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Are: Sleepy Sonic Fury CCRider The Big Cheese Method Man Orgasmic Anomaly Today's Topic: The Money Inc. Bill of Rights Well, in light of last night's state of the Union address, in which the king, err...president basically joined the Republican party, I have compiled a list of the basic rights of all cool people in the free world. (Actually, these rights only apply to people that I like, and that's not many.) THE MONEY INCORPORATED BILL OF RIGHTS I. The right to rip people off shall not be denied. Remember, the words of the immortal Bobby Heenan (admit it, you used to watch wrestling too!) "Win if you may, lose if you must, but always, ALWAYS cheat.!" II. III. The inalienable right to obtain anything anytime at no monetary cost. This would include warez and long distance fone service. All people have the right to piss anyone off that they want to. If this right is denied, we will all become a bunch of pansy, PC, pussy whipped, liberal scumbags. The right to hate someone for no reason. This doesn't mean that I hate people for their race, religion or politics. I just hate certain people. Simple as that. The right to listen to cool music. I have the shits of electronic techno-dance-crap. The right to keep your mouth shut when the feds come to ask you questions about someone that is on our side. If they're a narc or an asshole, then feel free to open up to the cops, hell, make up shit if you want to. The right to sleep at night knowing that I have so many fucking guns I could arm a small third world country. And if some fucking bleeding-heart wants to take them, I'll blow him the fuck away. The right to inflict pain upon the weak. Who's gonna stop us? The right to cruelly abuse animals. This is tied in with Amendment III, in that it's just here to piss people off. The right to basically kill, pillage, rape, destroy, kill, steal, rob, maim, kill, bomb, and basically act like an asshole.


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I know some people will take this shit seriously, and if you want to, you have that right. I really don't give a shit if you hate me. I don't give a shit if you agree with me. What I do give a shit about is the advancement of the right-wing anarchist agenda. With that note, I'll end this installment of the digest. Remember, if you don't like me fuck off! Copywrong 1995, Money Inc Holdings Ltd All rights protected under law (shya right!) Coming soon from Money Inc. - The lowdown on the greatest scam of all time, bar none. You are most probably a victim, at least you are if you do one of these things: Watch TV, have sex, vote, or read. MONEY INCORPORATED ROSTER FOR 1995 QB-Sleepy (World Leader) HB-Sonic Fury (Hall of Famer) WR-CCRider (Warez God) C-The Big Cheese (We ain't talkin Velveeta) DL-Method Man (On the Injured Reserve) K-Orgasmic Anomaly (Mystery Player) Any inferrence to people living or dead is intentional.