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Physiology will control your internal representations There is a very thin line between Nlp and psychic ability

the difference is with Nlp you can do it much more precisely When you combine what you want with where you put good decisions, (submodalities) its far more likely to draw to you what you want and far more likely to present to you how to do it any of you have been stuck because when it comes to ideas, you only talk to yourself, so youre cutting off a huge part of your mind, the part of your mind that makes pictures Now when you want a good intuition you can see pictures see what to do When ! am doing nlp sessions with a client, ! hear their thoughts before they do, ! see their pictures before they do, am ! bullshitting or is this for real" #nd of course there is a place in your mind where youre super suggestible, if you $ust stop, #nd begin the process of finding place% that space where you are totally suggestible #nd if you should do that you were to hear my voice %%&&and see my face right in that place !n that super suggestible part of your mind, your like %Wow what a mental and spiritual bond between me and you%&&unbreakable isnt it" This pattern cracks anyones resistance !t doesnt re'uire any use of tonality, but doesnt mean you cant aps of the world Theres an idea in Nlp that people dont respond to the world, they respond to their own internal map on inside their head #nd so if you understand what peoples maps are you then have tremendous leverage aps of the world are composed of their beliefs about the following ( ) who they are their identity ( * what they can do their capability (+ what is possible for them in the world, their possibility (, what they deserve, theyre deservingness !f you understand people on this level, you get tremendous amounts of information, this is the deepest level of who they are as people& !f you get this information () people arent used to someone communicating with them on this level, most people dont even know themselves at this level, if you know them at this level, theres nothing you cant do a map is defined by whats not on it, by the boundaries of the map

what are the borders" in someones life mentally, emotionally, spiritually, in the real world and both inside and outside, the map is defined by where they have a%challenge& #nd its only when someone e-periences a challenge, that they e-pand in on of these ways .isten carefully for identity language (! am an actor, ! am an interior designer) look for words they lean on and use those words to communicate to her look for whats possible find out where her boundaries are" Who is she as a person" Whats possible for her" What does this say about what she would like in a relationship" Whats her belief about this" What are her beliefs about her capability" What words does she lean on" Women tend to be attracted to the guy they fall in love with en tend to fall in love with the woman they are attracted to (* #sk about the one thing they do that challenges them the most (+#sk for clarification if you need it, What do you mean by that" understand what theyre saying ake sure you

(, listen for their personal trance words, these are the words they lean on, theyll give them e-tra emphasis, change in posture, leaning forward& (/.isten for clues about are their world model ! am, ! can, cant (0 #sk them whats your belief about this, 1o you believe this will always be a challenge, or will it one day be easy" Why do we ask this, cause it really forces them to go deep inside and really reveal what they believe about themselves and the world& These are useful 'uestions to ask a potential employee2 (3 use their personal trance words and their world map as leverage to get what you want (4 you can transition to another pattern

move from pattern to pattern then talk about relationships its only natural whats important to you in a relationship" !ts a natural transition to talk about her ideal relationship Testing their model of the world 5y asking someone what their challenge is They either have to stop and think this challenges me because ! am not able to do it, because !m not the kind of person who would do it, because ! dont deserve to have it, ! $ust believe the world doesnt allow anyone to have it& #sking that presupposes that they have to access on one or more of those levels !n order to answer the 'uestion whats your real challenge they have to say, something is a challenge for on of the following reasons 6 ! am not the kind of person who does this7 what would be your challenge with shoplifting" 6its illegal7 yeah but whats the challenge with doing something illegal" 6! dont want to get caught7 Why dont you want to get caught" 6!ll go to $ail7 Whats wrong with going to $ail" 6!ll lose my freedom7 6now we are starting to hear a value, 8reedom, get it7 hes told me hes a person who really values freedom .ook at process not content !f you want to be a master at human behavior What is the common thread in what people are asking" .earn information about people you can do anything you want when you fit it in their model The fact of the matter is, people are always going to this stuff, nlp, submodalities, you cant not do it, that being the case do it with deliberateness in a way where you get what you want, and hopefully the other person is happy to&

Weasel phrase 9eview Weasel phases allow you to embed command, they setup the embedded command They let you step back from something that may offend somebody They let you get in to topics that might otherwise be oversensitive !nstead of saying whats important to you in a relationship, !ll go, so if ! were to say to you whats important to you in a relationship, what might your answer be" !ts all hypothetic theoretical, its not like we are really talking about it, as you spill your guts so ! can do everything ! need to make you feel madly in love with me 6!f ! were to :ay to you7 6how surprised would you be to7 ;ow surprised would you be to find yourself falling madly in love with me This presupposes what ever add on the end Whats the presupposition, its not that you are or you arent falling in love, are you gonna be surprised by the fact 6;ave you ever7 why is it so powerful cause it sounds like a 'uestion but its not a 'uestion at all its a command to remember whatever the e-perience the person is describing its too bad you cant %&&find yourself thinking certain thoughts Notice what its like%%%&& use this one to move pictures around Notice what its like as a picture of me sneaks itself powers itself right into that location see what !m saying Notice what its like%&that presupposes that its going to happen weasel Notice what its like&& as the warmth of that voice to move into a certain direction%& #s it continues to move down it intensifies in that warmth Now if you were to% allow a color that describes that feeling to pop into your mind What color would that be #nd as the color gets brighter and brighter and begins to swirl around and up and down and through you ! dont want to suggest that you might begin to have certain%%&images

Notice what its like as an image of Pattern for se-ual e-hilaration The ratchet pattern 5asically works by saying (:tate agreement about what cant be done) !ts to bad you cant (and then you name what you want them to e-perience) but if you could%&you might find yourself%&& and as thats happening <ou $ust keep $acking them up and up and up with every cycle of its too bad you cant you keep giving a greater and greater description till the time you finish theyre fainting ;ypnosis doesnt work on me !ts too bad you cant $ust find yourself entering a state of total suggestibility ! am not attracted to you" <our right (state agreement) !ts too bad you cant (find yourself becoming more attracted) ! $ust really take my time, it takes months of me to get interested in someone !ts too bad you cant (fall in love immediately but if you could, and also (give more commands) feel that growing openness in your heart& but if you could #nd as thats happening you could also %&(give more commands) This breaks though any resistance or all resistance !ts too bad you cant feel totally possessed by this knowledge to really learn more about nlp, but if you could wouldnt that be great to really see yourself as a master of this powerful information and also be able to penetrate any ones mind and heart with this powerful communication& !ts too bad you cant 5ut if you could%&& Notice what its like%%% Whats the basic principle Think big frame The basic principle use what ever your offered :omeone offers you something dont resist Take it move with it use the force of that against your opponent Never ask why " Why dont you want to " !t forces her deeper into the ob$ection #s they come up with reasons of why they dont want to do it&

!f you ask yourself reasons why you do something you $ust come up with reasons to keep doing it and stay stuck That is the structure of a slump <ou see pictures of yourself screwing up #nd then what happens is you make the mistake over again Never ask why unless you are presupposing something