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MASBATE NATIONAL COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL Masbate City 4th Periodical Test SPA DANCE III Name:_____________________________________ Section:_________________

Score:___________ Direction: Choose and write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided for. ____ 1. It is the design created on the floor with the use of the performers bodies. a. Choreography b. floor pattern c. floor plan d. stage design ____ 2. On what level is the movement done if the heels are raised and the body is extended upward? a. Low b. medium c. high d. medium-high ____ 3. It is a particular manner or style of moving which is considered to be the building block of dance. a. Focus b. movement c. steps d. direction ____ 4. He is a native of Bulacan who composed the music of the dance Pandango sa Ilaw. a. Rodel Fronda b. Prof. Jonathan Amil c. Col. Buenaventura d. Michael Bulaong ____ 5. How does a Bendian ritual end? a. In silence b. through a loudest outcry c. reflective singing d. meditation ____ 6. The oil lamp used in Pandanggo sa Ilaw is called: a. Tinghoy b. lampara c. kahoi d. candles box ____ 7. It is a colourful and lively dance from Pangasinan. a. Pandanggo sa Ilaw b. Binoyugan c. Binasuan d. Banga ____ 8. What is considered to be the limit or scope of movement? a. Range b. boundary c. ceiling d. time-line ____ 9. It is referred to as the focal point of a performers attention as he executes movements. a. Projection b. focus c. position d. guide post ____ 10. What serves as the heartbeat of dance? a. Drums b. rhythm c. movement d. music ____ 11. It helps a performer adopt himself through space as he travels from one place to another on the dance floor. a. Direction b. compass c. guide marks d. level ____ 12. Which of the following is not an element of rhythm? a. Dynamics b. flow c. tempo d. meter ____ 13. The art of creating dances is called: a. Formation b. dance research c. choreography d. production ____ 14. It is a very popular folkdance simulating fireflies from Mindoro. a. Alitaptap b. Alibangbang c. Kiriwkiw d. Pandanggo sa Ilaw ____ 15. On the fifth figure of the dance Binoyugan, the dancers kneel on their right and left knees while their hands make kewet in every measure. The movements of the dancers are: a. On low level b. on medium level c. on high level d. between low and medium ____ 16. Binasuan is often danced in the following occasions except: a. weddings b. patronal fiestas c. funerals d. community gatherings ____ 17. The time signature of the dance pandanggo is in: a. 2/2 b. 2/4 c. 3/4 d. 4/4 ____ 18. Which among the following does not celebrate Bendian? a. Ibaloy b. Banguet c. Igorot d. Kankanay ____ 19. What dance uses balance glasses filled with rice wine? a. Pandanggo sa Ilaw b. Binasuan c. Saguin-saguin d. Daling-daling ____ 20. This is a dance performed by the Lowland Christians in Cauayan, Isabela as a means of honouring the said province. a. La Jota Isabela b. Jota Cagayana c. Bella Isabela d. Katalana 21-25. Enumerate five (5) elements of movements in space which are applied in the performance of folk dances. 21. 24. 22. 25. 23.