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Cross Application Time sheet-CATS

Cross Application Time sheet

Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS) is a tool used by employees or personal administrators to record employee working times. All recorded time entries are stored in the database table CATSDB.

CATS integration with other modules in SAP

As soon as a user enter and save data in the time sheet the system writes the record to CATSDB table. !hen the records in CATSDB have the processing status "# (Approved) or $# (Canceled) the system writes them to the relevant inter%aces tables in &uman 'esources Controling (( )ro*ect System etc. The in%ormation recorded in CATSDB table should be trans%erred to other SA) modules. !e can use CATS to record times %or employee and trans%er to the %ollowing target components such as &' )ayroll )( CS )S + (( . CATS Time (anagement , -or time recording o% employees CATS )ayroll , -or salary calculation CATS Travel (anagement , -or calculation o% travel e.penses

List of tables in CATS

-ollowing are inter%ace tables %or the other target components/sap modules Trans%er to Controlling 01CATSC2 table Trans%er to &' 01CATS&' table Trans%er to (( 01CATS(( table Trans%er to )( 01CATS)( table Trans%er to )S 01CATS)S table

All recorded time entries are stored in the database table CATSDB. 3ach line entry in CATSDB table has %ollowing %ields )ersonnel number )rocessing status Counter &ours 'e%erence counter Document 4umber

Methods of access to CATS for time data recording

5) 3mployees entering their own time in CAT6 via 3SS. 6) Time Administrators entering time %or others directly in '/" using transaction CAT6.

CATS Configuration Steps

1. Setup Data entr Profiles 7(81Cross Application Components1Time Sheet1Time 'ecording1Setup Data entry )ro%iles Click on new entries + create a new data entry pro%ile

!. Data "ntr Selection 7(81Cross Application Components1Time Sheet1Time 'ecording1Choose -ields1Data 3ntry Selection Choose re9uired %ields

Time Sheet:Data entry view On the screen Time Sheet: Data Entry View, enter information into the fields. The fields vary according to the Data entry profile that yo have chosen.

3. Setup Time Entry with CATS through ESS

!"#$%ross &pplication %omponents$Time Sheet$!nternet &pplication %omponent$Set p !nternet Time Sheet '%&TS(

T Codes in CATS
)ollowing are important transactions in %&TS T code %&%* %&%, %&T, %&T%&TS.D& %&T1 %&TS.&++2.3! TE %&T4 %&T5 %&T6 %&TS7T.D& Description "aintain +rofiles )ield Selection "aintain Times Display Times Display /or0ing Times Doc ment Display &pprove /or0ing Times 'new one( Transfer to +S Transfer to Time "anagement Transfer to %O Display /or0 Time and Tas0s