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Protect Civilians | SNHR

3/28/14, 12:06 PM








Protect Civilians


The Syrian regimes vicious military campaign against Aleppo and its countryside, that started more than three months ago, continues as it harvests almost every day new many victims including children and women. Details: The number of documented victims who were killed air strikes against Aleppo and its countryside from 18/12/2013 until 19/3/2014 was 2049 victims including: 2033 civilians (99% percent of the victims were civilians), among those victims there

was 571 Children and 277 women.

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Protect Civilians | SNHR

3/28/14, 12:06 PM

Also there was 6 members of civil defense, one pharmacist, and two media activists. 16 rebels (1% of the total number of victims)

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By SNHR | March 28, 2014 | Uncategorized | ! Substitute the Use of Chemical Weapons by the Use of Cluster Munitions

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Protect Civilians | SNHR

3/28/14, 12:06 PM

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SNHR:The number of #Syrian victims until this moment raise to 39 victims, including 2 #children and 1 tortured to death Expand 01#-)%& 02"3%&|SNHR @SN4HR 2@$-0 &E-@1 (39) 6+7 ,8*9+& 6:* G&E@1+& EEH I">:.& J-K;:+& 4*: E-@1( !L>? Expand

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Founded in 2011 after the outbreak of Syrian Revolution, Syrian Network for Human Rights is an independent neutrality nongovernmental human rights organization, which aims to document the ongoing human rights violations in Syria, and periodically issuing reports, studies and researches by applying the highest-levels of objectivity and professionalism, as a rst step in order to expose and hold perpetrators accountable, and to ensure victims' rights.

We aims to publish human rights' culture among all the Syrian citizens and apprise them with their civil and political rights, in addition to train dozens of Syrians for various elds of human rights works and activities, within our ambition of Syrian citizens enjoy all their humanitarian and constitutional rights. Syrian Network for Human Rights is nonpartisan organization, not involved with any political activity, and afrms its commitment with all international criteria, declarations, and conventions of human rights of the United Nation.

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