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1. Where would you expect to find B cells in a lymph node?

Where would you find T cells, plasma cells, and macrophages? (FA13 p192) (FA14 p196) (SU14 p258) (Phys p427)

2. The protein derived from what gene serves as a transcription factor for the development and function of regulatory T cells? (R p796-797)

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3. What is the female homologue to each of the following male structures? (FA13 p513) (FA14 p562) (SU14 p199-200) Male Corpus spongiosum Female

Cowpers glands (bulbourethral glands)


Glans penis

Ventral penile shaft


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4. What important intracellular proteins are common to both the extrinsic and intrinsic apoptotic pathways? (FA13 p212) (FA14 p220)

5. What ratio indicates fetal lung maturity? What is the proper name for the main component of pulmonary surfactant? (FA13 p544) (FA14 p594) (SU14 p98) (Phys p468)

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6. What amino acids are necessary for purine synthesis? (FA13 p64) (FA14 p66) (SU14 p292)

7. You start a patient on a drug that has been on the market for five years. It has excellent efficacy. However, your patient begins to have an annoying side effect one month after initiation of this drug. She contacts the manufacturer about it; and they, in turn, contact you to gather data on her course while on the drug. In what phase of the clinical trial would this example fall? (FA13 p50) (FA14 p50)

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8. What nutrient deficiency is associated with spooning of the nails (koilonychia)? (H p846)

9. What is the equation for determining a drugs clearance? (FA13 p227) (FA14 p239) (SU14 p388)

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10. Which bacteria are well known for being obligate intracellular bacteria? Why cant these bacteria replicate extracellularly? (FA13 p121) (FA14 p123) (SU14 p260-261)

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