-glow of bliss that extends this element of as-Sakkinah to all in the community. A man is judged by the presence or absence of his wifes contentment. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "The one most perfect in his faith is he whose conduct is best and the best amongst you is he who behaves best towards his wife."


Concluding Remarks
I trust these few pages encourage readers to re-open the doors of discourse on marriage, taqua, sexuality and its anomalous deviations. It is no longer tenable to hold traditional religious ideations that border on extremism and have wrought the Dark Age of Muslim ignorance. Renaissance is indeed in the making, and though the macroscopic institutions that govern both the political and intellectual domains are submitted to secular concepts, zealous bigotry and Luciferian elitism, on the microscopic level there is much we can do to counter the deleterious influences of these self-interested groups. Those amongst us who are subjectthrough no fault of their ownto the anomalous sexualities described are indeed prisoners of the archetypal sentience and response systems illustrated as male and female archetypes, albeit in a disconsonant manner. Surely they deserve the compassionate respect and disposition implied by the Islamic code of ethics and morality according to knowledge. Such a re-visitation must also be balanced by the immoral behaviors of the majority of heterosexual Muslims in general whose sins far outweigh those of these unfortunate souls. As demonstrated, the causes-of and responsibility-for these maladies are directly related to modernity and its global descent into materialist extremism that has wrought their perplexing estate. The Word of Al-Mussawwir: His formative force that shapes the fetal microcosm is repeatedly insulted and opposed by mankinds plunge into heedlessness and there is much to do in order to come to just terms with the matter. Modernity, with its stressful lifestyle, financial oppressions, endless wars, abusive husbands and caretakers, artificial food production, illicit drugs and deleteriously prescribed pharmaceuticals, altogether cause these aberrations with increasing incidence. In addition, with the exception of the conditioned behavioral examples listed previously, it is well established that role modeling during childhood has little or no effect on the fundamental erotic inclinations or gender-specific behavior. We must also keep in mind the effects of meat bearing hormones as mentioned previously. This latter influence, when added to extended exposure to electric light which decreases melatonins inhibition of growth-hormone, causes premature maturation and prurience such that pubescence and the onset of menses globally occurs in developed countries much earlier than in centuries past. When added to the


pornographic media so purposely disseminated to cause moral chaos by the hidden hand of the Talmudic media moguls promoting the Luciferian agenda, the problems confronting Muslims may be better brought into focus. Setting this disturbing moral dilemma aside for review by the wise, Ive included significant papers on sexual dimorphism and function for your review in Appendix One, and on Luciferianism in Appendix Two. I must caution the reader that this new field of research is complex and intricate in scope, and may well be of such a nature as to confound even the experts. I will be bold enough also to suggest that the following verse applies to this aspect of the microcosm:
He Who created the seven heavens one above another: no want of proportion will you see in the Creation of (Allah) Most Gracious. So turn your vision again: see you any flaw? Again turn your vision a second time: (your) vision will come back to you dull and discomfited, in a state worn out. (Q. 67: 4-5)

As it is now, and despite our natural aversion to sexual deviance, heterosexuals still comprise the overwhelming majority (85-90%) of humans committing sexual immorality of all kinds, so there is small room for extremist moral perspectives during any review of public policies related to the conundrum just presented. As for husbands and wives, you should reorient your perspective towards each other according to the realities presented herein. To do so effectively, I suggest you get rid of your TV and study the sunnah of the Prophet, as well as of his companions and wives whom are called The Mothers of Islam. The next chapters are devoted to a discursive treatment of human development and sexualization that focuses on the relationship of Amana or Trust to the sense of touch.


Chapter Four

The Purpose of Touch

"O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah is that believer who has At-Taqua (Piety). "Allah, it is He Who has made for you the earth as a dwelling place and the sky as a canopy, and has given you shape (form) and made your shapes good looking..." "He created the heavens and the earth, and He shaped you and made good your shapes, And to Him is the final return." (Q. 49:13; 49:64; 64:3)

Nikah or Zawaj ?
The verse does not say "We have created you from a part-male and a partfemale" nor is it written that Adam was created androgynous as claim the Gnostic magi. There is absolutely no ambiguity or duality in authentic gender identity as pristinely ordained and created by AlMussawwir, the Bestower of Form. As the verses imply, the first marriage was conceived in Divine love and the contextual implication is that 'At-Taqua' (piety) attended the marriage and was later imparted to subsequent generations as a product of the romance Allah established between the perfectly male Adam and perfectly female Eve both of whom were also perfectly good looking shapes. The purpose of this divinely guided conjugation of human reciprocals appears to be the expression of human submission, trust and faith in our Creator and that the lot of us exists for reasons other than suffering, death and annihilation. This is chiefly accomplished by means of the flesh through the senses of touch and pleasure physical and metaphysical that naturally incline us towards the attainment of At-Taqua when not perverted. Without


touch as I will demonstrate we cannot bequeath As-Sakkinah (peace and security) to our descendents because in its absence there are no descendents. This is because sexual stimulation and response can be achieved without sight, sound, smell, taste and even pleasure but not without touch.viii
And those who pray, Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort [pleasure] of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous. (Q. 25:74)

If this is how we started, then what has happened to the estate of marriage that it is such a cause of despair for so many these days? Muslims have failed to keep pace with science and hence have also failed to intelligently acknowledge, define, utilize and justly defend the gender specific differences Allah created and established between men and women. Instead of unity there is a diversity of division despite the marital facades that promenade as pedestrian masjids. Marriage has become a kind of 'trench warfare' with spouses dug-in on either side of the gender-line with pre-nuptial nukes and fantasy snipers locked and loaded. In-between is a war-scarred no-mans land of ignorance of the other where insults are traded and frequent devastating sorties are entertained. It is also a place where when no one is looking passionate touch takes its natural course only to be denied its dais of pristine glory as the continuum of a pious afterglow called as-Sakkinah as described above. This is not the example of the Prophet who said:
Nikah is my sunnah. He who shuns my sunnah is not of me. (Muslim)

Now, wed like to think this Hadith refers to marriage in its generic transcendent sense. However, the use of the word Nikah has completely different connotations and I cant vouchsafe that the Prophet actually used this word; Can You? Though many of the Shafii School use it to mean marriage, the word Nikah doesn't exactly mean "Marriage" in its gestalt romantic sense. From the Dictionary of the Quranic phrases and its meaning, Sheik Mousa Ben Mohammed Al Kaleeby, Cairo, Maktabat Al Adab, 2002, writes:

The definition of "Nikah" is the penetration of one thing by another. Examples would be as in saying the seed in the soil. It also can mean the


entwining of two objects one with the other. An example would be saying the trees (embrace) each other, meaning they entwined with one another. Imam Ahmed Ben Ali Ben Hagar Al Askalani, Beirut, Dar Al Balagha, 1986 writes in Kitab Al Nikah:
Linguistically, Nikah means embracing or penetrating. When it is pronounced Nokh it refers to a woman's vagina. It is mainly used in the context of "sexual intercourse." When it was used in reference to marriage it is because sex is a necessity in marriage. Al Fassi said, "If someone says a certain man (N) a certain woman, it means he married her, and if he says a man (N) his wife, it means he has sexual intercourse with her." The word can also be used metaphorically as with expressions: the rain (N) the ground, or, the sleep (N) the eyes, or, the seed (N) the soil, or, the pebble (N) the camel's hoof. When it was used in the context of marriage it is because sexual intercourse is the purpose of marriage. It is necessary in marriage to "taste the honey" (an Islamic expression meaning literal intercourse). This is the how the word has generally been used in the Quran except in the verse that says, "Make trial of orphans until they reach the age of (N)" Sura 4: 6. In that instance it pertains to the age of puberty. The Shafia and Hanafi schools of jurisprudence assert that the word nikah when used as a fact conveys that sexual intercourse has occurred. And when used as a figure of speech it denotes marriage. The reason for this variance is because it is offensive to mention the word "intercourse," so a metonymic word is used to substitute it. The legal act of marriage is nikah which is also called aqd meaning binding in a knot. The act of divorce is talaq which means being freed from the knot. In the sense of being free we use it in Urdu word mutlaq taken to mean totally. The Arab word for woman is nisaa. But the Arabic word for marriage is nikah which comes from the root nkh meaning mixing something well. Daily Times, Khaled Ahmed Jan 2003

Prof. Hasan Nagar, PhD. Arabic Literature and Prof. of Arabic at ISTAC, IIUM in KL says that Sudanese Muslims do not use the term because of its vulgar connotation, and that Arabs dont either because its use commonly refers to fornication or zina (Jan. 2010). The word normally translated as marriage, and correctly so in Arabic is Zawaj, which literally means joining. This word is found in the following verses of AlQuran: 33: 37, 4: 3; 24: 3; 33: 53; 2: 221, 230, 232, 235 & 237; 4: 6, 22 , 25 &


127; 24:3, 27, 32, 33, 60 & 127; Sura 33: 49 & 50. Using the phallic N word, Nikah, is therefore similar to using the F word [which originally meant war]. I think it is safe to say that its use enforces the concept that a wife's primary role is that of a sex object created by Allah SWT for the sole purpose of satisfying the husband's sexual appetites. In other words, its literal use is akin to saying: I am getting F----ed or sexually conjugated tomorrow instead of I am getting joined to a woman in holy matrimony tomorrow. Marriage, the word in English by the way, literally means to join together or combine harmoniously according to the Oxford Dons. The word Nikah literally refers to the physical play of male and female genitals in addition to little more than in vivo fertilization attempts. Of course you can stretch it romantically by means of the intertwining connotations stated above, but the irrepressible vulgar connotations still govern the essence of its use. It is hardly tawhidic in scope and represents a reductionist approach to the science of matrimony. Therefore, it appears to me as devils advocate and an outsider of course that religious do-gooders amongst variegated misogynist cultures duly ritualized the word as a legal contract covering the sale of their daughters sexual service as long as the purchaser houses, feeds, clothes and desires to keep using her. Certainly Im overstating the case of its usage, even with the adjective misogynist, but the implications are there and the question remains: Is this all there is to Nikah? The essential answer is, unfortunately, yes in the minds of far too many Muslim men; that is, if you judge by attitudes, behavior and the endless trails of broken homes, abused women, children and abandoned charges. But this only partially explains the degradation of Muslim marital relations and society. The power of a word to affect physical reality is well known amongst Hermeticists who use their terms accurately and according to clear definitions in order to obtain the desired magickal result, which is always a manipulation of reality that avoids the natural norm. Well, it seems the cunning fools who decided on Nikah Contracts instead of Zawaj Covenants have achieved the goal of Islams deviant reformation and gender war of division war described above, and have thus created the two largest sects extant amongst Muslims: i.e., the male and female sects. Muslims seem to be freely signing the contracts repeatedly and even take great pride in tearing them up in the hunt for serial Nikah trophies.


The Touch of AlByatt

Al-Hasan Bin Arafah narrated that when he visited Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal after he was whipped and tortured, the Imam told him, Verily, I saw nothing more than people selling their religion and I saw scholars that were with me sell their faith. So I said to myself, Who am I? What am I? What am I going to say to Allah tomorrow when I stand in front of Him and He asks me, if I sold my religion like the others did? So I looked at the whip and the sword and chose them.

The loyalty expressed by Imam Hanbal is based on absolute trust, and what is trust but the human belief in what and who will be of benefit to them? When the Prophet took the oath or pledge of loyalty, he touched hands with those people who believed he would be of everlasting benefit. This trust transcends the mundane world of common human expecta-tions and is the very essence of romance in as much as it represents what is everlasting. The gesture of touching hands affirms a mutual promise to preserve As-Sakkinah or peace and security. Those so doing supported the touch with an oath to defend the bond of trust with their lives. Essentially, and as an analogy, the byatt given to the Messenger of Allah represents communal zawaj or covenant. It is the shahadah that acknowledged our pre-incarnate contract with Allah SWT; the one in which we all conceded that Allah is our Lord and whereby all are born Muslim. This eclipses any carnal accord with meaning and purpose, and is the authentic reason for the marriage celebration that indeed honors the primal bond of Adam with Eve. In marriage the byatt is continually reinforced and strengthened through various gestures of 'touching' of which one is holding hands. This repeated affectionate touching between husband and wife signifies and re-expresses something quite specific that places sensuality in a


shadow of a greater and eternal truth. The real meaning and purpose of the affectionate gesture is to acknowledge the reaffirmation of our trust in God with the bi-lateral pleasures and joys of zawaj. Indeed, it is said that GOD admonished the prophets wives not to remarry if they wished to share this joy with him for eternity.52 However, the eternal continuity of this hoped-for utopian bliss as evidenced in the universal micro-celebration of zawaj is absolutely contingent upon keeping the obligations and rights that make house, home, bed and by extension, community, a most pleasant refuge of peace and security in concordant recognition of the couples bilaterally unified submission to Allah. Unfortunately, warfare rages in many homes, and to such extents that a truce called denial must be called in order to cross over the waste filled gender divide in order to enjoy a little touch. For many, the battles are scarcely more than belligerent prosecutions which defend traditional self attrition on behalf of narcissists who pass for adults. Hence, the perversion of the pristine romance as described above is a reformed mindset settled on self-gratification with expectations of imagined need fulfillments to the exclusion of Allah's remembrance and rights of the spouse. Therefore the Prophet said: "One cannot truly be a Muslim until he/she desires for their neighbor what they desire for themself. It happens to be a fact that your spouse is your nearest neighbor. Nevertheless, almost all Holly-Bolly-wood theatrics, both on and off-screen, concern a puriently romanticized mating that pays naught but lip

"A woman (in paradise) is to the last of her husbands." (See: The collection of authentic Hadith, Al Albany, vol. 3 p. 275). Hudhayfah Bin Al-Yaman, a companion of the Prophet, said to his wife, "If you wish to be my wife in Paradise, don't re-marry after I die, for a woman in paradise is for the last of her husbands, and so Allah has prohibited the wives of the prophet to re-marry after him because they are his wives in paradise too" (See: As-Sunan Al-Kubra, Al-Bayhaqi, vol. 7 p. 111). 'O you who believe! Enter not the Prophet's houses, unless permission is given to you for a meal, (and then) not (so early as) to wait for its preparation. But when you are invited, enter, and when you have taken your meal, disperse, without sitting for a talk. Verily, such (behaviour) annoys the Prophet, and he is shy of (asking) you (to go), but Allh is not shy of (telling you) the truth. And when you ask (his wives) for anything you want, ask them from behind a screen, that is purer for your hearts and for their hearts. And it is not (right) for you that you should annoy Allh's Messenger, nor that you should ever marry his wives after him (his death). Verily! With Allh that shall be an enormity (53) Whether you reveal anything or conceal it, verily, Allh is Ever All Knower of everything. [(Verses 53,24 of Sura Al-Ahzab (33)]


service to the remembrance of Allah, if at all. These modern comedia focus on homage to feelings and desires to the detriment of reason and intellect, and most often emphasize the drama of materialist ideations stationed in Humanisms several forts that are constructed along trench lines of the gender divide. Even as the happy pair rides off into Neverlands sunset, they carry a subliminal armory that buttresses these fortresses along the way. Ive written this book because Neverlands path has two highways and the road to Paradise requires paying the toll of Islams Deen. Despite this fact of revelation, I see many Muslims taking the by-pass in order to avoid paying the levy. But since marriage is half of Islams deen the toll should be paid with the authentic currency of comprehension and righteous deed if we are to avoid the road to perdition.

The Concept of Islams Deen

Taken from a Kutbah delivered by Imam Mohamed Baianonie given at the Islamic Center of Raleigh, N. C., on Dec. 27, 1996: The word deen is used in the Arabic language to give different meanings, of which the most important are:
1. Subjugation: i.e. Authority, Ruling and Having Charge: a. He subjugated people to obey. Subjugated here is a literal translation of the verb of the word deen.

b. He has authority over him. Has authority here is a literal translation of the verb of the word deen. In this context, the saying of the prophet (S.A.W.) reveals this meaning, "The intelligent person is the one who has authority over himself and works for the Hereafter." This means that the intelligent person is the one who has subjugated himself and made himself obedient to Allah. In this context, also, the past participle would be subjugated, ruled and submitted. For example, Allah (S.W.T.) says in surat Al-Waqeah, (Verse 86 & 87), what can be translated as, "If you are not subjugated, then return it if you are truthful." This means, if you are not forced by the will of Allah in the issues of death and life, then return the soul to the body after it has left it due to death. 2. 3. Obedience and Submission due to Subjugation; The Method and the Habit;



Punishment, Reward and Judgment:

These four linguistic meanings constitute the concept of the word deen in the Quran where it implies a comprehensive system [ tawhid] or way of life comprising four parts: A. The rulership and authority that belong to Allah (S.W.T.). B. The obedience and submission to this rulership and authority by those who embrace this deen. C. The comprehensive system (intellectual and practical) established by this authority (Allah). D. The reward given by this authority (Allah) to those that follow the system and submit to it; and the punishment inflicted upon those who rebel against it and disobey it.

Therefore, if marriage is half the deen of Islams revealed requirements and instructions for paying the levy i.e., it is the institutional venue in which Muslims are commanded to implement the comprehensive system of religion as perfected by the prophet then the toll road of marriage is therefore a holy institution and should be treated as such. Furthermore, marriage can in no way be avoided except for extenuating circumstances and exempt or ineligible individuals. In addition to these considerations, the tawhid or unity of Islams Deen is a continuum that allows no reduction to compartmentalized intellectualism so stupidly beloved by post-enlightenment societies and those who chase after the nikah trophies of post and post-post-modernism. This means there is no avoiding conditions for paying this toll except at the risk of eternal peril, which then indicates that those who bypass marriage with illicit relations or treat the institution and spouse disrespectfully are in serious trouble with God. In another frame of reference, failure in marriage is more or less failure to implement Islams adab. However, this is not to say that incompatible mates should remain bound to each other, for Islamic success is found even in divorce when it is accomplished peacefully. What then is the other half of Islams Deen? Even this half has everything to do with marriage, as our persona is directly influenced by parents as well as the extended family and community wherein we must learn the deen of Islam the inference being that the deen is 100% related to marriage because this part of the deen is learning the deen from those practicing it, which is why


celibates have but a small role to play in true spiritual guidance. Therefore, the Prophets statement was both a philosophical tease and challenge. Unfortunately, New World Order Satanists, Illuminists, Universalists, New Age Holists, Perennialists et. alia. have successfully degraded mankind globally by doing everything possible to destroy Islams Deen by disrupting the pristine institution of marriage as well as any cognition of As-Sakkinah and Taqua that pertain to the Orthodox Patriarchal Family of Hanif Monotheism.53 According to the definition of deen presented, marriage is the divinely ordained institution wherein a persons Islam is tried and perfected, which is why asceticism is anathema to Islam because without marriage, and with very few exceptions, taqua cannot be practiced let alone perfected for the majority of mankind. Why is this so? Because marriage and the family thus generated is the place in which Islam is purposely designed by Allah to be practiced and perfected. Hence, single people who venture into the community as dakwah cum social workers or political leaders not only lack true authorization but are only half prepared for the task no matter how many years they have studied Islam. Such knowledge banks as these carry lack the wisdom gained from first-hand experience of all that is implied-by and attendant-to the connubial touch of marriage, which, as I shall demonstrate, has everything to do with trust, faith, relevant knowledge born of experience and the very real essence of covenant keeping. Therefore, if marriage is half the deen and family and community is the other half wherein we learn the deen of Islam, it behooves us to learn about the other-half of the marital partnership in order to approach the toll booth at death and pay the levy acceptably.
Man was made for the purpose of learning. - AlGhazail

Islams Adab
A celibate man once told a scholar: God has given me a share in every good work....

For dissertations on this theme see my books: Trinity, The Hand of Iblis, and Cains Creed.


How far you still remain replied the scholar, from the work of the saints. And what is that? replied the man. Legitimate earning and supporting a family. (AlGhazali )

There is no room in the mosque of Islamic marriage for selfishness. Selfcentered adab such as the vain spiritism of such pseudo-Sufism as described above is actually is a form of shirk (Ash-Shirk-al-Khafi) that demands obedience to the self (animal nature or nafs) rather than Allah and cannot possibly conform to the deen described. Therefore, one trustworthy sign you have chosen a good spouse is that they are agreeable to selflessly tolerate your faults as you strive together to attain the taqua of Islams deen.
And among His Signs is this: that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect. (Q. 30:21)

This tranquility is manifest as both partners give of themselves and their substance for mutual benefit and Allahs good pleasure, and is an extension of the microcosmic experience of sexual ecstasy, which is true unity as opposed to the deviancy of fana fantasies. It is reflected as one of the immediate rewards of connubial bliss where selfishness can take no part in its perfection unless it is completely and reciprocally balanced. This means that people focused on the mans role as provider or as the sole recipient of bliss are a bit unbalanced by the concrete legalism of ecclesiastic authoritarianism to which Islam has been subjected, because Allah invites women to not only share this bliss but also to share in the responsibility of striving with their wealth and substance in His Cause, as did Khadijah:
"Only those are the believers who have believed in Allah and His Messenger, and afterward doubt not but strive with their wealth and their lives for the Cause of Allah. Those! They are the truthful."

(Q, 49:15)

"Many amongst men reached the level of perfection but none amongst women reached this level except Asiyah, Pharaoh's wife, and Maryam, the daughter of Imram. And no doubt, the superiority of Aisha to other women is like the superiority of Tharid to other meals." Sahih Al-Bukahri, vol. 4, #623


Nevertheless, the latter verse gives pause and cause for our sisters in Islam to reflect and contemplate why it is that only two such women are mentioned by Allah. The stumbling block for women is their preoccupation with selfaffection, emption and sympathies (feelings) that are basically engendered out of fear, which in turn is the result of insufficient faith with its subsequent lack of attention paid to the personal struggle required to attain proper adab and deen. You will recognize these ladies as gossips who complain without end and especially enjoy grumbling about their men folk whom they love for the sake of pleasure and worldly greed as they feather their nests:
If one loves someone because it gives pleasure, one should not be regarded as loving that person at all. The love is, in reality, though this is not perceived, directed towards the pleasure. The source of the pleasure is the secondary object of attention, and it is perceived only because the perception of the pleasure is not well enough developed for the real feeling to be identified and described. - AlGhazali

Marriage is a Mosque or house of prayer, and prayer itself is extends far beyond the ritual mouthing because true prayer is worship and true worship is obedience. Understanding the purpose or 'Cause of Allah' in marriage is far more than the mixing of nikah fluids and is of paramount importance in Islam for those who strive with their wealth and their lives. Furthermore, I wish to impress upon the reader that this striving individually and collectively is absolutely vital for the maintenance of authentic romance and bliss in solemn Marriage. This is evident from the Prophets own marital history. When his wives rose in jealousy against both Aisha and Marayah, he withdrew from them all much to theirs and the community's horror! Allah consequently threatened to replace (Q, 66:5) these heedless women with better lovers because His Cause was being served by Aisha's eminence both in the Prophet's esteem and that of the Ummah due to her superb intelligence and exquisite Adab both in and out of bed which does not refer to the diplomatic politeness of social protocol as much as it does to truth and justice, as diplomacy is little more than the art of lying to those you hate, disdain, or wish to exploit or absent yourself from as soon as possible. As for Islamic adab, observe:
Adab is right action that springs from self-discipline founded upon knowledge whose source is wisdom... the condition of being in the proper place is what I call justice, and adab is that cognitive action by which we actualize the condition of


being in the proper place... and in the sense I am defining here, it is also a reflection of wisdom; and with respect to society it is the just order within it. Concisely defined, Adab is the spectacle of justice as it is reflected by wisdom [not feelings]... When the rational soul subdues the animal soul, one is putting ones self in ones proper place. This is adab towards the self... [it then expands towards] family and towards community etc. etc.... But when the mind displaces levels and degrees of knowledge and being, disrupting the order in the legitimate (revealed) hierarchy, then this is due to the corruption of knowledge. Such corruption is reflected in the confusion of justice, so that the notion of proper places no longer applies in the mind or even externally, and hence, the disintegration of adab takes place... this situation thereby allows false leaders in all spheres of life to emerge because of the corruption and knowledge and the consequent incapacity and inability to recognize and acknowledge true leaders... [Furthermore] it is an intellectual anarchy that characterizes this situation whereby common people become determiners of intellectual decisions [democracy] and are raised to the level of authority on matters of knowledge... whereby we are left with platitudes and slogans disguised as profound precepts... 54

AlGhazali reinforces this definition with the following statements:

A human being is not a human being while his tendencies include self -indulgence, covetousness, temper and attacking other people [gossip]... A child has no real knowledge of the attainments of an adult. An ordinary [common] adult cannot understand the attainments of a learned man. In the same way, an educated man cannot yet understand the experiences of enlightened saints or Sufis.

Many are the times when Aisha corrected the Prophets Companions [her inferiors] whose memories had failed them, and most especially Abu Hurairyah: whose envy of her intellectual ability may have caused him to author misogynist Hadith that influenced the superordination of men to the degradation of women in Islamic societies within three to four generations. 55 Even accounts of Aisha's jealousy towards Khadijah indicate that she bore a dispassionate regard for the emotion [feeling] of jealousy though she surely experienced it. This demonstrated her virtuous triumph over its potentially

See: Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas; Prolegomena to the Metaphysics of Islam , ISTAC, 1995, KL, MALAYSIA See: Fazlur Rahman, Major Themes of the Qur'an, (Minneapolis: Bibliotheca Islamica, 1980),



negative effects because her proper adab [action] positioned her marriage and her cognition and deed in service to the 'Cause of Allah', and this, rather than romance or love was her primary concern, though Im certain the true ecstasy of her marriage engendered a certain predisposition towards her prophetic education. She never betrayed this holy trust of God in order to service emotion or self-centered pre-occupations except when she warred with Ali under the influence of Muawiyas wickedness and the cunning Jewish impositions on the Prophets family.
"... but if you believe, and fear Allah, and avoid evil, He will grant you your wages, and will not ask you your wealth." (Q, 47:36) "... nor let women scoff at other women, it may be that the latter are better than the former." (Q, 49:11)

In marriage therefore, the few Righteous Men headed for perfection among us tend towards emotional isolation because in contradistinction to the sunnah of Aisha the weakness of many women is their love of safety and attention more than respect for husband or the fear and cause of Allah SWT. And remember, two-thirds of the inhabitants of hell are women put there for this very reason.ix However, this weakness in the female pre-disposition exists in order to seriously test her iman and try the patience of a good man. It is therefore difficult for the spiritually advanced slave of God to find himself a comparable mate or mates, because most post-modern women defer to the service and demands of vanity, or family and tribal customs because these bear the promise of a group-safety-net rather than having faith in Allah. Women unconsciously prefer the earthly illusion, notwithstanding its opposition to authentic faith and trust that Allah will 'grant them their wages' as cited above in scripture. This mindset is common, accepted and even defended, but is far from the praiseworthy implementation of Islams adab:
What prevents the progress of an individual and a group of people, from praiseworthy beginnings, is their stabilizing themselves upon repetition and what is a disguised social basis. - AlGhazali

Therefore, until a woman establishes absolute trust in Allah she may marry but cannot be the peer of a righteous man and certainly lacks the ability to respond as Hagar did when Ibrahim left her with Ishmael in the desert Valley


of Makkah. For this reason, the few pious Muslimahs who do exist among us restrain themselves from marriage to men of lesser spiritual status, or else choose polygamy with righteous men and women of Allah who are humble and wise enough to follow the Prophets sunnah and honor the title given to the Mothers of Islam. To the contrary, the majority of less developed Muslimahs arrogantly pretend peership or even superior-ship to their husbands while demanding the attention and rewards of generic earthly gravitations, much as their Western counterparts do. These ladies have a dunya preoccupation syndromex that forbids spiritual progress because they fear the loss of material gain (booty) along with its illusion of safety.
"Inna ad-dunya hilwatun khadhratun. Wa inna Allah mustakhlifukum fiha fayandhuru kaifa ta'maluna. Fa ittaqqoo ad-dunya wa ittaqqoo an-nisaa." "Surely, this dunya is sweet and fresh. And Allah makes you the heirs of it and then watches what you do. So beware of this dunya and beware regarding women." - Muslim

Therefore, my brothers, it is better to marry a poor woman who is

happy with little because she has learned to both fear and trust Allah more than traditional socialites whove been conditioned to go shopping instead of remaining at home to recite AlQuran during Jummah. Therefore was the romance sustained between Aisha and the Prophet completely in service to Allah's Cause, yet they enjoyed all the ecstatic pleasures of human touch and intimate companionship. The implication is that the touch and companionship enjoyed by husband and wife is a primary reward and reminder of Allah's grace, especially of Divine love, for without the grace of His love we would have none to express.
`Love for women is one of the things through which God favored His Messenger (s); for He made him love them in spite of the fact that he had few children. Hence the desired goal was nothing but the marriage act itself, like the marriage act of the people of the Garden, which is strictly for pleasure and not for producing offspring.' (Ibn Arabi, Futuhat, 11, 193) `They shall dwell forever with what their souls desired.' (Quran, 21:102)


The Tree of Romance

None honors women except he who is honorable, and none despises them except he who is despicable. `The more a woman feels desire, the more she will be desired.' (Ibn Qutayba, Uyun al-Akhbar) `May Allah grant glory and eternal salvation to those who know how to stroke a soft cheek in an accomplished manner, to give a just accolade to a slender waist, and to enter the sweetest farj with a befitting skill!' (Imam al Suyuti, Kitab al-Idah fi ilm al-nikah) The giving of the dowry is fundamental to the securing of man's sexual rights, so "Who so gives two handfuls of flour or dates as dowry of his wife has rendered [her] (private parts) lawful." The Hadith also recorded that a pair of shoes and an iron ring were given as a dowry; for "The best dowry is the easiest to pay."56

The Tree of perfect Romance has three components: in the Greek they are termed Eros, Phileo and Agape, or in English: sensual passion, devoted affection, and deferential honor. Agape is the greatest. This virtue is submitted fidelity towards the responsible behavior that seeks Gods purpose in everything, i.e., the knowledge of the Cause of Allahs purpose in a person, place or thing and the ability to establish and protect it vis--vis conscious adab or custom. Consequently defined in the New Testament where it is erroneously and commonly translated as love or charity Agape actually means to bow in reverent obedience to the king according to the ancient contextual usage by the scribes of Bani Israel. Essentially this is the message of Islam since there is only One King or Lord of Creation, Allah SWT. Therefore, the deferential honor commonly given to men and women in faithful matrimony does not depend so much upon their monogamy as it does upon the honor they proffer to God by the respect shown to their mate whom He created especially for them. If otherwise, we could then define a faithfully monogamous drunk as honorable.


Al-Islam wa-l-Mar'ah al-Mu'aserah, Al-Bahi al-Khuli, Dar al-Qalam, Kuwait, 1984, p. 57, reported in Musnad Ahmad.


Authentic honor or the love of Agape is steadfast obedience to authentic authority. Islamic adab requires valor, wisdom, knowledge, will and the incomparable ability to execute such definitions with faithful implementation in due season and without deference to liars. Likewise, persons who are faithful to the holy pledge of marriage are indeed honorable in part, for fidelity is one aspect of honors fruit but is not the source of honor because honor as herein defined proceeds as grace from God and is only borne by the tawhid of an eternal but internalized dignity; a human characteristic that Islam holds inviolable. There is no mistaking the presence of matured dignity on two of the countenances below and which courtliness reflects two different metaphysical species of men. Dignity is imparted by Gods Will to His chosen vessels of grace (covenant) and cannot proceed out of fragile human traditions subject to pontifical decrees, and neither can the honorable virtues be earned as these are divinely sown and cultivated by the servants of Allah SWT.

Pope and Black Pope (Jesuit General)

Omar Mukhtar

Abd. El_Kader

Honor is the revered dignitas that actually marks a mans or womans homage to the Word of God because its grace is literally etched in his/her face as they mature. Misguidance and sin, quite to the contrary, affect the opposite so that such elders appear childish rather than regal. It is, therefore, a manifestation of humble obedience to Gods dominion because it manifests the adab that accompanies fitrah and akhirah. Men are only gardeners who watch over its tree but know not how the seed progresses to reproductive maturity. The preservation of this same dignity in marriage is what preserves the integrity of affectionate and erotic love and even peace in the divorce of incompatible mates! Honor has everything to do with authentic governance


within the limits of divine order, and it alone is what preserves loves affection and eros. Of course the preservation of eros is provisional given the erotic remains stimulated by physical attraction along with an intact sexual response system. Throughout scripture one finds erotic and affectionate romance, but they are never the governing principles that guide divine blessing into the lives of Gods people for the establishment of His Kingdom and Cause! Allah SWT is the God of our common sense (i.e., intuitive instinct or fitrah). In sharp contrast to the polite charade of grand wedding cakes of the pagan Valentine standard, there stands the example of Abrahams wife, Sarai. Though she remained beautifully alluring far beyond her years, she gave him Hagar as a second wife in order to beget a surrogate child as was the custom in those days. There are several lessons here for all students of wisdom, however, my focus is the lack of romantic consideration as a decisive factor in the polygamous drama that birthed Islam and what became Bani Israel. To serve romance as popularly conceived by means of Iblissian media contradicts by thought and deed the first Mosaic Law as well as the definitions of Islam provided by Al-Fatihah. Romance is indeed a blessed gift for those who serve divine honor. Its purpose is to reward them with the comforts and consolations of sensual ecstasy and affectionate companionship as experienced via the sense of human touch. Conversely however, for a man to honor the feminine cupidity exhibited on Valentines Day is to worship Ashteroth the pagan fertility goddess and consort of the Hebrew nemesis, Baal, along with the Roman Wolf Cult of Lupercalia.xi Bani Israel was severely judged for this idolatry and it has no place in patriarchal monotheistic marriage or Islamic Culture because the spirit of this feast is rooted in rebellious vanity with the endorsement of typical Catholic duplicity ala their Sainted Valentine apology for heathenism. Such behaviors are far from innocent and can only bear the bitter fruit of pride when given the least opportunity; yet theyve clearly infiltrated the lives of post-post modern Islamia globally, as have other Christian idolatrous modalities. In the true love of divinely sanctioned Patriarchal marriage, everyday is a day to celebrate the many blessings of perfected love, and there is no need for the wife of such a man to elevate her feminine charms beyond the boundary of her couch at the side of a sure and slow handed husband. If she flaunts her


charms beyond this limit for the sake of attention or Valentines cupidity, it is a sure sign of unredeemed adolescent insecurity and insincere Islamic faith whereby she exhibits the poverty of an immature spirit! And the man-boy who permits this insult to Islams integrity is in no position to exercise his degree above her authority. Moving on to the love of affection, fulfilling emotional needs is what maintains this aspect of love and emotional satisfaction is dependent upon two matters of import:
1. The strong foundation of provision for material necessities as opposed to excessive appetites or covetousness; The understanding and acceptance of reasonable personal aspirations and limitations on the part of both spouses.


These factors establish compatibility and determine the initial degrees of affectionate love, without which erotic love is but a futile and momentary pleasure. But even this is not yet true romance! As the marriage grows and the purpose of its covenant is made manifest by the fruits of a righteous destiny that unveils for all to witness, the desires of each heart continually sprout and bloom upon the ground of loyalty to God via the Agape of Islamic adab. This ground must be tilled by the faithful husbandry of prudent government because just as subjects prosper under a benign and wise ruler, so do women and children prosper when properly joined in Islamic submission to the Patriarchs (Pious Muslims) of Allahs Cause. If prurient satisfaction and emotional or material gain are the sole grounds for a marriage, then moral dissipation, strife, and some form of dissolution are inevitable consequences. True romantic ideals in service to Allah's Cause cannot be maintained nor achieved in such unions, which is one reason many spend enormous amounts to dress the faade like wealthy hypocrites and governments in the adornment of mosques, temples and churches. Only soil enriched by honor (the preservation of dignity) can fertilize the Tree of Romance with the perennial fruit of passionate affection, which in turn nourishes seeds of similar nobility for the posterity belonging to the "Cause of Allah. Only when honor, affection, and eros are joined in balanced harmony by the covenant of matrimony is the 'touch' of Allah's Love preserved in


human sexuality by its wholesome service as acts of worship, of charity and of dedication to the Cause and Word of Al'Mussawwir.


Chapter Five

Sexualization and Amana

Trust & Human Development
"... if Allah intended some harm for me, could they remove His harm? Or if He intended some mercy for me, could they withhold His mercy?" Say: "Sufficient for me is Allah, in Him those who trust must put their trust. (Q, 39:38)

The phrase ... in Him those who trust must trust implies there are people who do not trust anybody, so pray you do not marry such a one. Human sexual relations reach the very summit of pleasure and charity towards each partner when trust between them is paramount. This is only ecstasy that reflects Allahs pleasure and those of the people of Jannah. Trust is an absolute requirement for the perfection of Islams deen in marriage. Such trust evolves over time in which each spouse observes and comes to respect the others approach to the deen through balanced adab. I shall demonstrate how and why this trust is made manifest and channeled towards sexual intimacy as an act of faith in God, and that it is a continuum mediated through the sense of 'touch' that has everything to do with amana and iman. Sexual deviation as well as immodest behavior and dress have become so widespread their many variations are now being accepted as naturally normal. Even the word perversion has fallen from professional grace and I expect the next generation will consider sexual deviancy the norm and heterosexuals as un-evolved hominids. The fact that less than 20% of American households are traditional mom and dad estates predicates this expectation, and as you read the following exposition you will come to understand why. We should also acknowledge that sexual dysfunctions such as frigidity, impotence,


infertility, STDs, prostate trouble, gynecological disorders and anti-social behavior within heterosexual bonds not to mention our climbing divorce rates are all contained in this list of concerns. All of which, when taken together, indicate that healthy heterosexual marriage with piety leading to righteous offspring is quickly going the way of the Mastodon. There are three crucial periods in the sexualization process of each human being, of which the first two are the most significant: A. The first period takes place during the initial two months of gestation and is especially marked by the sexualization of the brain primarily via hormonal stimulation during weeks 6-8. B. The next period is from birth to weaning, when the infant encounters the parental marriage and its earthly home. During this period, the babe adjusts its normative reactions according to the temperament and tone of its fully sexualized parents for better or worse as related to their behaviors, knowledge and piety or lack thereof. C. The third and least important period, which is given far too much weight in the balance, is that of puberty. The reason for the imbalance is a lack of knowledge regarding the significance of the initial two periods. Adolescence is little more than bodily growth and adjustment of the soul to what is essentially a combination of preprogrammed (hard-wired) inclinations and socially modified behaviors. By this time of development, sex education does little more than establish the boundaries of acceptable behavior and fill in a few missing details according to the knowledge and bias of the local community. If you take a moment to imagine a psycho-therapy clinic for hippo sexdeviants you will appreciate how far mankind has strayed from the correct use of its reason and free-will regarding sexuality and marriage. At present, global society is in default damage control status in this arena. AlQuran states that every child is born Muslim according to the universal preincarnate covenant and that parental conditioning causes all religious deviation. And according to many scientific studies, the detrimental effect of parents and their generation on the naturally normal sexuality of children either causes or potentiates many forms of deviation from the blessed norms of AlMussawwirs word. This includes our collective social responsibility for environmental factors, which include toxins, medications, and psychosocial


maladies, all of which can have teratogenic57 effects on the subtle mechanisms that work together to form the childs sexual ID card beginning with conception. Human sexuality is the sum total of learned experience plus the naturally assigned gender role and orientation in which no choice is made on the part of the individual. Its gender and sexual orientation is chosen for it by genetic and hormonal imprinting on a body that is modified by degrees according to the availability of androgen/estrogen hormones. It must be understood that genetic gender assignment and the applied sexual orientation are not always congruent, and even these can be segregated from th e bodys independent sexual response system. When these three components of a humans sexuality are in harmony, all is well and the natural norm is maintained. However, anyone of these systems may be influenced by teratogens, the psychosocial environment of the community, and/or by the instruction/example of the parents themselves. If the influences are not within the bounds of the natural taqua that proceeds from fitrah (common sense), imbalance occurs along with a myriad of sexual inhibitions or deviant behaviors over which the person has very little choice or control. These are factors which make no allowance for clear moral responses until well into mature adulthood. In other words, most sexually deviant manifestations are forms of compulsive behaviors that are difficult-at-best and impossible-atworst to alter. Considering that even normal sexuality with its inherent drives requires fierce restraint and discipline, this last statement should not be difficult to understand. Though certain religions, Satanists, Luciferians and Libertines may disagree, the genuine civilized norm is to identify with and fully enjoy ones entire sexuality within the boundaries of the marital covenant. This is the only norm that assures the responsible rearing of spiritually mature (sober) humans while at the same time maintaining and nurturing the respite of marital bliss. The key to maintenance of this ideal norm is trust. When an infant emerges from the womb it immediately seeks to confirm the virtue of trust in its caregivers in order to instinctively affirm, validate and then incorporate trust as its own quality of soul. When the babe seeks this

Teratogen: an agent or factor which causes malformation of an embryo. (Oxford Dict.)


trust it essentially desires to confirm its inherent knowledge and thus also its faith in Allah; this is to say, its common sense. If the babes cry is not answered or remains poorly attended, trust is not confirmed and the normally formed heterosexual child will tend towards deviancy one way or another in its sexuality. Our Prophet was known as al-Mukminim, the Trustworthy for this reason. So important is trust (amana) to the new souls experience of its earthly life, and so deeply runs any 'lack of trust', that with trust all virtue is possible but without it all deviation and evil is inevitable, and it is this verity that lies at the root of all mind-control conditioning.

Fear, Trust & Touch

The infant is overwhelmed by helplessness so it therefore seeks assurance it will come to no harm because it naturally fears separation from Providence. Not that the infant consciously fears hell, but more correctly speaking the babe fears separation from what is good which directly infers God and can be summed up in one word: Abandonment. Abandonment is the greatest fear of a married woman. Should a wife be replaced or divorced, her abandonment is likened unto hell because it exposes her to ridicule and represents disgrace, dishonor, a loss of dignitas and the removal of several benefits as follows: 1. communal approbation and self-respect; 2. authentic authority or legitimacy; 3. it equates with failure as a mature female, representing the loss of decorum as a sexualized creature who has become incapable of keeping her mate; 4. of sexual pleasure; 5. of intimacy; 6. of security, provision and protection; 7. of guidance; 8. of Allahs Grace and Approbation; This represents the very same removal of all peace and security which Allah


threatened the Mothers of Islam with. Dantes Divine Comedy addresses the epitome of primal human fear by putting a signpost over the entrance of hell: Abandon all hope ye who enter here. This ultimate disgrace is the absolute absence of Providence: i.e., the complete absence of Allahs grace and provision for human comfort in peace and security accompanied by total exposure to endless misery and torment. Therefore, the babe cries out and trusts that all of its needs will be met according to the pre-incarnate covenant with Allah as Lord.58 This faith and trust is in Allah and not in the parents. The parents are merely Khalifa or stewards of the Trust Fund of Allahs provision and they must a nswer the call of this creature whom He caused to be drawn out from their loins. Make no mistake: they will be held accountable if they betray this trust of Allah.
"The skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it (Al'Qur'an) when they hear it or recite it. Then their skin and their heart will soften to the remembrance of Allah." (Q, 39:23) "And those who make unlawful their wives by Zihar and wish to free themselves from what they uttered, the penalty in that case is the freeing of a slave before they touch each other." (Q, 58:3)

When fear overtakes a man he literally shivers. The nerves responsible for this response are in the skin. The initial mediator of trust is an intricate nerve system also within the skin. No matter how well they are fed, babies will develop slowly or sicken and die without the mediation of skin-to-skin contact. Even if they survive, their sense of well-being is severely hampered or maladjusted throughout life. A more impressive fact of the human condition is that if a well-nursed infant is not spoken to it will most likely sicken and die, and we must bear in mind that speech is mediated through

From Mohd. Asads Translation of Surat 7: 172-3 AND WHENEVER thy Sustainer brings forth their offspring from the loins of the children of Adam, He [thus] calls upon them to bear witness about themselves: "Am I not your Sustainer?" - to which they answer: "Yea, indeed, we do bear witness thereto!" '[Of this We remind you,] lest you say on the Day of Resurrection, "Verily, we were unaware of this"; or lest you say, "Verily, it was but our forefathers who, in times gone by, began to ascribe divinity to other beings beside God; and we were but their late offspring: wilt Thou, then, destroy us for the doings of those inventors of falsehoods?" And thus clearly do We spell out these messages; and [We do it] so that they [who have sinned] might return [unto Us].


the touch of sound vibrations. All sensory perception is mediated through some form of physical touch; even light touches the retina in order to transmit its many messages. Therefore, the very first conscious sex-organ and lifelong mediator or messenger of trust and sexual pleasure is touch sensitive organ system within human skin, a sophisticated facing that envelops the entire body and has especially developed mechanisms within the folds of its layers that hold the sexual organs, all of which are derived from the ectoderm59 of the developing leech-like embryo (seen at right). Though the infant is a far cry from an erotic sex-symbol, its conscious sexualization at birth begins via the sense of touch through the skin. It is through the skin that we assimilate and affirm our inborn covenant of trust in Allah, which is the ultimate virtue of transcendent certitude that leads to sexual bliss and ecstasy, the pinnacle of human intimacy. Only Fana exceeds this experience according to Muslim Metaphysical speculators, a claim which this writer seriously doubts as legitimately Islamic. Sexuality is but one of the skins many functions as women go to exceeding lengths to maintain its texture and allure. The gentle caring caresses of both parents are absolutely necessary for the childs maturation as master of self and sexuality. Though the babe is a far cry from having erotic consciousness, the intimacy engendered by the mothers soft caresses and skin-to-skin contact along with her continuum of gentle and playful fondling actually mimics the act of tender sexual touch. These pristine experiences teach the babe to trust human touch and take guiltless pleasure in its undefiled sensuality as a provision from Allah. When left to natural instinct, this occurs autonomously between mother and child. Even after the inglorious pains of childbirth the virtuous mother instantaneously forgets her suffering and begins to caress the babe, being loathe to give-it-up.


The outer layer of cells in the embryo, after establishment of the three primary germ layers (ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm), the germ layer in contact with the amniotic cavity.


Unfortunately, to accommodate modern medical staff and their many interventions, most infants and mothers are immediately separated and given only brief periods of intimacy with pro-longed intervals of separation, during which the child is neither fondled nor spoken to and is left alone in an isolated crib. Though institutionally practical, this is unnatural. The separation does not engender intimacy or trust and there seems to be a high correlation which gives evidence to suspect that babies without the ongoing experience of skin-to-skin contact with close proximity to the mother will somehow deviate from normal erotic functions when adults. In addition, they have increased illnesses and significant difficulty establishing and maintaining intimate human relations. It appears this is because their iman was not confirmed at birth and repeatedly and appropriately re-enforced through the intimacy of a loving touch and gentle voice. It is then no small wonder that the Prophet of Islam repeatedly praises motherhood, and that women are intended for privileged existence in the home of a Muslim. Unfortunate children subjected to prolonged and ongoing absence from the mother combined with critical uncaring attitudes are indelibly insecure and cannot learn to trust anyone, including themselves. Extremes of this pathological response can be found in forms of paranoid personality types of which there are several, and it may even lend a hand in the development of sociopathic personalities. All in all, a certain anti-social, even pseudo-autistic predisposition and lack of empathetic compassion for others is now in evidence globally. This phenomenon is accompanied by pre-occupations with personal development and gain, and now characterizes the post-WWII generations that have been subjected to post-partum separation from the mother in developed nations. It is established scientific fact that infants thrive best when placed immediately upon the mothers breast at birth, being left undisturbed in cl ose skin-to-skin proximity for the first 24 hours without washing away the vernix.60 And there are new developments in research to substantiate that this fact is ordinary, old fashioned, divinely-given common sense:


vernix: a greasy deposit covering the skin of a baby at birth. It is known that this deposit contains important nutrients that are absorbed through the skin, and that along with colostrum (the first substance expressed from the breast), are sufficient to nourish the infant during the first 24-36 hours.


... premature infants who were massaged for 15 minutes, three times a day, gained weight 47 percent faster than others who were left alone in their incubators - the usual practice.... The massaged infants did not eat more than the others, sai d doctor Field. Their weight gain seems due to the effect of contact on their metabolism.61

As-Sakkinah vs. Misogyny

When trust is established through touch all is well. However, the lack of trust carries over to all realms of human relations and not only expresses itself in sexual inhibition or deviation, but also in the withholding of truth, such that families breeding liars and mistrust maintain pretentious attitudes of politeness that shroud disclosure and prevent forthright confrontation of significant conflicts that would otherwise lead to justice or adab. This affected piety permits satans a wide berth in which to perfect hypocrisy vis-vis the human denial syndrome that allows little room for the congruent development of taqua and human intimacy. In other words, when trust is absent lies and liars are king and injustice is normalized. Under an absolute Machiavellian monarchy, the 'Rest of God' in As-Sakkinah is opposed so that form and function are disturbed and guided towards chaos or involution, both physically and metaphysically. Testicular Feminization for example, shows a perfect example of end-organ resistance to the autonomous word of AlMussawwir. Some form of stress affected the primal mother who birthed this genetic disorder during the first weeks of gestation and the insult led to a life-long inheritable end-result (1:50,000 births). Women with this syndrome trust they are genetic females until examined by doctors for infertility only to discover they are genetic males. To profess that such instances are only genetically determined is akin to accusing Allah of deviation. Trust is therefore King of human emotional and physical well-being as well as sexuality. When an abused or repressed woman fondles her newborn, her chronic anxiety is transferred to the infant via the skin. If her husband enters the room she tenses up, sweats, increases her heart beat and tightens her

Effects Of Touch On Infants #142804; T.Thompson,, retrieved 15 Jan 2010


voice and grip. All of this is immediately sensed by the infant who then learns to fear the man and mistrust the intent or ability of the mother to protect it, all of which disturbs the childs fitrah and causes doubt. These sentiments become deeply entrenched in the babe's subconscious mind, which is a reservoir that remains a life-long threat to sexuality, intimacy and social harmony. So deep in the soul is the impact of this experience, and so widespread is it, that a society of male-chauvinists has no alternative but to continually repress their women through the tyranny of an intermittent fearful conditioning for want of trust, which indicates that their expressed religion has not penetrated their hearts at all. The tyranny of this hypocrisy has become the norm for many Muslim communities, as all domestic violence reports indicate.62 This intimidation of the mother affects her sexual response in such a way that it exposes her to adultery while abusive or insensitive husbands may repeatedly seek the pretentious affections of incest, whoredom and extramarital affairs. Men do this in order to fulfill their own inherent need for 'playful' sexual intimacy via the primal loving touch they now find wanting in their thoroughly demoralized licit wife. Therefore, in the absence of trust, fear is Prime Minister while male chauvinism is the Minister of Education or better said, conditioning. The sadist who fears rejection in his search for

intimacy must torture his victim into submission to his touch, or at least pretend to do so, while the masochist who fears rejection associates fear and pain with submission in his/her quest for the loving

"The majority of the participants believed that domestic violence against women stems from a legacy of patriarchy and sexism that is widespread in many Asian American communities. As a result, women are socialized to believe and accept that violence in a relationship is acceptable, that male power expressed abusively is part of the cultural milieu, and therefore batterers are not held accountable for their behavior in their own communities. Also, women continue to believe that they are worthless, and that revealing the situation to anyone can be a cause of great shame to their families and communities. As put succinctly by one participant: I think its our cultures that allow it to happen. We do not hold somebody accountable for that kind of see that the batterer gets invited to parties, its the woman who gets isolated... The Jesus Syndrome, exalts women to sacrifice for the family and achieve martyrdom by submitting to abuse. The more one submits, the more one is idealized. Unheard Voices 5: Domestic Violence in the Asian American Community Author: Sujata Warrier, Ph.D


touch of intimate affection. Both deviants accept this as normal as does the Muslim who beats his wife or the terrorized subjugated woman who accepts the intimidation as normal.
Hence do the worst of Muslims continually violate their source of intimacy, and hence do women and children learn to submit to what they've been traditionally taught is normal, much as do children from alcoholic communities where drunkenness is the norm so great is the human need for touch and affection no matter the cost (the price of its loss). But its real cost is the loss of faith and the adab that assures peace and security through actualizing justice which includes the wali, the family and communal legal system that all fail to hold abusive men accountable. Misogynist behavior is now an institutionalized form of pseudo-sado-masochism. Most confirmed sadists are males who derive pleasure from touching the person they have intimidated, humiliated and subjected to some form of violence (including psychological intimidation). Their relationship with the victim is a sort of consensual rape under violent threat or overt acts in which needs for intimacy are met by both parties through terror (fear), without which neither can achieve orgasm.63 Rather than be abandoned and out of fear of rejection, a young child will actually ask to be beaten in order to experience touch (close proximity) at the hands of its love object: parents. Hence we have an association of guilt, violence and pleasure with the reaffirmation of the vital element of trust manifest in these perversions. Amongst many Muslim societies, this antisocial behavior on the part of men is considered a right and has become normalized. But it is as far from the taqua of marriage as is the East from the West and the repercussions on any developing embryo/fetus/child are certainly teratogenic both physically and metaphysically, and cannot possibly

Sadomasochism: It is usually agreed on by psychologists that experiences during early sexual development can have a profound effect on the character of sexuality later in life. Sadomasochistic desires, however, seem to form at a variety of ages. Some individuals report having had them before puberty, while others do not discover them until well into adulthood. According to one study, the majority of male sadomasochists (53%) developed their interest before the age of 15, while the majority of females (78%) developed their interest afterwards (Breslow, Evans, and Langley 1985). Like sexual fetishes, sadomasochism can be learned through conditioning in this context, the repeated association of sexual pleasure with an object or stimulus.


attain unto the achievement of the best of all possible offspring, nor can marital taqua be established as responsible, well-adjusted Muslim stewards. Thailand is a microcosmic example of the present global trend, where there is an epidemic of homosexuality and various forms of trans-sexualism as well as lesbianism.64 This is directly related to: 1. increased self-medication with street drugs, alcohol and the Birth Control Pill;

2. violent behavior towards pregnant women (40% of Thai women are regularly abused physically); 3. incest. The lifelong effects on the developing fetus during the first 4 -12 weeks of gestation from these multiple insults are gender-bending dysfunctions and various anomalies affecting the childs sexuality. Nevertheless, every human creature born and thus disaffected from the intended divine norm of AlMussawwir, will continue to seek and demand the tender intimacies of trust through sexual touch. The fitrah remains but is swamped by tides of deviancy. Sexual bliss via intercourse leading to mutual satisfaction and shared ecstasy in the context of intimacy is the blessed carnal goal of the skin-to-skin expression of trust (iman). Hence, the prophets multiply married and Prophet Mohammad confessed his love of women. Trust is therefore the measure of marital bliss and paves the road for taquas perfection. Without trust, the autonomous physiologic sexual response and desire become subject to animal-like obsessive-compulsive realms of behavior, which the following analogy illustrates:
When a bitch is in heat, every dog in the region is obsessed with mounting her and will gather to viciously spar for the privilege. There is no reasoning involved and when the heat subsides so also does the packs compulsive obsession.

The prevalence of bisexual and homosexual orientation and related health risks among adolescents in northern Thailand. van Griensven F, Kilmarx PH, Jeeyapant S, Manopaiboon C, Korattana S, Jenkins RA, Uthaivoravit W, Limpakarnjanarat K, Mastro TD. Arch Sex Behav. 2004 Apr; 33(2) :137-47. Report 9% males / 11.2% females either homo, bi, or lesbian.


The canine phenomenon is not far removed from sexually deviant subhumans and is why many women refer to men as dogs and unchaste women are called bitch by hip-hopster Americans. When the human sexual response is mitigated by a lack of trustthis to say by the fear of rejection => fear of divine judgment => fear of hell => fear of abandonmentas a fundamental but sub-conscious component of fitrah, then the obsessivecompulsive inclination becomes a chronic subliminal fixation that governs every thought word and deed. The bias of this fear is all-embracing and permeates human activity at all levels in the absence of virtuous example and restraint: meaning the absence of justice which equates to the absence of Islamic adab spreads autonomously like a cancer. With or without the leather and chain trappings of bondage, the lack of tender trust is now manifesting on entertainment venues as institutionalized forms of sado-masochism in the West. In this kind of perverted nikah, both parties are desperately seeking to actualize trust and associate it with the best of pleasures: sex. As cited previously, most sadists are males who derive pleasure from touching the person whom they have subjected to pain or threats of murder if their prurient intrusion is revealed, and marriages in Islamic cultures that accept wife beating have actually established a kind of consensual rape under threat of this violence. The primal need for human touch is thus socialized in defiance of Allahs tender covenant with the infant and met by both parties through terror, a venue without which the sexual deviant cannot achieve both dominance and orgasm. This and other unmentionable perversions have long ago entered Islamic Institutions but little are they dealt with consequently.65 Hence, in the modern world, there

`A Pakistani minister has revealed hundreds of cases of alleged child sex abuse at Islamic schools, or madrassas. There were 500 complaints this year of abuse allegedly committed by clerics, Aamer Liaquat Hussain, a minister in the religious affairs department, said. That compares with 2,000 last year, but as yet there have been no successful prosecutions, Mr Hussain told the BBC. The minister's revelations have sparked death threats and infuriated some religious political leaders. Mr Hussain said he had received death threats from clerics, but that he had done his job and his conscience was clear. Leaders angered: The time had come for his country to face the bitter truth - the sickness of child abuse, he said. The allegations involving Pakistan's Sunni majority and Shia minority referred to a tiny proportion of the country's 10,000 or so madrassas, he said. He added that the body responsible for them, the Federation of Madrassas, was willing to co-operate with investigations because some clerics were bringing a bad name to Islam. However, the revelations have angered some Islamic leaders. At a parliamentary meeting this week, some demanded he apologise. The abuse revelations were made during a week


are toxic as well as psychological teratogens, and both categories oppose the word of al'Mussawwir only to cause deviations from the natural norm of sexuality which is based on the central quality of loving trust in Allah and in His vice-gerents (parents).

Touch, Sexual Response, and Intimacy

The various degrees of trust and its direct correlation with the sense of touch and thus also an individuals sexual response are subconsciously 'fixed' and physiologically hard-wired by the age of three. Some professionals believe they are fixed earlier by the age of 18 months. This means that in addition to sexualized brain anomalies as established earlier, sexually oriented response deviations are further conditioned by the environment, by parents and/or by caregivers of the infant/baby during this time. For example: one case history relates a three year old male who was innocently masturbating when discovered by a disapproving mother who surprised the child at the moment of orgasm [non-ejaculatory]. She was wearing high heels which he saw from his vantage point (hiding under a bed). As a result, he experienced fear and the shame of disapproval along with orgasmic pleasure at the same time. The imprint of forbidden pleasure (fear of discovery during sensual bliss) became firmly associated with his mother's high-heeled shoes, her feet and her disapproval. This association became a life-long fetish (high heels and feet) without which this otherwise normal heterosexual male could not experience orgasm. Another case history is that of a girl who was tossed on her father's knee for a spanking while he is wearing pajamas which opened during the blows exposing his penis to her view for the very first time. As a result, the little girl associates pain with sex as an adult and gladly submits to a man who spanks her bottom (masochism) or abuses her before entering her. The current wealth of scientific data
in which the Pakistani government has been meeting religious leaders to build awareness of the spread of HIV/Aids. Pakistan is stepping up its anti-Aids campaign, and the idea is to utilize the clerics' unique reach into communities to increase HIV/Aids awareness and to preach prevention. - By Paul Anderson BBC News, Islamabad - See also: Amnesty International about violence against British women (Muslims)


indicates that this is just the tip of the ice-berg of our knowledge regarding human sexuality.
"We should bear in mind that parents in reality are raising not just their children but someone else's spouse. The parents' self-images, role-behaviors, attitudes, fear or comfort with erotic matters in their own relationship, all become factors in the child's sexualization." Family Book on Sexuality

Attempts to ascribe morality/immorality to the person who suffers fetishism are in vain, and this is why the Prophet taught us to always be gentle with the small children as was his explicit example, par-excellence'. Presently, a flood of sexual modalities freely invade the young child's psyche from media sources that are unlikely to endorse the prophet's sunnah. Consider these things carefully as you approach the marriage bed, because by the time your spouse entered kindergarten, the most significant period of sex-education (i.e. sexualization of the subconscious mind and central nervous system) had already occurred. What followed during their maturation merely added detailed fuel to pristine fires lit during early infancy and childhood. The attitudes and physiologic moldings were/are pre-set in all of us, so to speak, and the storms of adolescence through adulthood merely follow these hidden paths.

Prior to puberty, the natural sexual response system in both male and female is non-erotic without fantasy or desire for contact with the opposite sex. This natural predisposition has been deviantly modified by post-modern hedonism however, cognizance is also stimulated by prolonged exposure to artificial light which decreases the inhibitory activity of melatonin on growth hormones so that the onset of puberty is accelerated. The reader should also understand that sexual response and sexual orientation are separate systems of human experience, cognition and volition. Sexual orientation as male, female or mixed variations is predominantly physiologic, i.e. chemically and anatomically mediated via the Central Nervous System or Brain, while the response system is mediated by the end-organs, i.e. by genitalia, skin, sense organs and breasts). Both systems are related and somewhat modified


according to environmental stimuli and conditioning, albeit sexual orientation is generally fixed and hardwired in the body by the time of birth. Prior to puberty and during infancy, the child will self-stimulate nipples and genitals simply for the comfort provided by the pleasure, and will often playfully attempt to pleasure another person in the same manner. This selfpleasuring stimulates endorphins which are natural morphine like chemicals that Allah has provided us with for this purpose. The activity is a naturally normal manifestation of instinctive and morally innocent behavior. No one need teach the child; the body accomplishes the instruction on its own. In other words, the body exerts its 'right' to pleasure as is written in Al'Qur'an. The challenge for the parent is to patiently and gently guide this self-touching towards what is appropriate, and to do so without the imputation of guilt. When puberty arrives, the sexual erotic-response system becomes consciously initialized much like a rocket on a launching pad. The end-organs enlarge, the body grows (thickens and lengthens), and the brain stimulates erotic imaginations as a sort of prose or dialogue in the consciousness of the soul in response to end-organ production of either testosterone or estrogen. This is when sexual attraction appropriate to gender becomes a confusing reality for the child, and it also announces the child's entry to the conscious world of responsible behavior and accountability.66 Often, it is a confounding experience depending upon the bias, ignorance and/or taboos of parents and community. This is because what once was the innocent pleasurable experience of self-touching is now associated with an overwhelming desire or curiosity to touch and be touched by the opposite sex. This is the perfect time to re-introduce the halal reality of intimate relationship in terms of the Islamic boundaries for sexual touching between the sexes. As you will come to appreciate, there is a better time for this moral instruction, and this is what is called childhood latency as discussed below. If the baby / child has been deprived of self-stimulation or made to feel guilty or punished for meeting its bodys right of self-exploration, its sexual response system and self-image fail to develop in a healthy fashion physiologically and psychologically. Its as if a dam were built to hold back the flow of these waters of experience for both mind and body. At the onset

the child is innocent until puberty. - Aisha An-Nasai, Book of Divorce, Chap. 21


of puberty high doses of respective sex hormones stimulate an imbalance in the child's experience that often results in a pre-occupation with the sexresponse end-organs. For modern children under the influence of erotic propaganda, this damned up reservoir often bursts causing maladjustment of an otherwise normative response. The tendency of behavior then leans towards extremes of introversion or extroversion. This is most evident in societies where intelligent discussion of sexual matters by the childs intimate and supposedly trusted companions (family) is avoided. Other extremes are found in societies where incest is common and even traditional, such as in Japan or certain Hindu cultures and among Satanists.67 In these environments, the child loses all perspective that sex may represent something more than a mere bodily function or, even worse, sexuality becomes religiously perverted. In many of these latter situations, the concepts of holiness and trust that reside in the persons fitrah which reflect our covenant with Allah SWT are either lost or distorted by religious taboos and rituals that fail to address knowledge and purpose. These are swept away by the jet stream effluent of repressed desire and perverted encouragement. As we shall see below, this is caused by a failure to address the childs reasoning and comprehension appropriately and in a timely manner. As a baby and pre-pubescent, the child adjusts its own sexual response system as a naturally normal function of the body's innate knowledge of its needs (rights). This instinctive behavior is entirely free of any sense of moral guilt until parents cause such deviant thought constructs and patterns by virtue of their bias. When left to the body's instruction, the adolescent hormonal tsunami passes without maladjustment provided intelligent guidance is given. Unfortunately, sex is a taboo subject for most Muslims. They do not discuss the matter freely, honestly or intelligently, and many are almost entirely ignorant of the subject except for what theyve learned by default or by virtue of superficial black-market 'locker room' vulgarity. In this regard, it is important to note the following facts regarding masturbation:
The only legal text used as evidence for the prohibition of masturbation is Allahs saying describing the believers:


The Universality of Incest Lloyd DeMause, J. of Psychohistory 19 (2) Winter, 1991.


Those who guard their sexual organs except with their spouses or those whom their right hands possess, for (with regard to them) they are without blame. But those who crave something beyond that are transgressors. (Al-Mu'mun: 5-7)

Commenting on this verse, some scholars hold the view that this habit (masturbation) falls under the category of those who seek fulfillment of their sexual desires outside the framework of marriage, and as such they are deemed transgressors. Those scholars put masturbation under the list of the forbidden categories of sexual fulfillment since it constitutes transgression of boundaries. This view is held by the Shafi`ites (followers of the Shafi`i school of Fiqh). However, some other scholars believe that the transgression meant in the aforementioned verse refers to extra-marital relations and what falls under the category of Zina (adultery). According to this view, masturbation does not fall under the meaning of this verse. This view is very close to the opinion held by the Hanafites (followers of the Hanafi school), who maintain that masturbation is basically forbidden, but it may be permissible under the following conditions: 1.
2. 3. to if the person is unmarried; if he or she fears that without masturbation he/she will commit Zina; if the masturbation here is, rather than fulfilling a sexual desire, just release the sexual tension resulting from stimulation. -

It is taken for granted that if no solution is available one must commit this act but we are Muslims and it is the prime duty of parents to arrange for the marriage of their children once they have reached the age of adolescence. Dr. Imran Waheed, Pakistan, 9 Dec 2002,

With advice like the last opinion, it is no wonder many innocents are thrown onto marital beds for which they are entirely unprepared. It is a scientific fact that 95% of all males masturbate, and that greater than 75% of women do as well. It is also established by current medical science that there is no known negative effects from this behavior and that quite the opposite is the case with regards to both physical and psychological health in those who are not forced into corners of guilt. The sexualization process involves the sexualized brain, the conditioning


of psycho-sexual orientation, and the physiological development of the sexual response system, and has everything to do with the sense of touch. The conditioning process begins at birth. All studies show that newborns that are immediately given to their mothers before bathing away the vernix thrive far better than infants who are bathed and removed from her presence. This pristine moment of maternal touching should not be underestimated! Furthermore, the instinctive self-touching of sexual end-organs during the first 18 to 36 months of life especially provide the baby with an intact physiological (neuro-chemical) response system that later permits a balanced psycho-social adjustment for appropriate sexual response. In addition, this touching also gives the child a sense of self-security, competence, fulfillment, satisfaction, and pleasure. And as all of this takes place during the innocence of early childhood, and naturally so, how then can any sin be imputed, and why, in Gods name, are Muslim parents forcing their children into prisons of guilt like good Catholics?
"We can say today that one of the main sources of failure to achieve sexual satisfaction in adult life is interference by parents in early life with the child's discovery of its own body as a source of pleasure." [FBS, ibid]

The mature sexualized human with a well adjusted sexual response system has little trouble with carnal approaches or psychological responses to intimacy, but there is a significant difference between men and women. Since the male brain is singularly goal-oriented, his entire being is also so disposed and this includes his sexual response system. Prior to puberty, boys have no ability to ejaculate but can attain both erection and orgasm, while the pubescent male achieves orgasm and ejaculation accompanied by pleasure almost instantaneously. And so great is the influence of testosterone during puberty that even vibrations from a bus ride are sufficient to stimulate his sexual response system and cause an embarrassing and sometimes painful erection. But this is not so with the woman as she requires the psychological stimulation that avails itself with belief and trust as described previously, i.e. iman and amana, and these are readily mimicked by professional cads.



Chapter Six

Incarnation & The Covenant of Touch

Comfort and The Rest of God
As cited already, sexualization of the body begins prior to birth as does the incarnation of the soul. At twenty weeks the body and mind are already sexed and the angels speak forth the childs destiny as an imprint on both body and soul whereby the process of integrating three human components (i.e., etheric life-force, soul, and body) begins to work its way towards the writ of destiny. Incarnation is not complete until the fontanels (cranial sutures) close by ossification after the first three seven year cycles round about the age of 21-22, and another three cycles pass before full maturity is reached according to AlQuran:
And she brings him forth with hardship, and the bearing of him, and the weaning of him is thirty months, till when he attains full strength and reaches forty years (Q, 46:15)

During the first year, the child actually grows down (i.e. from head to toe) rather than up. The first organs it gains initial control of are the mouth and eye, and by the end of 2 months it has some control over the head and neck and clearly sees and smiles appropriately on recognition of its intimate companions. By 3-4 months the soul gains control of head, neck, shoulders and upper-limbs, which permits intentional groping and grasping with voluntary effort. By 6 months, most human souls have entered the lower spine and thighs and are able to sit, and by 8 months the lower limbs are activated willfully so the little creature can crawl and get into serious trouble. This first mini-cycle or wave of the soul's incarnation completes itself at about 12 months at which time the soul has reached the feet and the baby attempts its first steps. All this while, the senses of touch, taste and sight predominate in guiding its pristine intellect, and thus begins the long process of learning to discern good


from bad (i.e., desirable from undesirable and beneficial from harmful) in the dunya. This process takes place in a dream-like cognition with very little signs of willfulness (consciousness) in the adult sense. The baby reacts to rather than acts on its new earthly environment and is entirely hapless except for its ability to cry for help in order to get the attention required for the needfulfillment and security that provides the pleasure of peace and contentment. This 'helpless' first year to 18 months is a crucial time of sexualization. When parents act upon the child with gentleness, the child automatically responds in kind. The gentle touch and voice of the parents actually encourage the soul to penetrate the bodys CNS (Central Nervous System) predesigned roadmap and move outward from the heart and downwards from the eyes towards the skin (surface) and beyond. The soul gains control of its body with steadfast faithfulness, and it struggles to overcome and penetrate the untrained body so that the spastic cum voluntary muscle movements become fluid. All of this and much more comprises a conditioned foundation for life-long sexualization as an expression of iman (faith) and trust, vis--vis the mediation of the sense of touch. From infancy, the baby is repeatedly comforted and reassured that all is well and that he/she is doing fine and that, most importantly, Allah has and will continue to meet his/her needs through the companionship of parents and siblings; most especially the mother. This covenant of comforting Security during infantile helplessness is what establishes and increases faith and trust in Allah as an initial mirror of the pre-incarnate Covenant with Allah (Q, 7:172-173), and it paves a path of metaphysical gold for the development of virtue in the years to come.
"And Isaac was comforted by his wife upon the death of Sarah." (Genesis, AlTaurat)

The sentiment here is far deeper than what is commonly imagined and is glossed over much too quickly by those who divorce piety from sexuality. This covenant of "comfort" via touch cannot be established in any other fashion to the pleasure of Allah. It is, after all, His design. Touch is the loving deed that causes the metaphysically osmotic process of incarnation in the only manner that permits a perfectly balanced integration of the three human life components: the etheric formative or life-force, the soul, and the flesh (material). The need for this comforting touch never departs even in its


perversion and remains a life-long motivator of human commerce and medium of sentience. At the end of every day the comfort of loving arms and sweetened sleep cannot be excelled in the human experience it simply doesn't get any better than this fearless return to the Rest of God in the company of your most intimate companion:
"... and Allah knows well your moving about, and your place of rest in your homes." (Q, 47:19)

Those who disagree have not experienced this small parcel of Jannahs delight and peace in the deen as intended by Allah. They have not yet penetrated the mysteries revealed in AlQuran despite their many recitations. Metaphysicians who lack the experience actually sublimate the ignorance and loss with the foolishness of pious ecstasy like good Catholic Saints whove married Jesus or jinn posing as angels.xii The potency of the sexual instinct is primal and all encompassing, and when it is not satiated naturally according to the Divine Order of governance, its dynamic is so fierce that its perversion becomes a kind of insanity. If Allah meant for us to be so spiritual as to be one with Him or to marry Jinn and angels, what need then for the magnificence of creation and the delicate intricacies of incarnation along with its life trial? all of which are meant to obey Allah in obedient worship according to His design rather than chimerical innovations manufactured by frustrated gurus of mind boggling speculations; men who abandoned common sense for fancy.
He it is Who sent down As-Sakkinah (calmness and tranquility) into the hearts of the believers, that they may grow in Faith along with their (present) Faith. (Q, 48:4) Indeed, Allah was pleased with the believers when they gave the Baiah (pledge) to you (O Muhammad) under the tree: He knew what was in their hearts, and He sent down As-Sakkinah (calmness and tranquility upon them (Q, 48:18) (see also 44:51) "They will call therein for every kind of fruit in peace and security." (44:55, see also 52:20) "Then there will be safety and peace from the punishment of Allah". (Q,56:91)


And He it is Who has withheld their hands from you and your hands from them in the midst of Makkah, after He had made you victors over them (Q, 48:24)

The Rest of God is manifest by peace and tranquility (As-Sakkinah), and is actually the state of peace one attains in taquas rest from the fear of hell. It is a covenant of faith (iman) and a gift of grace in which there are two impartations as indicated in v. 48:4; the first being at birth where it is written that every child is born a natural Muslim inclining itself towards Allah with inherent (inborn) faith. The second is on reaching the age of reason and taking the covenant sincerely and consciously. At this time, the Covenant (pledge of faith) as mentioned above is confirmed by the hand (again by touch v.44:55), but the giving or withholding of this metaphysical touch is by Allah, as plainly stated in v. 24. This touch can be reversed to war as is also implicit in the verse. All manifestations depend upon the dispensation of grace, and grace depends upon mans effort to attain it i.e. deeds rather than just doa. We may conclude therefore, that those who live without this dispensation live in a constant state of war, unconsciously with God, themselves, their family and their neighbors, and consciously with their known enemies. This is discussed and described in the next section. Is it not peace and tranquility that surround the infant and for which every effort (deed) is made by the mother to maintain it? Is it not As-Sakkinah that the infant gives and seeks in return when its precious little hand grasps that of its mother and father? Is this touching (deed) not a covenant of trust and affirmation of Faith? Observe therefore, ponder and contemplate dear reader: This touching is the first manifestation of faith! Therefore, it is incumbent upon the parents to not only take the pledge of their infant, but also to maintain their taqua as they are the babes collective imam of the masjid of marriage and deen so as to soberly guide this same child to the second pledge at puberty. It is no accident that: 1. The age of reason (puberty and accountability) is the same age in which the end-organ sexual response system is activated; 2. That in search of Amana the sexualization of the infant via touching, both psychologically and physiologically, occurs during the first 45


months of Human development; and 3. That this same intimacy is required for a successful happy marriage and completed deen. All three are inextricably related to faith as the only covenant bringing the fullness of As-Sakkinah to the human experience. Hence, in Islam this experience is perfected according to the divine order. This is the essence and tawhid of "faith with certainty," a phrase that is repeatedly used throughout Al'Qur'an. It is As-Sakkinah that lovers seek in each others arms. Do they not sleep like babes bathed by the afterglow of orgasm and within the Rest of God during which they are renewed? Is their covenant not one of trust , and are they not comforted? Did Allah not design this entire affair? Imagine that every part of your body surface is senseless and you will appreciate the emotional isolation from both God and man suffered by many who are deprived of this "comfort'. Those who are chronically depressed have given up hope for this comfort, or even worse, no longer take pleasure in it when offered because their very soul has become numb (senseless). Such are anti-social psychotics. Therapeutically, some must be retrained as if they were infants once again, and all sex therapy accomplishes this by the initiation of what is termed 'non-sexual touching' - and now you know why.

Sexual Magic: The Reversal of Touch => War

And we have enjoined on man to be dutiful and good to his parents. His mother bore him in weakness and hardship upon weakness and hardship, and his weaning is in two years give thanks to Me and to your parents. Unto me is the final destination. (Q, 31:14)

When the child stands up it is the first attempt to willfully enter the upright human realm. The infants vegetative state essentially lasts for the first six months and the baby's animal state that of a crawling quadruped usually lasts until it has mastered its walk at the time of weaning, at which time a kind of rebellion is announced with both tongue and feet. The child then becomes what Americans call the terrible two-year old and with good reason, as he is now an inept biped toddler totally incapable of discernment who must taste the entire world by putting everything he finds in his mouth


so that he touches the world with his tongue in order to learn the names of things and thus, bring forth the newly awakened faculty of speech while at the same time he is both running away from or to his often terrified mother. A reversal now takes place in the relationship between child and elders. Up to this point, the elders have been pleasing (pleasuring) and comforting the baby almost on a continuum. But now the toddler begins the long hard road of learning how to please (comfort) its elders. Somehow, along the many biased roads of this learning process, trust and faith are left behind by far too many humans, and comfort becomes the primary goal for both generations at the cost of Allah's remembrance. When faith in God and trust in divine governance (authority) are divorced from the experience of human touch, the momentary pleasure and comforts of sensuality are all that remain to permeate the human soul, and thus it is that many become profligates destined for hell as they repeatedly pursue this lust of the flesh in vain. Obsessively they are searching for the real comfort of as-Sakkinah which they desperately need but which their experience has denied them any cognizance. Lost in carnality, men beat their wives into submission and polyandrines subconsciously pursue the love of God in the arms of far too many men whom they grow to despise. When the balanced integration of faith, trust, and comfort fail to incarnate with the soul with respect to human touch, perversion and deviation are the only possible outcomes. However, when properly integrated during the first three years of life, the process metamorphically evolves into the experience of true erotic bliss in adulthood, when two completely independent well integrated souls choose to unite and remember Allah by pursuing the perfection of taqua in holy marriage. Therein the woman must be gently fathered by her husband who takes her in his strong arms to cradle, caress, kiss and speak the words of love and perform the deeds that affirm her faith, so that soul and body securely rest in his embrace as his potent manhood enters her holy cavern to initiate the miracle of human re-creation as they enter the Rest of God together. On the other hand, the man must be mothered, played with and teased by his wife as their hands, lips and tongues playfully explore erogenous zones in the memory of the trust gained in infancy when both were snuggled and touched with gentle intimacy by their parents. Together they touch each other in love


and lust and lead each other to the bliss of orgasm's complete surrender to trust and iman, during which moments both parties lose control and forget the entire world in the grip of Allah's Almighty re-creative command: the Word of Al' Mussawwir. Together they consciously touch and guide each other to this sublime moment of involuntary surrender in remembrance of Allah, a moment that fully mirrors the helpless spastic state of the infant and even mimics a seizure with its loss of consciousness. This is the real Fana, and Im not the least bit sorry to inform my Sufi brothers of this fact of life. A release takes place both of body and soul that causes a momentary dreamlike separation or excarnation. It is of such a consequence, that without the shield of doa, jinn would have ready access to possess their bodies. This is one of the sexual secrets of magic as practiced by Satanists and many pagan shamans.68 And most certainly, if satans gain access to parents, what then is to happen to any child's body so conceived? Satanists and pagans perform intercourse consciously in honor of their many gods. Fornicators, as well as those who commit zina, accomplish similar demonizations unconsciously. These latter two groups have lost faith and trust in Allah for reasons discussed above, but the primal instinct for human touch remains so irresistible, they must blindly grope each other for the momentary pleasures and comforts that can never permeate their soul with the Rest of Allah. Muslim parents must bear this in mind whenever touching their spouse and child. For these most serious of reasons, our Prophet gave instruction for

a party of the People of the Book threw away the Book of Allah behind their backs, as if it had been something they did not know! They followed what the Satans recited over Solomons Kingdom. Solomon did not disbelieve, but Satans disbelieved teaching men magic, and such things as came down at Babylon to the angels Harut and Marut. But neither of these taught anyone such things without saying: We are only for trial; so do not blaspheme Q, II: 101 -102 See also: Sexuality, Magic and Perversion, By Francis King Ferral House, ISBN 0-922915-74-1 One of the first modern-day books to explore orgasm as part of a supernatural rite to achieve Divine Union [marriage with jinn], Mr. King investigates the use of sexuality by Western and Eastern religious and occult traditions, from fertility cults, tantricism, black masses, Islamic mysticism, templarism, forms of Crowleyan sex magick, and even the work of Wilhelm Reich. The late Francis King was also the author of Satan and Swastika, Ritual Magic in England, Magic: The Western Tradition, The Magical World of Aleister Crowley, Rudolf Steiner and Holistic Medicine, and other books describing the kingdoms of Iblis.


prayer before marriage, before sex, during pregnancy, and at birth; and I must emphatically stress that this is no laughing matter except for those with unbelief in their heart. These prayers must be regarded as an act of marital jihad, because touch without faith can only lead to spiritual war. It is the very essence of Sexual Magick.

Sexual Etiquette: Erotic Protocol and Marital Taqua

The path to orgasm begins in the womb and is guided by touch during the first three-and-a-half years as a confirmation of faith and trust. Without this confirmation, repressed rage is likely to manifest in later years as a sexual deviation linked to violent behaviors or the passive aggression of submissive pretence, in which the masochist actually controls the sadist by limiting the infliction of pain. In between these two extremes we find all sorts of deviant behaviors that fly against the face of God's intended heterosexual norm in mankinds search for the comforts of carnal pleasure . When faith in Allah and trust in God's appointed vicegerents is established in the baby's soul by the age of 18-36 months, the integration of faith, trust and pleasure provide the groundwork (mental constructs) of security in the soul which slowly matures in three distinct seven-year cycles of growth which complete the initial integrated incarnation process. Adult maturation of emotional responses to life's trials and experience are then initiated in further seven-year cycles, with each one bearing a recapitulation and metamorphic enlargement of the soul's capacity to attain and practice virtue, finally resulting in wisdom in all thought word and deed. This is why persons should never be placed in positions of authority, and is also why the wicked see that this is done. The challenge then presented to a husband as the imam of sexual intercourse (perversion is his sadistic dominance), is to guide his wife to the innocent pleasures of an infantile remembrance of trust via patient gentleness and tender caress, so that her own sexual response system responds within this recapitulation of the pristine 'rest of God'. This is so in order to overcome her natural resistance so that she voluntarily welcomes the entry of his manhood, so that he too is surrounded and veiled within the comforting joys of her own pleasure and conscious reciprocal efforts to please him. Emotionally mature men take no pleasure in having intercourse with a woman who experiences


neither desire nor pleasure, because it is the wife's pleasure that confirms his masculinity as the dominator or guide of her pleasure or comfort, or: Rest in God. Rough touch and haste only result in tension, non-lubrication of the vagina, and muscular spasticity (vaginismus), which are direct reflections of an infant's reaction to similar handling. Though a man is instantly ready and more than prepared to swiftly enter and complete his mission of pelvic thrusting, Allah has so ordered his wife's response to resist him until he performs the rituals of erotic protocol:

(2) (3)

He must inform her of his desire (i.e. make an appointment with romantic appeal and good behavior); When he arrives at her door he must announce himself and greet her in peace; He must stand aside in gentle foreplay until his call is acknowledged by the release of her vaginal lubrication which then opens the door.

This ritual sexual etiquette is demanded of him as a discipline no different than ritual solat which opens the door of heaven to receive his prayer. The socialization of this approach to intimate marital relations engenders the maturation and growth of trust and faith for both, and is one reason why wise women prefer older men. The sexual protocols teach him patient diplomacy required for the society of hypocrites at large, which, when achieved honestly, reflects the couple's marital taqua unmistakably in all manner of expression, especially when men and women see them looking lovingly at each other across the room in the middle of a gathering of habitual liars. This marital taqua is achieved through the constant mutual application of loving touches that lead to and accompany intercourse as a recapitulation of the infant's experience that remains a deeply embedded subconscious remembrance throughout life. The babe's yearning and profound need for the reassurance that Allah has not abandoned it after the long journey (descent) from heaven, is not to be taken lightly and is certainly a factor which the psychiatric community completely ignores. Consequently it is no wonder they have developed so many confounding theories! Anyway, the remembering of this infantile reassurance is what is rehearsed each time we have sex, whether consciously or not.


The mother's natural affection and tender caress is an affirmation that both she and child have the protection of a potent wali (father and husband) who stands an ever watchful guard as Mohammads vicegerent. Again, this reassuring touch is the path whereby the three human elements: soul, etheric body, and flesh, are fully integrated and blissfully united in that moment of orgiastic return to the tiny slice of surrender to Paradise's pleasure in orgasmic fana: it is the quintessence of divine love that repeatedly regenerates the etheric life-force and restores/maintains health, which is one reason some of us maintain a youthful glow even into our eighth decade of lifes pleasure and pain. As the quintessential element of divine grace, it is therefore holy and represents piety at its zenith when practiced in remembrance of our Creator. Indeed, if AlQuran holds any mystery in the use of the word Nikah, then what Ive just described is it. It is the human touch which is entirely sexualized according to the awesomely profound directive of the Word of Al'Mussawwir. Therefore, the Heterosexual union of genders in licit marriage ( tawaj) completes the human experience of Tawheed, with which neither man nor woman on their own can remember Allah as divinely intended through the unity of both complementary natures. This conscious union is what truly provides the groundwork for the 'best of all possible offspring'. Women, much more than men, intuitively know this even though they cannot express it as such. This is why they tend to lust after romantic novels and fantasies, etc. etc. of the forever-after venues. Men, on the other hand, just want to get vulgarly on with it, so to speak. Sorry guys. Without the 'touch' of this authentic true-love, all else is a deviation from the course of perfection, and any who enter the bed of mere carnality have missed the mark of marital piety and inevitably profane their sexuality. Without the gentleness of our instinctive approach to and touch of the infant, sex is a mere animal act in which trust and faith cannot manifest and are denied, and morality has no place, which is why it is called immoral and even, subhuman.

Touch & Discernment

All that the infant-baby learns by experience is somehow mediated through the sense of touch. Even sound vibrations and light waves must 'touch' the


surface of ear and eye, and all surface 'sensory receptors' throughout the body are derived from the embryonic ectoderm: that front row of pluri-potent cells that line up in ranks in the tri-laminar embryonic primitive disc (like a flatworm or leech) during the first three weeks of gestation. And everyone instinctively changes their tone of speech when approaching any infant:
"... He would have shown them (hypocrites) to you and you should have known them by their marks; but surely you will know them by the tone of their speech. Q, 47:30)

Psychiatrists have observed institutionalized patients who consistently laugh whenever listening to a politician's speech. When examined, the madmen all confessed that they mocked the speaker because they knew he was lying by the sound of his voice. The baby, though not mad has something in common with these madmen in that it simply has no desire to be touched by any sight, sound or movement that is unpleasant and disturbs the 'Rest of God' in which it sleeps, eats, and grows. It instinctively has the ability to discern that which is not good, not beneficial or unpleasant, and when ears hear or eyes see clearly, the infant will often reject the sound or sight of an unwanted visitor, often embarrassing those it abhors until they prove themselves as worthy companions. The babe instinctively does not trust their sight, smell, sound, or touch as Allah's representative (wali) and deems them unworthy of its affection. Unlike the parents, all other humans must earn the trust and love of the babe and these wages are all paid through the currency of 'touch'. This sentient phenomena is readily carried over to the marriage bed, so that a spouse who is unkempt in body and soul disqualifies themselves in the eyes of the other as being too unpleasant to touch in love because they look, smell, sound or act unpleasantly and do not deserve the loving touch and attentions of the human sexual response, even though they desperately desire it out of genuine human need. This reason alones allows that a woman should never be forced into marriage, or compelled to remain married to a man she finds unpleasant and as taught by the prophet. Nor can a virile man sexually respond to a wife who has lost her attractive charm through neglect and/or gastronomic overindulgence. And even when a man is perceived as attractive physically and morally, if his


words to not 'touch' the woman's heart persuasively, or if his manner is gruff, or if he somehow fails to reflect the image or even scent of her father as wali, she will not desire union with him and her body's sexual response system will not welcome him freely of its own inherent will. She will reject him automatically as does the infant reject the unproven stranger. There is hadith that tells of a woman refusing the Prophet's marriage proposal she did not find him pleasing enough to touch in love and actually sought refuge in Allah from him! This episode reveals the end-result of many factors of sexualization we have discussed and some we have not. And many of these factors are void of moral qualities but have everything to do with the child's conditioning as a baby as well as chemical mediators such as chemicals that modify hormones and end organ responses and even body odor. It is quite possible the lady refused Muhammad because he failed her subconscious 'sniff test.

Double Standards
"And if the dying person be of those on the Right Hand, then there is safety and peace (from the punishment of Allah) for those on the Right hand." (Q, 56:91-92) "Did we not create you from a despised water (semen)? Then we placed it in a place of safety (womb). (Q, 77: 20-21)

Iman (faith) is implicit in animal behavior. Animals do not worry but go about their pre-ordained duties and when trouble comes they may seek relief or escape, but if no help or exit arrives they simply die without too many complaints, being secure in their animal faith that they have done their best to avoid the inevitable. But this is not so for most humans. If every infant is born a natural Muslim inclined towards Allah, and if the verse of our preprimordial covenant with Allah is true, then every man is born with an instinctive memory of Allah. This indicates that hypocrisy that rampant disease of the heart is a direct result of a spiritual infection through human conditioning. This is to say that humans are taught the art of hypocrisy by their caregivers. The estate of hypocrisy is that of the liar:
"And they think that they have something to stand upon. Verily, they (hypocrites) are liars." (Q; 58:18))


All liars are prompted to imposture in order to fulfill their desires as a substitute for the comforts of true faith or as-Sakkinah, which is, by definition, the peace and security or metaphysical ground sincere believers have striven to stand on'. As stated previously, the infant emerges from the comfort and safety of the womb and is totally incapable of fulfilling its own needs. However, as the child grows he does learn to do this one way or another by pleasing (i.e., pleasuring) her/his parents. This learning process is ultimately one of mimicry. The child basically does what the parents do. A serious challenge in development arises during the latent years of childhood (ages 7-10) when the child begins to awaken to imperfections in its environment, which includes the behaviors and physical attributes of his superiors. Up to then, in non-dysfunctional households, life is essentially a paradise on earth wherein the child innocently meanders and accepts everything at face -value without little cognition (judgment) of what is evil or out of order and harmful. But during the inquisitive age of latency, the veil is removed so that he/she perceives those contradictions and imperfections that consequently precede a seemingly endless quest for answers. The child is constantly asking: Why Papa / Why Mamma? In some cultures, these probing queries are too often discouraged or even forbidden and a strict command is given to simply obey without question, which is the plea of authoritarian bureaucrats, fascists, sectarian leaders, certain deviant Sufis and various other cultish derivatives for the blind following the blind, known in Islam as taqlid. The childs natural quest for truth and understanding (wisdom) is therefore either aborted or ignored. Muslims must understand that the latent childs search for truth especially with regards to sexuality which is crucial to the Islamic adab of self-identity and awareness as Allahs slave is the direct result of formative forces (The Word of AlMussawwir). These subtle etheric designators of form and function have just finished sculpting the nervous system; a task that is completed during the seventh year of growth.69 Hence, 'Paradise is Lost' and the descent towards earth consciously begins for the soul, which, up to then,

Some children suffer bedwetting for this reason, because the autonomous nerves governing the bladder are have not yet completed formation and function.


was completely enveloped in the protective veil of innocence that now begins seven years of gradual dissolution that leads towards complete extinction at the age of puberty. If the child's questions regarding imperfections or conflicting behaviors of superiors and peers go unheeded, or if deeper queries that reach out for spiritual truth and meaning are ignored and remain unanswered as if they are insignificant, a conditioning process akin to sectarian reform initiates a certain careless attitude in the child leading to the heedlessness of fitrah, and this is exactly what prepares the soul for the life-long double-standard of either hypocrisy or the well known human denial syndrome.70 Children then learn to suppress their search for truth (reaffirmation of the pre-primordial covenant of As-Sakkinah), after which they adjust themselves to whichever bias best serves need fulfillment. When factual truth and understanding (wisdom) are set aside, self-gratification and survival become the childs paramount pleasure in place of wisdom, whereby these passing pleasures become addictive such that they continuously require more and more things or pre-occupations like sports, music, trivia or worldly knowledge to satisfy non-virtuous attributes such as vanity, fame, greed, lust, gluttony, power, money, etc., etc. ... When no oblation of tawhid truth is offered to fill the void in the heart of the newly conditioned non-wisdom seeking soul, these fixations on worldly pleasure become a veil that covers the neglected search for truth, understanding and eternal purpose ( akhirah), without which As-Sakkinah cannot be maintained in peace (Islam). And thus are hypocrites and self-deluded liars in denial made, which consequently infers they are not born that way. If this deviation and shunting aside of fitrah is not corrected by the time of adolescence and guided by truth towards virtue, the non-virtuous preoccupations become fixed (i.e. concretely conditioned) in the sou l by adolescent peer pressure, wherein the child learns that everybody is doing it so to speak. They also learn that if he/she does not run with the herd, their needs and perceived needs now entirely emotionally centered on being

The practice of claiming to have higher standards or beliefs than is the case. ORIGIN: Middle English: from Old French ypocrisie, via ecclesiastical Latin, from Greek hupokrisis acting of a theatrical part, from hupokrinesthai play a part, pretend, from hupo under + krinein decide, judge. (Oxford Dict). This latter definition is often referred to in Al -Kitab in references to those who set themselves up as judges of Gods Word or Law.


accepted are simply not met! If the childs peers and superiors overwhelmingly adjust to this herd mentality, truth is subjected to the corruption caused by conformity to public opinion wherein adab is commonly degraded to hypocrisy and human denial of fitrah (common sense) wherein politically correct thought becomes the norm. As the hadith predicted, our Mosques are filled with herd-running hypocrites bowing low in gilded decorum while deeds the only thing we take to the grave become shorn of service to the Cause of Allah in truth. In this environment, what is politically correct is as far from truth and understanding as is Mt. Everests peak from the ashes of Sodom in the Dead Sea. Muhammad was the first Prophet to break this pattern for an entire nation and generation, and, as a result, he established a polity enslaved to truth to such a degree that for 700 years Islam gathered all known knowledge and made it available to the world in the light of tawhid. Sadly, the polar opposite is presently the status quo for many professing Muslims, especially the leadership. During the latent years, the well-adjusted child is a natural purist i.e. he/she seeks perfection and understanding in and of the natural order and when confronted by imperfection is genuinely affronted and demands that the disorder be corrected or placed within a cognitive worldvi ew that makes sense in its congruence with fitrah. Almost every unspoiled child with a sound mind is a budding scholar at this tender age. The thirst for as much pure truth as can be handled by their immature, inexperienced mentality is akin to an exhaustive mental marathon. However, and most unfortunately, if their questions go unanswered, suppressed or confronted by impressive ignorance, an acceptance for what is impure becomes normative. If this period of enquiry is not soberly guided by forthright honesty, the childs capacity for morally imbued logic is either impaired or shackled by lies, liars and ignorance, and the liability carries over to the emotionally charged period of adolescence as rebellion against contradictions it once soberly confronted during the innocence of latency. Children insulted before latency by dysfunctional parents have an even greater burden of reactive formations, if they survive. Adolescent development is due to formative forces e now transferred to accelerated growth and physical maturation, so that without the balanced


answers it once pursued with innocent sobriety, the child is essentially unprepared to respond soberly to a drastically changing body sexually charged with imaginations and the conflicting emotions of love, hate, sympathy and antipathy which toss the soul like a ship in a tempest without a wisdom anchor. And for those of you who are overly religious, ritual doesnt have any bearing at this time other than to cement repressed or unrecognized hostility; especially when the child is forced to do things for which there is no comprehension or reasonable purpose when commanded by a generation of hypocrites and hapless ignoramuses. Hence, the latent period, and most especially the pre-pubescent ages of 9-12, is best suited for sex education as well as the morally imbued elements of logic such as the abstract constructs of music, math and geometry, etc., so that the virtue of mental order rather than confusion reigns as king during adolescence. If honesty and virtue are anointed prince regent during the latent period, then the Rest of God as As-Sakkinah will govern the trying time of adolescence. However, when chauvinist ignorance and hypocrisy are the educators, psychologically-normative growth, development and adjustment of the soul are most unlikely. Much like the perfectly formed female body of a genetic male with testicular feminization, outwardly things may appear normal (like a mosque filled with hypocrites and ignoramuses), but inwardly there is a deep dysfunctional malady that will reproduce the calamity by raising another self-same generation of deviantly-deformed offspring; much as the prophet prophesied. The child will develop outwardly to appear normal, but the truth of who he/she really is or aspires to be will remain veiled and/or shackled by conventional pretense. Though ignorant, the latent child bears a 'sense' of justice which is a major component of the fitrah with which he/she was born. What was once intuitive for the infant becomes a program of research and development for the latent child, whereby the child seeks to know what is just vs. unjust, true vs. false, etc. A categorization takes place wherein moral and factual knowledge is confirmed and affirmed at this time with a forthright guiltless consciousness, completely innocent of bias and prurience.
"But they have no knowledge thereof. They follow but a guess, and verily, guess is no substitute for truth." (Q, 53:28)


Therefore, if you don't know an answer, don't guess! Just admit your ignorance and help the child find the truth, but for Gods sake, please don't tell him or her to shut up and stop asking questions! The child is seeking knowledge for knowledges sake in a subconscious but inherently compulsive effort to comfort their souls with truth; and we must remember that the child bears no sense of morality or sin as yet, because during this age all things remain pure for well adjusted non-dysfunctional offspring, even if objects of enquiry are disordered or misunderstood. But this state of innocence changes drastically at puberty, so that anger and even rage will surface if the childs sense of justice is affronted. We see preterit examples in undisciplined toddlers who seek to manipulate their parents with tantrums. However, in the adolescent, the rage is clearly directed towards an individual or group that the child honestly deems unjust. If forbidden outward expression the anger turns to rage and becomes an internalized festering wound of passive-aggression (backbiting, etc.). The childs soul-pain then requires repeated applications of analgesic in order to mimic as-Sakkinah, the sense of security and comfort. They will then seek the companionship of the similarly afflicted for comfort and often in the form of sexual touching. They form cliques and gangs as familial substitutes and eventually taunt well adjusted children who fail to conform, even to the point of abuse and murder. Dangerous activities often substitute for the pleasure once afforded by genuine as-Sakkinah, including thrill-seeking and drugs. These behaviors and sexual touching have similar chemical effects on the pleasure centers of the hypothalamus in the brain. Hence, the intelligent aspiring adult who becomes addicted to an illusion of as-Sakkinah, quickly learns to cover immoral deeds with mockery or ritual hypocrisy as a defense mechanism or in order to avoid discovery and maintain need fulfillment. Among these types as adults you will find those who are the most vocal defendants of ritual and pageantry, which is 'a perfect screen for hypocrisy' (see Q, 63:2-3). In my opinion, the greater the ritual and decorum so also is the greater the hypocrisy and conformity to human denial, especially in light of the Sunnah and Sirah which are filled with simplicity rather than ornate religious protocols. On the other hand, some of these children are honest enough to become


outlaws, and these, in the writers opinion, are more readily returned to virtue than hardened hypocrites (again see vs. 63:2-3). In other words, I have more respect for an honest thief than the CEOs of so-called Islamic Banks. Unfortunately, the present society is so deviantly ordered and ignorant, that the comfort seeking behaviors described above have now invaded the latent years of childhood. Adolescence therefore, is a common road to institutionalized hypocrisy as a way of life when not guided by truth during childhood latency and by justice during puberty. An entire culture may become enmeshed in hypocrisy as normative behavior such as America is today. Another example is found among tribes of the Malay Peninsula where promises between Muslims are customarily made in pretense. This cultural norm demands the appearance of good intentions at the moment the promise is made. The practice is so wide-spread that the phrase InshaAllah is a dead giveaway meaning nothing is really intended or expected. However, throughout all Scripture, we are taught to speak true and not to make false promises. Therefore, when the child awakens to InshaAllah people, and especially if they are the parents and near relatives, a conflict begins that is irresolvable with respect to the professed tradition and fitrah, and all too often it is the expressed religious tradition that triumphs rather than truth. This is because the Promise(s) of God is/are repeatedly pronounced and fulfilled and the sunnah of the Prophet(s) confirms this; yet the sunnah of the childs community disaffirms what they are taught is honorable, and the two contradictory codes of honor cannot be taken as Islams deen. This anomaly is irresolvable without repentance, and it deepens in gravity when graver sins are covered over by InshaAllah people. And since the community is too proud to admit its sin, the child is forced to accept sin as a normal addendum to its religion and deen, and this conflict of interest has no resolution other than engendered hypocrisy as described above, or honest rebellion; and this situation certainly does not foster the Taqua of marriage. Hence, where the infant begins its journey of trust, the adolescent is reformed to accept mistrust and misdeeds as presented by Mohammads so-called vice-regents. It is then instructed to honor its hypocritical parents. Such is life. To summarize: the pre-primordial Promise that the infant seeks to affirm and confirm is what the latent child seeks to understand define and extend


beyond the boundaries of family, and which the adolescent seeks to judge as being justly fulfilled as he/she learns to then implement the deen of Islam. All of this is innate fitrah in action, but is readily made into deviant behavior and thought by the double standards of family and community, especially with regards to the treatment of women. At all three developmental stages the child innately seeks justice, equity, security, understanding, peace and comfort. And, as I have clearly demonstrated, this is initialized through the sense of touch and has everything ultimately to do with sexuality wherein a Muslims deen is made complete, because all is tawhid and akhirah.
"Would you then, if you were given the authority, do mischief in the land, and sever your ties of kinship? Such are they (hypocrites) whom Allah has cursed so that He has made them deaf and blinded their sight. Do they not then think deeply in the Qur'an, or are their hearts locked up from understanding it?" (Q, 47:22-23) Is then one who doth know that that which hath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord is the Truth, like one who is blind? It is those who are endued with understanding that receive admonition; - Those who fulfill the covenant of Allah and fail not in their plighted word; Those who join together those things which Allah hath commanded to be joined, hold their Lord in awe, and fear the terrible reckoning; Those who patiently persevere, seeking the countenance of their Lord; Establish regular prayers; spend, out of (the gifts) We have bestowed for their sustenance, secretly and openly; and turn off Evil with good: for such there is the final attainment of the (eternal) home, Gardens of perpetual bliss: they shall enter there, as well as the righteous among their fathers, their spouses, and their offspring: and angels shall enter unto them from every gate (with the salutation): "Peace unto you for that ye persevered in patience! Now how excellent is the final home!" (Q. 13: 19 24)

It is well known that the maladjusted adolescent severs his ties of kinship if given the opportunity, and for many this becomes a fixed pattern of avoidance of all legitimate authority at every opportunity, which is why authentic Ulema are now marginalized across the board by all Islamic Politicos. After all, how many Muslim Politicians or businessmen wish to take an Imam or Ustaz as a companion on their fact-finding trips abroad? Why is this? The Covenant of Allah they desperately sought at the hands of their parents lacked developmental consequences that honored truth, hence their search for wisdom went unheeded, and often they were admonished unjustly or not at all when appropriate. Why then respect such an authority


except for the sake of appearances? One must then ask if their parents possessed hearts that were locked from understanding the Qur'an as quoted above, and thus prevented the 'peace with security' from granting Gods good 'pleasure ' to the souls of their children who then sought it elsewhere in vain! Unfortunately, it appears this is the case, and the implication is that generations conformed to hypocrisy decry and bewail each generation that rebels, yet the latter did so as a result of reformations that obstructed or diverted the natural course of fitrah without recourse to the authentic sunnah each one degenerating further. Hence we have the blinded blinding the seeker and bemoaning their discomfiture. It really is that bad, otherwise the divorce rates and other social maladies amongst Muslims would condemn me as a liar. To the contrary, they only support my thesis and the statistics continue to grow ominously. Six hundred years after Allah destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem according to the word of Prophet Isa, Muhammad renewed the covenant of Allahs AsSakkinah according to Allah's Promise to Abraham in al'Taurat. There is no more Prophet to come and As-Sakkinah now rests in the hands of Allah's Slaves, which is supposed to be you dear reader. Therefore, gain understanding and learn to use your hands with this in mind, and most especially with regard for the true propose of human touch, which is to confirm, maintain and bequeath the Covenant of Allah for and to your children in knowledge and truth! Do not be so ready to run with the herd of hypocrites who appear righteous but whose hearts are blinded to the Cause of Allah. And do not suppress the childs search for the affirmation of the inherent Word he or she carries from AlMussawwir, or you will deprive them of the sober potential for the mature comforts shared by Rebecca and Isaac or Aisha and Muhammad, without which, the 'best of all possible offspring is not possible'. Remember, you are rearing someone elses spouse.
They make their oaths a shelter, and thus turn away from Allah's way; surely evil is that which they do. (Q. 63: 002) That is because they believe, then disbelieve, so a seal is set upon their hearts so that they do not understand. (Q. 63: 003)


And when it is said to them: Come, the Messenger of Allah will ask forgiveness for you, they turn back their heads and you may see them turning away while they are big with pride. (Q. 63: 005) It is alike to them whether you beg forgiveness for them or do not beg forgiveness for them; Allah will never forgive them; surely Allah does not guide the transgressing people. (Q. 63: 006)

Abu Haneefah (d. 150H) (rahimahullaah) said:

"Adhere to the athar (narration) and the tareeqah (way) of the Salaf (Pious Predecessors) and beware of newly invented matters for all of it is innovation" Reported by As-Suyootee in Sawn al Mantaq wal-Kalaam, p.32

Shaykhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said:

"This is why those who are in authority are of two groups: the scholars and the rulers. If they are upright, the people will be upright; if they are corrupt, the people will be corrupt."


Sheikh `Abd al-`Azz b. `Al al-Suwayd

on Mind Control or Taqlid
Have they not traveled in the land so that they should have hearts with which to feel and ears with which to hear? For indeed it is not the eyes that grow blind but it is the hearts, which are within the bosoms, that grow blind. [ Srah al-Hajj: 46] This verse of the Qurn tells us that there is a blindness more pervasive and more subtle than the blindness of the eyes. There is deafness more insidious than that of the ears. It is the blindness and deafness of the heart and mind born of heedlessness, thoughtlessness, and the rote following of others. What brings about this pervasive though unnoticed blindness? It is the result of what we might call social hypnosis a state of being where the individuals intellect is l ulled into acquiescence to whatever society dictates to him or suggests to him, though he feels himself to be a free and independent agent. It is society which brings about this hypnotic state, placing the people into such a deep oblivion that they succumb to its every suggestion day after day, encumbered by its influence from the cradle to the grave. We are lulled into a state of intellectual slumber by the unquestioning acceptance of customs, traditions, standards, and conventional wisdoms that we are simply too familiar with to think twice about. The customs and traditions of a society and the unquestioned assumptions that society upholds act as a sedative upon the intellect. Only a few people succeed in shrugging it off. This societal sedation has a paralyzing effect on intellectual development. Those who come under its sway cannot formulate any idea outside of the confines of what society suggests to them. Society either through its control of the media, its pervasive cultural presence, its web of values, its accumulated parables, or the authority of its customs, habits, and traditions has the power to close the mind and stand as an obstacle to independent thinking. This prevents people from being able to ascertain the truth about the world around them and about God. This is a kind of heedlessness that people in society fall into. You see them walking about, driving their cars, holding conversations, eating, drinking, and engaging in all sorts of activities. Yet, they are like intellectual sleepwalkers or people under hypnosis. Their perception is blunted. The influences of their environment and cultural norms direct their life routines, their responses, their feelings, even their innermost worries, as if they are under remote control.


Appendix I A Review of Select Publications and Reports on Sexual Dimorphism

Born gay? The psychobiology of human sexual orientation PERGAMON, Elsevier Science Ltd, PII: S0191-8869(02)00140-X;, by Qazi Rahman, Glenn D. Wilson Department of Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, University of London, De Crespigny Park, London SE5 8AF, UK Received 26 November 2001; received in revised form 1 April 2002; accepted 27 April 2002. Qazi Rahman is supported by the Medical Research Council of the United Kingdom. This work is also supported by a grant from the British Academy to Dr. Wilson. Extract and Summary: Neurodevelopment and the sexual differentiation of the brain Theories concerning the etiogenesis of sexual orientation that focus on the sexual differentiation of the brain have enjoyed growing support The prenatal neurohormonal, or androgen theory, following Ellis and Ames (1987) classic paper, is dominant by far, but there are two others; maternal immunization and recently, the notion of developmental instability. All draw implicitly on the established taxonic nature of sexual orientation (examined earlier) which implicates a canalization of prenatal neurodevelopmental processes that could account for the covariation between sexual orientation and its correlates. Early sex-atypical differentiation of the brain has been evidenced in several domains: somatic and morphological variations, neuroanatomy and neuropsychology The evidence for sex differences in neuroanatomy sets the stage for investigations into within sex dimorphism, notably in the brains of homosexuals and heterosexuals (Breedlove, 1992; Matsumoto, 2000; Swaab & Hofman, 1995). The first reported difference in neuroanatomy between homosexuals and heterosexuals showed that the supra-chiasmatic nucleus (SCN), a region involved with circadian rhythms and sexual behavior, was larger and more elongated in homosexual men (Swaab & Hofman, 1990).This shape is characteristically found in women. LeVay (1991) reported that an area of the hypothalamus, the third interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus (INAH-3), was smaller in homosexual men than in heterosexual men. This area is also typically smaller in women (Byne et al., 2000, 2001; LeVay, 1991). Allen and Gorski (1992) reported the midsagittal plane of the anterior-commissure (AC) to be larger in homosexual men than in heterosexual men and women, a region larger in women than in men generally (Allen & Gorski,


1991).Finally, using structural magnetic resonance imaging, Scamvougeras et al.(1994) reported that the isthmus of the corpus callosum was larger by 13% in right-handed homosexual men as compared to heterosexual men. The isthmus is also larger in women and positively correlated with left-handedness in men (Witelson, 1989; Witelson & Goldsmith, 1991). The theory of prenatal androgen exposure originates from a large body of research demonstrating that the male foetal brain is masculinized by exposure to androgenic gonadal steroids during critical periods of development. The absence of androgens results in feminization of the foetal brain. Hormonal exposure at these stages organizes the brain in a lasting manner and determines patterns of male-typical versus female-typical behaviors (including sexual preferences, gender identity and childhood interests), as well as neurocognitive features (Collaer & Hines, 1995). In this view, homosexuality in males is due to under-masculinisation (the partial absence of androgenising effects) in women over-masculinization (excess androgenising effects) during early development (Collaer & Hines, 1995; Ellis & Ames, 1987). Genetic products produce androgen receptor (AR) proteins in most end tissues, particularly the brain, which mediate the action of steroid hormones The classic model of neurohormonal differentiation has always assumed that female sexual differentiation develops by default. Recent evidence suggests that estrogenic products have an active role in feminization, but this mechanism is poorly understood (Ogawa & Pfaff, 2000). Moreover, the paradox of estrogenic influences in both female-typical and male-typical reproductive behaviors remains. There may also be different critical periods for the activation or inhibition of female differentiation. Thus it is difficult to construct coherent theories for the development of female sexual preferences in humans. Studies with mice indicate that the action of estrogen receptor genes depends on the gender in which they are expressed. In female mice, disruption of the estrogen receptor leads to loss of lordosis and female sexual behavior, whereas in male mice it results in reduced male-typical sexual behaviors (Ogawa & Pfaff, 2000) One possible environmental insult during neurodevelopment that could determine sex-atypical sexual preferences is maternal stress. This longstanding theory suggests that maternal stress affects the intrauterine hormonal milieu of the foetus, resulting in homosexuality (Dorner et al., 1980; Dorner, Schenk, Schmiedel, & Ahrens, 1983). More sophisticated accounts have suggested that stressful maternal experiences may release high levels of stress hormones which interfere with the functioning of the hypothalamic-adrenal-gonadal axis in the foetus. This may cause deviations from normal patterns of sexual differentiation (Ellis & Cole-Harding, 2001). Although some


authorities have discounted it (Bailey, Willerman & Parks, 1991; Schmidt & Clement, 1995), Ellis and Cole-Harding (2001) found that mothers of homosexual males reported higher levels of stress during the first and second months of pregnancy in comparison to mothers of heterosexual males. There were no differences relating to stress during any other month of pregnancy, and no differences reported between heterosexual and homosexual females. There were also no differences in maternal reports of alcohol consumption between heterosexuals and homosexuals, but mothers of homosexual females reported higher consumption of nicotine (through cigarette smoking) during the first and second months of pregnancy compared to mothers of hetero-sexual females. This study comprised a large overall sample (over 7892), the size of homosexual groups was much smaller (332 compared to 7473 heterosexuals) As yet, efforts to identify psychosocial factors in the development of sexual orientation have turned up very little. This partly reflects a lack of empirical support for traditional behaviorist and psychodynamic models, which regarded homosexuality as pathology (Gonsiorek & Weinrich, 1991). There is minimal evidence for parental influences on sexual orientation. Bailey, Barbow, Wolfe, and Mikach (1995) reported that over 90% of sons of gay fathers are heterosexual, whilst Golombok and Taskers (1996) longitudinal study of adults raised in lesbian households reported similar rates. In both studies, amount of time spent living with homosexual parents did not correlate with sexual orientation, thus environmental transmission (in the form of temporally dependent learning influences) is not supported. The theories for the neurodevelopment of sexual orientation focus on the sexual differentiation of the brain and propose some kind of shunting of development down sex-typical or atypical routes, this being consistent with the taxonic nature of sexual orientation. There are hypothalamic clues to preferences for either males or females as partners. The body of evidence for a co-variation between correlates of sexual orientation supports the prenatal androgen theory of sexual differentiation of the brain The prenatal androgen theory best explains current findings concerning male sexual orientation. There is certainly some evidence for a cross-sex shift towards male typicality in some domains in lesbians, but these are not always parallel to shifts in gay men towards female typicality. Our understanding of a masculinized neurodevelopmental pathway for lesbianism is derived from clinical populations (such as women with CAH). These have only been partially informative. There is a need to establish more rigorously the profile of correlates (somatic, neuroanatomical and neurocognitive) associated with normative female homosexuality. Previous


authors have certainly noted that male and female sexual orientations are different, but most have simply hinted at different developmental pathways and said little more. Thus, we have to accept that female sexual orientation is, for the time being, poorly understood. It is plausible that human females evolved more open behavior programs in ancestral environments, this resulting in greater plasticity in female sexuality and making it difficult to observe linear neurodevelopmental. Q. Rahman, G.D. Wilson / Personality and Individual Differences 34 (2003) 13371382 1371 pathways (Baumeister, 2000) From a scientific viewpoint, the causes of homosexuality are irrelevant to whether it should be considered as a psychopathology. Homosexuality does not inherently cause personal distress (other than that due to societys reaction to it) or prevent individuals from being productive and fulfilled members of society (Gonsiorek & Weinrich, 1991).

The Swedish study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, compared the size of the brain's halves in 90 adults. Gay men and straight women had halves of a similar size, while the right side was bigger in lesbian women and straight men. A UK scientist said this was evidence sexual preference was set in the womb. A group of 90 healthy gay and straight adults, men and women, were scanned by the Karolinska Institute scientists to measure the volume of both hemispheres of their brain. When these results were collected, it was found that lesbian women and straight men shared a particular "asymmetry" in their hemisphere size, while straight women and gay men had no difference between the size of the different halves of their brain. In heterosexual men and lesbian women, there were more nerve "connections" in the right side of the amygdala, compared with the left. The reverse, with more neural connections in the left amygdala, was the case in homosexual men and straight women. As far as I'm concerned there is no argument any more - if you are gay, you are born gay. Dr Qazi Rahman Queen Mary, University of London. __________
BBC News, 2008/06/16

Professor Anthony Bogaert studied 944 heterosexual and homosexual men with either "biological" brothers, in this case those who share the same mother, or "nonbiological" brothers, that is, adopted, step or half siblings. He found the link between the number of older brothers and homosexuality only existed when the siblings shared the same mother. The amount of time the individual spent being raised with older brothers did not affect their sexual orientation. In an accompanying article, scientists from Michigan State University said: "These data strengthen the notion that


the common denominator between biological brothers, the mother, provides a prenatal environment that fosters homosexuality in her younger sons. But the question of mechanism remains." These results support a prenatal origin to sexual orientation development in men. Professor Anthony Bogaert, Brock University in Ontario, Canada. Jan, 2005. __________ Nature Reviews Neuroscience | 10 May 2006, Extracts and Summary, Dr. L. Cahill: "Sexual orientation is a complex trait. There is no one 'gay' gene. Our best guess is that multiple genes, potentially interacting with environmental influences, explain differences in sexual orientation Journal Human Genetics , Dr Brian Mustanski, University of Illinois, Jan 2005.

Sexual Dimorphism The size of the human brain is established at a young age, much earlier than motor, psychological, or cognitive maturity. Whole brain volume is at 95% of its adult size by 4 years of age. However, the brain continues to develop well through the teen years, including alteration of the relative volume of brain regions, neuronal number, synaptic connections, and neurochemistry. A number of these changes are sex specific ... Sexual brain dimorphism results, in part, from hormones that affect neuronal formation and elimination and glial development. Hormones have both permanent (i.e., organizational) and acute reversible (i.e., activational) effects on the brain. The organizational actions are hardwired during critical periods of development by genomic and nongenomic events. The activational actions selectively potentiate neural circuit functions established during development. It is important to note that sexual differentiation of the brain begins during the second trimester of gestation and extends through early postnatal life to the onset of puberty. The above image schematically illustrates sex differences in the structural


development of the amygdala. The amygdala is larger, relative to total gray matter, in boys by age 9 than its adult size but is similar to its adult size, relative to total gray matter, by age 9 in girls. In contrast, in adulthood, the amygdala in women comprises a greater percentage of the volume of total gray matter than it does in men. In addition, other brain regions show different developmental patterns in boys and girls (e.g., the hippocampus, caudate, pallidum, dorsolateral and orbital frontal cortices, and parahippocampal white matter). This may result in differential consequences for men and women in the prevalence and expression of psychiatric disorders with neurodevelopmental origins, depending on the timing of the putative insults to these brain regions.
JILL M. GOLDSTEIN, PH.D., DAVID N. KENNEDY, PH.D., VERNE S. CAVINESS, JR., M.D., D.PHIL. Boston, Mass. Am J Psychiatry 156:3, March 1999 __________

The striking quantity and diversity of sex-related influences on brain function indicate that the still widespread assumption that sex influences are negligible cannot be justified, and probably retards progress in our field. Functional and structural dimorphisms Sex differences exist in every brain lobe, including in many cognitive regions such as the hippocampus, amygdale and neocortex. Sex differences can also be relatively global in nature. For example, widespread areas of the cortical mantle are significantly thicker in women than in men. Ratios of grey to white matter also differ significantly between the sexes in diverse regions of the human cortex. In many cases, the differences are not evident in overt anatomical structure, but in some type of functional dimension (hence the distinction above between functional and structural dimorphisms). For example, a region may differ between the sexes in aspects of its neurotransmitter function, or in its genetic or metabolic response to experience. Furthermore, new methodological approaches from gene modification in mice to voxel-based morphometry analyses of human imaging data are revealing previously undetected sexual dimorphisms1. It seems that the sexual dimorphisms uncovered so far, abundant as they may be, represent only a fraction of the sexual dimorphisms that are likely to exist in the brain. Neurochemical sexual dimorphisms Sexual dimorphisms occur in a wide array of neurotransmitter systems, including serotonin, GABA (-aminobutyric acid), acetylcholine, vasopressin, opioids and monoamines. Again, as a full treatment of this topic is outside the scope of this review, I briefly highlight a few salient findings sex differences in brain neurochemistry are proving to be much more pervasive than has been assumed by many. The implications of sex influences for understanding and treating disease states are considerable. Many CNS related disorders show sex differences in their incidence and/or nature. These diseases include, but are not


limited to, Alzheimers disease (AD), PTSD and other anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, autism, addiction, fibromyalgia, attention deficit disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, Tourettes syndrome and eating disorders 3,28,68. Concluding remarks and future directions it is evident that there are sex influences at all levels of the nervous system, from genetic to systems to behavioral levels. The picture of brain organization that emerges is of two complex mosaics one male and one female that are similar in many respects but very different in others. The way that information is processed though the two mosaics, and the behaviors that each produce, could be identical or strikingly different, depending on a host of parameters I suggest that the largest challenge at present is to begin identifying those aspects of brain organization that differ most fundamentally between males and females, and from which many of the sex differences observed so far presumably arise. Despite the heightened complexity it implies, the issue of sex influences seems to be much too important, both practically and theoretically, to be ignored or marginalized any longer in our field. To quote a recent report from the medical branch of the National Academy of Sciences: Sex does matter. It matters in ways that we did not expect. Undoubtedly, it matters in ways that we have not yet begun to imagine. Dr. L. Cahill __________ Carina Dennis, Nature 427, 390-392 (29 January 2004) Biologists are now starting to realize that hormones aren't the only significant determinant of the brain's sexual destiny. Indeed, male and female brains may even start moving down different developmental paths before sex hormones are produced in significant quantities. "There is plenty of evidence that hormones organize the brain sexually, but it's not the whole story," says Eric Vilain, a geneticist at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). New findings about the genetic and other factors that influence the brain's sexual development could do more than simply rewrite the textbooks. They might provide insights into conditions such as transsexualism and perhaps eventually lead to tests that could determine whether a baby with an intersex condition is more likely to grow up thinking, feeling and behaving like a man or a woman. Like its body, this zebra finch's brain was 'male' on the right and 'female' on the left, hinting that more than sex hormones guided its development. Convincing evidence


that this isn't the complete story comes from a rare, naturally occurring zebra finch that was genetically male on the right side of its body, with bright plumage and a testis, and genetically female on the left, with dowdy feathers and an ovary. If brain sex depended solely on hormones, you'd expect both sides of the bird's brain to be the same, as they were both exposed to the same mix of male and female hormones coursing through the blood. But when researchers led by neurobiologist Arthur Arnold at UCLA examined the bird's brain, they found that the neural circuits that control male song were much larger on the right side. Other researchers are also working with mice i n which Sry has been manipulated: male mice lacking Sry develop as females, whereas genetically female mice given Sry grow up as males. Using such mice, Arnold teamed up with Ingrid Reisert at the University of Ulm in Germany to investigate a phenomenon that Reisert had identified more than a decade ago: the fact that some cells extracted from the midbrains of male and female embryonic rodents develop differently when grown in culture. They found that these differences aren't simply a result of Sry kick-starting the production of testosterone in the testes other genes on the sex chromosomes are also apparently involved.
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Nature Neuroscience, Oct. 2004 10.1038/nn1004-1029 E. Delot, A Question of Gender Transsexualism is one of the many different biological variations that may occur in human sexual formation. The process of sexual differentiation in a human being takes place in distinct steps: 1. First the chromosomal configuration is established (XX or XY),


2. 3. 4.

next gonadal differentiation (ovaries or testes), next differentiation of the internal and external genitalia (physical genital formation) and finally the differentiation of the brain into male or female (brain-sex).

In an XY foetus (usually male) - an XY chromosomal pattern (chromosomal configuration), testis (gonadal development), male internal and external genitalia and finally a male brain differentiation being the substrate of male type behavior. In an XX foetus (usually female) - an XX chromosomal pattern (chromosomal configuration), ovary (gonadal development), female internal and external genitalia and lastly a female brain differentiation being the substrate of female-type behavior. Most of this physical development takes place in the developing foetus stage before birth. The last stages of this process of brain sexual differentiation takes place after birth. These are in brain structures that only become sex-dimorphic (differentiated) between the ages of two and four years, well after birth and long after legal assignment to the male or female sex has taken place. Transsexualism is a disorder of sexual differentiation: the process of becoming male or female as we conventionally understand it. It is a condition where the sexual form and structure (phenotype) of the appearance of a person's body and the genetic construction (genotype) of a person's body are opposite that of their brain.1 There are many people for whom not all traditional criteria of physical sex development are in harmony. For a variety of reasons, one in 80 or so babies is born with some kind of sex or gender identity anomaly. These are many intersex conditions which result in a birth with some biological characteristics of one sex and some of the others. Most intersex conditions are observable at birth, others are not observable at birth and still others are only discovered much later at puberty. The predicament of transsexualism means the sexual differentiation of the brain has not followed the pattern predicted by their earlier steps in the sexual differentiation process (such as chromosomes, gonad, genitalia) but has followed a pattern typical of the opposite sex in the final stage of brain differentiation process. Like other people born with disorders in this process of sex differentiation, men and women with transsexualism seek medical rehabilitation for increased harmony with that of their brain. This decision is similar to the one made in cases of intersexed children where legal assignment takes place to the sex in which they in all likelihood will function best.3 The decision to recommend hormonal and surgical treatment for


men and women with this condition takes place much later in life and is based on the conclusion of a thorough psycho-diagnostic process that concludes that a disorder has occurred in the process of sexual differentiation and that the man or woman will benefit from hormonal and surgical sex assignment. Summary The current medical viewpoint, based on the most up-to-date scientific research, is that transsexualism, is strongly associated with a neuro4 developmental condition of the brain and this theory of physical development has held over almost fifty years.5 There is now evidence to consider that for men and women with transsexualism, the differentiation process of the brain which occurs in the first years after birth has not followed the expected course of the preceding criteria of sex (chromosomal, gonadal, and genital)6. Medical professionals working in these fields for over half a century agree that there is not one cause for transsexualism, but that 'genetic, prenatal (before birth) hormonal, postnatal (after birth) social, and post pubertal (after puberty) hormonal determinants' are all mutually responsible.7 Hormonal and surgical treatment for this condition is highly successful under medical supervision, with up to a 97% success rate 8 in the case of individuals identified 'female' at birth.
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The Sexual Brain, by John Morris, Cynthia Jordan and Marc Breedlove Brian Fiske, Associate Editor, Nature Neuroscience, ibid, Book Review Becoming sexually competent, though, requires the development of not only the correct reproductive machinery but also the appropriate brain circuitry to motivate the search for a sexual partnerand to know what to do when you have found one. In the following special focus, we highlight some of the major areas where researchers are seeking to understand the neurobiology behind sexual behavior. [The Authors] discuss the development and differentiation of a number of sexually dimorphic structures in the brain and nervous system of rodents and birds, specifically focusing on how the masculinizing hormone testosterone promotes male behavior and brain structural development by altering cell survival and synaptogenesis. The authors close with a discussion of how more complex human behaviors, including sexual orientation, might develop through the actions of prenatal hormones. Although much of what makes males and females sexually different occurs in the womb and during early life, puberty and adolescence are when we become reproductively capable and aware. the authors explain, puberty is not just the activation by hormones of these preset brain circuits; a number of behaviors do not fully mature until puberty, suggesting that the brain continues to develop sexually during this period the authors explain, sex enhances pair bonding through a pathway that involves reward centers in the brain, leading to the idea that the formation of a strong social bond is not unlike an addiction. __________ Born to be Gay - Wednesday, 15 October 2003 European Journal of Endocrinology, Vol. 155, Issue suppl_1, 123-130 Society of the European Journal of Endocrinology New research suggests that homosexuality could be 'hard-wired' into the brain in utero. And the evidence was revealed in the blink of an eye. Steve Connor assesses the latest claims and counterclaims The latest study, by a London research team, suggests that gay men and lesbians have acquired their sexual orientation very early in life, perhaps even in the womb. In effect the findings suggest that homosexuality is "hard-wired" into the brain long before the onset of adolescence. The idea that sexual orientation was a biological rather than a psychological condition was now firmly entrenched. It became even more so following the publication of a study by Ray


Blanchard in 1997 which found that the chances of you being a homosexual rise by about a third for each older brother you have. This research, perhaps more than any other in this controversial area, has been critically appraised. Blanchard, a psychiatrist at the University of Toronto, found that the conclusions were the same in 14 different studies. The probability of this being the result of chance alone is about 1 in 10,000. "These data therefore establish beyond much doubt that homosexual males do, on average, have higher birth orders [more elder brothers] than comparable heterosexuals," Blanchard wrote in 2001. "Because the sexual orientation of a newborn boy cannot operate backward in time to affect his older siblings, this finding implies that the number of older siblings, or some factor associated with that, must affect the newborn boy's sexual orientation," he says. What was intriguing about this study was that the effect was not seen in lesbians, and neither did it matter how many older sisters were involved. It purely came down to the number of elder brothers. Homosexual males with older brothers weigh even less than heterosexual males with older brothers, indicating that there is some sort of developmental battle taking place in a womb carrying male foetuses for the second, third or fourth time. Marc Breedlove, professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, has also found that gay men are more likely to have older brothers than straight men - gay men had a ratio of 140 brothers to 100 sisters among their older siblings compared to a general population ratio of 106 brothers to 100 sisters. But Breedlove suggests that exposure to male hormones in the womb could be the cause. "I believe there are many social and psychological, as well as biological factors that make up sexual preference. Having said that, these data do suggest that there are some people in the world who are gay because of foetal androgen [male sex hormone] levels," says Breedlove. __________ Foetal testosterone and the child systemizing quotient Bonnie Auyeung, Simon Baron-Cohen, Emma Chapman, Rebecca Knickmeyer, Kevin 4 Taylor and Gerald Hackett
Department of Psychiatry, Autism Research Centre, University of Cambridge, Douglas House, 18B Trumpington Road, Cambridge CB2 2AH, UK, Department of Psychiatry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, CB# 7160, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-7160, USA, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, CB2 2QQ UK and Department of Foetal Medicine, Rosie Maternity Hospital, Robinson Way, Cambridge CB2 2SW, UK


This work was supported by the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation and the MRC. B A was supported by a scholarship from Trinity College, Cambridge. This work was submitted in part fulfillment of the degree of PhD, University of Cambridge, by B A. This paper was presented at the 4th Ferring Pharmaceuticals International Paediatric Endocrinology Symposium, Paris (2006). Abstract: This study examines foetal testosterone (fT) levels (measured in amniotic fluid) as a candidate biological factor, influencing sex differences in systemizing. Systemizing is a cognitive process, defined as the drive to analyze or construct systems. A recent model of psychological sex differences suggests that this is a major dimension in which the sexes differ, with males being more drawn to systemize than females. Participants included 204 children (93 female), age 69 years, taking part in a longterm study on the effects of fT. The systemizing quotient childrens version was administered to these mothers to answer on behalf of their child. Males (mean = 27.79 7.64) scored significantly higher than females (mean = 22.59 7.53), confirming that boys systemize to a greater extent than girls. Stepwise regression analysis revealed that fT was the only significant predictor of systemizing preference when the sexes were examined together. Sex was not included in the final regression model, suggesting that fT levels play a greater role than the childs sex in terms of differences in systemizing preference. This study suggests that the levels of fT are a biological factor influencing cognitive sex differences and lends support to the empathizing systemizing theory of sex differences. The British Journal of Psychiatry (2002) 180: 502-508 2002, The Royal College of Psychiatrists __________

Maternal antenatal anxiety and children's behavioral/emotional problems at 4 years; Report from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children by:
THOMAS G. O'CONNOR, PhD Institute of Psychiatry, London / JONATHON HERON, PhD and JEAN GOLDING, DSc University of Bristol / MICHAEL BEVERIDGE, PhD University of Plymouth / VIVETTE GLOVER, DSc Imperial College School of Medicine, London

Declaration of interest ALSPAC is funded by The Wellcome Trust, the Department of Health, the Department of the Environment, and the Medical Research Council. Support for this analysis was provided by the PPP Healthcare Medical Trust.


Background Animal experiments suggest that maternal stress and anxiety during pregnancy have long-term effects on the behavior of the offspring. Aims to test the hypothesis that antenatal maternal anxiety predicts behavioural problems at age 4 years. Method Data were collected on multiple antenatal and postnatal assessments of maternal anxiety and depression, antenatal and obstetric risks, psychosocial risks and children's behavioral/emotional problems (n=7448). Results Antenatal maternal anxiety predicted behavioral/emotional problems in boys (OR=2.14, 95% CI 1.48-3.10) and girls (OR=1.88, 95% CI 1.3-2.69) after accounting for covariates. When covarying maternal anxiety up to 33 months postnatally, antenatal anxiety continued to predict total problems in boys (OR=1.56, 95% CI 1.02-2.41) and girls (OR=1.51, 95% CI 1.222.81). Conclusions: There could be a direct effect of maternal mood on foetal brain development, which affects the behavioral development of the child.
[Authors Note: This article has been quoted in over 30 Major Medical Journals - OZ] ___________

The Human Brain: The Structural Basis for Understanding Human Brain Function and Dysfunction INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, ROME, IRCCS SANTA LUCIA Oct. 5-10, 2002

Most people have a clear idea about how men and women are different. Most obvious differences are related to the way we are built and the way we behave from birth. For example, newly born girls are more sensitive to touch, noise, pain, verbal emotion and discomfort than boys. Boys are more active and occupy more space on the playground. The infant sexual segregation "picks" by the age of four when boys and girls usually start to play apart. With age this attitude changes but behavioral differences only become more apparent and numerous. For example, ever intriguing differences in sexual behavior, play and social behavior, learning and gender role behavior, posture during urination, scentmarking behavior, vocalization, food and water intake. It is only reasonable to assume that behavioral differences are consistent with differences in organization and function of the relevant brain circuitry.


We know that male and female brains are different. Structural difference between the male and the female brain - sexual dimorphism - has been long detected morphologically in numerous brain structures including cell groups in the area critical to most hormonal, vegetative, emotional and reproductive responses in our behavior - the hypothalamus, and other deep brain structures. Recent neuro-imaging studies in the living brain identified sex differences in brain activity in various areas of the brain. Some of these areas are associated with language which in males appears to be highly lateralized in the lower left part of the frontal cortex, while in females the active areas are diffused between left and right parts of the lower frontal cortex. Another question is how do sex differences and sexual orientation develop? Experimental alteration of sex hormones concentration during development alters sexual behavior. Exposing females to androgen just before birth and blocking testosterone in males influences behavioral sex differences and differentiation of genitalia. Remarkably, female rats exposed to exogenous androgens during the perinatal period develop a masculine peripheral and brain characteristics. Deprived of androgen, young male monkeys, for example, spend more time with their mothers then their peers who also display seven times the blood concentration of testosterone. It is now thought that it is predominantly testosterone that determines the masculine morphology of the brain at the early stages of development. Lack of testosterone determines a feminine brain. Any environmental aspect that may influence secretion of testosterone in early development could also influence the brain differentiation process. For example maternal stress has been shown to result in more feminine morphology of male rats brains. Morphologically, in the developing human the sexually dimorphic nucleus (In) of the MPO has been first identified at 16 weeks of development and it is thought that it develops evenly in males and females up until 2 years of age after which many cells of the female but not the male die to give the MPO sexual dimorphism. This information may help to determine the critical time for differentiation of our sexual behavior. In conclusion, the sexual dimorphism between male and female brains includes structures directly involved in regulation of sexual behavior including the medial preoptic hypothalamic nucleus. The mechanism of sexual differentiation of the brain and MPO is most likely based on hormonal interactions during crucial period of fetal and postnatal development. Gender dimorphism in brain. NIDA Res Monogr. 1986;65:49-57. Review. No abstract available. PMID: 3016544 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Science, Vol 228, Issue 4703, 1112-1115 1985 by American Association for the Advancement of Science __________


Brain Development, XI, Sexual Dimorphism Biology of Reproduction 64, 571-578 (2001), Society for the Study of Reproduction, Inc. JILL M. GOLDSTEIN, PH.D., DAVID N. KENNEDY, PH.D. and Verne S. CAVINESS, JR., M.D., D.PHIL., Boston, Mass. Sexual brain dimorphism results, in part, from hormones that affect neuronal formation and elimination and glial development. Hormones have both permanent (i.e., organizational) and acute reversible (i.e., activational) effects on the brain. The organizational actions are hardwired during critical periods of development by genomic and nongenomic events. The activational actions selectively potentiate neural circuit functions established during development. It is important to note that sexual differentiation of the brain begins during the second trimester of gestation and extends through early postnatal life to the onset of puberty. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 7, 477-484 (June 2006) | doi:10.1038/nrn1909 __________ Why sex matters for neuroscience by Dr. Larry Cahill [Summary of Published Extract and remarks.] Sex differences exist in every brain lobe, including in many 'cognitive' regions such as the hippocampus, amygdala and neocortex. Sex differences can also be relatively global in nature. For example, widespread areas of the cortical mantle are significantly thicker in women than in men. Ratios of grey to white matter also differ significantly between the sexes in diverse regions of the human cortex. In many cases, the differences are not evident in overt anatomical structure, but in some type of functional dimension (hence the distinction above between 'functional' and 'structural' dimorphisms). For example, a region may differ between the sexes in aspects of its neurotransmitter function, or in its genetic or metabolic response to experience. Furthermore, new methodological approaches from gene modification in mice to voxel-based morphometry analyses of human imaging data are revealing previously undetected sexual dimorphisms. It seems that the sexual dimorphisms uncovered so far, abundant as they may be, represent only a fraction of the sexual dimorphisms that are likely to exist in the brain The hippocampus. One region that is evidently sexually dimorphic in its structure and function is the hippocampus, a region perhaps most associated with learning and memory. Extensive evidence demonstrates that male and female hippocampi differ significantly in their anatomical structure, their neurochemical make-up and their reactivity to stressful situations An intriguing but relatively unknown hippocampal sex difference is the reaction to chronic stress. In both rats and monkeys, chronic stress causes damage to the hippocampus in males, but does so far less, if at all, in


females. Chronic stress damage in males is widely known among neuroscientists, whereas the effect in females is much less well known. Logically, however, both are equally important in understanding how chronic stress affects the hippocampus. Indeed, the susceptibility of hippocampal cells to chronic stress has been suggested to have a role in two debilitating disorders post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and clinical depression. Both disorders disproportionately affect women, but animal models for these disorders continue to use male subjects almost exclusively. Clearly, the relative resistance of female hippocampal cells to stress-induced damage demands consideration by anyone attempting to link stress-induced cell death to disease states such as depression and PTSD. The amygdala. The medial nucleus of the amygdala has long been known to be sexually dimorphic, a fact that is easily accepted given its role in reproductive behavior. However, it is now clear that sexual dimorphism encompasses most, if not all, of the amygdaloid nuclei A rapidly growing body of evidence also documents the sexually dimorphic nature of the human amygdala. For example, it is significantly larger in men than in women (adjusted for total brain size). Sex differences also exist in its structural relationship with the rest of the brain. In a study of a large sample of men and women, the patterns of covariance in the size of many brain structures were 'remarkably consistent' between men and women, with one exception the amygdala (in particular, the left hemisphere amygdala), which showed several marked sex differences Several studies now report sex influences on amygdala function, including in the context of its well-known role in memory for emotional events. Extensive evidence from animal research documents that the amygdala can modulate the storage of memory for emotional events, and does so through interactions with endogenous stress hormones released during stressful events. This amygdala/stress hormone mechanism provides an evolutionarily adaptive way to create memory strength that is, in general, proportional to memory importance. Neurochemical sexual dimorphisms: Sexual dimorphisms occur in a wide array of neurotransmitter systems, including serotonin, GABA ( -aminobutyric acid), acetylcholine, vasopressin, opioids and monoamines. Again, as a full treatment of this topic is outside the scope of this review, I briefly highlight a few salient findings An early study identified sex differences in monoamine content in the human brain. Levels of monoamine oxidase were significantly higher in several brain regions in women than in men Several studies have documented sex differences in the serotonin system. Sex differences have been reported in the rate of serotonin synthesis in the healthy human brain, in the levels of serotonin metabolites in postmortem tissue and in the number of cells in the human raphe nucleus. Many studies have also documented sex differences in opioid peptides, and in their analgesic effectiveness These examples show that sex differences in brain neurochemistry are proving to be much more pervasive than has been assumed by many.


[Authors Note: This writer cites 95 papers in support of his paper.

Small Sample of Relevant Literature: Male-to-Female Transsexuals Show Sex-Atypical Hypothalamus Activation When Smelling Odorous Steroids. [H. Berglund, P. Lindstrom, C. Dhejne-Helmy, and I. Savic (2007) Cereb Cortex] ____ Changing your sex changes your brain: influences of testosterone and estrogen on adult human brain structure. [H. E H. Pol, P. T Cohen-Kettenis, N. E M Van Haren, J. S Peper, R. G H Brans, W. Cahn, H. G Schnack, L. J G Gooren, and R. S Kahn (2006) Eur. J. Endocrinol. 155, S107-S114] _____ Brain response to putative pheromones in lesbian women. [H. Berglund, P. Lindstrom, and I. Savic (2006) PNAS 103, 8269-8274]_____ Neuroimaging findings with MDMA/ecstasy: technical aspects, conceptual issues and future prospects.[L. Reneman, M. M. L. de Win , W. van den Brink, J. Booij, and G. J. den Heeten (2006) J Psychophar-macol 20, 164-175 ] _____ Brain response to putative pheromones in homosexual men. [I. Savic, H. Berglund, and P. Lindstrom (2005) PNAS 102, 7356-7361] _____ Brain Aromatase: Dyed-in-the-Wool Homosexuality. [J. A. Morris, K. L. Gobrogge, C. L. Jordan, and S. M. Breedlove (2004) Endocrinology 145, 475-477] ____ Sex, Gender and Culture: Issues in the Definition, Assessment and Treatment of Gender Identity Disorder. [L. K. Newman (2002) Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry 7, 352-359 ] ____ Sexual Differentiation of the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis in Humans May Extend into Adulthood. [W. C. J. Chung, G. J. De Vries, and D. F. Swaab (2002) J. Neurosci. 22, 1027-1033] ____ Normal Sexual Dimorphism of the Adult Human Brain Assessed by In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging. [J. M. Goldstein, L. J. Seidman, N. J. Horton, N. Makris, D. N. Kennedy, V. S. Caviness Jr, S. V. Faraone, and M. T. Tsuang (2001) Cereb Cortex 11, 490-497] _____ Sex Differences in Androgen Receptors of the Human Mamillary Bodies Are Related to Endocrine Status Rather Than to Sexual Orientation or Transsexuality. [F. P. M. Kruijver, A. Fernndez-Guasti, M. Fodor, E. M. Kraan, and D. F. Swaab (2001) J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 86, 818-827] _____


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Appendix II Luciferianism: The Religion of Apotheosis

by Phillip D. Collins , Jan. 10th, 2006 Luciferianism constitutes the nucleus of the ruling class religion. While there are definitely political and economic rationales for elite criminality, Luciferianism can account for the longevity of many of the oligarchs' projects. Many of the longest and most brutal human endeavors have been underpinned by some form of religious zealotry. The Crusades testify to this historical fact. Likewise, the power elite's ongoing campaign to establish a socialist totalitarian global government has Luciferianism to thank for both its longevity and frequently violent character. In the mind of the modern oligarch, Luciferianism provides religious legitimacy for otherwise morally questionable plans. Luciferianism is the product of religious engineering, which sociologist William Sims Bainbridge defines as "the conscious, systematic, skilled creation of a new religion" ("New Religions, Science, and Secularization," no pagination). In actuality, this is a tradition that even precedes Bainbridge. It has been the practice of Freemasonry for years. It was also the practice of Masonry's religious and philosophical progenitors, the ancient pagan Mystery cults. The inner doctrines of the Mesopotamian secret societies provided the theological foundations for the Christian and Judaic heresies, Kabbalism and Gnosticism. All modern Luciferian philosophy finds "scientific" legitimacy in the Gnostic myth of Darwinism. As evolutionary thought was popularized, variants of Luciferianism were popularized along with it (particularly in the form of secular humanism, which shall be examined shortly). A historical corollary of this popularization has been the rise of several cults and mass movements, exemplified by the various mystical sects and gurus of the sixties counterculture. The metastasis of Luciferian thinking continues to this very day. Luciferianism represents a radical revaluation of humanity's ageless adversary: Satan. It is the ultimate inversion of good and evil. The formula for this inversion is reflected by the narrative paradigm of the Gnostic Hypostasis myth. As opposed to the original Biblical version, the Gnostic account represents a "revaluation of the Hebraic story of the first man's temptation, the desire of mere men to 'be as gods' by partaking of the tree of the 'knowledge of good and evil'" (Raschke 26). Carl Raschke elaborates: In The Hypostasis of the Archons, an Egyptian Gnostic document, we read how the traditional story of man's disobedience toward God is reinterpreted as a universal conflict between "knowledge" (gnosis) and the dark "powers" (exousia) of the world, which bind the human soul in ignorance. The Hypostasis describes man as a stepchild of Sophia ("Wisdom") created according to the "model" of aion, the imperishable realm of eternity. On the other hand, it is neither God the Imperishable


nor Sophia who actually is responsible in the making of man. On the contrary, the task is undertaken by the archons, the demonic powers who, because of their "weakness," entrap man in a material body and thus cut him off from his blessed origin. They place him in paradise and enjoin him against eating of the tree of knowledge. The prohibition, however, is viewed by the author of the text not as a holy command but as a malignant effort on the part of the inferior spirits to prevent Adam from having true communion with the High God, from gaining authentic gnosis. (26) According to this bowdlerization, Adam is consistently contacted by the High God in hopes of reinitiating man's quest for gnosis (26). The archons intervene and create Eve to distract Adam from the pursuit of gnosis (26-27). However, this Gnostic Eve is actually a "sort of 'undercover' agent for the High God, who is charged with divulging to Adam the truth that has been withheld from him" (27). The archons manage to sabotage this covert operation by facilitating sexual intercourse between Adam and Eve, an act that Gnostics contend was designed to defile the "woman's spiritual nature" (27). At this juncture, the Hypostasis reintroduces a familiar antagonist from the original Genesis account: But now the principle of feminine wisdom reappears in the form of the serpent, called the "Instructor," who tells the mortal pair to defy the prohibition of the archons and eat of the tree of knowledge. (27) The serpent successfully entices Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, but the "bodily defilement" of the woman prevents man from understanding the true motive underpinning the act (27). Thus, humanity is fettered by the archons' "curse", suggesting that the "orthodox theological view of the violation of the command as 'sin' must be regarded anew as the mindless failure to commit the act rightly in the first place" (27). In this revisionist context, the serpent is no longer Satan, but is an "incognito savior" instead (27). Meanwhile, God's role as benevolent Heavenly Father is vilified: The God of Genesis, who comes to reprimand Adam and Eve after their transgression, is rudely caricatured in this tale as the "Arrogant archon" who opposes the will of the authentic heavenly father. (27) Of course, within this Gnostic narrative, God incarnate is equally belittled. Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, is reduced to little more than a forerunner of the coming Gnostic adept. According to the Gnostic mythology, Jesus was but a mere "type" of this perfect man (27). He came as a "teacher and an exemplar, to show others the path to illumination" (27-28). The true messiah has yet to come. Equally, the serpent is only a precursor to this messiah. He only initiates man's journey towards gnosis. The developmental voyage must be further facilitated by the serpent's


predecessor, the Gnostic Christ. The Hypostasis provides the paradigmatic template for all Luciferian mythologies. Like the Hypostasis, the binary opposition of Luciferian mythology caricatures Jehovah as an oppressive tyrant. He becomes the "archon of arrogance," the embodiment of ignorance and religious superstition. Satan, who retains his heavenly title of Lucifer, is the liberator of humanity. Masonry, which acts as the contemporary retainer for the ancient Mystery religion, reconceptualizes Satan in a similar fashion. In Morals and Dogma, 33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike candidly exalts the fallen angel: LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not. (321) He makes man aware of his own innate divinity and promises to unlock the god within us all. This theme of apotheosis underpinned both Gnosticism and the pagan Mystery religions. While Gnosticism's origins with the Ancient Mystery cults remains a source of contention amongst scholars, its promises of liberation from humanity's material side is strongly akin to the old pagan Mystery's variety of "psychic therapy" (28). In addition, the Ancient Mystery religion promised the: opportunity to erase the curse of mortality by direct encounter with the patron deity, or in many instances by actually undergoing an apotheosis, a transfiguration of human into divine (28). Like some varieties of Satanism, Luciferianism does not depict the devil as a literal metaphysical entity. Lucifer only symbolizes the cognitive powers of man. He is the embodiment of science and reason. It is the Luciferian's religious conviction that these two facilitative forces will dethrone God and apotheosize man. It comes as little surprise that the radicals of the early revolutionary faith celebrated the arrival of Darwinism. Evolutionary theory was the edifying "science" of Promethean zealotry and the new secular religion of the scientific dictatorship. According to Masonic scholar Wilmshurst, the completion of human evolution involves man "becoming a god-like being and unifying his consciousness with the Omniscient" (94). During the Enlightenment, Luciferianism was disseminated on the popular level as secular humanism. All of the governing precepts of Luciferianism are encompassed by secular humanism. This is made evident by the philosophy's rejection of theistic morality and enthronement of man as his own absolute moral authority. While Luciferianism has no sacred texts, Humanist Manifesto I and II succinctly delineate its central tenets. Whittaker Chambers, former member of the communist underground in America, eloquently summarizes this truth:


"Humanism is not new. It is, in fact, man's second oldest faith. Its promise was whispered in the first days of Creation under the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil: 'Ye shall be as gods.'" (Qutd. in Baker 206) Transhumanism offers an updated, hi-tech variety of Luciferianism. The appellation "Transhumanism" was coined by evolutionary biologist Julian Huxley ("Transhumanism," Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia, no pagination). Huxley defined the transhuman condition as "man remaining man, but transcending himself, by realizing new possibilities of and for his human nature" (no pagination). However, by 1990, Dr. Max More would radically redefine Transhumanism as follows: Transhumanism is a class of philosophies that seek to guide us towards a posthuman condition. Transhumanism shares many elements of humanism, including a respect for reason and science, a commitment to progress, and a valuing of human (or transhuman) existence in this life Transhumanism differs from humanism in recognizing and anticipating the radical alterations in the nature and possibilities of our lives resulting from various sciences and technologies (No pagination) Transhumanism advocates the use of nanotechnology, biotechnology, cognitive science, and information technology to propel humanity into a "posthuman" condition. Once he has arrived at this condition, man will cease to be man. He will become a machine, immune to death and all the other "weaknesses" intrinsic to his former human condition. The ultimate objective is to become a god. Transhumanism is closely aligned with the cult of artificial intelligence. In the very influential book The Age of Spiritual Machines, AI high priest Ray Kurzweil asserts that technological immortality could be achieved through magnetic resonance imaging or some technique of reading and replicating the human brain's neural structure within a computer ("Technological Immortality," no pagination). Through the merger of computers and humans, Kurzweil believes that man will "become god-like spirits inhabiting cyberspace as well as the material universe" (no pagination). Following the Biblical revisionist tradition of the Gnostic Hypostasis myth, Transhumanists invert the roles of God and Satan. In an essay entitled "In Praise of the Devil," Transhumanist ideologue Max More depicts Lucifer as a heroic rebel against a tyrannical God: The DevilLuciferis a force for good (where I define 'good' simply as that which I value, not wanting to imply any universal validity or necessity to the orientation). 'Lucifer' means 'light-bringer' and this should begin to clue us in to his symbolic importance. The story is that God threw Lucifer out of Heaven because Lucifer had started to question God and was spreading dissension among the angels. We must remember that this story is told from the point of view of the Godists (if I may coin a term) and not from that of the Luciferians (I will use this term to distinguish us from


the official Satanists with whom I have fundamental differences). The truth may just as easily be that Lucifer resigned from heaven. (No pagination) According to More, Lucifer probably exiled himself out of moral outrage towards the oppressive Jehovah: God, being the well-documented sadist that he is, no doubt wanted to keep Lucifer around so that he could punish him and try to get him back under his (God's) power. Probably what really happened was that Lucifer came to hate God's kingdom, his sadism, his demand for slavish conformity and obedience, his psychotic rage at any display of independent thinking and behavior. Lucifer realized that he could never fully think for himself and could certainly not act on his independent thinking so long as he was under God's control. Therefore he left Heaven, that terrible spiritualState ruled by the cosmic sadist Jehovah, and was accompanied by some of the angels who had had enough courage to question God's authority and his value-perspective. (No pagination) More proceeds to reiterate 33rd Degree Mason Albert Pike's depiction of Lucifer: Lucifer is the embodiment of reason, of intelligence, of critical thought. He stands against the dogma of God and all other dogmas. He stands for the exploration of new ideas and new perspectives in the pursuit of truth. (No pagination) Lucifer is even considered a patron saint by some Transhumanists ("Transtopian Symbolism," no pagination). Transhumanism retains the paradigmatic character of Luciferianism, albeit in a futurist context. Worse still, Transhumanism is hardly some marginalized cult. Richard Hayes, executive director of the Center for Genetics and Society, elaborates: Last June at Yale University, the World Transhumanist Association held its first national conference. The Transhumanists have chapters in more than 20 countries and advocate the breeding of "genetically enriched" forms of "post-human" beings. Other advocates of the new techno-eugenics, such as Princeton University professor Lee Silver, predict that by the end of this century, "All aspects of the economy, the media, the entertainment industry, and the knowledge industry [will be] controlled by members of the GenRich class. . .Naturals [will] work as low-paid service providers or as laborers. . ." (No pagination) With a growing body of academic luminaries and a techno-eugenical vision for the future, Transhumanism is carrying the banner of Luciferianism into the 21st century. Through genetic engineering and biotechnological augmentation of the physical body, Transhumanists are attempting to achieve the very same objective of their patron saint.


I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. (Isaiah 14:13-14) This declaration reflects the aspirations of the power elite as well. Whatever form the Luciferian religion assumes throughout the years, its goal remains the same: Apotheosis. Sources Cited Bainbridge, William Sims. "New Religions, Science, and Secularization." Excerpted from Religion and the Social Order, 1993, Volume 3A, pages 277292, 1993. Baker, Jeffrey. Cheque Mate: The Game of Princes. Springdale, PA: Whitaker House, 1995. Hayes, Richard. "Selective Science." TomPaine.commonsense 12 February 2004. More, Max. "Transhumanism." 1996 o "In Praise of the Devil." 1999

Pike, Albert. Morals and Dogma. 1871. Richmond, Virginia: L.H. Jenkins, Inc., 1942. Raschke, Carl A. The Interruption of Eternity: Modern Gnosticism. Chicago: Nelson-Hall, 1980. "Transhumanism." Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. 8 January 2006 "Transtopian Symbolism." Transtopia: Transhumanism Evolved 2003-2005/li> Wilmshurst, W.L. The Meaning of Masonry. New York: Gramercy, 1980.

About the Author Phillip D. Collins acted as the editor for The Hidden Face of Terrorism. He has also written articles for Paranoia Magazine, MKzine, News With Views, B.I.P.E.D.: The Official Website of Darwinian Dissent and Conspiracy Archive. He has an Associate of Arts and Science. Currently, he is studying for a bachelor's degree in Communications at Wright State University. During the course of his seven-year college career, Phillip has studied philosophy, religion, and classic literature. He also co-authored the book, The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship: An Examination of Epistemic Autocracy, From the 19th to the 21st Century, which is available online here. He also moderates the Yahoo discussion group "Panoptic Age."



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rage, 136, 145 rape, 119, 121 rebellion adolescence, 143 Rebellious women, 29 reform, 52, 142 repentance, 29, 146 repression, 87 reproduction, vii, 44, 47, 67 respect, vii, 11, 17, 22, 37, 38, 89, 102, 103, 110, 113, 134, 146, 147 Rest of God, 59, 117, 131, 132, 133, 134, 139, 144 role reversal, 52 romance, 18, 19, 20, 38, 57, 91, 96, 101, 103, 104, 107, 108 rulers, 149

sadism, 174 sadist, 118, 136, 174 sadomasochism, 52, 119 Sadomasochism, 119 Sarai, 50, 107 Satan, 135, 170, 171, 172, 173, 185 Satanists, 47, 99, 112, 113, 125, 135 satyriasis, 76 schizophrenic, 52 scholars, 126, 149 sectarian, 53, 62, 141 secular humanism, 170, 172 self-indulgence, 102 selfishness, 100 self-touching, 124, 127 semen, 72, 140 Sense Body also see etheric, 47 sense of touch, 90, 115, 122, 127, 130, 138, 147 sensory perception, 115 sensory receptors, 139 sensuality, 96, 115, 134 separation, 34, 113, 116

quickening, 13

serpent, 171 seven-year cycles, 136 sex education, 72, 111, 144 sexual delight, 61 sexual deviancy, 53, 110 sexual dimorphism, 78, 90, 165, 167, 169 sexual etiquette, 137 sexual fulfillment, 86, 126 sexual magick, 47, 52 sexual needs, 81 sexual orientation, 62, 76, 77, 79, 112, 123, 127, 151, 153, 154, 155, 161, 162, 165 sexual response, 82, 88, 107, 112, 118, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 127, 132, 136, 139, 140 sexual response system, 88, 127 sexual ritualism, 76 sexual stimulant, 82 sexual stimulation, 80, 92 sexual torture, 53 sexualization, 54, 75, 77, 90, 111, 115, 123, 126, 129, 130, 132, 140 sexualization of the brain, 111 shahadah, 95 Shamans, 57 shape of women, 82 Shia, 121 shirk, 100 sin, 13, 20, 24, 34, 44, 83, 127, 145, 146 skin, 114, 115, 116, 117, 120, 123, 130 slavery, 30 social hypnosis, 150 social relations and the woman, 70 social welfare and the woman, 70, 87 social-engineering, 52, 53 solat, 71, 84, 137 Solomon, 30, 135 soul, 10, 13, 14, 19, 21, 22, 28, 40, 47, 68, 71, 79, 80, 81, 83, 97, 102, 111, 112, 124, 129, 130, 133,


134, 135, 136, 138, 139, 141, 142, 144, 145 spasticity, 137 speech, 15, 70, 93, 114, 134, 139 Spiritual Law, 61 Spiritual Leader Need of a Wife, 15 STDs, 111 stem cells, 46, 55 stress, 49, 55, 76, 117, 136, 152, 164, 165, 166, 167 subconscious, 83, 118, 123, 137, 140, 145 submission, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 30, 33, 34, 35, 37, 40, 41, 71, 91, 96, 98, 108, 118, 134 of wife to husband, 17 Sufism, 100 suicide, 61, 75 Sunni, 121 supernatural, viii, 50, 57, 135 supra-natural, viii, 50, 59, 60, 61, 62

taboo, 70, 82, 125 Taffakur, 16 talaq, 93 Talmudic, 78, 90 tantrums, 145 Tao, 59 Taqlid, iv, 150 Tasawuf, 61 tawhid, 69, 98, 106, 133, 142, 143, 147 Tawhid, 42, 43, 58, 87 teratogen, 62 teratogenic, 62, 75, 112, 119 terror, 119, 121 Testicular Feminization, 117 testosterone, 80, 81, 124, 127, 158, 161, 162, 163, 165, 168 Thailand

epidemic of homoseuality, 120 gender anomalies, 120 The Assassins, 185 Third Sex, 75 tolerance, 19, 21, 83 torture, 52, 118 totalitarian, 170 touch, 22, 29, 86, 91, 92, 96, 99, 104, 107, 108, 110, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 124, 129, 130, 132, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 148, 164 toxemia, 13 tranquility, 100, 131, 132 Transhumanism, 173, 174, 175 transsexual, 52, 74 true romance, 108 true-love & orgasm, 138 trust, iv, 35, 36, 85, 89, 91, 103, 104, 110, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 127, 130, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 146 trustworthiness, 40, 115 tyranny, 68, 70, 71, 87, 118 tyrant, 14

virtuous man, 59, 61, 80

waist/hip ratio, 82 wali, 119, 138, 139, 140 war,, 132 wealth, 19, 23, 30, 100, 101, 103, 122 weight-gain in pregnancy, 82 whoredom, 118 wife, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39, 40, 50, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 93, 94, 95, 100, 104, 105, 107, 118, 121, 130, 134, 136, 137, 139 wife beating, 121 wifes petition to her husband, 33 wisdom, vi, viii, 10, 15, 24, 26, 33, 36, 38, 39, 40, 41, 52, 53, 68, 72, 81, 87, 99, 101, 106, 107, 136, 141, 142, 147 Witchdoctors, 57 womb, 13, 14, 15, 49, 72, 79, 112, 136, 140, 141, 154, 161, 162 work a man's purpose, 36 World Transhumanist Association, 174 worldview, 52, 143 worship, 12, 29, 59, 101, 107, 109 worst of Muslims, 14, 119

ulterior motives, 30 Umm Salama, 87 unchaste women, 121 understanding a wife's need for, 21 Unity with God, 61 un-natural, 50

Yale University Transhumanism, 174

Valentines Day, 72 vanity, 103, 107 vernix, 116, 127 violence, 118, 119, 121, 122 virile male, 81 Virtue, iii, 58, 61

zawaj, 95 Zawaj, iv, 91, 93, 94 zina, 86, 93, 135


Dr. Omar Zaid, M.D.

Research Fellow, ISTAC, IIUM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Physician, Author, Editor, Dr. Zaid was raised Catholic along the river front industrial towns south of Philadelphia. A professional musician for over 20 years from the age of 13, he also served in the US Army in Europe during the Vietnam War. He has 13 years of formal post-secondary education: 3 years Liberal Arts as a Music Major; 3 years Pre-Med science, and 7 years post-graduate training in Medicine (M.D. from U. of S. Dakota, 1987, Family Practice Residency Training, Pontiac General Hospital, Mi. USA, 1990). He practiced medicine for more than twenty years; including ten years as an innercity E.R. Doctor in the U.S., Caribbean and Australia amongst Queensland Aborigines. He is also a trained Homeopath. While living in Europe Dr. Zaid became intimate with the doctrines of Dr. Rudolph Steiner to the point of Initiation and later lectured on Anthroposophy for three years in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He became a Freemason, recanted and became a Born-Again Christian Missionary. From 1999 to 2005, he lived in Borneo with his third wife (a Native Dyak) and their two sons then divorced after his conversion to Islam in 2004. He is now married to Mutmainah from Malang, Indonesia and Malee Zaida Manowang of Phayao, Thailand. After his conversion to Islambeing unable to practice Medicine in Malaysiato earn a living Dr Zaid edited texts for the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC) and Islamic Books Trust in Kuala Lumpur, as well as thesis papers for students of the U. of Malaya; he taught English to internat ional students at two other Malaysian universities and for a year in Bangkok. After emeritus Prof. Dr. Osman Bakar reviewed his book on the Trinity, he invited Dr. Zaid to return to ISTAC as full time Editor and Research Fellow in July, 2007. Dr. Omar is Contributing Editor to ISTACs quarterly Bulletin; Assistant Editor for ISTACs Journal, Al Sajarah; Advisor to PERKIMs Dakwah Association; ISTACs Editor for English Publications; Author and Researcher on the New World Order, Freemasonry, Secret Societies and Human Sexuality.

Other Titles By Dr. Zaid Trinity: The Metamorphosis of Myth - Published by Penpress, Brighton, 2008.
"A thorough critique of all strands of thought of all ages which in the author's view have helped in one way or another to corrupt the tenets of pure monotheism. This book must be published! Emeritus Prof. Osman Bakar, Islamic Chair, Georgetown] Current Asst. Director of IAIS.

Omar Zaid: Taqua of Marriage

"Trinity is a fierce denunciation of the myths that surround many religions. At the same time, it explains why the One God is such a compelling belief in a simple, down-to-earth manner. This is what makes this unique book so attractive." Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, Director of Just International & Professor of Global Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia "Invaluable! A perspective of tsunamic proportion and effect.
Datuk Prof. Ariffin Suhaimi, Vice Rector, Retired, IIUM. and Current Director of PERKIM.

The Hands of Iblis: An Anatomy of Evil Summary Observations on the Hidden Hand of the New World Order Publication by AS Nordeen, KL, 2009 Dr. Omars not just a fine writer, his ms has enough quotes and documentation from enough intelligentsia through history interesting enough to keep a fellow occupied for years. I think hes got Iserbyt, Tarpley, Coburn, Skousen and Coleman beat for readability and scholarliness. PLUS, its world-govt conspiracy from the Islamic point of view; the others lay heavy on Christianity. - Thomas Dark, Heacock Literary Agency Cains Creed: The Cult of Rome An Iconoclasts Revision of the Monotheist Saga: Metaphysiacs, Insitutions, Analysis and history; a crippling indictment of the Jesuit and Catholic Pretense in Rome. Publication by AS Nordeen expected 2010 - 2011. Forgotten Saint (s) The Gospel of Barnabas, Survey & Commentary Publication by AS Nordeen, KL, 2010 The Rights of God Islamic Science & Islamization of Knowledge I light of the New World Order; a fierce criticism of Universalism and defense of genuine tasawwuf. Publication by AS Nordeen 2010-2011 Refuge From the Damned: The Need for Cultural Renewal A sound condemnation of secular post-modernism. Pub. Early 2011 The Time of Turning: A novel relating a Semitic tribes 2,500 year struggle in the Levant and Ethiopia, which explores the thin line between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. (In Progress)


The Land of Ali Zan: A series of illustrated childrens books about village life in Malaysia. Principles of The Kingdom: Essays on the Spiritual Laws of Islam and consequences of deviation. Jerusalem Zion & Sion: Truthe lies and Historicity A Monograph that discusses Zion vs Zionism from geo-political, archeological and theological perspectives. A Question of Method Monograph discussing Goethes objection to Reductionism. The Balance Beam Essay on Human Identity and its relation to piety and social order The New Man Monograph on Muslim Sectarianism


i References for CIA Mind Control programs: Coleman, John, "Illuminati in America", World in Review (2533 N. Carson St, Carson City, NV 89706), USA, monograph, 1992 Constantine, Alex, Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America, Feral House (2532 Lincoln Blvd #359, Venice, CA 90291), USA, 1997. DeCamp, John, The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska, AWT, Inc. (PO Box 85461, Lincoln, NE 68501), USA, 1996, 2nd. Gunderson, Ted, McMartin Scientific Report (1993); Corruption: The Satanic Drug Cult Network and Missing Children, vols. 14; Satanism & the CIA's International Trafficking in Children (video, USD$20.00), Ted Gunderson, PO Box 18000-259, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA Marks, John, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control, McGraw-Hill, 1980 O'Brien, Cathy (with Mark Phillips), TranceFormation of America: The True Life Story of a CIA Slave, Reality Marketing (PO Box 27740, Las Vegas, NV 89126) USA, 1995. Potter, Jerry Allen and Fred Bost, Fatal Justice: Reinvestigating the McDonald Murders, W. W. Norton Co., New York, London, 1997 Springmeier, Fritz, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, Ambassador House (PO Box 1153, Westminster, CO 80030), USA, 1999 2ed. Springmeier, Fritz and Cisco Wheeler, Illuminati Formula used to create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, Fritz and Cisco (916 Linn Ave, Oregon City, OR 97045), USA, 1996. Stratford, Lauren, Satan's Underground, Pelican Publishing (PO Box 3110, Gretna, LA 70054), USA, 1998 Sullivan, K., MK, K. Sullivan (PO Box 1328, Soddy Daisy, TN 37384), USA, 1998. Taylor, Brice,: One Woman's Valiant Escape from Mind Control, Starshine Pub, 1995


The Assassins: But this tradition [atheistical tradition of Abdullah ibn Maymun] was to find in 1090 an exponent in the Persian Hasan Saba, a native of Khorasan, the son of Ali, a strict Shiah, who, finding himself suspected of heretical ideas, ended by declaring himself a Sunni.
[The same may be said of alAfghani , a Freemason and Founder of the Salafiyyah Movement oz See: Afghgani and Abduh, by Ellie Kedouri, Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of London, Founding Editor of the journal Middle Eastern Studies, 1990, 3rd Printing: Afghani and Abduh sh ould be considered subverters rather than reformers of Islam.]

Hasan brought up in this atmosphere of duplicity, was therefore well fitted to play the Machiavellian rle of an Ismaili Dai. Von Hammer regards Hasan as a mighty genius, one of a splendid triad, of which the two others were his schoolfellows the poet Omar Khayym and Nizam ul Mulk, Grand Vizier under the Seljuk Sultan, Malik Shah a Dai named Mumin, converted him to the principles of his sect [Ismaili], and Hasan, declaring himself a convinced adherent of the Fatimite Khalifas, journeyed to Cairo,


where he was received with honor by the Dar ul Hikmat and also by the Khalifa Mustansir, to whom he became counselor... "Spartacus" writes to "Cato" that he is thinking of "warming up the old system of the Ghebers and Parsees," and it will be remembered that the Ghebers were one of the sects in which Dozy relates that Abdullah ibn Maymun found his true supporters.338 Weishaupt writes: The allegory in which the Mysteries and Higher Grades must be clothed is Fire Worship and the whole philosophy of Zoroaster or of the old Parsees who nowadays only remain in India; therefore in the further degrees the Order is called "Fire Worship" (Feuer-dienst), the "Fire Order," or the "Persian Order"that is, something magnificent beyond all expectation. ... At the same time the Persian calendar was adopted by the Illuminati this pretence of Zoroastrianism was as pure humbug as Weishaupt's later pretence of Christianity his system was partly founded on Manichism, that is to say, on perverted Zoroastrianism, imparted to him by a man from the East, and that the methods of the Batinis and Fatimites may have been communicated to him through the same channel. Hence the extraordinary resemblance between his plan of organization and that of Abdullah ibn Maymun, which consisted in political intriguing rather than in esoteric speculation. Thus in Weishaupt's system the phraseology of Judaism, the Cabalistic legends of Freemasonry, the mystical imaginings of the Martinistes, play at first no part at all. For all forms of "theosophy," occultism, spiritualism, and magic Weishaupt expresses nothing but contempt, and the RoseCroix masons are bracketed with the Jesuits by the Illuminati as enemies it is necessary to outwit at every turn. the more we penetrate into his system, the more apparent it becomes that all the formulas he employs which derive from any religious source whether Persian, Egyptian, or Christianmerely serve to disguise a purely material purpose , a plan for destroying the existing order of society. Thus all that was really ancient in Illuminism was the destructive spirit that animated it and also the method of organization it had imported from the East. Illuminism therefore marks an entirely new departure in the history of European secret societies "Above all," he writes to "Cato" (alias Zwack), "guard the origin and the novelty of () in the most careful way." The pretence of having discovered some fund of ancient wisdom is the invariable ruse of secret society adepts; the one thing never admitted is the identity of the individuals from whom one is receiving direction. THE HANDS OF IBLIS, Omar Zaid., M.D.

Dead Yemeni child bride tied up, raped, says mom [April 10, 2010] Associated Press Writer Diaa Hadid, Cairo: SHUEBA, Yemen (AP) A 13-year-old Yemeni child bride who bled to death shortly after marriage was tied down and forced to have sex by her husband, according to interviews with the child's mother, police and medical reports. The girl's mother, Nijma Ahmed, 50, told the Associated Press that before her daughter lost consciousness, she said that her husband had tied her up and forced himself on her. "She looked like she was butchered," she said about her daughter's injuries. Elham Assi, 13, bled to death hours after she spoke to her mother and just days after she was married to a 23-year-old man. She died on April 2 in the deeply poor Yemeni village of Shueba, some 200 kilometers


northwest of the capital. Her husband, Abed al-Hikmi, is in police custody. The practice of marrying young girls is widespread in Yemen where a quarter of all females marry before the age of 15, according to a 2009 report by the country's Ministry of Social Affairs. Traditional families prefer young brides because they are seen as more obedient and are expected to have more children. Legislation to ban child brides has been stalled by opposition from religious leaders. There has been no government comment over the case. The girl one of eight siblings was pushed into marriage after an agreement between her brother and her future-husband to marry each other's sisters to avoid having to pay expensive bride-prices a common arrangement in Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East. According to police notes from the interrogation of the husband, he was upset because he could not consummate their relationship and felt under pressure to prove his manhood. Assi's mother said she also tried to persuade her daughter to have sex with her husband so as not to shame the family. Al-Hikmi took his young bride to a nearby medical clinic, asking a doctor there to administer her tranquilizers so she would not resist his advances. The clinic said it refused. Al-Hikmi then obtained performance enhancing pills, according to the police interrogation, and that night completed the act while she screamed. The next day, he returned to the same medical clinic carrying Assi because she could not walk. "I told him not to go near her for at least ten days," said Dr. Fathiya Haidar. She said Assi's vaginal canal was ripped. A forensic report obtained by the AP showed that Assi's injuries were much more extensive, including extensive tearing around the vagina and rectum, suggesting that there might have been additional intercourse after the clinic visit. Her mother said she visited Assi later that day, where she found her daughter fading in and out of consciousness. "She whispered in my ear that he had tied her up and had sex with her violently," she said. "I said to her husband, what have you done, you criminal?" She said al-Hikmi told her that the young bride was just possessed by spirits and said he would take her to a folk healer to cast them out. Hours later, Assi was dead. "She asked me to stay beside her," her mother said. The practice of marrying young girls is widespread in Yemen and has drawn the attention of international rights groups seeking to pressure the government to outlaw child marriages. "Early marriage places girls at increased risk of dropping out of school, being exposed to violence, abuse and exploitation, and even losing their lives from pregnancy, childbirth and other complications," said UNICEF's regional director Sigrid Kaag, in a statement Wednesday condemning the death. A February 2009 law set the minimum age for marriage at 17, but it was repealed and sent back to parliament's constitutional committee for review after some lawmakers called it un-Islamic. The committee is expected to make a final decision on the legislation this month.The issue of Yemen's child brides received widespread attention three years ago when an 8-year-old girl boldly went by herself to a courtroom and demanded a judge dissolve her marriage to a man in his 30s. She eventually won a divorce. In September, a 12-year-old Yemeni child-bride died after struggling for three days in labor to give birth, a local human rights organization said.

See: Cains Creed, The Cult of Rome by Omar Zaid, M.D. for free download go to: It is reported amongst those whove observed the present excavations in Jerusalem, that an Hermaphroditic High Priest is now conducting Masonic Services beneath the Dome of the Rock. The Androgyne, a combination creature of male and female, symbolizes the hermaphrodite principle of the two-faced entity or two-headed eagle. In the Jewish


Cabala, this strange creation of the feminine and masculine principle is known as "Adam Kadmon," both Adam and Eve, a Golem. This conjunction of opposites is part of the science of alchemy, or hermeticism, and is especially beloved by occult magicians. In witchcraft, it is known as the joining of sun and moon, and sacred sex rituals are common. v Are there actually significant differences between a girl's brain and a boy's brain? Sex differences in the brain begin in the womb. About midway through pregnancy, the testicles of a developing baby boy start churning out testosterone in substantial quantities, achieving serum testosterone concentrations comparable to those seen in young adult men. These sex hormones, transformed by aromatase enzymes within the brain, bind to brain tissue and begin to transform it. Between 18 and 26 weeks gestation, the developing brain is permanently and irreversibly transformed. Israeli scientists Reuwen and Anat Achiron have found that if you do a regular ultrasound examination when a woman is 26 weeks pregnant, you can distinguish a female brain from a male brain. Source: Reuwen Achiron, Shlomo Lipitz, & Anat Achiron. Sex-related differences in the development of the human fetal corpus callosum: in utero ultrasonographic study. Prenatal Diagnosis, 2001, 21:116-120. This in utero study confirmed the findings of a previous anatomical study in which investigators examined the brains of babies which had died before birth. See: M. de Lacoste, R. Holloway, and D. Woodward, "Sex differences in the fetal human corpus callosum." Human Neurobiology, 1986, 5(2):93-6. Once those changes have occurred, they are permanent. Research with both humans and with laboratory animals shows that you are born with a male brain or a female brain; postnatal experiences, even experiences as extreme as castration, will not change your brain from male to female, or vice versa. One research team recently compared brain tissue from the brains of young girls and young boys. They found that sex differences in the structure of the brain were obvious, even in babies especially in babies. The differences in the photomicrographs of the brain tissue are so dramatic that they are readily visible to the naked eye. Source: Mara Elena Cordero, Carlos Valenzuela, Rafael Torres, Angel Rodriguez, "Sexual dimorphism in number and proportion of neurons in the human median raphe nucleus," Developmental Brain Research, 124:43-52, 2000. Emotion. Neuroscientists at Harvard University have used sophisticated MRI imaging to examine how emotion is processed in the brain of children between the ages of 7 and 17. In young children, they found that emotional activity was localized in primitive subcortical areas of the brain, specifically in the amygdala. That's one reason why it doesn't make much sense to ask a 6-year-old to tell you why she is feeling sad. The part of the brain that does the talking, up in the cerebral cortex, doesn't connect to the part of the brain where the emotion is occurring, namely the amygdala. In adolescence, brain activity associated with emotion moves up to the cerebral cortex. So, the 17-year-old is able to explain what she is feeling, and why, in great detail and without much difficulty. But that change occurs only in girls. In boys, the locus of emotional control remains


stuck in the amygdala. Asking a 17-year-old boy to talk about his feelings is about as productive as asking a 6-year-old boy to talk about his feelings. Source: William Killgore, Mika Oki, and Deborah Yurgelun-Todd. Sex specific developmental changes in amygdala responses to affective faces. NeuroReport, 2001, 12:427-433. This finding is consistent with a recent report from Germany, showing that in adult women, brain activity associated with emotion occurs mainly in the cerebral cortex, whereas in adult men, emotional activity is still stuck' in the amygdala. Source: Frank Schneider, Ute Habel, et al. Gender differences in regional cerebral activity during sadness. Human Brain Mapping, 2000, 9:226-238. Lesbians Respond Differently to "Human Pheromones" John Roach, National Geographic News May 8, 2006 Lesbian women respond differently than straight women when exposed to suspected sexual chemicals, according to a new brain imaging study. The finding builds on previous research that suggest that gay men responded in a way more similar to heterosexual women than heterosexual men when exposed to a synthetic chemical. The natural version of this chemical reportedly appears in high concentrations in male sweat. The new study extends the research to homosexual women. It found that lesbians' brains respond in a fashion more similar to that of heterosexual men than of heterosexual women when exposed to the sweat chemical and a synthetic chemical that has been detected in female urine. "Both studies indicate that the physiological response in brain regions associated with reproduction are different in homo- and heterosexual persons." Ivanka Savic, a neuroscientist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. vi Paraphilias are persistent sex urgesacted upon or causing distresswhere the sexual object is unwilling (e.g. rape), a child (pedophilia0, nonhuman (necrophilia, bestiality0, or one of the partners is humiliated (sado-masochism). Another paraphilia is exhibitionism. These are much more common in men than in women. Management includes treating coexisting conditions, using behavior modification and, for patients whose sexual behavior endangers others, the antiandrogen medroxyprogesterone. M. A. Tayler, M.D., G. Pfeiffer, Deborah Rubenstein, N. A-Vaidya, S. Goldberg, Behavioral Science, USMLE, 2005. P. 54

vii Q. Why did the Europeans (EEC) place a ban on hormone-raised meat? A. The European Economic Community banned hormone-raised meat because of questions on the dangers of meat that has been treated with synthetic sex hormones. European consumers pressured the EEC to take this action to protect their health. More than a decade ago, Roy Hertz, then director of endocrinology at the National Cancer Institute and a leading authority on hormonal cancers, warned of the carcinogenic risks of estrogenic additives which can cause imbalances and increases in natural hormone levels. Q. During the seven years after the EEC ban on hormone-raised meat, the U.S. beef industry has continued to use sex hormones in meat. Why?


A. Hormones can be used to stimulate growth in cattle. Because farmers are paid based on the weight of the animals they sell for slaughter, the use of hormones has been seen as a way to boost profits. Q. Which hormones are used on feedlots? A. Diethylstilbestrol (DES) was one of the first hormones used to fatten feedlots. It was banned in 1979 after forty years of evidence that DES was cancer-causing. In its place, sex hormones, such as estradiol and progestins (synthetic forms of the naturally occurring hormone progesterone) have been implanted to virtually all feedlot cattle. The least hazardous way to administer hormones to animals is through an implant near the animals ear. Unfortunately, many farmers inject hormones directly into the muscle tissue that will be later used to make meat products. The only USDA-imposed requirement is that residue levels in meat must be less than one percent of the daily hormone production of children. This requirement is unenforceable because there is no USDA testing for hormone residues in meat. Furthermore, hormonal residues are not practically differentiable from natural hormones created by the cow's body. As a result, the use of hormones to boost meat production is completely unregulated. Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition, 2121 W. Taylor Street, M/C 922Chicago, IL 60612, The negative consequences of feeding meat to children were clearly shown in the early 1980s when thousands of children in Puerto Rico experienced premature sexual growth and developed painful ovarian cysts; the culprit was meat from cattle who had been treated with growth-promoting sex hormones. Meat-based diets are also blamed for the early sexual development of young girls in the United Statesnearly half of all black girls and 15 percent of all white girls in America now enter puberty when they are just 8 years old. L.W. Freni-Titulaer, J.F. Cordero, L. Haddock, G. Lebron, R. Martinez, and J.L. Mills, Premature Thelarche in Puerto Rico. A Search for Environmental Factors, American Journal of Diseases of Children 40 (1986): 1263-1267. Becky Gillette, Premature Puberty: Is Early Sexual Development the Price of Pollution? E: The Environmental Magazine Nov. 1997. viii Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology: Erwin J. Haeberle, Ph.D., Ed.D., The Atlas, 1983, The Continuum Publishing Company, 575 Lexington Avenue, York, N.Y. 10022 ix SaHeeH Bukhari: 29, 304, 1052, 1462, 3241, 5197, 5198, 6449, 6546 SaHeeH Muslim: 80, 885, 907, 2737, 2738 Sunan Al-Tarmithi: 635, 2602, 2603, 2613 Sunan Al-Nasa'i: 1493, 1575 Sunan Ibn Majah: 4003 Musnad AHmad: 2087, 2706, 3364, 3376, 3559, 4009, 4027, 4111, 4140, 5321, 6574, 7891, 8645, 14386, 27562, 27567, 19336, 19351, 19415, 19425, 19480, 19484, 20743, 21729, 26508 Sex New


Ad-Dunya (This World)

The word dunya comes from danaa (root: dal nun wau). This root word has two meanings: 1) near and 2) lowly. This life has been called al-hayaat ad-dunya because it is the near (or "nearest"), the apparent and the current existence which we know and also because it is lesser, despicable and superficial in comparison to the real life as Allah called it - the life in the hereafter. Ad-Dunya is the place which contains all the objects of desire of the human nafs in this life. It is in reality a mere transition or place of passing and has no permanence or lasting meaning. The life of this world and all that is in it is like the beautiful plants or crops which impress those who look on them but which shortly are turned into dead leaves and dust blown about by the wind. The Prophet (sas) said: "Maa ad-dunya fiy al-aakhirati illa mithlu maa yaj'alu ahadukum usbu'ahu fiy al-yammi li yandhura bima yarja'" "This life in comparison to the life hereafter is nothing except like that which one of you finds if he sticks his finger into the ocean and then sees what it brings back with it." Muslim The life of this world has been made attractive and desireable to mankind. Unlike some other religions, Islam does not negate this love nor deem it as inherently evil. Rather, they are natural desires which Allah created in us and only need to be channeled into what Allah has allowed or encouraged and not allowed to control our actions and beliefs even in disobedience to Allah Most High. So this life is a temporary place of testing which determines our permenant condition in the life hereafter. The Prophet (sas) said: "Inna ad-dunya hilwatun khadhratun. Wa inna Allah mustakhlifukum fiha fayandhuru kaifa ta'maluna. Fa ittaqqoo ad-dunya wa ittaqqoo an-nisaa." "Surely, this dunya is sweet and fresh. And Allah makes you the heirs of it and then watches what you do. So beware of this dunya and beware regarding women." Muslim A Muslim is not ordered to turn his back on the things of this life like the asceticism which the Christians and others innovated. Rather, a Muslim is commanded to seek, exploit and use these things in obedience to Allah and in furthering the cause of raising Allah's din in the land. Allah said: {Thumma qaffainaa 'alaa aathaarihim bi rusulinaa wa qaffainaa bi 'isaa ibni maryama wa aatainaahu al-injeela wa ja'alnaa fiy quloobi alladhina ittaba'oohu ra'fatan wa rahmatan wa rahbaaniyyatan ibtada'ooha maa katabnaaha 'alaihim illa ibtighaa'a ridhwaani allahi famaa ra'auhaa haqqa ri'ayatiha fa aatainaa alladhina aamanoo minhum ajrahum wa katheerun minhum faasiqoon.} {Then, we sent after them from our prophets and we sent Isa the son of Maryam and we gave him the Injeel and we placed in the hearts of those who followed him compassion and mercy but asceticism they innovated we did not prescribe it for them except for seeking the pleasure of Allah which they did not maintain as it should have been maintained. So we granted those who believed among them their reward and most of them are corrupt.} Al-Hadeed:26


So, a Muslim should SEEK his portion of the things of this life and seek to use them in obedience to Allah Most High. There is not order to turn away form such things simply because the are "wordly". Allah said: {Wa abtaghi fimaa aataaka Allahu ad-daara al-aakhirata wa laa tansa naseebaka min ad-dunya wa ahsin kamaa ahsana Allahu ilaika. Wa laa tabghi al-fasaada fiy al-ardha inna Allahu laa yuhibbu al-mufsideen.} {And seek with that which Allah has given you the realm of the hereafter and do not neglect your portion in this life. And be gracious as Allah has been gracious to you. And do not seek corruption in the land for Allah does not love the corrupters.} AlQasas:77 Nevertheless, as we indulge in the pleasures of this world - within the bounds established by Allah Most High - we must never forget its "lowliness" in comparison with the provision of Allah in the hereafter to those of His slaves who were obedient in this "place of passing". Allah said: {Zuyyina li an-naasi hubbu ash-shahawaati min an-nisaa'i wa al-baneena wa alqanaateeri al-muqantarati min adh-dhahabi wa al-fidha wa al-khaili al-musawwamati wa al-an'aami wa al-harthi dhaalika mataa'u al-hayaati ad-dunya wa allahu 'indahu husnu ma'aabi.} {This has been made beautiful to people: the love of the desires such as women, sons, piled up heaps of gold and silver, branded horses, cattle and land. That is the provision of this life but with Allah is the best place of return.} Aal-'Imraan:14 Allah did not negate the love of mankind for these things nor is it regarded as an innate evil the test is in what we do with them. Will we indulge in them in obedience to Allah and thereby transform mere pleasures and indulgences into worship of our Lord? Or will we become slaves to the objects of our desires turning all of our pleasures in this world into disobedience and rebellion against Allah Most High? The Prophet (sas) knew that this nation would experience plenty and riches after him and feared for us with regard to this test more than he feared for us from the test of poverty and deprivation. He (sas) said: "Inna mimma akhaafu 'alaikum baadiy maa yuftahu 'alaikum min zahrati ad-dunya wa zeenatiha." "One of the things from which I fear for you after me is that which will be given to you from the flowers of this dunya and its ornaments." Muslim & Bukhari Allah also warned us in the Qur'an about allowing the dunya to lead us instead of us using it in obedience to Him: {Yaa ayyuha an-naasu inna wa'da Allahi haqqun falaa taghurrannakum al-hayaati addunya wa laa yaghurranakum bi Allahi al-gharoor.} {O people! The promise of Allah is surely true so do not let the life of this world deceive you nor be deceived by the Deceiver.} Faatir:5


The meaning of not letting the life of this world deceive you is to not allow it to distract you and draw you away from worship and obedience to Allah Most High. The meaning of being deceived by the Deceiver (Shaitaan and his forces) is explained by Ash-Shawkaani like this: "...let not Shaitaan deceive you with regard to Allah by saying to you: "Allah will overlook this for you and will forgive you because you are a good person or because of His great mercy upon you [and so you no longer hesitate in disobeying Allah]." Zubdatu At-Tafseer p. 572 So, when the desires of this world are tempting us to neglectd obedience to Allah and to follow them instead of Allah, we should remember the lowliness of this life and its insignificance in comparison to the life hereafter except as a testing ground where Allah watches what we do. Other than that, this life is composed mostly of foolishness and wasted time. Allah said: {Wa maa hadhihi al-hayaati ad-dunya illa lahwun wa la'ibun wa inna ad-daara alaakhirata layiya al-hayawaanu lau kaanoo ya'lamoon} {And the life of this world is nothing but frivolity and playing while the realm of the hereafter is the true life if they only knew.} Al-'Ankabut:64 The only good that we can get out of this life is whatever obedience and worship we can offer to Allah while we are here. Of utmost importance in this regard is learning our din and teaching what we have learned to others along with calling others to enter into belief, submission and practice of Islam. The Prophet (sas) said: "Alaa inna ad-dunya mal'oonarun mal'oonatun maa fiha illa dhikru Allahi ta'aala wa maa waalaahu wa 'aaliman wa muta'alliman." "Verily this dunya is cursed and all that is in it is cursed except for the remembrance of Allah and all that goes with it and a scholar or a student." At-Tirmidhi The most important thing to realize here is that the human heart by nature is a slave to something. If that slavery ('uboodiya) is not directed to Allah Most High, then it will surely find something else to which to attach itself. Also, all might and greatness is derived from Allah's might and greatness so whoever is not attached to Allah will be pathetic and weak even in this life and especially in the hereafter. Al-Imam Ash-Shafi'iy said: "Man ghalabat 'alaihi shiddatu ash-shahwati li hubbi al-hayaati lazimathu al-'uboodiya li ahlihaa. Wa man radhiya bi al-qunoo'i zaala 'anhu al-khudhoo'" "Whoever is overcome by the intensity of his desires because of love of this life will of necessity become enslaved to its people. And whoever is content by being satisfied with little, will find the humiliation lifted from him." Understanding Islam - Dr. Arshad Ershad



Lupercalia: what later became St. Valentines Day; its celebration during the Late Republic and Empire

The holiday probably derives from the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalis (February 15), also called the Lupercalia. In an annual rite of fertility, eligible young men and women would be paired as couples through a town lottery. Briefly clad or naked men would then run through the town carrying the skins of newly sacrificed goats dipped in blood. The women of the town would present themselves to be gently slapped by the strips and marked by the blood to improve their chances of conceiving in the coming year. As Christianity came to dominance in Europe, pagan holidays such as Lupercalia were frequently renamed for early Christian martyrs. In 496 Pope Gelasius officially declared February 14 to be the feast day of two Roman martyrs, both named Saint Valentine, who lived in the 3rd century. Neither Saint Valentine seems to have an obvious connection to courtship or lovers. Despite attempts by the Christian church to sanctify the holiday, the association of Valentines Day with romance and courtship continued through the Middle Ages. In medieval France and England it was believed that birds mated on February 14, and the image of birds as the symbol of lovers began to appear in poems dedicated to the day. By the 18th century it was common for friends and lovers to exchange handwritten notes on Valentines Day. Printed cards had largely replaced written sentiments by the 19th century. In 1840 Esther Howland of Worcester, Massachusetts, created the first line of mass-produced Valentines for sale. Today, Valentines Day is second only to Christmas as the most popular card-sending holiday. Microsoft Encarta, 2009. [Now you may appreciate why the color red is so significant to this heathen rubbish! oz] Plutarch described Lupercalia: Lupercalia, of which many write that it was anciently celebrated by shepherds, and has also some connection with the Arcadian Lycaea. At this time many of the noble youths and of the magistrates run up and down through the city naked, for sport and laughter striking those they meet with shaggy thongs. And many women of rank also purposely get in their way, and like children at school present their hands to be struck, believing that the pregnant will thus be helped in delivery, and the barren to pregnancy. The Lupercalia festival was partly in honor of Lupa, the she-wolf who suckled the infant orphans, Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, explaining the name of the festival, Lupercalia, or "Wolf Festival." The festival was celebrated near the cave of Lupercal on the Palatine (where Rome was founded, see Livy, Book I), to expiate and purify new life in the spring. The Lupercal cave, which had fallen into a state of decay, was rebuilt by Augustus; the celebration of the festival had been maintained, as we know from the famous occurrence of it in 44 BC. A highly decorated cavern 50 feet below Augustus' palace in the correct approximate location was discovered by archeologists in October 2007, which may prove to be the Lupercal cave when analyzed. The religious ceremonies were directed by the Luperci, the "brothers of the wolf (lupus), a corporation of priests of Faunus, dressed only in a goatskin, whose institution is attributed either to the Arcadian Evander, or to Romulus and Remus. The Luperci were divided into two collegia, called Quinctiliani (or Quinctiales) and Fabiani, from the gens Quinctilia (or Quinctia) and gens Fabia; at the head of each of these colleges was a magister. In 44 BC. a


third college, the Julii, was instituted in honor of Julius Caesar, the first magister of which was Mark Antony. In imperial times the members were usually of equestrian standing. The festival began with the sacrifice by the Luperci (or the flamen dialis) of two male goats and a dog. Next two young patrician Luperci were led to the altar to be anointed on their foreheads with the sacrificial blood, which was wiped off the bloody knife with wool soaked in milk, after which they were expected to smile and laugh. The sacrificial feast followed, after which the Luperci cut thongs from the skins of the victims, which were called Februa, dressed themselves in the skins of the sacrificed goats, in imitation of Lupercus, and ran round the walls of the old Palatine city, the line of which was marked with stones, with the thongs in their hands in two bands, striking the people who crowded near. Girls and young women would line up on their route to receive lashes from these whips. This was supposed to ensure fertility, prevent sterility in women and ease the pains of childbirth. This tradition itself may survive (Christianised, and shifted to Spring) in certain ritual Easter Monday whippings. The Lupercalia in the fifth century By the fifth century, when the public performance of pagan rites had been outlawed, a nominally Christian Roman populace still clung to the Lupercalia in the time of Gelasius (49496). It had been literally degraded since the first century, when in 44 BC the consul Mark Antony did not scruple to run with the Luperci; now the upper classes left the festivities to the rabble, prompting Pope Gelasius I's taunt to the senators who would preserve it: "If you assert that this rite has salutary force, celebrate it yourselves in the ancestral fashion; run nude yourselves that you may properly carry out the mockery." The remark was addressed to the senator Andromachus by Gelasius in an extended literary epistle that was virtually a diatribe against the Lupercalia. Gelasius finally abolished the Lupercalia after a long dispute. Though popular modern sources link unspecified Greco-Roman February holidays alleged to be devoted to fertility and love to St Valentine's Day, Professor Jack Oruch of the University of Kansas argued that prior to Chaucer, no links between the Saints named Valentinus and romantic love existed. In the ancient Athenian calendar the period between mid-January and mid-February was the month of Gamelion, dedicated to the sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera. In Ancient Rome, Lupercalia, observed February 13 through 15, was an archaic rite connected to fertility. Lupercalia was a festival local to the city of Rome. The more general Festival of JunoFebrua, meaning "Juno the purifier "or "the chaste Juno," was celebrated on February 13-14. Pope Gelasius I (492-496) abolished Lupercalia. It is a common opinion that the Christian church may have decided to celebrate Valentine's feast day in the middle of February in an effort to Christianize celebrations of the pagan Lupercalia. The Roman Catholic Church could not abolish the deeply rooted Lupercalia festival, so the church set aside a day to honor the Virgin Mary.

Marriage with Angels Based on 80,000 pages of private revelations that Gabriele Bitterlich allegedly received from heaven, the Opus Angelorum was founded in Austria in the years shortly after the


Second World War. The 80,000 manuscript pages written by Frau Bitterlich came into existence within a period of only two months: [See Note below] Opus Angelorum retreat masters state: "an angel stood behind her and commanded: 'Write!'...The angel didn't give her a moment's peace, and she had to write almost continuously for the entire time." Attracted to the various retreats and days of recollection sponsored by the Opus Angelorum, the unsuspecting faithful are led more and more deeply into a spirituality which is quasi-Masonic in its degree-based structure--from the promise to the guardian angel at the lower end to the angelic consecration in the middle to the consecration of atonement at the upper level. The goal is to become an "alter angelus." Consecration requires a spiritual marriage with an angel that a name is assigned to probably from the list of names given to Bitterlich in her two months of revelations... The fast growth of Opus Angelorum over 20 years is due to great devotion to Adoration, very reverent priests at Mass, good Confessors, and both priests and nuns dress according to the old laws before Vatican II. The outward signs are good, just like Pius X Society, but the disobedience and secret rituals are the problems... Gabriele Bitterlich (18961978), a Tyrolean housewife who originally came from Vienna, is greatly venerated by the organization as "The Mother". But Bitterlichs background shows a family steeped in spiritualism and esoteric literature, above all occult Jewish Kabbala teachings. Some of "Mother" Gabriele's angels bear the names of cabalistic Sefirot... By making use of the occult practice of "mystical marriage with the angels" - an idea, by the way, which is traceable to the Jewish Gnostic Kabbala - Opus Angelorum was involved in a pertinacious way in violating the consciences of its members. [What is being described is the alchemical wedding familiar to Gnostics and associated with Christian Rozenkreutz... The mysterious Arab Abramelin transmitted to the equally mysterious Abraham of Worms, a nebulous recipe for the compilation of personal rituals that are to lead to a communication/communion with the personal Holy Guardian Angel. By these means one becomes firstly befriended with the Angel and secondly, the master of the demons. The process seems to be reciprocal: Human and Angel become One and together forge a bridge to the divine... In 1945, L Ron Hubbard became involved with Crowley's acolyte, Jack Parsons. Parsons wrote to Crowley that Hubbard had "described his angel as a beautiful winged women (sic) with red hair, whom he calls the Empress, and who had guided him through his life and saved him many times. In the Crowleyite system, adherents seek contact with their "Holy Guardian Angel". ("Factnet: Hubbard and the Occult")... The Work of the Holy Angels (Opus Angelorum for short) arose through the instrumentality of Gabriele Bitterlich (b. 1897), who from early childhood had enjoyed a singular intimacy with her own Guardian Angel, who conversed with her visibly, counseled and guided her. This grace remained a very personal and private matter until the latter part of the 1940s when the intensification of this charism, together with her obedience to her spiritual director led to the initiation of the Work of the Holy Angels at Innsbruck, Austria. From the beginning of this charism, the focus of the angels was always upon the greater glorification of God and the salvation and sanctification of souls, particularly of priests. Only from this perspective could the apocalyptic proliferation of the angelic mission within the Church be properly understood OPUS ANGELORUM - Satanism and Disobedience By Richard Salbato, 2-16-2007