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Usually, Greg eats anything he wants and doesn't worry about what it does to his body.

However, now, he is competing in swimming and has to change his eating habits. Usually, he gets up and has orange juice or just skips breakfast because he is late for class. Then at lunch, he fre uently meets his friends at !ac "onald's and has a #ig !ac, fries and a cola. $t dinner time, he always sits down with his family, and enjoys a big meal. His mom usually serves meat, vegetables and potatoes. $fter that, he eats a green salad or some fruit. !ost of the time, by eleven o'clock, he is hungry again, so he has ice cream and cookies. %ow, he is swimming competitively and his diet is completely different. &n the morning, he is eating a lot more protein, eggs and bacon, and a couple pieces of whole wheat toast, so that he has more energy for his morning work'out. He is spending noon time with his swimming teammates, not his (junk food( friends. He is following a low'fat, high'protein diet. %ow, at dinner, he is taking an e)tra helping of meat and potatoes. &n fact, his mom is having trouble keeping enough food in the refrigerator. *he thinks that he is an eating'machine. %e)t, week Greg is going+goes to ,ashington *tate for the %ational *wimming -hampionships. He is e)cited about them, but he knows that it may take a while until he wins a big competition. This month, !arcial is having difficulty because his company laid off several employees, including !arcial. Usually, he works at !icro *ystems where he is a circuit designer. However, the company has to make budget cuts and they can't afford to keep all of the employees. /osing his job is upsetting for !arcial. Usually, he gets up at 0122, has breakfast and leaves for work. However, this morning, !arcial is searching the job sites on the &nternet. He also is feeling a bit depressed. He knows it will take time to find another position because he is a highly'trained specialist. His company isn't unsympathetic3 they are assisting him in his job search. !eanwhile, !arcial is cutting back on his spending habits until he finds a job.

4. 5lease don't make so much noise. & 666666666666666666 7study8. 9. How many languages 666666666666666666 7Tom speak8. :. & 666666666666666666 7not+belong8 to a political party. ;. Hurry. The bus 666666666666666666 7come8. & 666666666666666666 7not+want8 to miss it. <. The =iver %ile 666666666666666666 7flow8 into the !editerranean. 0. The river 666666666666666666 7flow8 very fast today > much faster than usual. ?. 666666666666666666 7it+ever+snow8 in &ndia@

A. ,e usually 666666666666666666 7grow8 vegetables in our garden, but this year we 666666666666666666 7not+grow8 any. B. $1 -an you drive@ #1 %o, but & 666666666666666666 7learn8. !y father 666666666666666666 7teach8 me. 42. Cou can borrow my umbrella. & 666666666666666666 7not+need8 it at the moment. 44. 7at a party8 & usually 666666666666666666 7enjoy8 parties but & 666666666666666666 7not+enjoy8 this one very much. 49. George says he's A2' years old but & 666666666666666666 7not+believe8 him. 4:. =on is in /ondon at the moment. He 666666666666666666 7stay8 at the Hilton Hotel. He usually 666666666666666666 7stay8 at the Hilton Hotel when he's in /ondon. 4;. !y parents 666666666666666666 7live8 in #ristol. They were born there and have never lived anywhere else. ,here 666666666666666666 7your+parents+live8@ 4<. *he 666666666666666666 7stay8 with her sister at the moment, until she finds somewhere to live. 40. $1 ,hat 666666666666666666 7your father+do8@ #1 He's a teacher, but he 666666666666666666 7not+work8 at the moment. 4?. ,hat time 666666666666666666 7the banks+close8 in #ritain@ 4A. & don't understand the word 'aint'. ,hat 666666666666666666 7it+mean8@ 4B. He is still ill but he 666666666666666666 7get+better8 slowly. 92. The economic situation is already bad and it 666666666666666666 7get+worse8.