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Additional Course Costs Survey Results

Your Students Union asked if you were paying anything above 9K/year for compulsory course costs. Heres what youve told us:

Course Computer & Video Games Level 5

CVG Level 5

Aeronautical Engineering 3rd Fashion 1st year BA Hons Photography

Environmental mnagaemnt Finance & Accounting 2nd Year First year, Drama and Creative Writing.

What additional mandatory costs do you have to pay? Sketchbooks and Printing. These don't make much sense when you consider how much it costs on top of how much easier it would be to put everything on a disk without having to print it all out. Printing. It seems ridiculous to spend lots of money on printing out references and buying sketchbooks when we never get them back and we can easily view reference online without having it printed out. In this digital age it makes much more sense to submit everything on disk with the addition of any sketches weve done, as a lot of us draw everything digitally and its a waste to print everything out when its digital. Drawing tools (specilised ruler etc), assignment submission folders, rushed final year project expenses (avoidable but long procedure) 120 studio fee, fabrics, materials, equipment compulsory field trips, portfolio booklets, printed high quality images, mounting boards and wallets, photography books, Blurb books. Compulsary field trips admin fees and if we dont attend we will be forced to cover the maximum cost which is upto what the university wants. The printing off of lecture slides is a necessity for note taking and the University is passing this cost onto the students under the guise of "going green" The majority of the costs we pay are for our reading tasks though I, myself, am not too bothered by this as my family give me money to pay (I live at home). However, many of my friends at the University are unimpressed, to say the least, about the fact that a couple of weeks ago, they were forced to pay up to 91 in book costs. Many of the books were available second hand, yet even some of those were ridiculously overpriced. I checked several book stores online, including amazon, and ending up paying that exact amount, with the help of my parents. This is pure stupidity. Not only that, the

Product Desing (3D Design) Year 2 BA(Hons) Graphic Design (First Year) English Literature and Creative Writing Year 2 BA (Hons) Television and Radio [Year 1] Broadcast journalism year 1

students living on campus need that money for food and such just for living. Expecting them to pay a sum of nearly 100 for their books is absolutely disgusting. It's wrong. Materials fee Equipment - including sketchbooks, a4 paper, pens, pencils Printing your work off Design software packages Course books, novels, plays anthologies, text book etc SD cards for video cameras. Batteries for microphones. Batteries for when we use the radio microphones or marantz, an SD card for using the cameras, Teeline books for shorthand and the journalism law book and handbooks. 70 levy fee- for materials and printing, but materials are limited so if you want something in particular you have to buy it yourself. Could be up to 100 per year. We would also like to take part in the freerange degree show in London but are having to pay around 120 each for materials to do this, then we will have to pay for accomodation and travel for a week. So it could end up costing quite a bit of money. AVID Editing Books. Compulsory field trip Lab coat. I do not know, but the total fees exceed 9000 Travel expenses to Chassen Road We have been expected to print handbooks for all modules of the course and print off slideshows for others. Exams nctj qualifications to become journalist Constructionarium trip Private Pilots Licance we have to pay 100 per person per year material levy so we can use materials in the workshop, considering making models is a key part of the

Interior design level 6

Batar Year 2 International Business Biochemistry 1st year MSc midwifery 1st year Software Engineering, first year Modern Languages French and Italian 20102014 9000 1 BEng Civil Engineering Year 2 Aircraft Engineering with Pilot Studies 1st Year BA 3d design: product design year 2

Business with Financial Management Fashion 2013- 2016 Sports Rehabillitation, Year 1 psychology 1st year Computer Science, 1

product design course it is a little unreasonable Printing, books Sketchbooks Fabrics Printing costs Uniform (track suit bottoms, polo shirt & hoody), BASRAT membership, Level 3 Massage course books bps membership Text Book, extreme amounts of printing