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The CAL UPI (+2.9% YoY) vs. CCPI (+4.2% YoY) in March 2014
CAL UPI (2012) vs. CCPI (2006/2007) 130 125 120 115 110 105 100 110.34 114.92 119.77 123.20



The CAL UPI rose by c.2.9% YoY, with the index decreasing c.2.2% during the month (vs. a c.2.0% MoM decrease last year). Food and Beverage (F&B) prices decreased by c.2.8% MoM, while transportation, communication and energy decreased by c.1.8% MoM. During the last 12-months, F&B declined c.1.8% and transportation, communication and energy rose c.6.9%.

Food and Beverage prices decreased by 2.8% MoM and declined 1.8% YoY Prices of fresh fish and tomatoes saw a sharper decline contributing to the 2.8% MoM fall in the F&B Index. The 1.8% YoY decrease was driven by a decline in prices across all vegetables (top three contributors included green chilies, tomatoes and onions).

Transportation, Communication and Energy decreased by 1.8% MoM and increased by 6.9% YoY Expenditure on transportation, communication and energy decreased by c.1.8% (+c.6.9% YoY) during the month due to a shorter electricity billing cycle in February (shorter cycles result in higher charges).

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Note: The CCPI measures inflation for all consumers. The CAL UPI measures urban inflation for households earning more than LKR 80k/month

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