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L-bus|ness webs|te: http:]]www.asos.

rov|de |nformat|on: ASCS's webslLe provlde clearly lnformaLlon abouL Lhelr company and Lhe
lnformaLlon ls cover all Lhe Lhlngs LhaL cusLomer need Lo know. Also Lhe layouL of Lhls webslLe
ls also well deflned. So lL ls easy Lo flnd Lhe lnformaLlon.
"#$%& "'(': ASCS ls a global onllne fashlon and beauLy reLaller and offers on Lhe webslLe over 30,000 branded and own label producL llnes across
womenswear, menswear, fooLwear, accessorles, [ewellery and beauLy wlLh
approxlmaLely 1,300 new producL llnes belng lnLroduced each week. ASCS has
webslLes LargeLlng Lhe uk, uSA, lrance, Cermany, Spaln, lLaly and AusLralla and also
shlps Lo over 190 oLher counLrles from lLs cenLral dlsLrlbuLlon cenLre ln Lhe uk. Almed
aL fashlon forward LwenLy-someLhlngs globally, ASCS aLLracLs 16.6 mllllon unlque
vlslLors a monLh and as aL 30 !une 2012 had 8.7 mllllon reglsLered users and 4.7 mllllon
acLlve cusLomers from 160 counLrles (deflned as havlng shopped ln Lhe lasL 12 monLhs).
As l have sald before,
ASCS's WebslLe provldes
clearly lnformaLlon because
Lhey have Lhelr Llmellne
lnformaLlon abouL Lhelr
company and awards hlsLory.
So Lhe cusLomer can be LrusL
Lhem. 1hey also have Lhe
deLall of Lhelr offlce even Lhe
company are dolng Lhe onllne
or e-buslness only. 1here are
Lhree offlces, whlch ls London
offlce (head offlce), CusLomer
care offlce and loglsLlcs offlces.

ln Lhelr very flrsL
pages, lL provlde a
lnformaLlon llke welcome
ASCS and have a llnk for
newble Lo enLer Lo Lhelr
"We|come pages". lL provldes
Lhe lnformaLlon under Lhe
plcLures LhaL llnk Lo anoLher
pages ln Lhelr webslLe llke
ueslgner brands, ASCS
magazlne, newsleLLers, ASCS
)*$+%,& -./$*01&-$.2 1hls webslLe dlvldes Lhe Lype of producL clearly. 1he flrsL level ls
Shop for women or shop for men. lollowed by Lype of producLs, Shop by producLs, llke
accessary, dress, shoes, [umpsulL eLc. AfLer you cllck choose Lhe producLs, lL wlll show

?ou Lhe producL lnformaLlon llke slze color and eLc. lL descrlbes Lhe producL ln deLall
such as slze for uS, Lu, and uk, also for Lhe slze LhaL model wore ln Lhe plcLures llke
she wore uk8 and her helghL ls 176cm. So you can compare Lo yourself LhaL you are be
able Lo wear Lhls dress or noL? ls lL Loo long for you? Cr anyLhlng.

(.3-.4 1+52 1he onllne adverLlse are avallable as a leaderboard ad ln Lhe homepage of
webslLes. 1he ads show Lhelr promoLlon llke free dellvery worldwlde, 10 dlscounL for
sLudenL and C8 9.93 for unllmlLed nexL day dellvery for one year.
Sa|es of products and serv|ces: ln order Lo buy Lhe producL ln ASCS's webslLe, you have Lo
reglsLer Lo be member flrsL. So Lhe webslLe have been collecL your personal lnformaLlon
already. And Lhey also have collecLed your lnformaLlon of cusLomer once Lhey cllck "Add to
bag". 1he cusLomers are belng able Lo see Lhelr shopplng bag when Lhey flnlshed. lL wlll
show ln Lhlng LhaL you add ln Lo your bags. And lL wlll show you ln sLep Lo pay for Lhe
producLs and dellvery. 1he checkouL process wlll be as followlng: 1) abouL you 2) 8llllng 3)
dellvery 4) aymenL 3) conflrm and pay. Cnce you flnlshed all sLep, you can check Lhe sLaLus
of your producLs (1racklng). lurLhermore lL also provlded nexL day dellvery for Lhe cusLomer

Customer se|f-serv|ces]Customer |nteract|on:
ASCS ls very good ln Lerm of cusLomer servlce.
1here are a loL of ways Lo conLacL Lhem when
you have Lhe problems llke frequency asked
quesLlons, CusLomer care llve, ConLacL us eLc.
lor conLacL us, Lhey wlll answer Lhe quesLlon
wlLhln 4 hours once Lhe cusLomer send Lhe
message Lo Lhem. Also for Lhe oLher ways Lo
conLacL Lhem llke lacebook, LwlLLer ls also
ast sa|es support: Cnce you purchase Lhe producL from ASCS's webslLe, Lhe cusLomer are
be able Lo check Lhelr order deLall or Lhelr
hlsLory (All producLs LhaL Lhey broughL from
ASCS's webslLe) when Lhe cusLomer log ln
Lo Lhelr accounL on Lhe ASCS's webslLe.
Moreover, Lhe Lechnlcal supporL ls
avallable ln Lerm of lACs and Lhe cusLomer
can also conLacL ASCS vla oLher channels
llke conLacL emall eLc.

roduct deve|opment: 1he cusLomer can leave Lhe any commenL or complalnLs ln conLacL us.
1hls way lL wlll be very helpful Lo Lhe webslLe ln order Lo know Lhelr faulL or anyLhlng LhaL
cusLomer were noL saLlsfy wlLh ASCS's producLs.

Ana|yze how the funct|ons he|p the company to ach|eve fo||ow|ng benef|ts
Lnhanced cusLomer servlce and proflLablllLy: 1he webslLe are very well provlded Lhe
cusLomer servlces llke provldlng a loL of ways Lo conLacL ASCS, Worldwlde dellvery, producL
descrlpLlon and Lhe webslLe ls easy Lo use. Cnce ASCS can achleve Lhls klnd of Lhlngs, Lhey
can enhanced cusLomer servlce and proflLablllLy.
MarkeL expanslon: 1hey also expand Lhe markeL by provldlng anoLher verslon LhaL
compaLlble for any elecLronlc devlces. Some people mlghL noL uslng lapLop a loL, Lhey prefer
Lo surf Lhe lnLerneL by uslng Lhelr lphone or lpad. So Lhey creaLe Lhe ASCS apps for lphone
and lpad user. CLher ways ls Moblle slLe LhaL sulLed for any moblle devlces llke 8lackberry,
Samsung and nokla. And Lhe lasL one ls Magazlne.
CosL reducLlon: uslng lACs, Lmall, ConLacL us and oLher ways Lo communlcaLe ln order Lo do
Lhe markeLlng, sales, cusLomer servlce and supporL. lL wlll reduce cosL a loL. lf your webslLe
provlded all answer LhaL cusLomer need Lo know ln lACs, Lhe company have no need Lo
have many operaLor Lo answer Lhe same quesLlon every day.
CusLomer reLenLlon/loyalLy: WlLh Lhe well cusLomer servlces and all funcLlons LhaL webslLe
provlded Lo Lhe cusLomer ls lncreased Lhe number of cusLomer reLenLlon/loyalLy. lor
example of dellvery, ASCS promlse Lo Lhe cusLomer LhaL lf you were ln uk, Lhe shlpmenL wlll
arrlve Lo your house wlLhln one week. Also Shlpplng worldwlde, even Lhey don'L promlse
abouL Lhe Llme buL Lhey promlse ln Lerm of worldwlde shlpplng LhaL have only few company
can do lL. Moreover wlLh paymenL meLhods, lL ls very secure. So Lhe cusLomer can LrusL LhaL
lL wlll never fraudulenL. All Lhls Lhlngs wlll enhance CusLomer 8elaLlonshlp ManagemenL
(C8M), Lhe cusLomers have LrusL ln Lhe company's promlse and Lhe company can do lL. So
Lhe cusLomer wlll be saLlsfy and come back Lo buy Lhe producL from ASCS agaln.
What acqu|s|t|on strateg|es does the webs|te use? now does the webs|te
reta|n the|r customer?
1he sLraLegles of ASCS, lL musL be Lhelr user-frlendly of Lhe webslLe, Lhelr cusLomer
servlce, Lhelr producL and lnformaLlon. 1he webslLe of ASCS ls very well deflned wlLh nlce
looklng and lL ls very easy Lo use. As l descrlbe before, lf Lhe cusLomer vlslL Lhe webslLe for
Lhe flrsL Llme, Lhey can go Lo Welcome pages". lL wlll explaln clearly as a guldellne for Lhe
cusLomer llke where ls Lhe pages for markeLplace. 1hey deflne clearly lnformaLlon LhaL
cusLomer need Lo know ln order Lo purchase Lhe producL and also for Lhelr awards. So Lhe
cusLomer can be LrusL ln Lhem. lurLhermore, 1he shopplng bag and checkouL process,
ASCS's shopplng bag ls work very well because of Lhelr LransparenL mlnl bag ln Lhelr Lop of
Lhe pages. normally, ln oLher e-buslness webslLe, afLer Lhe cusLomer cllck add Lo shopplng
carL lL wlll dlrecLly llnk Lo Lhe bag of shopplng bag. ASCS has dlfferenL Lype of shopplng bag,
whlch ls LransparenL mlnl bag. Cnce Lhe cusLomer cllck add Lo bags, Lhe mlnl popup wlll
show ln your Lop rlghL of Lhe pages and you can conLlnue shopplng ln Lhe currenL pages. lf
you are ready Lo pay for Lhe producL, ln LhaL mlnl bag have Lhe lcon for dlrecLly go Lo check
ouL process. 1he check ouL process ls also very good. ln Lhe page of check ouL process, lL wlll
show LhaL whlch sLep you are ln rlghL now. 1here ls clearly deflned Lhe process lndlcaLor.
Also for Lhe securlLy symbol LhaL glven promlnence Lo enhance LrusL and assurance. As Lhe
resulL, all of funcLlons LhaL ASCS provlde Lo Lhe cusLomer made Lhem comeback and become
your cusLomer loyalLy.