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40000 illegal ballot papers in toilet of UPFA chief Ministerial candidate Rasaputra found !

Island wide election fraud with MaRa patronage

(Lan a!e!"ews! #0$March$%0&4' 4$#0PM( Following the disco)er* of the fraudulent election

acti)ities at Matara da* before *esterda*(%+( which was an inde, of how the Ra-apa se regi.e is indulging in election .alpractices and the )ictories scored based on the. ' Lan a e news inside infor.ation di)ision has this detailed report noted hereunder / 0elie)e it or not ! the large nu.ber of illegal ballot papers that were found in the office of the Matara UPFA chief Minister candidate 1handi.a Rasaputra had been ta en possession of b* the 22P of that di)ision the .ost notorious 3eshabandu 4enne oon ' and until now nobod* nows where the* were ta en or used$ 4he assistant elections 1o..issioner Aruna 2au.*a Fernando on recei)ing reliable infor.ation that a 5uantit* of illicit ballot papers are being ept hidden in the .ain office located at 0each road ' Matara of Rasaputra ' had )isited the )enue along with so.e elections officers and a )ideo ca.era to )ideotape the scene$ Aruna Fernando had ta en this step without the police because he nows the .o.ent the police aware the culprit also gets to now under the present lawless reign$ Moreo)er since he is directl* )ested with powers to conduct a raid he has ta en this initiati)e$ Rasaputra6s office is situated at the top floor of a .an* storied building $ 4here is also an entrance to enter his office fro. the rear side )ia a stairwa*$ 4he raiding officers who entered the office fro. the front and the rear entrance were able to detect the 5uantit* of illegal ballot papers in the toilet ad-oining Rasaputra6s office$$ 4his toilet was opened for the elections officers b* 7e.antha of Rasaputra6s election office on instructions of Aruna 2au.*a Fernando and his officers$ 8hen the ballot papers were there were scrutini9ed there had e,isted no

differences apparentl* between the actual ballot papers and the fa e ones$ %:: boo s containing &;0 ballot papers each were found hidden in Rasaputra6s toilet' and all these had been )ideoed b* the Assist$ 1o..issioner6s ca.era$4here had been 400' 000 such illegal ballot papers $ Rasaputra who got wind that he is trapped had infor.ed 3eshabandu 4enne oon the worst culprit in the police force and a disgrace to the force who will 9ealousl* to do an* sordid bidding of the croo ed Ra-apa se regi.e' which action of Rasaputra in other words further confir.s that in the present lawless cli.ate 2L ' it is the cri.inals who are gi)en protection b* the police and not the co.plainant ' and that Rasaputra has ta en ad)antage of this protection e,tended to cri.inals$ 8hen these illegal ballot papers were being loaded into the )ehicle of the Assist$ 1o..issioner and elections officers' the infa.ous 22P who had arri)ed on the scene at that ti.e had told the elections officers that since the* are fraudulent ballot papers the 22P should ta e the. into his custod*$ 2P 3hanan-a*a too had arri)ed along with hi. $ A dispute had spar ed following this re5uest of the 22P 8hile the dispute was raging ' an associate of Rasaputra had wrested the )ideo ca.era and dashed it on the floor destro*ing it$ 4he Assist$ <lections 1o..issioner and his officers ha)e also co.e in for ph*sical assault' when Rasaputra had threatened = if *ou act tough we shall ill *ou$6 8hat is .ost noteworth* is all these assaults and threats was ' the* were .ade in right in the presence of the infa.ous 22P 4enne oon and 2P 3hanan-a*a$ 4his Ra-apa se cron* and lac e* 3eshabandu 22P after loading the ballot papers to his )ehicle had ne,t i..ediatel* infor.ed the President of the countr* Mahinda Ra-apa se of his great cri.inal success$ 4he President re-oicing in this cri.inal success achie)ed on his behalf had on the phone itself warned the Assist$ <lections co..issioner not to utter a word about the illegal ballot papers 'and onl* to record the destruction of the )ideo ca.era and the assault$ Accordingl* ' in the register of election reports of the police ' in paragraph &;; of page %%; ' the co.plaint of the assist$ <lections co..issioner had been recorded thus / 8hile the* were discharging their duties as 2tate officers ' two persons obstructed the. in their duties ' and destro*ed the )ideo ca.era causing a da.age a.ounting to Rs$ &4#'>00$ 4his is all that is .entioned in the co.plaint$ Mahinda 3eshapri*a ' the elections co..issioner who went to Matara subse5uentl* to in)estigate this incident told the .edia / the police had been entrusted with the in)estigation ' and after the elections are o)er ' an announce.ent in this regard will be .ade $ 7e suppressed the disco)er* of %:: fraudulent polling card boo s that were hidden in Rasaputra6s office$ Until this .orning since the police had not arrested an*bod* in this connection ' the chief co ordinating secretar* ' 2$ Medawewa of the national co..ittee in5uiring into election co.plaints has on behalf of the <lections co..issioner addressed a letter to the senior 3I? ad.inistration of the police head5uarters stating that if the culprits are not arrested b* noon

*esterda*(%@( ' elections counting of )otes will be stopped$ Following this warning ' the 22P 3eshabandu who collected the illegal ballot papers earlier had got -itter*$ 7e had su..oned two hench.en na.el* ' UPFA .e.bers' Anil 7e.antha "ethi u.ara and Man-ula Pri*antha "ethi u.ara of the Matara local bod* instead of Rasaputra who is the real culprit 'to the 22P6s office in Matara' and as ed the. to surrender $ 4hough the Ra-apa se regi.e is pretending no foul pla* is ta ing place in their .anipulated elections' conse5uent upon these cri.inal election acti)ities co..itted with i.punit* ' .an* pertinent 5uestions ha)e e.erged / Fro. who. did Rasaputra recei)e these illegal ballot papers A If these ballot papers were not detected ' how would the* ha)e been used A 8hat is the guarantee that si.ilar frauds using large 5uantities of illegal ballot papers were not being co..itted elsewhere too at these elections A 8here are those fa e ballot papers that were collected and ta en awa* b* the 3eshabandu 22P A 8here is the confir.ation that those ballot papers ta en awa* b* this notorious 22P 3eshabandu were not used at these electionsA 0* the President Mahinda Ra-apa se hi.self inter)ening to co)er up this fraud ' doesn6t it presuppose that a .assi)e Island wide election fraud had been planned .aster.inded b* the highest in the hierarch* A Is it not )er* clear that these election are being perpetrated with the support and encourage.ent of Mahinda Ra-apa se who has set the .ost igno.inious record as the onl* President of the countr* so far who stoops to an* sordid and unscrupulous acti)it* if it onl* ser)es his self see ing agendas and selfish power perpetuation goals A In the circu.stances ' who is going to hold hi.self responsible to pro)ide protection to the Assist$ <lections co..issioner Aruna Fernando who recei)ed death threats fro. the fraudsters when the. is the President hi.self A In the .idst of these outrageous election frauds and rigging if the <lections co..issioner and the .edia are still continuing to re.ain silent ' of what purpose is an election A Aren6t the people and the political parties .ost foolish if the* are to repose faith in such election e)en now without opposing it in their full force A <lections co..issioner addressed a letter to the senior 3I? ad.inistration as follows