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Effective Teaching Strategies in Grade VI Science and its Effects to the Students

Performance of the Five Selected Schools in the City of Koronadal

S.Y 2009-2010.


A Project Study Presented to

Dr. Jose A. Evangelista Sr.
College of Education Instructor
Notre Dame of Marbel University


In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for
Education 138: Educational Research Subject.


Molina, Jay Sheen A.
Doplayna, Sheilu Marie T.
Sulit, Merbin M.
Unggol, Kenette Joy C.
Loria, Josette

October 2009


The researchers would like to extend their deepest and sincerest gratitude to the persons,
who in one way or another have shared their time, knowledge and effort in order to bring success
to this study.
To our adviser Dr. Jose A. Evangelista Sr., for his support, for his efforts to share his
knowledge and patience to monitor and follow-up our research.
To our classmates who help up in making our research a comprehensive one, for
encouraging us to continue despite of all the problems and for their help for the completion of
this research.
We would like also to thank Mr. and Mrs. Rolando Lozano for sharing their home and for
their help in the accomplishment of this project.
To Ms. Stephanie Ann Cerado for helping us in preparing our tools for our survey and
lending her time in helping us.
For our parents and relative who support us through thick and thin, for their moral and for
the financial support.
To Mr. Roel Babayen-on for helping us in gathering the data needed for our research.
To the Heads, Faculty and Students of Marbel 1 Elementary School, Mariano Villegas
Elementary School, Notre Dame Of Marbel University – Integrated Basic Education, Marbel 4
Elementary School and Sto. Niño Elemantary School for their cooperation and letting us conduct
our study their schools.
To the Head of Koronadal Central Elementary School 2 for helping us during the
preparation of this research and for helping us identify our target schools.
Most of all the researchers would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to our Almighty
God for guiding us all throughout our research.
To everyone who helped us, thank you very much. May the Lord God bless you and
guide you always.


This study was conducted for the benefit of the students and teachers. It focuses on the

different Teaching Strategies employed by the teachers in teaching Grade VI Science and its

effects to the learners. The researchers also identify the common and the Top Five Effective

Teaching Strategies that will help the teachers in teaching the subject.

The respondents of the study were the students and teachers of the five selected schools

in the City of Koronadal. Sampling was done through a random selection of the students of the

identified schools. The researchers also make sure that they get more than 75% of the total

number of students to each school to assure reliability.

Using the questionnaire as the research tool the researchers get the perspectives to the

respondents. Data were then tallied, tabulated, analyzed and interpreted with the aid ranking and

percentage as statistical tools.

The results of the study indicate that using the teaching strategies will enhance and help

the students in understanding the lesson. The research also determine the common teaching

strategies and the Top Five Teaching Strategies that is also labeled as the most effective

compared to other teaching strategies.

The results also identify the positive and negative effects of teaching strategies to the

students. The study also identifies some reasons why the teachers choose a particular Teaching