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MASBATE NATIONAL COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL Masbate City 4th Periodic Examination MAPEH II Name:_____________________________________ Section:_________________ Score:___________ Direction:

Choose and write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided. MUSIC ____ 1. He is the male character in Peking Opera usually portrayed by a warrior or handsome man. a. Tan b. Ching c. Sheng d. Meng ____ 2. Which is not a characteristic of Peking Opera? a. Extravagance b. symbolism c. simplicity d. synchronization ____ 3. The theatrical presentation for the common people in Japan is called: a. Noh b. Kabuki c. Bunraku d. Wayang Kulit ____ 4. This is a Japanese theatrical form wherein the performers wear masks as they act and dance. a. Noh b. Kabuki c. Bunraku d. Peking Opera ____ 5. What musical instrument does a puppeteer use? a. Nokan b. tsuzumi c. shamisen d. noh ____ 6. In which theatrical presentation do male actors perform female roles? a. Kabuki b. Noh c. Yayang Makulit d. none of the above ____ 7. How big are the puppets in Bunraku? a. Life size b. barney size c. half of life-size d. almost ____ 8. The following are the usual plots of Noh except: a. Honesty b. loyalty c. tragedy d. honor ____ 9. It is a flat puppet made of leather, intricately curved and painted. a. leather doll b. peenocheu c. wayang kulit d. none of the above ____ 10. Which musical ensemble performs with the shadow puppets in Java? a. kulintang b. gamelan c. sambilan d. Piphat ____ 11. The first theatre in the Philippines was referred to as: a. indigenous theatre b. tribal theater c. zarzuela d. all of the above ____ 12. Puppeteer is for Bunraku while dalang is for: a. Dayang-dayang b. Kabuki c. Peking Opera d. Wayang Kulit ARTS ____ 13. What Asian art is characterized by geometric lines? a. Indian Art b. Chinese Art c. Muslim Art d. Japanese Art ____ 14. It is a Muslim design manifested in the zigzag and angular forms in womens malong. a. Bornean b. Orien c. Okir d. satir ____ 15. They believe that man is just a small part of nature and so man should harmonize with his environment. a. Koreans b. Chinese c. Japanese d. Taiwanese ____ 16. Which is not a common subject of Chinese sculpture? a. animals b. Buddha c. man d. saints ____ 17. You asked Superman to fly you to the moon. When you landed there, you looked back to the earth and saw a wonderful human structure called: a. Eiffel Tower b. Taj Mahal c. Sky Scraper d. Great Wall ____ 18. The Japanese approach to architecture is said to be: a. minimal b. extravagant c. firm d. strong ____ 19. It is considered to be Indias greatest architectural contribution to the world. a. Mogul Palaces b. Tamil Nadu Shrine c. Taj Mahal d. Shankar _____20. It is an ethnic art from China which aimed to create jars that would rival precious porcelain. a. basketry b. pottery c. carving d. metalworks

_____21. What do Japanese use in making statues? a. clay b. bronze c. lacquer d. all of the above _____22. It is an ethnic tradition of weaving and one of the functional arts of many Asian nations. a. basketry b. batik-making c. carving d. pottery ______23. Where do we find the best woodcarvers in the Philippines? a. In Pampanga c. In Paete, Laguna b. It the northern part of Baguio d. In Mandaon, Masbate _____ 24. Which of the following does not belong to the group? a. fan and umbrella c. paper lantern b. calligraphy and kites d. ikebana _____ 25. The Japanese express their beauty by practising the values of a. honesty b. discipline c. courtesy d. all of the above PE _____ 26. The Lapay Bantigue of Masbate City and the Pagdulang and Pangalimango dances of Aroroy are examples of : a. Muslim Dances b. Cordillera Dances c. Rural Dances d. Spanish Dances _____ 27. It is the dance of Kalinga females which shows their skilful balancing of the labba. a. Bumayah b. Ragragsakan c. Idaw d. Banga _____ 28. Which of the following does not belong to the group? a. Singkil b. Pig-apir c. Asik d. Rik-rak _____ 29. Which of the following folk dances uses Barong Tagalog and Serpentina costumes? a. Countryside b. Spanish-Influenced c. Cordillera d. Muslim _____ 30. What musical instrument is used for Muslim Dances? a. Kulintang b. Gangsa c. Gong d. A &C _____ 31. It is the design created on the floor with the use of the performers bodies. a. Choreography b. floor pattern c. floor plan d. stage design _____ 32. On what level is the movement done if the heels are raised and the body is extended upward? a. Low b. medium c. high d. medium-high _____ 33. It is a particular manner or style of moving which is considered to be the building block of dance. a. Focus b. movement c. steps d. direction _____ 34. What is considered to be the limit or scope of movement? a. Range b. boundary c. ceiling d. time-line _____ 35. It is referred to as the focal point of a performers attention as he executes movements. a. Projection b. focus c. position d. guide post _____ 36. What serves as the heartbeat of dance? a. Drums b. rhythm c. movement d. music _____ 37. It helps a performer adopt himself through space as he travels from one place to another on the dance floor. a. Direction b. compass c. guide marks d. level _____ 38. The art of creating dances is called: a. Formation b. dance research c. choreography d. production _____ 39. On the fifth figure of the dance Binoyugan, the dancers kneel on their right and left knees while their hands make kewet in every measure. The movements of the dancers are: a. On low level b. on medium level c. on high level d. between low and medium _____ 40. Which of the following wear G-string and Tapis for their dance? a. Muslim Dancers b. Cordillera Dancers c. Spanish Dancers d. Rural Dancers HEALTH _____ 41. These are drugs that affect the central nervous system and alter the users mood and perception. a. Psychoactive b. Hyperactive c. Phytoactive d. Physioactive _____ 42. What is the worlds oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage? a. Beer b. Wine c. Spirit d. Standard _____ 43. A television commercial of an alcoholic beverage says Drink moderately. What is meant by this? a. Drink as much as you can because you are a WaSaLak b. Drink according to how much you can afford

c. Drink 1-2 glasses only d. Drink only in your dreams _____ 44. What is the most common harmful effect of cigarette smoking? a. Liver Cancer b. Throat Cancer c. Lung Cancer d. Breast Cancer _____ 45. The following are examples of volatile solvents except: a. Snapper b. gasoline c. paint thinner d. glues _____ 46. It is the primary addictive substance found in tobacco. a. Nitrite b. puffer c. nicotine d. amphetamine _____ 47. It refers to chemical in gaseous form or volatile solvents that become gas at the time of use. a. Solvents b. inhalants c. gas d. aerosol _____ 48. Your classmate has started to develop addiction to cigarette smoking and is asking for an advice on how he can prevent it. What will you tell him? a. Ill advise him to drink so his craving for cigarette will be diverted to alcohol. b. Ill tell him to get lost because he is such a bad influence. c. Ill advise him to develop a plan and avoid temptations d. Ill tell him he shouldnt worry because people need to smoke from time to time. _____ 49. When toxic fumes replace oxygen in the lungs, a person will suffer from a. Suffocation b. cardiac arrest c. choking d. asphyxia _____ 50. Which of the following is not an Over-The-Counter drug? a. Bioflu b. neozep c. biogesic d. none of the above