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V G Siddhartha AKA The Coffee King

Founder of Caf Coffee Day Headquarters: Bangalore, ndia Founded: !""# $e all %no& the fa'ous (offee sho) in ndia, * Caf Coffee Day + , -o)ularly %no&n as Coffee Day, $ith Asia.s se(ond/largest net&or% of (offee estates 0!1,211 a(res3 and !!,111 s'all gro&ers, Coffee Day has a ri(h and a4undant sour(e of (offee, This (offee goes all o5er the &orld to (lients a(ross the 6SA, 7uro)e and 8a)an, 'a%ing us one of the to) (offee e9)orters in the (ountry, A di5ision of ndia.s largest (offee (onglo'erate, the A'alga'ated Bean Coffee Trading Co')any :i'ited 0ABCTC:3, V,G,Siddhartha, a )erson &ho holds a ;aster Degree in 7(ono'i(s is the founder of this fa'ous (af of (hain all o5er the ndia, After doing his ;asters he de(ided to <oin 8 ; Finan(ial Ser5i(es 0no& 8 ; ;organ Stanley3 in ;u'4ai as a 'anage'ent trainee=intern in trading on the ndian Sto(% ;ar%et under ;r, ;ahendra Ka')ani, After a t&o/year stint &ith 8 ; Finan(ial Ser5i(es, &hen Siddhartha returned to Bangalore, his father ga5e hi' a good a'ount of 'oney to start any 4usiness of his (hoi(e, Siddhartha )ro')tly 4ought a sto(% 'ar%et (ard for >s ?1,111 &ith it, along &ith a (o')any (alled Si5an Se(urities / &hi(h &as rena'ed in year @111 as $ay@&ealth Se(urities :td &ith 5ision of set Ane& standards in the retail finan(ial ser5i(es in ndia A and Venture Ca)ital di5ision (a'e to 4e %no&n as BGlo4al Te(hnology Ventures 0GTV3C as &ell as a site in the (ity in !"DE and turned it into a highly su((essful in5est'ent 4an%ing and sto(% 4ro%ing (o')any, Al'ost !2 years later, Siddhartha esta4lished a su((essful (offee 4usiness in Karnata%a, He gro&s (offee in Chi%'agalur and e9)orts a4out @D,111 tonne of (offee annually, sells another @,111 tonne lo(ally for a4out >s ?21 'illion ea(h year, and his (offee gro&ing and trading (o')any A'alga'ated Bean Co')any0ABC3 has an annual turno5er of >s @2 4illion, Siddhartha no& has @11 e9(lusi5e retail outlets selling his 4rand of Coffee Day )o&der all o5er South ndia, ABC is ndia.s largest e9)orter of green (offee, He o&ns !@,111 a(res 0E1EF ha3 of (offee )lantations, He started his (offee trading (o')any ABC in !""?, &ith a >s #1 'illion turno5er, His (o')any gre& gradually, He 4ought an ailing (offee (uring unit in Hassan for >s E1 'illion and turned it

around, Go&, his (o')any has a (uring (a)a(ity of F2,111 tonne, &hi(h is the largest in the (ountry,

He &as the first entre)reneur in Karnata%a to set u) a (y4er (af in !""# 0Caf Coffee Day, a (hain of youth hangout (offee )arlors3, Go&, he has !E1F Coffee Day Cafes in ndia, V G Siddhartha also ho)es to 4ag the (ontra(t to ta%e his (hain to all the air)orts of Karnata%a and then the rest of the (ountry, His (y4er (afes attra(t at least E1,111 to 21,111 5isitors a &ee%, V,G, Siddhartha &as a&arded the .7ntre)reneur of the year. H @11? 4y The 7(ono'i( Ti'es for .(rafting a su((essful )an ndian 4rand for a (o''odity 4usiness and gi5ing ndian (onsu'ers a ne& lifestyle e9)erien(e that is &ithin rea(h of the (o''on 'an,. A'alga'ated Bean Coffee Trading Co')any :td, today is the largest e9)orter of green (offee fro' ndia and )erha)s one of the t&o fully integrated (offee (o')anies of Asia, in5ol5ed in all se(tors of Coffee fro' )lantations to retailing to e9)orts, .Coffee Day Grou). today is the only fully integrated and largest (offee (onglo'erate in ndia and is attri4uted &ith (reating the .(offee re5olution. in ndia / a(%no&ledged 4y the Coffee Board of ndia A'alga'ated Bean Coffee Trading Co')any :td, H 0ABCTC:3 is ndia.s largest (offee (onglo'erate and (offee e9)orter, )ioneering ndia.s first (on(e)t (af.s .Caf Coffee Day., a (hain of youth hangout (offee )arlors, Fro' a handful of (afs in si9 (ities in the first 2 years, .Caf Coffee Day. has today 4e(o'e ndia.s largest and )re'ier retail (hain of (afes &ith !E?D (afes in !?2 (ities around the (ountry, Ither Businesses / Siddhartha also founded Glo4al Te(hnology Ventures :td, in @111, a (o')any that identifies, in5ests and 'entors ndian (o')anies engaged in (utting edge te(hnologies, Currently he also holds Board Seats in GTV, ;indtree, :iq&id Krystal, $ay@$ealth and ttia', GTV has no& set u) a glo4al te(hnology 5illage on a 2"/a(re 0@E1,111 '@3 te(hnology in(u4ator )ar% in Bangalore, &hi(h &ill )ro5ide its (o')anies offi(e s)a(e, (o''uni(ation lin%s, re(reational fa(ilities and e5en a (o''er(ial (entre, GTV has 4een 5alued 4y Ban%A' at J!11 'illion last year, and is e9)e(ted to ha5e dou4led its 5aluation this year, t is )oised to gro& on the lines of Soft4an% of 8a)an, He has )lanted 4anana trees on ?111 a(res 0!@!E ha3 and )lans to e9)ort 4ananas, Daff(o Furniture / He o&ns a dar% forest furniture (o')any, na'ed after his estate in Chi(%a'agalur, .Kathale ;ane 7state. is 5enturing into furniture 4y 4uilding a #11,111 square feet 02#,111 '@3 fa(tory in Chi%'agalur, Karnata%a &hi(h &ill use ti'4er fro' his (offee )lantations in ndia and a rainforest in Guyana, t initially )lans to su))ly furniture to Cafe Coffee Day outlets, Ho&e5er the (onstru(tion of the fa(ility is yet to 4egin,