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---- specification ----


Scope :

This project is basically updating the manual library system into internet based application so that the users can know the details of their account , availability of books etc.

Requirements :
1. Secured database. 2. User tracking . Search feature !."alculating fines #. "hecking the availability of books. $.Students will get an %&mail before the due date in order to avoid fines

Propose S!stem :
The proposed 'ibrary (anagement System which is being developed by )nnovative 'ibrary (anagement Solutions team is an on&line 'ibrary (anagement System. This System will provide a search functionality to facilitate the search of resources. This search will be based on various categories vi*. book name or the )S+,. -lso -dvanced Search feature is provided in order to search various categories simultaneously. .urther the library staff personnel can add/update/remove the resources and the resource users from the system. (UST has various campuses distributed across ()01U0. .urther each branch is managed individually and locally by that branch library staff. The System should reflect and support this decentrali*ed structure. provision should further be allowed to add a branch. The System will also have an -2(), who has full&fledged rights with regards to managing resources across branches 3 such as transferring books across these branches. The users can know the number of available books, information about their account etc.

"or#in$ :

There are various kinds of users for the product. Usually web products are visited by various users for different reasons. The users include 4

Students who will be using the above features by accessing the 'ibrary online. 'ibrarian who will be acting as the controller and he will have all the privileges of an administrator.

E%istin$ S!stem :
in %5isting system, we have to keep record of each book that each student taken and each book which is available in the library record. if we have 1666 student and 1666 books, its like most comple5 job in the world.

&unctiona' Requirements :
G(I 2escribes the graphical user interface if present. This section should include a set of screen dumps or mockups to illustrate user interface features. 1.Description The user interface must be customi*able by the administrator 2.Criticality This issue is essential to the overall system. -ll the modules provided with the software must fit into this graphical user interface and accomplish to the standard defined. 3.Technical issues )n order to satisfy this re7uirement the design should be simple and all the different interfaces should follow a standard template. There will be the possibility of changing colors and images, plus switching between interfaces with the minimum impact for the users. 4.Risks To reduce the circumstances under which this re7uirement mightn8t able to be satisfied, all the designers must have been developed web sites

previously and they must be aware of html restriction and cross browsers implementations before starting the designing. )n order to reduce the probability of this occurrence the entire design team will be trained in basic html development and macromedia fireworks, this tool will be used instead of 1hotoshop. 5.Dependencies with other requirements -ll user interfaces should be able to interact with the user management module and a part of the interface must be dedicated to the login/logout module.

Non &unctiona' Requirements :

)ar ware Interfaces
Ser*er Si e: Operating System: Windows 9x/xp ,Windows ME Processor: Pentium 3.0 !" or #ig#er $%M: &'( M) or more !ard *ri+e: ,0 - or more

+'ient si e: 9perating System4 :indows ;5 or above, (-" or U,)<. 1rocessor4 1entium ))) or 2.6 =>* or higher. 0-(4 2#$ (b or more Software Interfaces : ,ata-ase: S?' Server. App'ication: -S1 @-ctive Server 1agesA "e- Ser*er: ))S @)nternet )nformation Services @))SA is a powerful :eb server that provides a highly reliable, manageable, and scalable :eb application infrastructureA

+ommunications Interfaces : 2ialup (odem of #2 kbps +roadband )nternet 2ialup or +roadband "onnection with a )nternet 1rovider