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GERSTER @Jane_Gerster EDUCATION & AWARDS Carleton University, 200 ! 20"#. Bachelor of Journalism with minor in Spanish. Deans Honour List, 2012-2013 Emphasis on international affairs and conflict reporting with an independent Spanish study on Mexican drug cartels. University o$ Cal%ary Centre $or &ilitary an' Strate%i( St)'ies, &ay 20"2. ertificate of completion for the ana!ian "ilitar# Journalism ourse. ne of !" students selected on scholarship to attend a nine#day course on military journalism and the $anadian %orces. Spent fi&e days studying media#military theory in $algary and four days interacting with $anadian %orces training at $%' (ainwright. Jarvis Colle%iate Instit)te, 200* + 200 . $ntario Secon!ar# School Diploma. (inner of the Sports (riting) %eature category in the *oronto Star +igh School ,ewspaper -wards) "../. WOR, E-.ERIENCE T/e Toronto Star Staff reporter, June 2013 - present. 0itch and co&er original news stories of regional significance. 0itched and freelanced an original e'oo1. T/e Cana'ian .ress %eportin& intern with the $ttawa Bureau, "arch 2013. 0itched and co&ered original news stories of national significance) co&er parliament and go&ernment issues. T/e Glo0e & &ail %eportin& an! we' intern, Decem'er 2012 ( Januar# 2013. 0itched and co&ered original news stories of national and local significance. -lso responsi2le for ensuring hu2s on the we2site were representati&e of the most current news from around the world. C/arlatan .)0li(ations %a!io show co-host ) pro!ucer, $cto'er 2012 ( *pril 2013. 3esponsi2le for producing and hosting a wee1ly radio show a2out campus news) including all technical aspects of the show) creating a podcast) and gathering sound. T/e Cana'ian .ress +!itorial intern with the *tlantic Bureau, June ( *u&ust 2012. 0itched and co&ered original news stories of national and -tlantic significance for print) radio and &ideo. -lso responsi2le for running the -tlantic wire alone on wee1ends.

C/arlatan .)0li(ations ,ews e!itor, Januar# 2011 ( "a# 2012. Managed a &olunteer staff 2y guiding news co&erage) generating story ideas) assigning reporters

and photo re4uests) editing consistent with $0 style and page layout with -do2e 5n6esign. 3esponsi2le for 2rea1ing nationwide news multiple times7 co&erage of uni&ersity politics helped dri&e traffic on the newspaper8s we2site to the highest le&el e&er recorded. T/e National .ost -oronto news intern, Decem'er 2011. 3esponsi2le for writing stories) features) 4uic1 we2 hits and li&e#tweeting a2out city hall) a $anadian hoc1ey player facing sexual assault charges and a pair of gay penguins. Stories were pic1ed up 2y 0ostmedia newspapers across the country. T/e Unite' Nations St)'ent Jo)rnalis1 .ro%ra1 %eporter, Septem'er 2011. 0ro&ided co&erage for the 9:th annual ;, 605<,G $onference on sustaina2ility in Germany as the only $anadian in a !=#mem2er glo2al contingent of student journalists. T/e ,elo2na Daily Co)rier .ntern, "a# - June 2011. 3esponsi2le for pro&iding a &ariety of co&erage including community town halls on the +.S.*.) missing atheist 2us ads and the ".!! mail stri1e) wrote 2riefs and news stories for print) we2 and $anadian 0ress wire pu2lication. Glo0al National .ntern at the -oronto Bureau, June ) Decem'er 2010 .ntern at the $ttawa Bureau, Januar# 2011 ( "arch 2011. Shot listed tapes) acted as 2udget runner during the ".!! federal 2udget loc1#up) accompanied to and conducted inter&iews a2out security during the ".!. G/<G".) the ".!. %5%- world cup and secured the first pu2lic copy of the diagrams of the diagrams outlining 0rime Minister Stephen +arper8s fa1e la1e during the G/<G". summits) wrote script and pic1ed clips for story on G". security measures. 3O4UNTEER E-.ERIENCE .ro5e(ts A0roa' are&i/er, June ( *u&ust 2000. >i&ed with an -rgentinean family and wor1ed daily as a caregi&er at 3esidencia E&a 0eron) a community home just outside of $ordo2a for children a2used 2y their parents. (as responsi2le for organi?ing daily acti&ities) preparing meals) feeding the children) changing their diapers and putting them to sleep. 0roficient in Spanish) can spea1 @ read con&ersationally in %rench $ompetent with -&id ,ewscutter) i,ews) -do2e 5ndesign) -do2e -udition) $ool Edit) Jimi) -do2e >ightroom) (ord0ress @ EScenic content management systems. S1illed with $anon 3e2el tAi and Go 0ro. 0roficient with online multimedia tools such as *imetoast) 6ata&i?.org) *hinglin1) 6ipity) Storify and 0re?i. %ull ntario BG8 dri&er8s license) including standard transmission. "arch 2011.