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February 17, 2013 GPS Issues 1. Insurance Needs Analysis Link is not orkin!."one 2.

#$e %e&ort needs t$e ne lo!o to be &laced e'ery $ere. #$e current lo!o is t$e old one. It is (issin! t$e Gro Protect Sa'e on t$e botto( o) it. It as s$o in! because t$e old lo!o as u&loaded $ile creatin! t$e co(&any. *a'e u&loaded ne one. 3. +nder t$e #abs )or t$e Planners, License and ,-. I tried to set t$e re(inder but I a( not sure i) it orked, as I did not see t$e screen blink or &ro'ide a (essa!e. Is t$is )eature acti'ated as o) yet/ Let0s &ut a c$eat note beside 1Set Alert2 t$at says Select a date and an e(ail ill be sent to your e(ail address on )ile. Not in sco&e 3. 4e also need a 'ie &ane or a 15ie "ocu(ent on File2 button )or t$e sa(e section (entioned in t$e &oint abo'e. Not in sco&e 6. +nder t$e ,(ail #ab, $at use is t$e 1reload !rid2 button at t$e botto( o) t$e &a!e )or/ No use. #$at $as been re(o'ed. 7. *o do I add ne 8)uture e(ails/ 9annot add )uture e(ails, eac$ ne e(ail added ill $a'e to be re:&ro!ra((ed in t$e syste(. 7. +nder t$e GL4; tab, s$ould it not read 1+&load ;roc$ure2 instead o) 1"o nload ;roc$ure2/. It s$ould be <"o nload GL4; broc$ure< as it allo s you to do nload current broc$ure t$at is u&loaded. #$e o&tion is only a'ailable in <,dit GL4;<. =. +nder t$e >ana!e 9lients tab &lease add t$e year to t$e 1Started2 "ate colu(n. "one ?. 4$en I add a &lanner @in addition to t$e e(ail I sent about issuesA t$e &lanners0 res&ecti'e lo!o is not dis&layin! on t$e calculator 'ideo &a!e. >aybe e decided not to s$o it. I cannot re(e(ber/ It is dis&layin! on t$e subseBuent &a!es. 4e $ad it initially but decided not to s$o it. 10. For t$e "ebt section, a(end t$e >ini(u( "ebt &ay(ent c$eat noteC ,nter t$e current (ini(u( (ont$ly &ay(ent only. I) &ayin! any(ore t$en t$e (ini(u( enter t$e eDtra a(ount in t$e ,Dtra >ont$ly Pay(ent )ield. "one 11. .n t$e Insurance tab, t$e date dro& do n )or t$e year, &lease do not dis&lay )uture years. Future years s$ould only be s$o n )or eD&iry dates o) (ort!a!es. "one. Future dates are not allo ed any(ore. 12. 4$en I tab to t$e >ort!a!e &a!e (y cursor !oes to t$e >ort!a!e #ab in t$e $eader. It is su&&osed to start in t$e A(ount )ield &lease. Sa(e t$in! $a&&ens )or t$e "ebt &a!e @t$e cursor is to start in t$e blank ro under t$e (ort!a!e E $ic$ isn0t t$ere E it s$ould be ri!$t under t$e (ort!a!e a(ount and under t$e $eadin! Lon! #er( "ebts, t$ere is to be a c$eat noteC Secured Line o) 9redit and8or In'est(ent Loan. I(ran0s co((ents. 13. 9orrect t$e teDt in t$e &icture belo )ro( GPS to #$e GPS Syste( )or >oneyF #ea(. "one

13. 4$en t$e &lanner &rints t$e co(&leted a&&, not all t$e note )ields are s$o in!. #$ey are su&&osed to, e'en i) t$ere is not$in! in t$e notes )ield. Pro)ile &a!e did not s$o t$e notes as it as not s$o n in t$e sa(&le &ro'ided. 16. .n (y &re'ious list o) Issues, in &oint 10, I said t$at t$e &o& u& indo )or t$e contact us as black. It as actually a 'ery dark bro n I belie'e. I did not, nor do not ant anyt$in! ot$er t$an a &o&u& indo @t$at si(&ly looks like t$e screen s$ot abo'e in &oint 13A it$ no dark back!round. FiDed, it $as a $ite back!round no . #$e screens$ot abo'e is bro ser0s de)ault &o&u& $ence, cannot be (odi)ied to contain a teDt area )or t$e (essa!e &lanner ants to rite to you. 17. A)ter I entered a ne client @as a &lannerA, I clicked sub(it and I did not recei'e an e(ail noti)ication lettin! (e kno t$at an a&& as sub(itted. Furt$er(ore, I ent back into t$e client and t$e !reen dots kee& circlin! around @ $ere t$e Sa'e button isA. See belo i(a!e.

,(ail noti)ication $as ne'er been a )unctionality in t$e syste(. ,(ail )unctionality introduced. An e(ail ould be sent to ad(in e(ail address. #eDt C Planner G&lannerHna(eI $as sub(itted a ne client GclientHna(eI. J#$is e(ail ould only be sent on sub(ission o) a client and not on Sa'in! a client ;K #*, PLANN,%. 17. +nder t$e (ort!a!e tab, in t$e notes section at t$e botto( o) t$e &a!e, )or t$e re&ort, t$e #> is (essed u&. See i(a!e belo ,

FiDed 1=. I re(o'ed t$e L10,000 o) eBuity )ro( t$e Assets &a!e by clickin! t$e D, it as re(o'ed, $o e'er, it still s$o s on t$e 9alculations section under t$e debts &a!e. FiDed 1?. In t$e c$eat notes under t$e +SPF tab, &lease add a sentence t$at says, Plus eDtra (ont$ly debt &ay(ents o) L@a(ountA.FiDed

.n t$e %e&ortC 20. Please re&lace t$e lo!o it$ t$e ne 'ersion t$e one it$ Gro Protect Sa'e under Syste( )or >oneyF. "one 21. .n t$e 4$ere Kou0re Goin! &a!e it s$ould say t$e na(e o) t$e eDtra cas$ t$at as ori!inally entered. #$is is related to t$e &roble( noted abo'e, I entered, and t$en deleted a Moint Non:%e!istered acct and t$en in t$e calculations section it still s$o s t$e eBuity a&&lied to t$e debt. #$ere)ore in t$e re&ort it s$o s as eDcess $ouse eBuity. FiDed abo'e &roble(, t$is is only t$e conseBuence to t$at &roble(. 22. .n t$e sa(e &a!e, at t$e botto(, it states t$e #otal >ont$ly Sa'in!s, one year )ro( no . #$is )i!ure @L20,273A is ron!. I belie'e it is usin! t$e t o deci(al &laces in t$e (at$. #$e nu(ber I !et is L1,7=? D 12 (ont$sN L20,27=. L1,7=?, t$is a(ount $as beenrounded only )or "ISPLAK &ur&ose only. FiDed. "oesn0t use deci(al &laces in calculations. 23. Are t$e $eadin!s on t$e )ollo in! &a!es centered/ I) not &lease adOust t$e( accordin!ly. Guaranteed %esults, *i!$li!$ts, 9urrent "ebt and Insurance, Ne "ebt, 4$at to ,D&ect @ it$ t$e sub $eadin! 1Ste&:by:Ste&2A, "isclai(er, #$e Fee A!ree(ent &a!e. "one 23. .n t$e FAPs &a!e t$ere are t o GPS lo!os bein! dis&layed. Please re(e(ber, t$e GPS lo!o is not to be dis&layed in t$e &lace(at area )or GPS clients. It is only to be dis&layed in t$e corner o) t$e &a!es. "one 26. .n t$e Ne "ebt ;reakdo n &a!e, in t$e )ootnotes, it saysC This number is

based on a simple interest calculation (Balance x Interest) over the remaining current mortgage term (14 months). This is supposed to read the

same as the page, Current Debts brea do!n, !hich states the correct months remaining"#$ months. "one #%. &n the Insurance 'eeds page, in the Debt Coverage details section, it states in the (ar right column, )uggested Coverage *e+uired. The amount ,-$$,$#- is the !rong number (or there. That number is the correct number (or the total o( Debt and Income coverage. The correct number (or the Debt coverage is supposed to be The pro.ected mortgage balance o( ,-11,$/0 1 the permanent amount o( ,1-2,0#0 1 the #3 4ear term rider amount o( ,133,213, (or a total 13 4ear term rider amount o( ,2-,203. Then that amount is added to the Income Coverage Details Income Coverage amount o( ,-#%,12# and is then stated in the top section, (summar4) beside the 13 4ear term rider amount !hich is ,2-,203 5 ,-#%,12#, (or a total, as correctl4 stated currentl4, o( ,-$$,$#-. Done
27. .n t$e FAPs, &oint 1, &lease re(o'e t$e 6Q in t$e )ourt$ line and $a'e it si(&ly read, 1credits an annual notional bonusR2 "one. 2=. In &oint 7, re(o'e 1@i.e. 30 yearsA2. "one 2?. In &oint 13, correct t$e )irst line &lease. %e&lace +ni'ersal Li)e insurance &olicy it$ &er(anent li)e insurance &olicy. "one. 30. #$e "isclai(er &a!e, #$e +lti(ate Sa'in!s Plan sub:bullet, re ord as )ollo s &leaseC +lti(ate Sa'in!s PlanF @a &er(anent li)e insurance &olicyA 'alues are illustrated usin! solely !uaranteed interest accounts. Any ot$er ty&e o) in'est(ent bein! used entirely or &artially inside t$e +SPF ill 'oid t$e !uaranteed !ro t$ o) t$e +SPF. "one 31. Please also correct t$e 2nd to last initial line to read, Initial $ere i) not solely usin! a !uaranteed in'est(ent account inside o) t$e &er(anent li)e insurance &olicy @+lti(ate Sa'in!s PlanFA. "one +lti(ate Sa'in!s Plan is ritten as +SP due to lack o) s&ace. 32. .n t$e GPS A!ree(ent &a!e, &lease (ake t$e L )i!ures Green )or t$e >ont$ly &ay(ent sa'in!s, t$e #aD sa'in!s, t$e Interest sa'in!s, and i), a&&licable, t$e debt &ay:do n )i!ure $en it is s$o n &ositi'e. "one. "ebt &ay(ent )i!ure is s$o n only $en it is &ositi'e. I) s$o n, 4ill s$o in !reen. 33. .n t$e GPS L.", &lease do not ca&italiSe t$e P in Please on t$e t$ird line. "one 33. .n t$e +SPF L.", &lease correct, %eC Letter o) "irection : Insurance "e&osit 9$eBue, to read, %eC Letter o) "irection E Li)e Insurance "e&osit 9$eBue. Also correct t$e ca&ital P in &lease on t$e t$ird line a!ain and add t$e F to t$e +SP in t$e boD it$ t$e dollar a(ount stated. "one 36. %%SP L.", &lease correct t$e ca&ital P a!ain, on t$e t$ird line. "one 37. #$e 4$at i) Pa!e, t$e years to &ay o)) )or t$e ne (ort!a!e s$ould read 30 years, not 2?.11. >issin! t$e )ootnote associated it$ t$e J beside t$e &ay(ent )reBuency and &ay(ent a(ount. It is t$e sa(e )ootnote in t$e abo'e section )or t$e current (ort!a!e. "one 37. #$e total &ay(ent )or 2? (ont$s out @on bot$, t$e 4$at i) and t$e 9onsider t$is &a!esA s$ould be t$e L1,337 D 2? (ont$s N L3=,733. Please $a'e t$ese cells @t$at re)er to ot$er cellsA si(&ly take t$e re)erred cell0s )i!ure and (ulti&ly it by t$e associated nu(ber, i.e. 2? (ont$s in t$is case. Kou are $a'in! it calculate t$e

&ennies a!ain and it can only do t$at in t$e ori!inal (at$ calculations, t$en round t$e nu(bers to t$e nearest dollar and t$en t$at rounded nu(ber is used )ro( t$at &oint )or ard. "one 3=. *a'e t$e a(ortiSation &eriod total a(ounts been double:c$ecked/ 3?. 9orrect t$e )ootnote under t$e to& section @)or bot$ t$e 4$at i) and t$e 9onsider t$is &a!esA. It currently says t$at t$e ne (ort!a!e is a(ortiSed o'er 30 years, it s$ould no say 26 years &lease. Not reBuired. As ell c$an!e t$e neDt sentence about t$e +SP rate to read, Please re)er to t$e insurance illustration included in t$is re&ort )or t$e !uaranteed 'alues stated abo'e )or t$e +SPF. "one 30. #$e notes &a!e, t$e F is not s$o in! &ro&erly on t$e )irst line. .n t$e )ourt$ line, is t$e (ort!a!e rate !rabbin! t$e correct nu(ber )ro( t$e back o))ice t$at I (anually select/ "one. Kes it is !rabbin! t$e sa(e &ercenta!e you entered in ne (ort!a!e rate. #$ank you, Me))