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1 Huck in trouble You don't know about me if you haven't read a book called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mr Mark Twain wrote the book and most of it is true In that book robbers stole some money and hid it in a very secret place in the Woods But Tom Sawyer and I found itand after that we were rich We got six thousand dollars each-all gold In those days I never had a home or went to school like Tom and all the other boys in St Petersburg Pop was always drunk and he moved around a lot so he wasn't a very good father But it didn't matter to me I slept in the streets or in the woodsand I could do what I wantedwhen I wanted It was a fine life When we got all that moneyTom and I were famous for a whileJudge Thatcherwho was an important man in our townkept my money in the bank for me And the Widow Douglas took me to live in her house and said I could be her son She was very nice and kindbut it was a hard life because I had to wear new clothes and be good all the time In the endI put on my old clothes and ran awayBut Tom came after me and said that I had to go backbut that I could be in his gang of robbersSoI went backand the widow cried and I had to put on those new clothes again I didn't like it at allHer sisterMiss Watsonlived there tooShe was al-ways saying 'Don't put your feet thereHuckleberry'and 'Don't do thatHuckleberry 'It was terrible When I went up to bed that nightI sat down in a chair by the window I sat there a good long time and I was really unhappyBut just after midnight I heard 'meeyowmeeyow'ortsideVery softlyI answered'meeyow meeyor' QuietlyI put out the light and got out through the windowIn the trees Tom Sawyer was waiting for me We went through the trees to the end of the widow's garden Soon we were on top of a hill on the other side of the houseBelow us we could see the river and the townOne or two lights were still onbut everything was quiet We went down the hill and found Joe Harper Ben Rogers and two or three more of the boysThen Tom took us down the river by boat to his secret placewhich was a cave deep in the side of a hillWhen we got there Tom told us all his plan 'Nowwe'll have this gang of robbers'he said'and we'll call it Tom Sawyer's GangIf somebody hurts one of usthe others will kill him and his family And if a boy from the gang tells other people our secrets we'll kill him and his familytoo' We all thought this was wonderfuland we wrote our names in blood from our fingersThen Ben Rogers said'Now what's the gang going to do' 'Nothing'replied Tom'Just rob and kill We stop people on the roadand we kill themand take their money and thingsBut we can keep a few of the peopleand then their friends can pay money to get them backThat's what they do in the stories in books' But Ben wasn't happy'What about women'he asked ' Do we kill them

too?' 'Ohno'Tom answered'We're very nice to them and they all love us and they don't want to go home' 'Then the cave will be full of women and people waitingand we'll have to watch them all night' 'We'll all go home now'Tom said'and we'll meet next week and we'll kill somebody and rob somebody' Ben wanted to begin on Sundaybut the others said noIt was bad to kill and rob on a Sunday My clothes were very dirty and I was very tired when I got backOf course the next morning Miss Watson was angry with me because of my dirty clothes but the widow just looked unhappySoon after that we stopped playing robbers because we never robbed people and we never killed them *** Time went on and winter cameI went to school most of the time and I was learning to read and write a littleIt wasn't too badand the widow was pleased with meMiss Watson had a slavean old man called Jimand he and I were good friendsI often sat talking to Jimbut I still didn't like living in a house and sleeping in a bed Thenone morningthere was some new snow on the ground and outside the back garden I could see footprints in the snow I went out to look at them more carefullyThey were Pop's footprints A minute laterI was running down the hill to Judge Thatcher's house When he opened the doorI cried'SirI want you to take all my moneyI want to give it to you' He looked surprised'Whywhat's the matter' 'Pleasesirtake it Don't ask me why' In the end he said'Wellyou can sell it to methen'And he gave me a dollar and I wrote my name on a piece of paper for him That night when I went up to my roomPop was sitting there waiting for me I saw that the window was openso that was how he got in He was almost fifty and he looked oldHis hair was long and dirty and his face was a terrible white colourHis clothes were old and dirtytooand two of his toes were coming through his shoeHe looked at me all over for a long time and then he said' Welljust look at those Cleantidy clothesAnd they say you can read and write now Who said you could go to school' 'The widow'I began 'Oh she did did she Well you can forget about schoolI can't read and your mother couldn't readno one in our family could read before they diedso who do you think you are Go ontake that book and read to me' I began to read but he hit the book and it flew out of my hand across the roomThen he shouted'They say you're richhow's that' 'It isn't true' 'You give me that moneyI want itGet it for me tomorrow'

I haven't got any moneyAsk Judge ThatcherHe'll tell youI haven't got any money' 'Well give me what you've got in your pocket now Come on give it to me ' 'I've only got a dollar and I want that to' 'Give it to medo you hear' He took itand then he said he was going out to get a drinkWhen he was outside the window he put his head back in and shouted'And stop going to that school or you know what you'll get' The next day he was drunkand he went to Judge Thatcher to get my money The judge wouldn't give it to himBut Pop didn't stop trying and every few days I got two or three dollars from the judge to stop Pop from hitting meBut when Pop had money he got drunk again and made trouble in town He was always coming to the widow's houseand she got angry and told him to stay away Then Pop got really angry and one day he caught me and took me a long way up the river in a boatI had to stay with him in a hut in the woods and I couldn't go out by myselfHe watched me all the time The widow sent a man to find me and bring me homebut Pop went after him with a gun and the man ran away

2 Huck escapes and finds a friend Mostly it was a lazycomfortable kind of lifebut after about two months Pop began to hit me too much with his stickHe often went away into town tooand then he always locked me in the hutOnce he was away for three days and I thought I was never going to get out again When he came back that timehe was drunk and angryHe wanted my moneybut Judge Thatcher wouldn't give it to himThe judge wanted to send me to live with the widow againPop told meI wasn't very pleased about that I didn't want to go back there So I decided to escape and go down the river and live in the woods somewhere When Pop was outI began to cut a hole in the wooden wall of the hut In a few dayswhen the hole was biggerI could take the wood cut escape through the holeand put the wood back One morning Pop sent me down to the river to catch some fish for breakfast

To my surprise there was a canoe in the water and there was no one in it ImmediatelyI jumped into the river and brought the canoe to the side It was lucky that Pop didn't see meand I decided to hide the canoe under some trees and use it when I escaped That afternoonPop locked me in and went off to town 'He won't be back tonight'I thought so I began to work hard at my holeSoon I could get out through itand I carried food and drink and Pop's gun down to the canoeThen I put back the wood to hide the holetook the gun and went into the woods There I shot a wild pig and took it back to the hut with meNextI broke down the door with an axeI carried the pig into the hut and put some of its blood on the ground Then I put some big stones in a sack and pulled it along behind me to the riverLast of allI put some blood and some of my hair on the axeI left the axe in a corner of the hut and I took the pig down to the river 'They won't know it's only a pig in the river'I said to myself'They'll think it's me' Then I took the canoe and went down the river to Jackson's Island By then it was nearly dark so I hid the canoe under some trees and went to sleep It was after eight o'clock when I woke up the next day and the sun was high in the skyI was warm and comfortable and I didn't want to get up SuddenlyI heard a noise up the riverCarefullyI looked through the treesand I saw a boat full of peopleThere was PopJudge ThatcherTom Sawyer and his Aunt Polly and his brother Sid and lots of others They were looking for my body in the river I watched them but they didn't see me and in the end they went awayI knew that nobody was going to come and look for me again I found a good place under the trees to sleep and to put my thingsThen I caught a fish and cooked it over a fire I lived like that for three days and then I decided to have a look round the island So I went into the woods'This is my island'I thought'I'm the only person on it' Suddenlyjust in front of meI saw a fireand it was still smokingThere was somebody on my islandI didn't wait I turned and went straight back But I couldn't sleepAfter a timeI said to myself'I can't live like thisI must find out who it is' Silently I moved along the river in my canoeunder the darkness of the treesAnd then I stoppedThrough the trees I could see the light of a fire Afraid I left my canoe and went nearerThere was a man lying by the fire Suddenlyhe sat up and I saw that it was JimMiss Watson's slaveI was really happy to see him'HelloJim' I criedand I jumped out from behind the tree Jim fell to his knees'Please don't hurt me' he cried 'I've always been good to dead people' 'It's all rightJimI'm not dead' I said'But why are you here on the island ' I asked 'Well Huck' he began'Old Miss Watson wanted to sell me A man came into town and told Miss Watson that he'd buy me for eight hundred dollars She couldn't say no so I ran awayI ran down to the river to hidebut everybody

in the town was there They said you were dead HuckI had to wait all day to get awayWhen it was darkI got on to a big boat and hid When we came near this island I jumped into the water and swam here' Jim finished his story and then we both carried all our things into a cave and hid the canoe under some treesWe were just in time because then the rains came It rained for daysand the river got higher and higher All kinds of things came down the river and one night there was a little wooden house lying half on its side We got the canoe out and went to take a lookThrough the window we could see a bedtwo old chairs and some old clothesThere was something lying in the corner and we thought it looked like a man Jim went in to see but he said'He's deadSomeone shot him in the backDon't look at his faceHuckIt's terrible' I didn't want to see the dead man's faceso I didn't lookWe just took the old clothes and a few other thingsand went back to our cave on the island Another nightwhen we were out looking for things on the riverwe found a raftIt was made of good strong woodand was about four metres by five metres'This could be useful'I said to Jim so we pulled it back to the island behind the canoe and tied it up under the trees

3 Huck and Jim travel south For some days everything went along quietlybut we were getting bored We wanted to know what was happening in town and so I decided to go and find out Jim said'Why don't you wear the old dress and the hat that we found in the house People won't know you then They'll think you're a girl' And so I did Just after it was darkI got into the canoe and went up the river to the bottom of the townThereI left the canoe and went on foot Before long I came to a little house which was always emptyNow there was a light onand when I looked through the window I saw a woman of about fortyShe was a stranger and that was good because she didn't know meSo I knocked on the door'I must remember that I'm a girl'I said to myself The woman opened the door'Come in' she saidShe looked at me with her little bright eyes'What's your name'she asked 'Sarah Williams'I replied'I'm going to see my uncleon the other side of townMy mother's ill you seeand she needs help' 'Well you can't go there by yourself nowIt's too darkMy husband will be

home in about an hour Wait for him and he'll walk with you' And then she began to tell me about all her troubles I was getting bored with all this until she said something about Pop and my murder 'Who did it'I asked 'Well'she replied'some people say old Finn did it him-selfother people think it was a slave who ran away that night His name was Jim They'll give three hundred dollars to anybody who finds himand they'll give two hundred dollars for old Finn He got drunk and left town with two strangersA lot of people think he killed his boy and he's going to come back one day and get all Huck Finn's money' 'And what about the slave'I asked 'Ohthey'll soon catch him People want the three hundred dollars I think he's on Jackson's Island you knowI've seen smoke thereMy husband's gone to get two of his friends and they're going over there with a gun later tonight' When I heard this my hands began to shake The woman looked at me strangelybut then she smiled and said kindly'What did you say your name was' 'MMary Williams' 'Oh' she said'I thought it was Sarah' 'Er well yes it is Sarah Mary Williams Some people call me Sarah and some people call me Mary you see' 'Ohdo they'She smiled again'Come onnowwhat's your real name Bill Bob I know you're not really a girl' So then I had to tell her another story with a different nameand I said I was running away She said she wouldn't tell anybody and gave me some food before I leftI hurried back to the island and Jim 'QuickJim'I criedwaking him up'They're coming to get us' We got out the raft as fast as we couldput all our things on it tied the canoe on behind and moved off down the riverWhen it began to get lightwe hid When it was dark againwe travelled on On the fifth night we passed St Louis and we decided to go on down to Cairo in Illinoissell the raft there and get a boat to OhioThere are no slaves in Ohio We slept for most of that day and we began our journey again when it was dark After some timewe saw lights on the Illinois side of the river and Jim got very excited He thought it was Cairo Jim got the canoe ready and I went off in it to take a look at those lights But it wasn't Cairo After that we went on down the river It was very dark that night and it wasn't easy to see where we were goingSuddenly a big steamboat came at us very fast and the next minute it was right over us Jim and I jumped off the raft into the water The boat hit the raft and went on up the river When I came up out of the water I couldn't see Jim any-whereI called out his name again and againbut there was no answer'He's dead' I thought Slowly I swam to the side of the river and got outI saw that I was near a big old wood-en house Suddenly a lot of very angry dogs jumped out at meThey made a terrible noise and someone called from the house'Who's there'

'George Jackson'I answered quickly'I've fallen off a river boat' Well the people who lived in that house were very kind and they took me in and gave me some new clothes and a good meal I told them that my family were all deadso they said I could stay with them as long as I wanted It was a beautiful house and the food was good there so I stayed A few days later one of the slaves in the house came to me and said 'Come with me'Togetherwe went down to some trees by the river'In there'he said and went away On the ground I found a man asleep It was Jim I was really pleased to see himWhen the steamboat hit the raftJim told me the raft didn't break upJim swam after it and caught it Then he began to look for me We decided to leave at once It's all right living in a house for a little while but you feel more free and easy and comfort-able on a raft

4 The Duke and the King Two or three days and nights went by and nothing much happenedWe travelled at night when it was dark and everybody was asleep We didn't want anyone to see Jim and ask questions about him Then one morningjust after it was lightI found a little canoeso I got into it and went over to the side of the riverI was looking roundwhen suddenlytwo men ran through the trees 'Help' they cried'There are men and dogs trying to catch us But we've done nothing wrong' One of the men was about seventy years old the other was about thirtyand they both had very old dirty clothes I said they could come with me and we ran quickly back to the canoe Back on the raft we talked for a time and then the young man said 'My friends I think I can tell you my secret nowI'm really a dukeMy grandfather was the son of the Duke of Bridgewaterbut he left England and came to America When the old Duke diedmy grandfather's younger brother stole everything and made himself the Duke of Bridgewater' Wellof coursewe were all very unhappy for our friend the Dukebut he said'I'll be happier if you do things for meBring me my dinner' So we did things for himand he liked it But the old man spoke very little and he looked unhappytooAfter a time he said'You knowBridgewater I too have a secret'And he began to cry 'What do you mean'the Duke asked'What's your secret' And then the old man told us that he was really the first son of the King of FranceHe asked us all to go down on one knee when we spoke to him we could call him'Your Majesty'tooSo that was what we did and they were both happyOf courseI knew that they weren't really a duke and a king but I didn't tell JimIt's best if everybody is happy when you're living together on a

raft The King and the Duke were very interested in Jim'Is he a slave'they wanted to know'Is he running away' I had to tell them something so I said that Jim belonged to my uncle and was taking me to my family in New Orleans 'Wellwe'll travel down river with youthen'said the King'We'll have a fine time together' So the four of us went on down the river but Jim and I didn't like those two menThey were always getting drunk and making plans to get money out of people in every townIt's all right to take a chicken or something if you're hungrybut these men were really bad Jim and I decided to get away from them as soon as we couldIt wasn't easy because they wanted to be with us all the time Then one morning the King went off into a town and told us to wait for him We waited all morning and he didn't come backso the Duke and I went into town to look for him We looked all afternoon and in the end we found him in a bar drunkand then he and the Duke began to fight about some money Now we can get away from themI thoughtI turned and ran back to the river'QuickJim' I shouted'It's time to go'But there was no answer Jim wasn't there I ran into the woodscrying and shouting Jim's name But there was still no answer Just then a boy came along'Have you seen a slave'I asked himand I described Jim 'Whyyes'the boy replied'He's a runaway slaveI heard all about it in townA family called the Phelpses have got him now An old man in a bar told Mr Phelps that there was a runaway slave on a raft down by the river He said he hadn't got time to take the slave back himselfSo Mr Phelps gave him forty dollars and they went down and caught the slave this afternoon The Phelpses are going to take him back to his owner and they'll get three hundred dollars for him' I knew those two men were bad I asked the boy where the Phelpses lived and he said it was a big white house a little way down the river I began to make plans to get Jim backFirstI took the raft and went down to a little islandI hid the raft under the treesand lay down to sleep Before it was lightI went off down the river in the canoeWhen I thought I was near the Phelpses placeI stoppedgot out of the canoe and went up to the house Suddenlya lot of dogs ran outThey came from everywhere and they made a terrible noise A woman about fifty years old ran out of the housewith some little children behind herShe was smiling all over her face and she took me by the hands and cried'It's youat lastisn't it' I didn't stop to think'Yesma'am'I said 'Well what took you so long We thought you were coming two days ago Your Uncle Silas goes to town every day to meet you He's there nowbut he'll

be back soon'She didn't stop talking and I couldn't tell her that she was making a mistake' Tell us all about them'she cried'Tell me everything' I knew then that I had to tell her but just then she cried 'Here he isQuick hide'and she pushed me inside the house and behind the front doorThen her husband came in and she asked him'Has he come' 'No'her husband replied 'Look'she shoutedand then she pulled me out from be-hind the door 'Whywho's that'Mr Phelps criedsurprised 'It's Tom Sawyer'she laughed

5 The plan to free Jim When I heard thatI nearly fell through the floor but it was a big piece of luckIt was easy for me to be Tom Sawyer because Tom was my best friend He and his brother Sid lived with their Aunt Polly up in St Petersburg and I knew all about themNow I learnt that Aunt Polly had a sisterwho was Mrs Phelps She and her husband were Tom's Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas And Tom was coming down south by boat to stay with them for a bit We all sat there talking and I could answer all their questions about the Sawyer familyI was feeling really happy about this when suddenly I heard a boat on the river'Tom could be on that boat'I thought'and he's going to walk in here and call out my name before I can stop himI've got to go and meet him' So I told the Phelpses that I would go into town to get my bags which were at the boat stationI hurried up the road and before I was halfway to town there was Tom Sawyer coming along When he saw me his mouth fell open and he looked a bit white in the lace 'Aren't you dead'he said'Everybody said that you were murdered' 'I'm not dead yet'I said'but listen'I told him about my adventuresand Tom loved all thatThen I told him about the Phelpses and that they thought I was Tom Sawyer'What shall we do'I asked him Tom thought for a bitand then he said'I knowYou take my bags and say they're yours I'll come to the house in about half an hour' 'All right'I said'but there's another thingYou know old Miss Watson's slave Jim who ran away Wellhe's a prisoner hereand I'm going to help him escape' 'Jim'Tom said'But he's'Then he stopped and thought'RightI'll help tooI'll make a really good plan'He looked very excited So I went back to the house with the bagsand Tom came along half an hour laterHe knocked on the door and when his Aunt Sally opened it he said he was Sid Tom's brotherHe wanted his visit to be a surprise for his dear old Aunt Sallyhe said WellAunt Sally was very pleased to see Tom and Sid She thought it was wonderfulShe and Uncle Silas were really nice people

When we were alone laterTom and I talked about Jim's escapeI said I had a planand Tom listened to it 'It's a good plan'he said when I finished'But it's too easy It's got to be a real escapelike a real adventure in a sto-ry-bookSo we want something difficult and dangerousNowlisten to this' So he told me his planI knew it would be a good one be-cause Tom's plans are always crazy and exciting And we sure had a lot of fun with that planWe knew that Jim was locked up in a hut outside the houseEvery night we got out through our bedroom window and dug a hole right under the wall of the hutIt took us a weekand it was hard workWe talked to Jim secretly and told him about the plan and he was really pleased We also wrote secret letters to everybodyTom said that people always do this in booksWe wrote that there was a gang of slave-thieves coming up from the southThey wanted to steal Jim and get the three hundred dollars from his ownerWellthe Phelpses and their friends got very excited and on the night of the escape I went into the sitting-roomand there was a crowd of men in thereall with guns I ran and told Tom and he said that this was really good 'It's a real adventure now all right'he said very excited'Perhaps they'll come after usand shootand we'll all get killed' Wellthere wasn't time to think about it because it all happened so quickly We got Jim out through the hole under the walland began to run down to the riverBut the men heard us and came after usThey began to shootand so we ran as fast as we could to the canoeWe got in it and went over to Spanish IslandMy raft was thereand our plan was to escape on that and go on down river 'NowJim'I cried'you're a free man'We were all very happybut Tom was the happiest of allbecause he had a bullet in his leg When Jim and I heard thatwe weren't so happyTom wanted the adventure to go on but Jim and I said that a doctor must look at Tom's legTom was getting angry about thisbut Jim said 'You listen to meTom SawyerYou say I'm a free man nowand perhaps I amBut old Jim is not going to run away and leave one of his friends with a bullet in his leg So I'm staying right here until a doctor comes' I knew Jim would say that He was a good true friend and you can't say that about many people Wellthat was the end of the adventurereallyI went and found a doctor in the townHe was a kind old manand he said he would go over to the island But Tom's leg got very badand the next day the doctor and some other men carried Tom home to the Phelpses' houseThey brought Jim too and they locked him up in the hut againBut the doctor said'Be kind to him because he didn't run away and he stayed to help me with the boy' They took Tom up to bed because his leg was really bad and Aunt Sally sat with him while he sleptI didn't want to answer any questions so I kept out of everybody's way

When Tom woke up the next dayhe felt betterI was in the room and he said to me'Jim's all rightisn't he' I didn't know what to say because Aunt Sally was listening and before I could stop himTom went on 'We did itAunt SallyMe and Tom hereWe helped Jim escape'He told her all about the digging and everythingand Aunt Sally's mouth was opening and closing like a fishThen she got really angry with Tom 'That slave is locked up again and he's going to stay thereAnd if I catch you again' Tom suddenly sat up in bed'You can't do that'he cried'Jim was old Miss Watson's slave but she died two months agoBefore she diedshe wrote that she wanted Jim to be freeand not a slave any moreJim's a free mannot a slave Wellthat was a surprise to me and Aunt SallyShe thought Tom was crazy 'But Sidwhy did you help him to escapeif he was free already'she said 'I wanted the adventureof course'said Tom'We made a really exciting plan and Oh myAUNT POLLY' We turned roundand there was Tom's Aunt Polly in the doorwayThat was the second big surpriseAunt Sally was really pleased to see her sisterand jumped up to put her arms round her I got under the bed as fast as I could There was trouble coming for me and Tom that was for sure Then Aunt Polly said to Tom'You always were a terrible boyTom Sawyer and I want to know' 'But Polly dear'said Aunt Sally'this isn't TomIt's SidTom was here a minute agoWhere is he' 'Where's Huck Finnyou mean' replied Aunt Polly'Come out from under that bed Huck Finn' So Tom and I had to explain everythingAunt Polly said that Aunt Sally wrote and told her that Tom and Sid were thereShe knew that it wasn't true so she decided to come and find out what was happeningBut she said that it was true about Miss Watson and that Jim was a free man now We got Jim out of the hut and Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas were really nice to him LaterTom Jim and I had a long talk by ourselvesTom talked and talked and then he said'Let's all three of us run away one night and go and have ad-ventures in the wild country down south' It sounded like a good plan to me'The only thing is'I said'I haven't got any money to buy the right clothes and things All my money back in St Petersburg will be in Pop's pockets by now' 'No'said Tom'Your money's all thereYour Pop never came back' 'Noand he won't come backHuck'Jim said'You remember that dead man on the riverwhen I saidDon't look at his faceWellthat was your Pop You can get your money when you want' Tom's leg is almost better now and I haven't got any more to write about I'm really pleased about that because it was very difficult to write a book and I won't do it againBut I think I'm going to have to run away before the others

because Aunt Sally wants me to live with her I'll have to sleep in a bed and wear clean clothes and learn to be goodand I can't do that againI've done it once already The End Yours Truly Huck Finn

1 Huck en problemas Usted no sabe acerca de m si usted no ha ledo un libro llamado Las aventuras de Tom Sawyer. Sr. Mark Twain escribi el libro y la mayor parte es cierto. En ese libro ladrones robaron algo de dinero y lo escondieron en un lugar muy secreto en el bosque . Pero Tom Sawyer y me pareci , y despus de que eran ricos . tenemos seis mil dlares cada uno , todo de oro. En aquellos das, nunca he tenido una casa o ir a la escuela como Tom y todos los dems chicos en San Petersburgo. Pop siempre estaba borracho , y se mova mucho , as que no era un buen padre . Pero no fue as importa a m. yo dorma en las calles o en los bosques , y que poda hacer lo que quera, cuando quera . era una buena vida . Cuando llegamos todo ese dinero, Tom y yo ramos famosos por una while.Judge Thatcher , quien era un hombre importante en nuestro pueblo , guardado mi dinero en el banco para m. Y la viuda Douglas me llev a vivir a su casa y me dijo que poda ser su hijo . Ella era muy agradable y amable, pero era una vida muy dura , porque tena que usar ropa nueva y ser bueno todo el tiempo. Al final, me puse mi ropa vieja y corr away.But Tom vino a por m y me dijo que tena que volver, pero que podra estar en su banda de robbers.So , volv , y la viuda lloraba y tuve que poner en esas ropas nuevas again.I no le gust a la hermana all.Her , la seorita Watson, viv all too.She era siem-pre que dicen : "No poner los pies all, Huckleberry , ' y' no hagas eso , Huckleberry . "Fue terrible. Cuando fui a la cama esa noche , me sent en una silla junto a la ventana . Me sent all un buen rato , y yo estaba muy unhappy.But justo despus de la medianoche escuch ' mee - yow ! Mee - yow ! Ortside.Very suavemente, le contest , ' mee - yow ! Mee - yor ! ' En silencio, Apagu la luz y sal por la window.In los rboles, Tom Sawyer me estaba esperando . Fuimos a travs de los rboles hasta el final de garden.Soon de la viuda que estbamos en la cima de una colina en el otro lado de la house.Below nos podamos ver el ro y el town.One o dos luces seguan encendidas , pero todo estaba tranquilo . Bajamos la colina y encontramos Joe Harper, Ben Rogers y dos o tres ms de los boys.Then Tom nos llev por el ro en barco a su lugar secreto , que era una cueva profunda en el lado de un hill.When llegamos all, Tom nos cont todo su plan. " Ahora , vamos a tener esta banda de ladrones ", dijo, " y vamos a llamarlo Gang.If alguien de Tom Sawyer duele uno de nosotros , los otros l y su familia van a matar . Y si un chico de la pandilla le dice a otras personas nuestros secretos , vamos a l ya su familia matamos , tambin. ' A todos nos pareci que era una maravilla, y escribimos nuestros nombres en sangre de nuestra fingers.Then Ben Rogers dijo: " Ahora , cul es la banda que va a hacer ? ' -Nada- respondi Tom . 'Just robar y matar . Nos detenemos gente en el camino , y nosotros los matamos , y tomar su dinero y things.But podemos mantener algunas de las personas , y luego sus amigos podemos pagar dinero para conseguir que back.That ' s lo que hacen en las historias en los libros . ' Pero Ben no era feliz. ' Qu pasa con las mujeres? " , Se pregunt. ' Los matamos tambin? ' -Oh , no- respondi Tom . " Estamos muy amable con ellos , y todos nos amamos, y que no queremos ir a casa. " -Entonces, la cueva se llena de las mujeres , y la gente esperando , y vamos a tener que

ver toda la noche ... " ' A todos nos vamos a casa ahora ", dijo Tom , " y nos reuniremos la prxima semana, y nos va a matar a alguien y robar a alguien. " Ben quera empezar el domingo , pero los otros dijo no.It era malo matar y robar a un domingo . Mis ropas estaban muy sucias y yo estaba muy cansado cuando llegu back.Of supuesto, a la maana siguiente la seorita Watson se enoj conmigo a causa de mi ropa sucia , pero la viuda se limit unhappy.Soon despus de que dejemos de ladrones que juegan porque nunca robado la gente y nunca los matamos . *** Pas el tiempo y came.I invierno fue a la escuela la mayor parte del tiempo y yo estaba aprendiendo a leer y escribir un little.It no era demasiado malo, y la viuda estaba satisfecho con me.Miss Watson haba un esclavo , un anciano llamado Jim , y l y yo ramos buenos amigos.yo menudo se sentaba a hablar con Jim , pero todava no le gustaba vivir en una casa y durmiendo en una cama. Entonces , una maana, haba un poco de nieve en el suelo y fuera del jardn de atrs pude ver las huellas en la nieve. Fui a verlos ms carefully.They eran las huellas de Pop ! Un minuto ms tarde , yo estaba corriendo por la colina hasta la casa del juez Thatcher . Cuando abri la puerta , grit : "Seor , quiero que tomes todas mis money.I quieren dar a usted. " l pareci sorprendido . "Por qu , qu te pasa ? ' -Por favor , seor , tmalo! No me pregunten por qu! " Al final , dijo, ' Bueno, se puede vender a m, entonces . " Y me dio un dlar y escrib mi nombre en un pedazo de papel para l. Esa noche, cuando me fui a mi habitacin , Pop estaba sentado all, esperando por m! Vi que la ventana estaba abierta , as que fue como consigui pulg Era casi el cincuenta y mir old.His el pelo largo y sucio y su cara era una colour.His blancas terribles ropa estaba vieja y sucia , tambin, y dos de sus dedos de los pies estaban llegando a travs de su shoe.He me mir por todas partes durante mucho tiempo , y entonces l dijo, 'Bueno , basta con ver esa ropa Limpio, ordenado ! y dicen que usted puede leer y escribir ahora . Quin dijo que podas ir a la escuela ? " ' La viuda ... " empec . ? ' Oh , ella , verdad Bueno, usted puede olvidarse de school.I no saben leer y su madre no saban leer , nadie en nuestra familia poda leer antes de morir , as que quin crees que eres Go? , toma el libro y leer a m! ' Comenc a leer , pero l golpe el libro y sali volando de mi mano , a travs de las room.Then grit, ' Dicen que eres rica - cmo es eso? ' ' No es cierto ! " ' T me das ese dinero! Quiero it.Get por m maana! ' No tengo ningn Juez money.Ask Thatcher.He dir you.I no tengo dinero . " " Bueno, dame lo que tienes en tu bolsillo now.Come , dale a m! ' " Slo tengo un dlar, y yo quiero que eso ... ' " Dmelo , me oyes ? l lo tom, y luego dijo que iba a conseguir una drink.When estaba fuera de la ventana , puso su cabeza hacia atrs y grit: " Y deja de ir a la escuela, o si conoce lo que usted consigue! ' Al da siguiente estaba borracho , y l fue a juez Thatcher para conseguir mi juez

money.The no se lo dara a l.Pero Pop no dej de intentarlo y cada pocos das me dieron dos o tres dlares al juez para detener Pop de golpear me.But cuando Pop tena dinero, se emborrach de nuevo e hizo problemas en town.He siempre vena a la casa de la viuda, y ella se enoj y le dijo que se quedara away.Then Pop puso muy enojado y un da me cogi y me llev un largo camino hasta el ro en un boat.I tuvo que quedarse con l en una cabaa en el bosque y no poda salir por myself.He me visto todo el tiempo. La viuda envi a un hombre a buscarme y llevarme a casa , pero Pop fue tras l con un arma de fuego , y el hombre sali corriendo.

2 Huck se escapa y encuentra un amigo Sobre todo se trataba de un tipo perezoso , cmodo de la vida, pero despus de unos dos meses Pop comenz a pegarme demasiado con su stick.He menudo se fue a la ciudad tambin, y entonces siempre me encerr en el hut.Once l estaba lejos de tres das, y pens que nunca iba a salir de nuevo. Cuando regres ese momento, l estaba borracho y angry.He quera mi dinero, pero el juez Thatcher no se lo dara a juez him.The quera enviarme a vivir con la viuda de nuevo, Pop dijo me.I no era muy satisfecho that.I no quera volver all. As que decid escapar y bajar por el ro y vivir en el bosque en algn lugar . Cuando Pop estaba fuera , me puse a cortar un agujero en la pared de madera de la choza. Dentro de unos das , cuando el agujero era ms grande , que podra tomar el corte de madera, escapar a travs del agujero , y luego la lea de nuevo . Uno Pop maana me mand bajar al ro a pescar para breakfast.To mi sorpresa, haba una canoa en el agua y no haba nadie en it.Immediately , salt en el ro y trajo la canoa a un lado. Fue una suerte que Pop no me vio , y me decid a ocultar la canoa debajo de unos rboles y utilizarlo cuando escap . Esa tarde , Pop me encerr y se fue a la ciudad. " l no regresar esta noche ', pens , as que empec a trabajar duro en mi hole.Soon que pudiera salir a travs de l , y me llev a comer y beber y la pistola de pap hasta el canoe.Then puse de nuevo la madera para ocultar el agujero, tom el arma y entr en la woods.There me tiro un cerdo salvaje y se lo llev de regreso a la choza con me.Next , me quebr la puerta con un axe.I llev el cerdo en la cabaa y puso un poco de sangre en el suelo. A continuacin os pongo unas grandes piedras en un saco y se la puso junto a mi espalda a la river.Last lugar, me puse un poco de sangre y algo de mi pelo en la axe.I dej el hacha en un rincn de la choza y me tom la cerdo hacia el ro . ' Ellos no sabrn que es slo un cerdo en el ro, le dije a mi mismo. " Van a pensar que soy yo. " Entonces tom la canoa y se fue por el ro hasta la isla de Jackson . Para entonces ya era casi de noche , as que me escond la canoa debajo de unos rboles y me fui a dormir. Eran ms de las ocho , cuando me despert al da siguiente, y el sol estaba alto en el sky.I

era clido y cmodo y no quera llegar up.Suddenly , o un ruido hasta la river.Carefully , mir a travs de los rboles, y vi un barco lleno de people.There era Pop, Juez Thatcher, Tom Sawyer y su ta Polly y su hermano Sid, y un montn de otros. Estaban buscando a mi cuerpo en el ro. Los mir , pero no me vio , y al final fui away.I saba que nadie iba a venir a buscarme again.I encontrado un buen lugar bajo los rboles para dormir y para poner mis cosas . Entonces cog un pescado y cocinado sobre el fuego . Viv as durante tres das, y luego me decid a echar un vistazo alrededor de la isla . As que me fui a los bosques. " Esta es mi isla ", pens . "Yo soy la nica persona en l. ' De pronto , justo en frente de m, vi un fuego, y todava estaba smoking.There haba alguien en mi isla ! Yo no esper . Me volv y me fui back.But recta no pude sleep.After un momento , me dije a m mismo: ' Yo no puedo vivir as this.I que averiguar quin es. " En silencio , me mud a lo largo del ro en canoa , bajo la oscuridad de la trees.And entonces stopped.Through los rboles pude ver la luz de un fuego. Asustado , sal de mi canoa y me fui nearer.There era un hombre tumbado en la fire.Suddenly , se sent y vi que era Jim , ! Esclavo de la Srta. Watson yo estaba muy feliz de verlo ! ' Hola, Jim , ' -grit, y me lanc de detrs del rbol. Jim se puso de rodillas . " Por favor, no me hagas dao ! -Exclam- . ' Siempre he sido buena con los muertos ! " ' Est bien , Jim.I no estoy muerto ", le dije. " Pero por qu ests aqu en la isla ? " , Le pregunt. ' Bueno, Huck -comenz . ' Old seorita Watson quera venderme . Un hombre se acerc a la ciudad y dijo a la seorita Watson que l me comprara para ochocientos dollars.She no poda decir que no, as que corr away.I corri hacia el ro que ocultar, pero todo el mundo en el pueblo estaba all. Dijeron que estaban muertos , Huck.I tuvo que esperar todo el da para llegar away.When estaba oscuro, me sub a un barco grande y me escond . Cuando llegamos cerca de esta isla , salt al agua y nad aqu. Jim termin su historia y luego los dos nos llev a todas nuestras cosas en una cueva y escondi la canoa bajo alguna trees.We estaban justo a tiempo , porque entonces llegaron las lluvias. Llovi por da , y el ro tiene ms y ms alto . Todo tipo de cosas llegaron por el ro y una noche hubo una pequea casa de madera , tumbado medio de lado. Tenemos la canoa y fuimos a tomar un look.Through la ventana podamos ver una cama, dos sillas viejas y alguna vieja clothes.There fue algo mintiendo en la esquina y nos pareci que pareca un man.Jim fuimos a ver , pero l dijo: ' l es dead.Someone le dispar en la back.Don mires a la cara, Huck.It ' terribles s ! ' No quera ver la cara del muerto , as que no look.We acaba de tomar la ropa vieja y algunas otras cosas , y me volv a nuestra cueva en la isla. Otra noche, cuando estbamos en busca de las cosas en el ro, nos encontramos con una raft.It estaba hecho de bueno, fuerte madera, y estaba a unos cuatro metros por cinco metros. ' Esto podra ser til , le dije a Jim , por lo llegamos de nuevo a la isla detrs de la canoa, y empatar el partido luego bajo los rboles. .

3 Huck y Jim viajan al sur

Durante algunos das todo ha ido a lo largo de silencio , pero estbamos aburriendo . Queramos saber lo que estaba sucediendo en la ciudad y as que decidimos ir y averiguarlo. Jim dijo: ' Por qu no te pones el vestido viejo y el sombrero que encontramos en la casa? Las personas no saben , entonces. Van a pensar que eres una chica . " Y as lo hice . Justo despus de que estaba oscuro , me met en la canoa y se fue por el ro hasta el fondo de la town.There , sal de la canoa y se fue a pie. En poco tiempo, llegu a una pequea casa que fue siempre empty.Now haba una luz encendida, y cuando mir por la ventana , vi a una mujer de unos forty.She era un desconocido y que fue bueno, porque no lo hizo saber me.So llam a la puerta. " debo recordar que soy un girl'I dije a m mismo . La mujer abri la puerta. " Entra, " ella said.She me mir con sus ojitos brillantes. ' Cmo te llamas ? -Le pregunt . ' Sarah Williams ', le respond . " Voy a ver a mi to, en el otro lado de la madre town.My enfermo , se ve, y ella necesita ayuda. " -Bueno, no se puede ir all por usted now.It "demasiado dark.My marido s ser el hogar de alrededor de una hora . Espere a que l y l caminar contigo. Y entonces ella comenz a contarme acerca de todos sus problemas. Me estaba aburriendo con todo esto hasta que ella dijo algo acerca de Pop y mi asesinato. "Quin lo hizo? " , Le pregunt. -Bueno- respondi ella, " algunas personas dicen viejo Finn lo hizo l mismo , otras personas piensan que fue un esclavo que se escap ese nombre night.His era Jim. Ellos te dan trescientos dlares a cualquier persona que lo encuentra - y ellos te dan doscientos dlares por piloto finlands . Se puso borracho del pueblo y el izquierdo con dos mucho strangers.A gente piensa que mat a su hijo y que l va a volver algn da, y conseguir todo el dinero de Huck Finn . ' Y el esclavo? " , Le pregunt. ' Oh , pronto lo atrapan . La gente quiere los trescientos dlares. Creo que est en la isla de Jackson, que know.i he visto el humo del marido there.My ido a buscar a dos de sus amigos y se va por ah con un arma ms tarde esta noche . ' Cuando me enter de esto, mis manos empezaron a temblar. La mujer me mir de forma extraa, pero entonces ella sonri y le dijo amablemente: " Qu has dicho que te llamas? ' ' M -Mary Williams . -Oh- dijo ella-, pens que era Sarah . -Eh ... bueno, s , lo es. Sarah Mary Williams . Algunas personas me llaman Sarah y algunas personas me llaman Mara, que se ve. " ' Oh , verdad? ' Ella sonri de nuevo . ' Vamos, ahora , qu es tu verdadero nombre ? Bill? Bob? S que usted no es realmente una chica. " As que tuve que decirle otra historia , con un nombre diferente, y le dije que estaba huyendo . Ella dijo que no le dira a nadie, y me dio un poco de comida antes de que yo left.I apresur a regresar a la isla y Jim. Rpido , Jim ! -Exclam , despertarlo . " Vienen a sacarnos ! Salimos de la balsa lo ms rpido que pudimos , poner todas nuestras cosas en l, empatamos la canoa detrs , y se alej por el river.When comenz a amanecer , nos escondimos . Cuando ya era de noche otra vez, viajamos . En la quinta noche que pasamos St Louis, y nos decidimos a ir hacia abajo a El Cairo, en Illinois, vender la balsa all y tomar un barco a Ohio.There hay esclavos en Ohio. Dormimos durante la mayor parte del da y comenzamos nuestro viaje de nuevo cuando

era dark.After algn tiempo , vimos luces en el lado del ro Illinois y Jim dieron muy emocionado. l pens que era Cairo. Jim consigui la canoa listo y se fue en ella para echar un vistazo a esas luces . Pero no fue el Cairo. Despus de eso, nos fuimos en el ro. Estaba muy oscuro que la noche y no era fcil de ver dnde estbamos going.Suddenly , un gran barco de vapor lleg a nosotros muy rpido, y al minuto siguiente estaba justo encima de nosotros . Jim y yo saltamos de la balsa en el agua. El barco golpe la balsa y continu hasta el ro. Cuando se me ocurri fuera del agua , no pude ver ninguna Jim - where.I grit su nombre una y otra vez, pero no hubo respuesta . ' Est muerto ! ' I thought.Slowly , nad hacia el lado de el ro y qued out.I vio que yo estaba cerca de un grande y viejo de madera -en casa. De repente, un montn de perros muy enojados salt a me.They haca un ruido terrible y alguien llam desde la casa: " Quin est ah ?" 'George Jackson -respond rpidamente. " Me he enamorado de un barco de ro. ' Bueno, la gente que viva en esa casa fueron muy amables y me llevaron y me dieron algo de ropa nueva y una buena comida. Les dije que mi familia estaba muerta , por lo que dijo que poda quedarse con ellos todo el tiempo que yo quera. Era una casa hermosa y la comida era buena , as que me qued . Pocos das despus, uno de los esclavos de la casa vino a m y dijo: " Ven conmigo ! ' Juntos, fuimos a algunos rboles junto al ro. ' Ah dentro ! -Dijo, y se fue . Sobre el terreno, me encontr con un hombre , dormido . Fue Jim ! Yo estaba muy contento de ver him.When el barco de vapor golpe la balsa, Jim me dijo , la balsa no se rompi up.Jim nad tras l y lo cogi . Entonces empez a buscarme. Decidimos partir inmediatamente . Est bien vivir en una casa por un tiempo , pero se siente ms libre y fcil y cmodos en una balsa.

4 El duque y el rey Dos o tres das y noches pasaron y nada mucho happened.we viajaron por la noche cuando estaba oscuro y todo el mundo estaba dormido. No queramos que nadie viera Jim y hacer preguntas sobre l. Entonces , una maana, justo despus de que fue de da , encontr una pequea canoa , as que se meti en ella y se acerc a un lado de la river.I estaba mirando a su alrededor , cuando, de repente , dos hombres corrieron a travs de los rboles. ' Help! ' Gritaron . ' Hay hombres y perros tratando de atraparnos . Pero hemos hecho nada malo ! Uno de los hombres era de unos setenta aos de edad , y el otro era unos treinta aos, y los dos tenan muy viejas ropas sucios . Le dije que podra venir conmigo, y corrimos rpidamente de vuelta a la canoa. Volver a la balsa que hablamos durante un tiempo y luego el joven dijo: " Amigos mos, creo que te puedo contar mi secreto now.I 'm realmente un abuelo duke.My era el hijo del duque de Bridgewater, pero izquierda Inglaterra y lleg a America.When el viejo duque muri , el hermano menor de mi abuelo rob todo y se hizo el duque de Bridgewater . Bueno, por supuesto , todos estbamos muy satisfecho por nuestro amigo el duque , pero l dijo: ' Voy a ser ms feliz si haces las cosas para m me.Bring mi cena! " As que hicimos las cosas para l, y me gust. Pero el anciano hablaba muy poco y se vea infeliz, too.After un momento , dijo, 'Sabes, Bridgewater , yo tambin tengo un secreto. " Y

se puso a llorar. ' Qu quieres decir ? " Pregunt el duque . ' Cul es tu secreto? Y entonces el anciano nos dijo que l era realmente el primer hijo del Rey de France.He nos pidi que fuera en una rodilla cuando hablamos con l. que podramos llamar him'Your Majestad , too.So eso fue lo que hicimos, y ambas eran supuesto happy.Of , yo saba que no eran realmente un duque y un rey , pero yo no se lo dije Jim.It ' s mejor si todo el mundo es feliz cuando ests viviendo juntos en una balsa. El rey y el duque se mostraron muy interesados en Jim. " Es un esclavo? " Queran saber . ' Est huyendo ? Tuve que decirles algo , as que le dije que Jim era de mi to y me estaba llevando a mi familia en Nueva Orleans. ' Bueno, vamos a viajar por el ro con usted, entonces -dijo el rey . " Vamos a tener un buen tiempo juntos. ' As que los cuatro de nosotros fuimos a por el ro, pero Jim y yo no les gustaba a los dos men.They siempre estaban emborrachndose y haciendo planes para obtener dinero de la gente en cada town.It ' s bien para tomar un pollo o algo si tienes hambre, pero estos hombres eran realmente malo Jim y yo decidimos escapar de ellos tan pronto como nos could.It no fue fcil porque queran estar con nosotros todo el tiempo. Entonces, una maana el rey se fue a un pueblo y nos dijo que lo esperara . Esperamos toda la maana y no volver , por lo que el duque y yo fuimos a la ciudad en busca de l. Nos miramos toda la tarde y al final lo encontramos en un bar, borracho, y entonces l y el duque empez a pelear por algo de dinero. Ahora podemos escapar de ellos , yo thought.I volvi y corri de nuevo al ro . Rpido , Jim ! -Grit . " Es hora de ir! " Pero no hubo respuesta . Jim no estaba all ! Corr hacia el bosque , llorando y gritando el nombre de Jim. Pero segua sin haber respuesta. Justo en ese momento lleg un muchacho a lo largo . ' Has visto a un esclavo? " Le pregunt , y describ Jim. -Bueno, s- respondi el muchacho . -Es un fugitivo slave.I odo todo sobre esto en familia town.A llamados los Phelpses lo han conseguido now.An hombre en un bar dijo el seor Phelps que haba un esclavo fugitivo en una balsa por el ro. Dijo que no haba llegado el momento de tomar el esclavo de vuelta himself.So Sr. Phelps le dio cuarenta dlares y se baj y cogi el esclavo esta afternoon.The Phelpses van a llevarlo de vuelta a su dueo, y que van a obtener trescientos dlares por l! ' Yo saba que esos dos hombres eran malos le pregunt al chico donde los Phelpses vivan y me dijo que era una gran casa blanca un poco ms abajo en el ro. Empec a hacer planes para conseguir Jim back.First , tom la balsa y me fui a un pequeo island.I escondi la balsa bajo el treesand acost a sleep.Before que fue de da , me fui por el ro en la canoa . Cuando pens que estaba cerca del lugar Phelpses , me detuve, levant de la canoa y sub a la house.Suddenly , un montn de perros corriendo out.They vino de todas partes y haca un ruido terrible . Una mujer de unos cincuenta aos de edad sali corriendo de la casa, con algunos pequeos nios detrs her.She estaba sonriendo en toda su cara y ella me tom de las manos y grit: " Eres t , al fin, no? ' No me detuve a pensar . -S, seora- le dije-. ' Bueno, qu te tom tanto tiempo ? Pensamos que venas hace dos das. Su to Silas va a la ciudad cada da para satisfacer you.He ' s all ahora, pero estar de vuelta pronto. " Ella

no par de hablar y yo no poda decirle que estaba cometiendo un error . ' Cuntenos acerca de ellos, exclam ella . ' Cuntame todo . ' Supe entonces que tena que decirle ... pero justo entonces ella grit : "Aqu est! Rpido, escndete! ' Y ella me empuj dentro de la casa y detrs de la door.Then frente a su marido entr y le pregunt:" Ha venido ? ' -No- respondi su marido . 'Mira! -Grit , y entonces ella me sac de -trs de la puerta. -Bueno, quin es ese ? ' Exclam el seor Phelps, sorprendido. ' Es Tom Sawyer ' , se ri.

5 El plan para liberar a Jim Cuando escuch eso , casi me ca a travs del piso , pero era un gran pedazo de luck.It fue fcil para m ser Tom Sawyer porque Tom era mi mejor friend.He y su hermano Sid viva con su ta Polly en St Petersburgo, y yo lo saba todo sobre them.Now me enter de que la ta Polly tena una hermana, que fue la seora Phelps.She y su esposo fueron de Tom ta Sally y el to Silas.And Tom vena abajo al sur en barco para quedarse con ellos por un poco . Nos sentamos all hablando y yo podramos responder a todas sus preguntas sobre el Sawyer family.I se senta muy feliz por esto , cuando de repente o un barco en el ro. ' Tom podra estar en ese barco ", pens , " y va a entrar aqu y llame a mi nombre antes de que pueda dejar de him.I Tenemos que ir a su encuentro. ' As que les dije a los Phelpses que yo ira a la ciudad para conseguir mis maletas , que estaban en la barca station.I corri por la carretera y antes de que yo estaba a mitad de camino a la ciudad , haba Tom Sawyer llegando a lo largo . Cuando me vio , su boca se abri y se vea un poco blanco en el encaje. ' No ests muerta? " , Dijo. " Todo el mundo dice que fueron asesinados ! -Todava no estoy muerto -le dije -, pero escucho ... " Le habl de mis aventuras , y Tom encant todo that.Then Le habl de los Phelpses y que ellos pensaban que yo era Tom Sawyer ' . Qu vamos a hacer? " le pregunt . Tom pens un poco, y luego dijo, ' Yo tomo mis maletas y decir que son tuyos . Ir a la casa en una media hora . ' -Est bien -le dije , ' pero hay otra thing.You sabe esclava de la seorita Watson , Jim , que se escap ? Bueno, l es un prisionero aqu, y voy a ayudarle a escapar . " 'Jim ? -Dijo Tom . ' Pero l ser - ' Entonces se detuvo y pens. ' Right.i ' ll ayuda, tambin, voy a hacer un plan realmente bueno . " Se vea muy emocionado. As que volv a la casa con las bolsas, y Tom vino a lo largo de media hora later.He llam a la puerta y cuando su ta Sally abri, l dijo que estaba Sid, brother.He de Tom quera que su visita sea una sorpresa por su vieja y querida ta Sally, dijo. Bueno, la ta Sally estaba muy contento de ver a Tom y Sid.She pensaron que era wonderful.She y el to Silas eran gente muy agradable. Cuando nos quedamos solos despus, Tom y yo hablamos de escape.I de Jim me dijo que tena un plan, y Tom escuchaban . -Es un buen plan -dijo cuando termin . " Pero es demasiado fcil ! Tiene que ser un verdadero escape , como una aventura real en un sto - ry- book.So queremos algo difcil y

dangerous.Now , escuchar a este ... " As que l me dijo que su plan.I saba que iba a ser un buen ao por-que los planes de Tom son siempre loco y emocionante. Y estamos seguros de Tuvimos un montn de diversin con ese plan ! Sabamos que Jim fue encerrado en una cabaa fuera de la noche house.Every llegamos a travs de la ventana del dormitorio y cav un agujero justo debajo de la pared de la hut.It nos llev a la semana , y era difcil work.We habl con Jim en secreto y le dijo sobre el plan, y l estaba muy contento . Tambin se escribi cartas secretas a everybody.Tom dijeron que las personas siempre hacen esto en books.We escribi que no haba una banda de ladrones de esclavos que sube del south.They quera robar Jim y obtener los trescientos dlares de su propietario. Bueno, los Phelpses y sus amigos se emocion mucho , y en la noche de la fuga fui a la sala de estar , y haba una multitud de hombres all - todos con armas de fuego ! Corr y le dije a Tom , y l me dijo que este era realmente bueno. "Es una verdadera aventura ahora , est bien, -dijo, muy emocionado. " Tal vez ellos vendrn despus de nosotros, y disparar , y vamos a todos nos muerto ! ' Bueno, no haba tiempo para pensar en ello , porque todo sucedi tan quickly.We consigui Jim por el agujero debajo de la pared y comenz a correr a la river.But los hombres nos oyeron y vinieron despus us.they comenzaron para disparar, y as nos encontramos con lo ms rpido que pudo a la canoe.We puso en ella y se acerc a la balsa Island.My espaola estaba all, y nuestro plan era escapar en eso y seguir ro abajo . ' Ahora, Jim -exclam , ' t eres un hombre libre ! " Todos estbamos muy contentos, pero Tom era el ms feliz de todos , porque l tena una bala en la pierna . Cuando Jim y yo , oyendo esto, no estbamos tan happy.Tom quera la aventura de seguir, pero Jim y yo le dije que un mdico debe examinar leg.Tom de Tom estaba enojado por esto , pero Jim dijo : " Escchame , Tom Sawyer.You decir que soy un hombre libre , y tal vez me am.But viejo Jim no va a huir y dejar a uno de sus amigos con una bala en la pierna! As que estoy a quedar aqu hasta que un doctor venga. ' Saba que Jim iba a decir eso. l era un buen amigo de verdad , y no se puede decir lo mismo de muchas personas. Bueno, eso fue el final de la aventura , really.I fue y encontr a un mdico en el town.He era un hombre amable , y l dijo que iba a ir a la isla . Pero la pierna de Tom se puso muy mal , y al da siguiente el mdico y algunos otros hombres lleva a Tom a casa a las Phelpses ' house.They trajo Jim tambin, y lo encerr en la choza again.But el mdico dijo: " S amable con l, porque l no huy y se qued para que me ayude con el nio. " Se llevaron a Tom a la cama porque su pierna estaba muy mal, y la ta Sally se sentaron con l mientras slept.I no quiso responder a las preguntas , as que segu fuera del camino de todos. Cuando Tom despert al da siguiente, l se senta better.I estaba en la habitacin y l me dijo: " Jim est bien, no? ' Yo no saba qu decir , porque la ta Sally estaba escuchando , y antes de que pudiera detenerlo, Tom continu: " Lo hicimos, ta Sally.Me y Tom que here.we ayudaron Jim escape. " l le dijo todo sobre la excavacin y todo, y la boca de la ta Sally estaba abriendo y cerrando como un fish.Then se puso muy enojado con Tom . ' Ese esclavo es encerrado de nuevo y l se va a quedar there.And si te cojo de nuevo - "

Tom de pronto se sent en la cama. "No puedes hacer eso! -Exclam- . 'Jim era el esclavo de la seorita Watson, pero muri dos meses ago.Before de morir, escribi que ella quera a Jim a ser libre, y no a Cualquiera more.Jim ' s un hombre libre esclavo , no un esclavo! Bueno, eso fue una sorpresa para m y ! Ta Sally Ella pens Tom estaba loco. ' Pero Sid , por qu usted le ayuda a escapar , si era libre ya ? -Dijo-. " Yo quera que la aventura, por supuesto! -Dijo Tom . " Hicimos un plan muy emocionante y ... Oh ! ... TA POLLY ! ' Nos dimos la vuelta redonda, y haba de Tom ta Polly en la puerta ! Esa fue la segunda gran surprise.Aunt Sally estaba muy contento de ver a su hermana , y saltamos a poner sus brazos alrededor de ella . Me met debajo de la cama tan rpido como yo could.There haba problemas vienen por m y Tom , eso era seguro . Entonces la ta Polly dijo a Tom : " Siempre has sido un nio terrible, Tom Sawyer, y quiero saber ' ' Pero Polly querida- dijo la ta Sally, ' esto no es Tom.It ' Sid.Tom s estuvo aqu un minuto ago.Where est? ' Dnde est Huck Finn , querrs decir -replic la ta Polly . ' Salid de en virtud de esa cama , Huck Finn . As que Tom y yo tuvimos que explicar everything.Aunt Polly dijo que la ta Sally escribi y le dijo que Tom y Sid fueron there.She saba que no era cierto , por lo que decidieron venir y descubrir lo que era happening.But dijo que era verdad lo de la seorita Watson y que Jim era un hombre libre . Llegamos Jim de la cabaa y la ta Sally y el to Silas eran realmente agradable him.Later , Tom , Jim y yo tuvimos una larga conversacin por ourselves.Tom hablaba y hablaba , y luego dijo, ' Vamos a los tres de nosotros ejecutar fuera una noche, y ve y ad -ventures en el pas salvaje en el sur. " Sonaba como un buen plan para m. ' La nica cosa es, ' dije, ' yo no tengo dinero para comprar la ropa adecuada y things.All mi dinero de vuelta en San Petersburgo ser en los bolsillos de Pop por ahora . ' -No- dijo Tom . ' De su dinero todo there.Your Pop nunca regres . " No, y no volver , Huck -dijo Jim. " Te acuerdas de que el hombre muerto en el ro, cuando dije " No mires a la cara "? Bueno, eso fue su Pop.You puede obtener su dinero cuando lo desee. " Pierna de Tom es casi mejor ahora, y yo no tengo nada ms que escribir about.I ' m muy contento por eso, porque era muy difcil escribir un libro y no voy a hacerlo again.But Creo que estoy va a tener que salir corriendo antes de que los dems, porque la ta Sally quiere que viva con ella. Voy a tener que dormir en una cama y usar ropa limpia y aprender a ser bueno, y yo no puedo hacer eso again.I lo he hecho una vez. The End Yours Truly Huck Finn