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International Meeting in Dynamics of Socio-Economic System, Dyses 2014

Hosted by Faculty of Tourism and Finance, University of Seville

September 16-18, 2014 Conference Theme: Quantitative and Qualitative techniques applied in Social Science: Better comprehension, better decision making.
Dyses organizing committee invites paper submissions from both academics and experts in the field of social sciences and

scientific field (mathematics, statistics, physics) from all over the world. Dyses 2014 will be held in Faculty of Tourism and Finance, University of Seville.

The main aim of DYSES 2014 is to advance in the most appropriate techniques in decision-making processes and the evaluation of socio-economic phenomena by providing a platform to share the most recent research, knowledge, innovations and achievement in different fields of knowledge. The interdisciplinary and international character of the Meeting will allow the researchers of different knowledge spheres to share different perspectives to tackle the complexity of reality, joining together efforts to analyse, evaluate and predict future situations. Research in social sciences requires the fostering of the joint work of researchers from different knowledge areas in order to get to know the methodological tendencies which will allow advances in the knowledge of our areas. To sum up, DYSES will generate a discussion forum in which scientists will offer their vision about the advances and tendencies in the research of social sciences.

Important Dates

Paper Submissions: 15th April- 15th May 2014

Deadline for Registration: 15th June, 2014

The paper submission is organized around the four major tracks relevant to social sciences. The topics include but are not limited to the tracks described below. Necessarily, papers should include statistical/econometrics techniques, mathematical/physical modeling, qualitative approaches/methods.

Management Information System

Knowledge management and business intelligence

Economics, Business and Finance

Demography, population migration and analysis. practice

Advances in Theory tourism and

Sociology, Education
Social implications of

modern communications

Management information system

Entrepreneurship innovation

and Tourism and culture

The role of universities in regional development

Simulation and modeling tools

Globalization competitiveness



Value Chain in Tourism

IS and human behavior

Tourism, E-commerce Private and public finance for regional development Social marketing media and Banking and finance in the Mediterranean regions IS security, ethics, and privacy. Law Perspective Globalization competitiveness Data Mining Competitiveness, Website design and Global Value Chains Firms and and regional New


IS education and learning

and innovation

Tourism and TICs

Tourism and sustainability



technology in Rural Tourism

students interactivity Financial crisis, policy and Mobile systems and IS application income regions distribution across

Financial system

Knowledge learning regions



Regional labour market and labor mobility

Peripheral and rural regions Regional strategies and policies Topics presented in the meeting and Qualitative techniques, will include Statistical/Econometrics Techniques, Mathematical/Physical Models

Methodological Topics
The Chances and Challenges of Qualitative Case Study Research Methodology Various paradigmatic assumptions in qualitative research what am I committing to?

Approaches and Techniques to Collecting Qualitative Data

Qualitative Action Research in Organizational context

Approaches and Techniques to Qualitative Data Analysis

Observational methods in Business Research

Triangulation in Qualitative Inquiry




approaches in


Inquiry/Ethnography/Case-study/Discourse Analysis (in the context of an organization) Organizational stories as Narratives Evaluation criteria for Qualitative Research Moving Conceptual research and Concept analysis method. beyond the concepts of validity and reliability.

Dyses 2014 is aimed to be a conference that will bring together leading researchers, practitioners, educators, and Ph.D. and Master students to generate a discussion forum in which different vision about the advances and tendencies in the research of social sciences are offered.

The organizing committee encourages the presentation of academic research and industrial contributions by inviting research papers, both theoretical and empirical which help its audiences to exchange new ideas and produce publishable quality of research papers.

For further information, please refer to the conference website:

Journals supporting the International Meeting:

Journal of Applied Statistics (ISSN 0266-4763 (Print), 1360-0532 (Online)). Science citation index, Scimago rank Q3.

Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical (e-ISSN: 2070-5948). SCImago rank Q4.

Studies in Big Data (ISSN: 2197-6503). Springer series.

International Journal of Business and Society (ISSN: 1511-6670). SCImago rank Q4.

Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Research (AHTR) (ISSN: 2147-9100). C.I.R.E.T.

Anatolia: International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research (ISSN 1303-2917 (Print), 2156-6909 (Online)) SCImago rank Q2. Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination (ISSN: 1860-711X), SCImago rank Q2.

Top Papers presented in the Congress might be evaluated by those Journals supporting the Congress. The papers will be finally published whenever passing the peer review process of the Journals.