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(based on the play A midsummers night Dream by William Shakespeare)


SCENE 1 The cast appears on the stage playing, dancing, etc and they get frozen when the instrumental music ends. GOG: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our play: Dreams. CAST: Series of images or thoughts passing through the mind during sleep. (They snore) MAGOG: Dreams is a story about fairies. CAST: Small imaginary beings with magical powers. (They do a trick) GOG: Dreams is also a story about love. CAST: Intense feeling of deep affection for a person or thing. ( striking a pose) MAGOG: But love and fairies have changed a lot since our story was first performed. GOG: Towns have grown bigger and bigger MAGOG: forests are disappearing GOG: and most people dont believe in fairies any more (horrified) MAGOG: Any way, fairies dont need us to believe in them to exist. (Fairies disappear) GOG: Ladies and gentlemen our story stars in a city MAGOG: Somewhere in this crazy planet. SCENE 2 EGEUS: (Speaking over the phone, going over some papers) Then buy, then sell, then buy, then sell. (To Demetrius) This is an impressive bank account, (on the phone) then buy, then sell. DEMETRIUS: Well, yes! I am very rich, and this is my medical report, as you can see I am a perfect machine. EGEUS: Oh, excuse me, Ill call you later. (To Demetrius) Well, I think we have a deal. George Demetrius Michael, you will marry my daughter.

Hermia comes in with Lysander HERMIA: (To her father) No, no, no, no!!!!!! I wont marry him, you cant force me! EGEUS: It makes me mad. You have no respect for your father! I am doing business here. I have chosen a fine gentleman, from a good family, very rich, and with an excellent medical report, to be your husband, and what do you say??(mocking his daughter) I will not marry him. HERMIA: No!!! I will not. (To Demetrius) Please tell him I will not marry you. DEMETRIUS: Of course you will marry me, its the best thing you can do. (He grabs her arm).I am handsome, I am rich, I have an excellent medical recordnow that I think of it Im perfect. Come on Eric Lysander Paul, be reasonable. Her father wants me. (Lysander grabs her) LYSANDER: Thats fine for me, George Demetrius Michael: you have Egeuss love. Let me have Sandra Mary Hermia and you marry him. EGEUS: Scornful Eric Lysander Paul! How dare you! Its true: he has my love, Sandra Mary Hermia is mine (he grabs her), so Ill hand to George Demetrius Michael all my right over her. HERMIA :Father, I am not a thing! You cant do this. EGEUS: Well I am, and the new parents are always right laws on my side! HERMIA: Please father, I beseech you on my knees EGEUS: I am not moved. And you will marry George Demetrius Michael, and thats final. HERMIA: Well I will not. EGEUS: Youwill not? (to the audience) She will not. We shall see about that. You are coming with me to see the Duke, young lady. HERMIA AND LYSANDER: The Duke! Oh no! Egeus takes Hermia by the hand and leaves with Demetrius, followed by Lysander. As they exit Gog and Magog appear. SCENE 3 GOG: Wow the Duke! And whos the Duke? MAGOG: The one who makes the laws. GOG: Wow, is he the president? MAGOG: No

GOG: A prime minister? MAGOG: No GOG: A king? MAGOG: No GOG: An emperor? MAGOG: No GOG: Who is he then? MAGOG: The one who has the gold. Its the golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. GOG: Right! (Thinking and realizing)But hes getting married. MAGOG: ( Confused) So? GOG: He will not make laws anymore. MAGOG: Why? GOG: Because hes getting married so his wife will be ruling, and thats the golden golden rule. MAGOG: (horrified )You are right!!! BLACK OUT SCENE 4 The Duke and the Duchess (Donald and Ivanna) appear IVANNA: Donald, is everything ready for the ceremony? DONALD: Of course darling I (Ivannainterrups him) IVANNA: (Interrupting) Wonderful! In three days I will be your wife, I cant wait. DONALD: Neither can I! Can you give me a little kiss in advance? IVANNA: No way! We are not married yet. Besides, Im going to a spa for three days, so as to be beautiful for our wedding. DONALD: (Surprised) Three days!!!!But, but..(Ivannainterrups him again) IVANNA: Darling, I will be the wife of the richest man in the city I must be beautiful, everyone expects rich people to be beautiful, we cant let them down, can we?

DONALD: Well, no..but(Ivanna interrupting again) IVANNA: I knew you would understand. Hermia ,Egeus, Lysander and Demetrius appear to see the Duke.Hermia is crying desperately. HERMIA: (Crying) Father, please! DONALD: Egeus, whats the matter? EGEUS: (Clearing his voice) The problem is my daughter. Stand forth George Demetrius Michael. This is George Demetrius Michael. He is a rich young man. DEMETRIUS: With an excellent medical report. EGEUS: RightAnd he has my consent to marry Hermia. The problem is that (pointing to Lysander) stand forth Eric Lysander Paul. This man has bewitched my daughter, influenced her against me, so that my little Sandra Mary Hermia refuses to marry the person I have chosen for her. IVANNA: What say you, Sandra Mary Hermia? (surprised) HERMIA:I will not marry him! IVANNA : But George Demetrius Michael is rich! HERMIA: So is Eric Lysander Paul! ALL: (surprised)Really???? LYSANDER: Well, Iam richin ideas, and projects and .love. Besides, George Demetrius Michael is in love with Nedars daughter Helena and promised to marry her. DEMETRIUS: ( angry)I did not! LYSANDER: (getting angry)Yes you did! DEMETRIUS: I did not!!! LYSANDER: Yes you did! DEMETRIUS: (furious and shouting) I did not!!! The two men get close as if they are about to start a fight, but Lysander takes out a tape and Demetriuss voice is heard I love you Helena, I dont care you have only one name. I want you to be my wife(recorded) DEMETRIUS:You are a rat!(They start fighting as the rest are speechless and shocked)

DONALD:Gentlemen! Egeus, come with us, for we want to have a word with you both in order to clarify this affair. As for you young lady(not knowing what to say the duke turns to Ivanna to go on) IVANNA: Well, the parents are always right law is very clear. Either she marries Demetrius or she goes to a convent for life, with no TV, no internet, and no cell phones!!! HERMIA: No cell phones!!!! Id rather die. IVANNA: Good, because that is the third option. DONALD: So young lady, either you obey your father or..(off with her head sign).Ivanna dear, lets depart. Gentlemen, follow me. They all leave except Lysander and Hermia, whos still crying HERMIA: Oh, break , my heart, break at once! I shall die, I dont want to die. I dont want to die, no, no ,no I dont want to die. ( she goes crazy) LYSANDER: Hermia, Hermia, my love. Please, hear me, Hermia! Relax baby, nobodys going to die. I have an aunt in Acapulco who wants to help us. We can marry in Acapulco. (Hermia stops crying)The parents are always right law dosnt apply there. HERMIA: Marry? in Acapulco?..By the sea?(Daydreaming but then realizing it is impossible)No, no, no! Well never get to Acapulco!...My father has spies everywhere!They will catch us before we get there. LYSANDER: They will never realize we are gone till its too late. HERMIA: What? LYSANDER: I have a plan. I promise you we will be in Acapulco by tomorrow night. HERMIA: (looking into his eye and feeling in love)And we will have a beach wedding? LYSANDER: Yes, my love. HERMIA: (day dreaming again)With mariachis? LYSANDER: Yes (They are about to kiss when Hermia turns away) HERMIA: No!! No my love!, Lets wait till Acapulco. LYSANDER: Why? HERMIA: Its more romantic! (She kisses him on the cheek) BLACK OUT