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ENGINEERING DRAWING 01) What is one of the reasons why we do sketches? a) Helps minimize errors on the final drawing.

b) Makes us feel good to be able to share with others. c) Helps us estimate the costs of a project. d) Allows us time to get our thoughts in order. 02) When something is drawn in a 1:4 scale, it means a) unit in real life = 4 units on paper b) unit on paper = 4 units in real life. c) 4 unit on paper = 2 units in real life d) all of the above 03) Which of the lines below is used to indicated Hidden lines a) b) c) d) 04) A drawing generally shows what views a) front, right side, top and isometric c) isometric, left side and top b) front, left side, top and isometric. d) left side, bottom and top

05) What is the labeled line in the drawing below called? a) hidden line c) focus line b) extension line d) dimension line

06) This symbol - - indicates what? a) diameter b) hole center c) no b) An arc is part of a circle. d) An arc is part of a square. d) radius 07) What is an arc? a) An arc is part of a triangle. c) An arc is part of a hexagon.

08) In an isometric view, the angles of the object shown with arrows are always going to be

a) 30

b) 45

c)90 c) 120

d) 75 d) 150

09) The included angle of a hexagon is a) 30 b) 60

10) If an object lies in third quadrant, its position with respect to reference planes will be a) infront of V.P, above H.P b) behind V.P., above H.P. c) behind V.P., below H.P. d) infront of V.P., below H.P. 11) Lettering on a drawing sheet should have a) all alphabets in capital letters c) In a sentence only first alphabet in capital letter 12)A drafter helps in drawing a) Parallel and perpendicular lines Prepared by: K.Suresh Kumar b) ) all alphabets in small letters. d) In a sentence only abbreviations are capital letter b) Concentric circles. Page 1

c) Smooth curves 13) Which of the following pencil leads is hardest? a)HB b) H

d) All the above c)B d)F

14)Which of the following purposes is not served by a divider? a) Divide lines or curves into a number of equal parts b) Transfer measurement from one part of the drawing to another part c) Make full size, reduced size or enlarged size drawing d) Step-off a series of equal distances on the drawing 15)Parallel lines can be drawn with the help of a) Mini-drafter b) T-square c) Pair of set squares d)All of these

16)The space for text on a drawing sheet do provide the following information a) Name of the company, title of the drawing, scale and angle of projection used b) Explanation of special symbols, abbreviations and units of dimensions c) Instruction related to material, surface treatment and assembly placing d) Reference made to supplementary drawings and other documents 16)"A" series of paper has length to width ratio of approximately a) 3:2 b) 3:1 c) 2:1 17) Extension arm used with engineering compass to facilitate a) To draw circles of larger diameter b) To increase the gripping arm c) To adjust distance between the legs d) To increase accuracy 18) In the engineering system of paper sizes, which of the following is A2 size? a) 841 mm 1189 mm b) 594 mm 841 mm c) 420 mm 594 mm d) 210 mm 297 mm 19) Revision tables on a drawing sheet provide the following information a) Designation of revision b) Date of revision c) Initials of the person responsible for revision d) All the above 20) Which of the following is preferred containing the statement "All dimensions arein millimeters unless otherwise specified" a) Frames and Borders b)Title block c) Item List d)Revision Table 21) The primary unit of measurement for engineering drawings and design in the mechanical industries is the a) millimeter b)centimeter c) meter d)kilometer 22) This type of solid has two bases that are parallel equal polygons: a) pyramid b) prism c) cone 23) what-is-a-set-square-used-for a) Drawing parallel prisms c) Drawing parallel triangles 24) What BIS stands for a)Bureau of Indian standards c) Board of Indian standards Prepared by: K.Suresh Kumar d)torus d)5:3

b) Drawing parallel lines and perpendicular lines d) Drawing parallel circles and arcs b) British indian standard d) Bachelor of international standards Page 2

25) The indian standard for engineering drawing is a)IS 68-1984 c) ISI 62-1987

b) SP:46-1998 d) ISO 92-1986

26) The dividers are used to a) Divide straight or curved lines into desired number of equal parts. b) Set off distances from the scale to the drawings. c) Transfer measurements from one part of the drawing to another. d) all of the above. 27) Name a single instrument which can serve the purpose of T-Square, Set Square, Protractor and Scale? a) divider b)mini drafter c) drawing board d)binoculars 28) Why scaling is needed in technical drawings a) It is an internationally accepted rule b) Drawing too big or too small objects is difficult to accommodate in a drawing sheet. c) Scaling makes drawing beautiful. d) None of the above 29) If a line intersects a circle at two points, not passing through the center, the linesegment inside the circle is referred as a) Radial line b) Chord c) Quadrant d) Sequent 30)To draw perpendicular from a given point P on line XY, name the point where thecompass needle shall be placed first. a) P b) X or Y c) Any convenient point along XY d)A point near the midpoint of PX and PY 31) Line XY is to be divided into 12 equal parts by geometric construction. Which ofthe following statements concerning this procedure is correct? a) Ray line PY, drawn from Y, is the same length as XY b) A compass should be set to spread equal to one twelfth of the length of XY c) A line should be drawn from X to the 12th interval on ray line PY d) The acute angle formed by XY and ray line PY should be 30 or less 32) The included angle of a pentagon is a) 68 b) 72 c) 108 d)112

33) An area of 36 square kilometer is represented by 144 square centimeter on amap. What is the R.F.? a)1/4 b)1/2 c) 1/5000 d)1/50000 34) Diagonal of a square can be measured by a a) Plain scale b)Diagonal scale 35) The full form of R.F. is a) Reducing fraction 36) The unit of R.F. is a) Cubic Centimeter b)Representative fraction b)Square Centimeter c) Vernier scale c)Reduction factor c)Centimeter c)650 x 500 d)All of these d)Representative factor d)None of these d)500 x 350 Page 3

37) As per BIS the size of B1 drawing board is a) 1250 x 900 b)900 x 650 Prepared by: K.Suresh Kumar

38) mini drafter is used for drawing a) Horizontal & Vertical lines b)inclined lines 39) The no of divisions on a protractor are a) 60 b)90

c)perpendicular lines c)360

d)all of them d)180 d)Supplementary angle d) four equal sides d) 210 x 297 d) IS521-1999

40) When two angles are put together make 90 they are called a) Obtuse Angle b)Reflex Angle c)Complementary angle 42) An equilateral triangle has a) All equal sides b)two equal sides c)Two equal angles

43) As per ISO-A series the dimensions (in mm) of A3 sheet is a) 594 x 841 b)841 x 1189 c)297 x 420 44) The BIS standard which sets the standard for technical drawings in India is a) ISO 9000 b)IS 1146-1996 c)IS-46-1988 45) Which of the flowing is a tangent to a circle?

46) Center line is represented as a) c)

b) d)

47) methods of arrangement of dimensions includes a) Parallel, Continuous and combined b) Perpendicular, Parallel and combined c)Perpendicular, Continuous and combined d) Perpendicular, Parallel andContinuous 48)Superimposed dimensioning is a simplified method of a) Chain dimensioning b)Parallel dimensioning c)combined dimensioning 49) To measure angles ___________ is used. a) Set squares b) T square c)Protractor d) tabular dimensioning d) Divider d) Eraser d)8

50) Circles of small radii are drawn by means of a ___________ a) Lenthening bar b) Bow divider c)Sound box 51)How many sides in Octagon? a) 5 b) 6 c)7

52) If object lies in first quadrant then the projection is called __________. a) Third angle projection b) Isometric projection c)First angle projection d) Fourth angle projection. 53) A line passing through any Point on the circumference of a circle is called______? a) Radius b) Centre c)Chord 54) Opposite sides are equal and make an angle of 90 degrees with each other? a) Rhombus b)Trapezoid c)Trapezium 55) When a plane figure revolves about an axis a solid is generated? a) cone b) sphere c)cylinder Prepared by: K.Suresh Kumar d)Tangent d)Rectangle d)pyramid Page 4


Prepared by: K.Suresh Kumar

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