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Hello./Good morning. Good evening. Good-bye. Miss Mrs., Maam Mr., Sir N ho. (infml.)/ Nn ho. (fml.)/Zon. N ho. (infml.)/Nn ho. (fml.)/Wnshang ho. Zijin. xioji titai/frn (fml.) xinsheng

Yes. No. Okay.


B./Bsh. Ho. Dubuq./Hn boqin. Dubuq. Loji B yojn.

Im hungry. Im thirsty. Its urgent. How? Its important.

W dzi ./W yu din le. W hn k./W ku k. Zh hn zhngyo. Zh hn jnj. Dusho?

Im sorry.

Excuse me./Pardon me.

Excuse me (asking for directions, etc.) It doesnt matter. Do you speak English? I speak Chinese. Very little.

How much? How many? What is it (this)? What kind of ...? Who? Where? When? What does this mean?

Znme (yng)?/Znyng? Dusho?/J ge ? Zh sh shnme? Shi? Shnme yng de ? Nr?/Nli?

Hundreds of Essential Words and Phrases for Every Situation

How are you?

Fine, thanks. And you? What is your name? My name is Nice to meet you. See you later.

N ho ma? (infml.)/ Nn ho ma? (fml.)

Nn hu shu Yngy/ Yngwn ma? (fml.) W shu Zhngwn. Y dindinr. W b mngbai.

Ho, xixie. N ne? (infml.)/ Ho, xixie. Nn ne? (fml.) N jio shnme mngzi? (infml.)/Nn jio shnme mngzi? (fml.) W jio Hn goxng rnshi n/nn. (infml./fml.)

I dont understand.

I dont speak Chinese very well.

Please repeat it./ Please say it one more time. I dont know. No problem.

W shu Zhngwn shu de hn b ho. Qng zi shu y c. W b zhdo.

Shnme shhou?

How do you say in Chinese? Zhngwn znme shu?

Zh ge sh shnme ysi?

Miyu wnt./Mi wnt.

Where is ... customs? ... passport control? ... information? ... the (public) bus/train? ... baggage claim? zi nr/nli? Higun Hzho gunlch Xnwnch Gngjioch /Huch

Dng hur jin.


I would like I need/want Bring me What would you like? Im looking for W xing W yo Gi w Nn yo shnme? (fml.) W zi zho

Please. Thank you. Qng. Xixie. Fichng gnxi.

Thank you very much. Youre welcome.

Ch xngli de dfang

Byng kqi./Bkqi.

Is there public bus service to the city? ... the international departures? the taxis? Where are

zi nr/nli?

Yu q chngli de gngjioch ma?

With a shower?

With air conditioning? The bill, please.

Di lny ma?

Guj chrjng Guj dod Chzch N/Nn sh ngurn? (infml./fml.) W sh Migurn.

How much does it cost?

Di kngtio ma? Dusho qin? Qng jizhng.

Can you recommend a good wine?

I would like a bottle of wine. I would like a little more bread. I didnt order this. Thats all, thanks.

Nn yu shnme ho ji (xing w) tijin? (fml.) W xing (yo) y png ji. W xing (yo) zi li ydinr minbo. Ji zh yng, xixie. Qng jizhng. Zh lmin boku xiofi ma? Gnbi! Zh nn jinkng! (fml.)


egg(s) rice

minbo jdn nilo/rlo ci

cheese vegetable lettuce cabbage tomato carrot

mfn/fn (cooked) shngci/wj

... the international arrivals? What is your nationality? I am American. Canadian. British. Irish.

Where can we find a good restaurant? Wed like to go to a(n) restaurant. casual elegant Nl yu ho de cngun? Wmn xing q y ji de cngun. subin goy

W miyu jio zh ge.

The check, please.

Is the tip included? Cheers! To your health!

bok choy

boxnci/bici (Chinese cabbage) bici fnqi

Jindrn. irlnrn.

Ynggurn. Sglnrn. ozhurn.

cucumber potato fruit chili pepper apple


hunggu ljio

fast food seafood


inexpensive vegetarian A table for two. May I have a menu, please? The wine list, please. appetizer dessert main course What would you like?

kui cn pinyi ssh Ling wi. hi xin

mlngsh shugu jzi l


meat beef fish chicken pork shrimp lobster soup ru j niru y

I would like a room For one person. For one night. For a week. For two people. For two nights. Do you have a another room? W yo y ge fngjin. Y ge rn. Y tin. Ling ge rn. Ling tin.

orange pear

pnggu xingjio pto lzh

Qng gi w cidn.

Qng gi w y fn jishi dnzi. xioch zhci

zhru xi

banana grape(s)

lngxi tng mintio jiozi dinxn

strawberry prune

With a private bathroom?

Nn hi yu bi de fngjian ma? (fml.)

Y ge xngq./Y ge lbi.


lychee/litchi lemon

comi xmip/xmign nngmng ptoyu xgu

Di srn xzaojin ma?

What would you like to order? Qngwn nn yo din shnme ci? (fml.) What would you like to drink?

Nn yo shnme? (fml.)


dumpling dim sum


Nn yo h shnme? (fml.)


beverage/drink water milk juice tea

ynlio shu nini kfi ch ji

the museum of natural history? the zoo?

zrn lsh bwgun? mishgun?

... electronics? ... computers?

dinz qjin dinno/dinz jsunj

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

an art museum?

coffee wine/alcohol beer


Where would you recommend Nn jiny w q nr kn that I go to see interesting yu q de jinzh fngg? architecture? (fml.) I would like ... to see a play. W xing kn xj.


Excuse me, where is ... the bus stop? ... the subway station? ... the restroom? ... the taxi stand? ... the hotel? Loji, zi nr? dti zhn gngch zhn xshujin

soft drink/soda garlic onion salt




... to see a movie.

soy sauce pepper sugar honey

yngcng jingyu yn hjio tng fngm

... to go to a concert.

kn dinyng. q kn gj.

... to go to the opera.

q ynyuhu. q gungung.

... the nearest bank? To the right./Turn right. To the left./Turn left. Go straight ahead. Its nearby. Go back. next to

chzch zhn lgun

zu jn de ynhng Wng yu zhun. Wng zu zhun. Zi fjn. Yzh wng qin zu. Wng hu q.

... to go sightseeing.

Where is the best place to go shopping for ... clothes? ... food? Mi q nr zu ho? yfu




b ji sh sh y sh r sh sn sh s sh w sh li sh q sh b sh ji rsh rsh y rsh r

23 rsh sn 30 snsh 40 ssh 60 70 80 100 90 50 wsh

1,000 1,100 10,000 2,000



lish qsh bsh jish ybi yqin yqin ybi lingqin ywn shwn ybiwn



Which are the historic sights? Yu n xi mngshng gj? Where can I find an art gallery? Zi nr (w) kyi zhodao hulng?

... souvenirs? ... furniture? ... fabric? ... antiques? ... books? ... sporting goods?

shw jij

zi pngbianr.

jninpn fngzhpn gw sh 0 1 2 3

What time is it (now)? Its noon./Its 12 p.m. It is 9:00 a.m. It is 3:00. Its midnight./Its 12 a.m. It is 1:00 p.m. Xinzi jdin? Zhngw sh r din. Bny sh r din. Xiw y din Sndin. Zoshang ji din.

lng y r sn
4 s 5 w 6 li 7 q

ty yngpn

5:15 7:30 9:45

w din y k/ w din sh w

June July August

lu yu q yu b yu

q din bn/q din snsh ji din sn k/ ji din ssh w Xinzi. Huli. B ji.

... a computer.

... to send a package overnight. j y jij yujin.

dinno/dinz jsunj.

I dont know. ... head. ... neck. ... back. ... arm. ... leg. ... foot.

Ive injured my

W b zhdo. tu. bi.

W shng do zj de bzi. shub. tu. jio.

September October November December What is the date today? Today is Thursday, September 22.

ji yu

sh yu


sh y yu


Help! Fire! Police! Ji mng! Jngch! Sh hu le! W yo yshng! Jio jihch! Fshng le shnme sh?

Later. Soon.

sh r yu



Jntin sh j yu j ho?


Monday Tuesday lbi y/xngq y lbi r/xngq r lbi s/xngq s lbi sn/xngq sn lbi w/xngq w lbi li/xngq li Jntin sh lbi/ xngq j? y yu r yu s yu lbi tin/xngq tin

Yesterday was Wednesday, September 21. Tomorrow is Friday, September 23.

Jntin sh lbi/xngq s ji yu rsh r ho. Zutin sh lbi/xngq sn ji yu rsh y ho.

Call an ambulance! What happened? I/My wife/My husband/ My friend/Someone ... am/is very sick.

I need a doctor!

... eye(s).

Ive been robbed.


W bi rn qing le.

Mngtin sh lbi/xngq w ji yu rsh sn ho.

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday What day is today? January March April May February

W/W titai/ W zhngfu/ W pngyou/Yu rn bng le.

Where can I find ... a telephone? ... a fax machine? Zi nr (w) kyi zhodo dinhu? wngba? chunzhnj? W znme d (dinhu) do Migu? W yo f ge chunzhn. shngwng.

... am/is having a heart attack. xnzngbng trn fzu. ... am/is choking. ... am/is losing consciousness. yn gu q le./ shq zhju le. ... am/is about to vomit. ... am/is stuck. ... am/is having a seizure. I cant breathe. I cut myself. yo t le. hnshn chuch. k zh le. W chun b gu q. W bn le y jio. W h d ti du. W qi do zj le. qing zh le.

... an internet caf? How do I call the United States? I need/want ... to send a fax.

sn yu w yu

... to get on the internet/ go online.

I tripped and fell. I drank too much.