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For| 02| -09 Program Units

Program Units
Oracle Forms

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For| 02| -09 Program Units

Program Units are PLSQL program units like procedures, functions and packages, which are used in FORMS for better programming capabilities. Program units are the client Objects that get stored with in the form and will not be able to access them in database. Program units can only be used in the form we created it. (scope of program unit is with in the form, cannot be accessed in different forms)



For| 02| -09 Program Units

Select the required option to create a program unit.

Specify the name of procedure and click on Ok button as shown below.



For| 02| -09 Program Units

The below screen is used to write the pl/sql code based on our requirement ,once complete the code then press on compile button.

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For| 02| -09 Program Units

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