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Aadhaar Payment Bridge System (APBS)

29th, November, 2012

Objective of APBS Workshop

To offer complete information of APBS mechanism to Sponsor Banks Discuss and educate APBS related file format details to Sponsor Banks Discuss the on-boarding details Hands on training of APBS file processing

Aadhaar Payment Bridge

Aadhaar Payment Bridge Solution (APBS) will be used to
- EBT Credit disbursements based on UID number.

- To sub-serve the goal of Government of India (GOI) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in furthering Financial Inclusion by way of processing government disbursement using Aadhaar number.
- To support various Schemes like NREGA, Social Security Pension, Handicapped Old Age Pension etc. of any Central or State Government bodies, to send financial details to the beneficiary using Aadhaar number.

Process Flow

Aadhaar Payment Bridge Features

Pre supposes that all Government beneficiaries would have Aadhaar linked account number Government Department can send file containing IIN, Aadhaar No., transaction reference no. and Amount. With the incorporation of Mapper, IIN no. need not be included in transaction file. APBS will receive the disbursal payment instruction from the Government Departments through Sponsor Bank (Banks has ability to convert in the required format) The bank identifier would be used to route transaction to the destination bank the destination bank will maintain the linkage to Aadhaar number and bank account for seamless credit to customer account Enriched MIS to participants Secure Clearing and Settlement


APB Architecture

Nature of Approvals


Circular Particulars - APBS

Circular No.

Aadhaar Payment Bridge System (APBS) Approval to launch the scheme on Pilot basis DPSS.CO.PD.706/02.17.001/2010-2011 at Jharkhand (19th October 2011).

Aadhaar Payment Bridge System (APBS) Extension of the APBS scheme for DPSS.CO.PD.1643/02.17.001/2011Government Sponsored schemes (06th March 2012 2012).

Onboarding Checklist for Participant Banks

Registration with NPCI for participation - It is one time registration. Banks to adhere to the registration processes prescribed by NPCI for facilitating EBT processing service to its Government Department/Agency. Sponsor banks for submember banks should keep NPCI informed on sub-member registration, cancellation and cessation by submitting necessary document mandated by NPCI Government Department/Agency registration - Submission of User registration form duly filled up from Government Department / Agency to NPCI through their respective Sponsor Banks. Acquire IIN Procure IIN routing number from NPCI for affecting Aadhaar based transfers. LOA for settlement through RBI-DAD - Submission of Letter of Authority addressed to RBI-DAD authorising NPCI to affect settlements through the banks account with RBI-DAD. File Formats Need to be conversant and adhere to file format prescribed by NPCI for file based transactions processing purpose. Escalation Matrix The matrix needs to be provided as per format laid out by NPCI.

Onboarding Checklist for Participant Banks

Technical onboarding Checklist
Selection of PC / Hardware procurement having USB access, one dual core processor, minimum 2GRAM, OS Windows XP/7, IE 8 and above with Firefox capabilities, drivers for accessing e-token based digital certificates and having Java 6 runtime environment. Dongle and Digital certificates acquired - Class II User level certificates for each user.

Generating transaction files in accordance to the NACH formats.

Store, validate and capture mandate attributes such as image, UMRN and other details.

Connectivity to NACH URL specific to NACH application


File formats for APBS and APBS Mapper

Existing APBS input file Existing APBS Inward Data File Format for Destination Banks Existing APBS Return File Format Existing APBS Final Output File Format APBS Mapper File

Milestones Achieved in APBS

9th July 2012 30th April 2012 06th March 2012 29th February 2012 12th and 21st January 2012 24th December 2011 24th October 2011

Milestone Achieved
Initiated LPG subsidy transfers through APBS. Mapping of Aadhaar numbers to IIN initiated on APBS mapper. Generic approval received from RBI for extension of APBS to all Government subsidies. Off Us (Inter-Bank) transactions initiated through APBS. Live RTGS settlement testing carried out on RBI DADs Primary and Disaster Recovery sites. APBS went Live with NREGA subsidy transfer. RBI DAD allows NPCI to participate on RTGS platform. RBI accords in-principle approval for operating the Aadhaar Payment Bridge System (APBS) on a Pilot Basis at Jharkhand.

19th October 2011

Aadhaar Payment Bridge (APB) Clearing times


Fee Structure/Membership Structure


APBS Rollout plan to cover 51 districts in Pilot

To receive & test APBS files as per the formats prescribed by NPCI 1st week of December, 2012

Complete the on-boarding checklist and relevant documents requirements 2nd week of December , 2012
Training to operations team at Banks end 2nd week of December , 2012 Co-ordinated round of testing for multiple banks 2nd and 3rd week of December , 2012 Pilot with all Sponsor PSB Banks for 51 districts on 1st January, 2013

Focus on 51 Districts for APBS

Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Total No. of Aadhaar Lead Bank Districts Enrolment State Bank of India 9 98,58,660.00 Bank of India 6 36,36,701.00 Syndicate Bank 1 43,55,237.00 Canara Bank 1 2,99,800.00 Punjab National Bank 9 46,33,030.00 Bank of Maharashtra 1 28,29,909.00 Total 27 2,56,13,337.00 United Bank of India 17,95,706.00 Central Bank of India 2 17,70,069.00 Vijaya Bank 1 6,25,330.00 State Bank of Mysore 2 53,89,558.00 State Bank of Travancore 1 4,85,100.00 Indian Bank 2 49,80,789.00 UCO Bank 1 3,50,790.00 State Bank of Patiala 1 3,30,163.00 State bank of Hyderabad 2 84,65,055.00 Dena Bank 1 1,37,284.00 Bank of Baroda 3 4,07,507.00 State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur 1 2,57,407.00 Andhra Bank 1 50,22,152.00 State Bank of Saurashtra (Merged to SBI) 2 1,54,867.00 Total 20 3,01,71,777.00 GRAND TOTAL 51 5,57,85,114.00 Status Already onboarded Already onboarded Already onboarded Already onboarded Already onboarded Already onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded Yet to be Onboarded


For further information

Sr. No. 1 2 Name M Balakrishnan Vipin Surelia E-mail Role / Designation Chief Operating Officer Head Cheque Clearing, ACH & GP

4 5 6 7

Makarand Jadhav
Ramesh Vijaya Kumar Debadarshi Roy Teegela Reddy Website

Chief Manager ACH

Sr. Manager ACH and APBS Asst. Manager ACH and APBS Asst. Manager ACH and APBS