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International Boxing Association (AIBA) Licensing program represents the opportunity of becoming a non-exclusive producer and distributor of AIBA. The licensee ill therefore have the opportunity to exploit their trademar!s" names and logos all over the orld. AIBA is the governing body for Boxing and the sole representing member for this sport at the International #lympic $ommittee (I#$). AIBA Licensees have opportunity to promote their products during the boxing events in the %orld $hampionships" $ontinental $hampionships and &ational $hampionships" and ta!e advantage of the increased interest and highlights of the sports.

1. Opening Places and Submission of Bids AIBA ill have five (') Licensees for Boxing (loves and five (') Licensees for )eadguards. There are currently t o (*) Licensee places available for both categories of products. The bidding process ill be open from August +, *-+. until the /eadline /ate (as defined belo ). Bidders are reminded of the re0uirement to complete and submit the Bid in accordance ith the instructions set out herein. #nly fully completed applications ill be evaluated. 2. Bidding Process &otice of Intention to Bid (attachment 1) 1lease send your signed &otice of Intention to Bid to AIBA before you start the application process by Sunda ! Sep"ember 1! 2#1$. Application form and samples (attachment 2) Bidders need to submit the application form" product sample and other supporting documents. /eadline Bids must be submitted no later than %pm &'E() *rida ! Sep"ember 2+! 2#1$ $. Legal 'ondi"ion of Bidding Term The term of the Licensing Agreements ill be t o (*) years" from #ctober +, *-+. 2 #ctober +'" *-+' for both boxing gloves and headguards.

$onfidentiality AIBA ill not in any circumstances consider as confidential any element of a Bid. %hen submitting your Bid" do not include any information or material" or submit any samples" that you ant to !eep confidential or that you believe is legally protectable. 3ights Tendered The 3ights hich are the sub4ect of this tender process" include rights to5 a) use the AIBA /esignations and trademar! on the licensed product (Boxing (loves and )eadguards)6 b) install a t o- ay hyperlin! from the AIBA ebsite to the Bidder7s ebsite6 c) receive advertising space in the AIBA 8aga9ine5 d) participate in selected promotional campaigns of AIBA6 e) bid to be official exclusive supplier for A#B $ompetitions and:or the #lympic (ames6 f) re0uest to erect a stand at the A#B $ompetitions g) place its logo on one (+) or more of the ;toblerones7 around the ring at the A#B $ompetitions. <ou should be a are that" AIBA re0uires" in consideration for the grant of 3ights5 payment:receipt of the follo ing5 a) a royalty payment on the net sales of each licensed article sold6 b) an annual minimum guarantee (an annual advanced deposit of =>/ ?.-"---.--- (thirty thousand => /ollars) per product. This amount shall be deducted against the royalties received by AIBA6 and 0uarterly royalty statements per product. ,. E-alua"ion and Selec"ion 'ri"eria

AIBA ill evaluate all received information and documents based on the follo ing evaluation criteria to appoint the applicant as an official AIBA Licensee5 a) b) c) d) #verall profile of the company 2 credibility" experience and history /istribution channel to supply all parts of boxing orld Any history of legal or disciplinary cases against AIBA 1otential >ales 1ro4ection

%. .IB. 'on"ac" De"ails >hould you have any 0uestions" please do not hesitate to contact5 Tina )ong-@aiser /evelopment /irector Telephone5 AB+ *+ ,*+ C- +C Dmail5 Address5 AIBA - International Boxing Association 8aison du >port International Avenue 3hodanie 'B +--F Lausanne > it9erland