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IMPORTATION OF BANDS Click on file> import> via geogateway

Browse image Browse the output file name Click on convert to ILWIS data format

Click on Show Click ok Repeat the same steps for the rest of the bands


Click on OPERATIONS> image processing> color composite

Browse the bands Red band !Band "# $reen band !Band %#

Blue band !Band &# 'utput raster map !(ame# )escription Click SHOW (ote* +referably, arrange the bands in descending order

S B MAPPIN! In sub mapping, a portion of an image is selected !-rea of interest# 'pen a band of an image !e g band &# Click on the .oom in tool to .oom the area of interest

Click on /ile> Create> Sub map

'n the 0sub map of raster map1 window, 2 Check any one of line and columns, corners or coordinates !preferably check coordinates#

& Copy the coordinate values in a note pad

% 3ype the output raster map name " 3ype the )escription 4 Click on show Repeat the same steps for all the other bands (ote* 5ou will be using the coordinates you copied from the first band for the rest of the bands


Click on 'perations> Image +rocessing> Cluster

'n the1 Cluster1 window,

2 Select the number of input maps & Select the number of clusters % 3ype the description " 3ype the output raster map name 4 Click on show S PER"ISED C#ASSIFICATION 'pen a full band image

Click on /ile> create> sample set

'n the sample set window, 2 3ype the sample set name & 3ype the description % Browse the domain

3ype the domain name 3ype the Class Width !24#

)escription Click O' " Browse the map list

3ype the map list name )escription

Select the sub maps of the bands one by one and send them to the other space using the sending button

4 Click O' 6 'n the domain class window Click on 0add item1 button

3ype the item name !e g vegetation# 3ype Code !e g 7 for vegetation# )escription Click O' Repeat the same procedure for all the other items 8 g Road, Settlement, River e t c & 9inimi.e the domain class window

% Click ': 'n the Sample set editor window, 2 click on the (ormal button

& click and drag on an area to collect a sample % Right click on the sample and click on edit

'n the edit window change the class name Click ok " Repeat the same steps for the rest of the features $o back to the main ILWIS window Click on 'perations> Image processing> classify

'n the classification window 2 Browse the sample set & check on the bo; classifier as your classification method % 3ype the output raster map name " type the description 4 Click on Show

CREATIN! #A(O T 'pen the image to create the layout for Click on file> create layout

2 type the map view name & type the title % click ok Click on insert

2 Insert all map features Legend Scale Boarder (orth arrow 3itle<<

Click on /ile> 8;port to bitmap

2 3ype the file name & Resolution !24=# % Click ':