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United Nations HQ, New York, March 19th 2014 Committee on Status of Women, 58th edition

Director: Ramon Vila Director of Photography: Javi Muoz Executive Producer: Eduard Mateus

International Seminar on Womens Empowerment and Screening of The Threshold of the Desert
United Nations HQ, New York, March 19th 2014
The Threshold of the Desert is a communication project raising awareness about women as engine of development and social change in rural areas of the Arab world. The project brought together top international experts working on womens empowerment that discussed recent trends, challenges and opportunities during an inspiring and lively debate, hosted by the PES Women and Romanian Mission to the UN. The panel of experts included: Zita Gurmai, MEP, PES Woman President, Simona-Mirela MICULESCU, Permanent Representative of Romania to the UN, UN Women and UNDP. The seminar was well moderated by Tomas Matraia, communication and international cooperation expert, who introduced Najat Aziz, the star of the documentary, Ramon Vila, director of the project and enabled an interactive and smooth debate with the members of the panel, the public and international media.

The threshold of the desert is creating a huge social impact in a global context. The project has been presented in Morocco, Spain, U.K., and Belgium (at the European Parliament), in the U.S.A. (during Committe on Status of Women) and will be soon presented in Italy and another locations around the globe. Moreover it is participating in dozens of Film Festivals around the world and it has been selected/ won in 15 of them. We highlight that it has been selected at Cannes Film Festival. It has been shared through media and social media, reaching an estimate audience of more than 100 million people around the globe. Information about the dissemination of the project is available in the dedicated section of the website: Here is the video summary of the event (click to watch):

Upcoming Screenings and Debates: This project will be presented in the coming months in new locations and film festivals around the globe. If individuals or organizations are interested in hosting another debate and screening, please contact: Vision Films / +34 934902237

Beyond National Borders: An Impacting Raising Awareness Campaign to Support Women as Leaders of Our Times

6 Women: Slaves and Leaders of Arab Spring is a raising awareness powerful campaign on how womens life is changing under the Arab Spring. The project is based on 6 real stories of women, from 6 different countries in the Mediterranean and the North African Region, which represent challenges and opportunities for womens empowerment 3 of the stories are about women affected by political, economic and social violence, based on the fact that they are women. 3 of the stories are about women becoming champions as political leaders, entrepreneurs and social activists in their communities It is with the strength and courage of their examples and stories that southern Mediterranean women are inspiring new generations, opening new opportunities and shaping a new society.

Watch the trailer: Read the brochure: #womenthreshold
Project developed by:

Presentation organizer: Vision Films +34 93.490.22.37 / w w w . v i s i o f i l m s . o r g