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No : FRM/KUL/01/02 Revision Number : 03 Valid Date : O tober 1! 200" #$O %lause : &'('1 and &

)re*ared b+

%,e -ed b+

.**roved b+

Valid Date

Rosmaidar! M' )d' 1. Faculty 2. Study Program 3. Course Title . Course Code %. Prere&uisite '. Course Status #. Course *escri)tion ,. (

Dr' $unda .riana! M' )d'! MM'

: Language and Literature : English Literature : Statistics for Language Research : S!"E #23#$ :" : ()tional : Statistics is an elementary course in methods a))lied to statistical )ro+lems: resolution of assigned or chosen )ro+lems a))ro)riate for statistical a))lications. : /t the end of this course0 students are e1)ected to +e a+le to a))ly the a))ro)riate statistics correctly in research methodology and students can 2ee) a+reast in statistical )rocedures and terminology in statistics.

3. 4ee2ly Teaching Process

5o 67ee28 1 2 3 !ntroduction


Su+"To)ics !ntroduction and early SL/ research ;istogram0 fre&uency )olygon0

References :oster !+id !+id

Class 9ode Lecturing Presentation !ndi.idual 7or2 >ro7sing materials 6grou) 7or28

9easures of central tendency 9easures of .aria+ility

cumulati.e fre&uency )olygon <ariance and standard de.iation0 = scores 6)o)ulation and a single )oint of interest80 Standard error of the mean0 &uartile de.iation0 range ;y)othesis testing0 )ro+a+ility and le.el of significance0 ty)e 1 and ty)e !! error0 sam)ling distri+ution Le.el of measurement0 num+er of grou)s0 num+er of categories0 category si=e0 nature of grou)s0 data0

Research terminology


?rou) )resentation using PPT aid

;o7 to choose statistical models


?rou) )resentation using PPT aid


! models

)arametric and non)arametric models. T"test for one grou)0 t"test for un)aired 6inde)endent8 data t"test for )aired 6related8 data0 one 7ay analysis of .ariance


?rou) )resentation using PPT aid

# , 3

! Correlation 9odel (rdinal models

Mid Term Test 4hat is correlation@0 )earson )roduct moment coefficient 4ilco1on signed ran2s0 9an 4hitney

!+id !+id

E"learning ?rou) )resentation using

A 1B 11 12 (rdinal correlational model 5ominal Test Ta+les




test0 !+id !+id !+id

PPT aid ?rou) )resentation using PPT aid ?rou) )resentation using PPT aid ?rou) )resentation using PPT aid !+id E"learning

Friedman test. 4hat is correlation@0 S)earman ran2 coefficient Chi s&uare Pro+a+ilities associated 7ith .alues as e1treme as the o+ser.ed .alues of = in the normal distri+ution

13 1

Summing u) Final Semester

1B. Scoring System 1%C attendance and classroom )artici)ation 1%C assignments 3BC mid term BC final semester

11. Teaching and Learning Strategies Lecture D &uestions and ans7er (ral )resentation using PPTE(;P : seminar )rocedures 6discussion after )resentation8 E"learning !nternet +ased materials

Com+ination of those fi.e

12. Course Re&uirements E.ery student is re&uired to attend all meetings. E.ery student is re&uired to +e acti.e )artici)ant in class acti.ities Students in grou)s are re&uired to ma2e a ma1imum of ten F )age )a)er 6using 12 Ftime ne7 roman fontG 1.% s)acesG / )a)er 8 on a to)ic of their interest to +e )resented in class discussion on the last meeting +efore the final semester e1amination. E.ery student is re&uired to ta2e mid" semester and final semester e1aminations. 9issing classes 7ill +e made u) +ased on the agreement +y students and lecturer.

13. References :oster0 !. 4. 62BB28. Statistika dan probabilitas. Ha2arta: