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2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
The common name for a 2, 4 two chlorobenzene oxygen ethanoic acid 2, 4-d, belongs to the benzene carboxylic acid herbicide oxygen.The goods in such compounds, the strongest activity in l00 times larger than the same kind of plant growth regulator indolebutyric acid.2, 4-d and its salts and esters are efficient, uptake, highly selective herbicide and plant growth regulator, has strong physiological activity of plants, and low concentration, tend to promote growth, to prevent the fallen petal fruit abscission, improve fruit-set rate and promote the role of fruit growth, early maturity, increase yield, can be used as plant growth regulator to reduce the fruit drop, increase the fruit;High concentration, show the growth inhibition and characteristic of herbicides, especially in broadleaf plants more obvious.The goods mechanism belongs to the hormone herbicide, poison effect when it is in high concentration, prompted weed stem tissues increased nucleic acid and protein synthesis, the restoration of capacity to mature cell division, cell division, to cause abnormal growth and killing weeds.

The first step is the preparation of phenol ether, this is a nucleophilic substitution reaction, in alkaline conditions is easy to make.The second step is the electrophilic substitution on the benzene ring, FeCl3 as catalyst, chlorinating agent is Cl +, introduced the first Cl. 2HCl + H2O2 Cl2 + 2H2O Cl2 + FeCl3 [ FeCl4 ]- + Cl+ The third step is still the electrophilic substitution on the benzene ring, from HOCl H2O + Cl and Cl2O as chlorinating agent, introduced the second Cl.

The preparation of oxygen benzene acetic acid 1, into a salt to 0.8 g of chloroacetic acid and 1.0 mL of water in the mixture slowly add 2 mL of Na2CO3 saturated solution, the PH value to 7-8, which changes the chloroacetic acid sodium chloroacetate. 2, replace to the under stirring add 0.5 g of phenol, sodium chloroacetate solution with 35% NaOH solution PH value to 12, in a boiling water bath heating 20 min.During the maintaining PH of 12.3, acidic precipitation to add thick HCl in the reaction liquid, adjust PH value to 3-4, oxygen benzene acetic acid crystallization precipitation at this time.After filtering, washing, drying for a quick oxygen benzene acetic acid crude products.

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The preparation of chlorobenzene oxygen ethanoic acid 0.6 g raw benzene oxygen ethanoic acid and 2 ml glacial acetic acid mixture on the water bath heating to 55 oc, stir under add 4 MLHCL mgfecl3 and 2.In the bath temperature rise to 60-70 oc, add 0.6 within 3 min mL33 % H2O2 solution.After the drop, heat preservation for 10 min, some solid precipitation.Heat dissolved solids, and after cooling, crystallization, filtration, washing, recrystallization operation for a quick fine chlorobenzene oxygen ethanoic acid, etc. 2, 4 - dichlorobenzene oxygen ethanoic acid (2, 4-d) preparation 1, under the conditions of shaking, chloride to 0.2 g of chlorobenzene oxygen ethanoic acid and 2.2 mL glacial acetic acid mixture of partial add 3.8 mL5 % NaOCl solution, and the reaction at room temperature for 5 min. 2, separation with 6 mol/L HCl acid to Congo red test paper turned blue, the extract was extracted with ether and then 2 times, after water washing, with 10% NaCO3 solution extraction ether layer. 3, the alkaline extraction liquid, add 5 ml of water, with a strong HCl acidification to Congo red test paper turned blue, 2, 4 - dichlorobenzene oxygen ethanoic acid precipitation at this time.After cooling, filtering, washing, recrystallization operations such as a quick high-quality goods 2, 4 - dichlorobenzene oxygen ethanoic acid.