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0/R/3mySAP ERP/SD)

1. SAP Overview
What is ERP and mySAP ERP Introduction to SAP & ABAP Architecture of SAP R/3 What is ECC 5.0 Difference between R/3 and ECC 5.0 History of SAP and SD Relationship between SD and other SAP Modules Difference between CRM and SD Business transactions and Objects Business Scenarios IMG Customization Different Interfaces Navigation

2. SD Enterprise Structure and Sales Processes

Sales and Distribution Overview Pre-Sales Sales Order Processing Inventory Sourcing Overview Shipping Process Transportation Billing Process Complaints Process

3. SD Master Data
What is Data & Master Data What is Transactional Data Customer Master Data Material Master Data Customer-Material Information Pricing Conditions Output Conditions

4. SD Customer Master Configuration

Customer Configuration Customer Number Range Customer Roles Difference between Customer and Business Partner Customer Account Group Partner Determination for Customers

5. SD Material Master Configuration

Material Master Material Item Category Material Item Category Group Difference between Material and Products Delivering Plant Product Hierarchy Pricing Group

6. Sales Document Configuration

What is Document Type Difference between Doc and Transaction Type Pricing

Document and Customer Pricing Procedure Condition Technique Partner Determination Text Determination Material Determination Free Goods Determination Rebates Sales Document Configuration Sales Document Item category Configuration Sales Document Schedule Line Configuration Organizational Units in Shipping

7. Credit and Risk Management


of Credit/Risk Management Areas of Credit Control Maintaining Credit Data Automatic Credit Control Preventing Subsequent Functions Components of Risk Management Payment Cards

8. 3rd Party Tools Integration with R/3-SD

3rd Party Tools Overview Why 3rd Party Tools is Required Integration of 3rd Party Tools with SAP R/3-SD 3rd Party Pricing Engine 3rd Party TAX Software

9. Project Methodology
Best Practice Document Blue Print Document Preparation ASAP Methodology Project Phases & Strategy Implementation Roadmap Solution Manager Process Modeling As-Is and To-Be Process

10. Project Management

What is Project Management Developing Documentation & Presentation skills Roles and Responsibilities How to develop Consultant Attitudes How to run a Meeting Effectively How to build a Team Day to day Activities

11. Case Study, Interview and Certification

Case Study Certification Discussion 3 Hour Test Real time Project Discussion Resume Preparation Interview Guide