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The Vatican Islam Connection

Composed by SDRAsia Taken from many sources. Most of which have been supplied. Evidence provided in pictures

The Islamic religion is very large today and it has many interesting features going on if you look closely enough. There are around 1 billion followers. Its a very exclusive religion where no one from the outside can gain enterence. Where there are pilgrimages to Mecca only those of the Islamic faith are allowed to go to these pilgrimages. vangeling in Islamic countries is absolutely forbidden. This religion has full control of the entire territory and is trying to around the world. Who and what is Islam! "nights of templars had Two #$% aspect of their religion. &or the 'oyam( for the initiated and that according to morals and dogma and all the testimonies relating to this issue was )atholicism. *o the outside world got )atholicism. The inner easier direct circle had +uciferianism. That was what happened to )atholicism. ,elieving that it might be possible that exactly the same thing could be happening in the Islamic &aith! That there is inner circle and outer circle! That the inner circle has a 1 faith and the outer circle gets 'uyam religion. The Islamic &aith! -nd that controlling them both is a central organi.ation which is sited where! The ,ible says that it is seated in /ome and nowhere else. The ,ible says that the ,east is /ome. It comes out from the /oman mpire and Islam did not come out from the /oman mpire. The controlling evil force in the ,ible says is /0M . This is an interesting point. *o if we look at this tremendous rival religion which in numbers e1uals )atholicism( what is its origin and why is it this! These are very important 1uestions.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 mecca *hes a mighty( mighty religion. -nd millions of people make the pilgrimages to Mecca where they worship at the shrine of Muhammad. What a privilege it is for them to make the pilgrimage. What is another religion which also promulgates pilgrimages! )atholicism also does pilgrimages6 *o you have pilgrimages to +ourdes and the Marian sites and to &atima. 2ilgrimaging is a symbol of the great pagan religions of the past too. Who was Muhammad! Muhammad Mustafa was born in 789 -.: and he died ;<$ -.:. =e fled to Medina in ;$$ -.: after "hadi>as death. Who was "hadi>a! Muhammad married "hadi>a( when he was $7 years of age and she was ?9 years old. =er cousin Wara1uah was also a /oman )atholic Meccan and she came from a /oman

)atholic convent. *o we can say that she is a )atholic nun. *he was very rich( she live in the convent and she had the whole of the economy basically in a hand and she employed this young man( Muhammad( whom she then( also married. *ources say( Muhammad walked into Mecca in ;<9 -.:. two years before he died( and four years before 0mar became )aliph. -nd the "oran was compiled in ;79 -.:. -nd Muhammad who couldnt write himself had described( to write down what he saw( and what he heard. -nd the "oran is different apparently from all other religious writings because it was a directly dictated. *o it is not >ust transcribe by a prophet so they teach but its the very word of 'od and therefore it must always remain in its original or -rabic language. That is what it taught in the Islamic religion.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 sicklemoon The symbol of Islam is the sickle moon and the star. The star within the sickle moon. 4ow where thus this symbol really come from! -nd who is -llah! +ets go to some interesting 1uotes also from encyclopedia of religion and etc@ -llah. =e was the moon god( who married the sun goddess. Together they produce three goddesses who where called the daughter of -llah. These three goddesses where called -lAlat( -lAu..a( and Manat.

2I)T3/ 4-M A cow ncyclopedia of religion mentions that -llah is a preAislamic name corresponding to the ,abylonian ,ell. *o( this is an ancient pagan religion and ,aal is the deity. We read in morals and dogma page ?71( The -rabian word -+A: A,-/-4( means the foremost or leading star and it could only have been so named( when it precede( or lead all others. The year then opened with the sun in Taurus and multitude of ancient sculptures both in -ssyrian and gypt wherein the bull appears with lunette or crescent horns and the disk of the sun between them( and

direct illusion to important festival of the first new moon of the year and there was everywhere an annual celebration of the festival of the first new moon( when the year opened with *ol #the sun% and +una # the moon% in Taurus. The crescent and the desk combined always represent the con>unctive sun and moon. That means basically the male and female deity #Male and &emale -spect%. It was worship #-doration of the celestial cow MehetAweret% we can see the eye #the eye of 0siris%( the horn( and there is the disk in the horn and it also represented the plunging of the sun god into the womb of the mother to be borne by Isis. *o the horns are also representation of the moon #the sickle moon%.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 ,aalhadadBsunmoon In later religion( from ,abylon itself( -ssyrianAstyle they have the half moon with the solar disk in it and the baalAhadad #the birth of the sun%. Together with the Mesopotamia we find the old symbol of ,aal was exactly the same the half moon and the star in it representing the birth of the sun #Isis and 0siris% male and female aspect. This would be -shtharoth and Thamus or Isis and =orus #the male and female%. The same youll find the gyptian as we have already discussed. This is ,aal worship. This is +ucifer worship. It is maleBfemale fold.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 wafer and pope >pII The papacy has exactly the same thing because the pope is today the representative of the ,abylonian /eligion. *o when he says the mass( he has a round wafer disk which roundness coming as a symbol of ,aal and after a mass it is place in a monstrance which is a half moon. *o then you have the birth of the sun and you have it symboli.ed in this fold. Theres another monstrance in which the host is place representing the birth of the sun.

2I)T3/ 4-M A rcgermany *o( )atholicism uses the symbol of a half moon with the sun or a star in it. =eres a /oman )atholic )hurch in 'ermany and it has this interesting clock in it. I try to photograph there is the moon( there is the star and this particulous star here has C points and as this clock moves round of course every time the long arm and the short arm intercalate you have the birth of the sun god #baalAhadad% every now and every hour a day.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 police carBsupervisors *o( the symbol of )atholicism is the moon and the star hidden of course( in many other symbols as well. We find these Islamic symbols in the strangers places. +etDs take a look at a +ouisiana police car in 4ew 0rleans. We see the Islamic symbol on it. =ere is the supervisors car where you can see it very clear.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 churchorleansBcavechapelBidols 4ow lets take a look at a church called +ady of 'uadalupe in 4ew 0rleans. =ere is the symbol on the front of the altar. =ere is the typical cave where they have Mary within the cave. Inside this little cave chapel you have Mary inside the grotto a typical pagan symbol with all the notes of thanks for her intersession. -nd if we go inside this little church we can see all kinds of interesting icons and pictures and this sad picture over here of people actually believing that there is merit in touching one of this icon. If we could >ust reach those people and tell them the truth about all this and how they donDt need all these things to go to Eesus. If we could only have a chance to show them they can go straight to Eesus.

2I)T3/ 4-M A rcneworleans

4ow( why am I taking you to this chapel is not only to show you the Mary and idolatry going on but to show you this stain glass window where they have the Islamic sign right there and to disguise it of course they say F- new 0rleans )ity 2oliceG. What have the police got to do with the place of worship! *urely this is >ust to bring the symbol in the preAtext. If you really use the Islamic symbol correctly you would have to turn it around because

the moon is a representation of the uterus upside down like the goat mos1ue thing. -nd here you can see it perfectly but if you do that you have the god of Memphis. *o( these Islamic symbols are found also in the /oman )atholic )hurches and the various disguises. This ancient religion existed before Islam and the initiates of this religion as we saw in the morals and dogma where the insiders like 0regon for example and the bishop of -lexandria. This is where the initiates who harboured the ancient religion and they were )hristian( so called but of course they were not )hristian they were >ust propagated for the 'uyam. F)atholicismG through )hristianity they fought tooth and nail and try to eradicate things where they also tried to eradicate the word of 'od as we saw by changing true )hristianity to pagan )hristiandom. 4ow( Islam arrives sometime far after that. *o( the true harbourers where in the )hristianity before they were in Islam and they were in two places /ome and -lexandria. -lexandria was eventually taken off by )hristiandom and ,estian the great library was destroyed and the final seat of the occult knowledge was in /ome. /ome is the seat of the ancient occult knowledge before Islam even appear on the scene. This ancient occultism had a potent enemy. Who was that enemy! )hristianity6 )hristianity was growing in the place where the disciples had started. )hristianity was growing in the heartAland of the Middle ast( -sia Minor( all the way up to India( the ,ible says into the 4orth of -frica that is where true )hristian doctrine prevailed. They keep the *abbath only -lexandria and /ome did not keep the *abbath. -lexandria soon disappeared as a seat and then the *abbath was not keep in /ome.

*o( the symbol that )atholicism uses is the star and the sickle moon. -nd this star by the way is exactly the same star as is used in Islam. Is it not interesting! I know who gives right to whom! 0bviously the one who is first can only give rights to the one who comes second and not the one second who will give right to the one who comes first. In )atholicism we find the half moon or the sickle moon with the deity in them.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 Maryrc

We find Mary replacing Eesus )hrist as the mediatrix of all grace. The mediator( the solid mediator and advocates is replaced by Mary. =ere in this catholic monastery( )hrist puts the crown of thorns unto Mary and she has holes in the hand.

2I)T3/ 4-M A marycave Mary is always depicted as coming out of a cave. The ancient deity always came out of a cave.

2I)T3/ 4-M A islamicdeer

+oyola( the Eesuit received all his information in a cave and it is interesting that Muhammad received all of his information in a cave. Thats paganism. That has nothing to do with )hristianity. =ere we see in Islamic countries in the picture above.

2I)T3/ 4-M A highmonestary

We have the strange structure over here. We have the statue of Mary on top of it and Mary there appeared apparently as this little ga.elle( but before the king shot it( he change into Mary and she told him to build a monastery and that he did. -nd then there is the monastery high up on a hill. Whenever we find a monastery high up on a hill it should spark an interest to you because high hills are where pagan high places are built. It is where they sacrifice to pagan deity. It is interesting that all the cathedrals in the world are built on pagan places of worship even the Hatican is built on the pagan site of worship. 4othing has changed.

2I)T3/ 4-M A ancienthigh

If you take a visit to this particular place in the Middle ast( you should go and look for the ancient place of worship and sure enough on the hillsI there you will see the triple arches of the ancient deity of sacrifice in a cave as per usual. Mary always appears on the cave. &atima( shes on the cave. +ord Eesus is on the cave. 2ope is always visiting the cave and worshiping in the cave. This is very interesting6 -s 0siris represented the sun in gyptian lore( Isis represented the moon. ,ut the truth is that 0siris represented the male( active or generative( powers of natureI while Isis represented the female( passive or prolific( power. Jou can find that in the # ncyclopedia of &reemasonry page ;8C( 8?;%. It is actually a form of nature worship. These people would do well in the ,ohemian grove worshiping the trees like some of our former presidents of the united states did. The templar revelation identifies Isis as the ,lack Madonna( on no less authority than a former head of the 2riority of *ionI The ,lack Madonna cult is central to the priority of *ion. To them at least there is no doubt about the significance of the ,lack Madonna. *ee(( the 0siris is both black and he was white. Mary is worship as a black Madonna and a white Madonna.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 Islamic)ountry

*o we have all these interesting things occuring. The hittites used the symbol of the half moon and the solar deity. The symbol today of course is use by none other than the 3nited 4ations. +et us take a look at an Islamic nations. =ere is a )atholic )athedral in -M-: next to a catholic cathedral next to a Mos1ue. Is it interesting that )atholicism and Islam stands side by side in all the Islamic countries!

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 catholic1Bmos1ue1

If you take look you can see the inside out of the religions and what is going on behind the scene because they are actually the same. It shows how the Hatican infact did created Islam due to the fact that the vatican came before Islam. *o( if we look at the symbolism on the outside of the catholic cathedral you can see the symbol of the sun because it was the symbol of the sun worship and the cross of course symbol also of the sun god. If you go across of the street there is the great -bdullah Mos1ue( one of the finest( built by "ing -bdullah. 0n the gates you have the symbols of the sun. *ame symbolism( same religion.

2I)T3/ 4-M A Moonontop 0n top of course now( here you have the moon #the sickle moon% which the )atholic )hurch had on the clock. It was the symbol of ,aal.

2I)T3/ 4-M A Insidemos1ue Inside this Mos1ue there are of course no 1ueue because in Islam they bow down( kneel on the floor or the carpet.

2I)T3/ 4-M A *olarbla.ers -nd if you look up the tremendous dome you have again the great solar bla.ers( in this wonderful building.

2I)T3/ 4-M A Islamicdress Islamic dress( well you can look at old fashion catholic nuns and you will find that the dress is identical. )atholic nuns wear the same dress as Islamic women of orthodox faith.

2I)T3/ 4-M A 'reatmos1ue

This is the great mos1ue in :amascus fascinatingly inside the mos1ue( right inside is the shine and there is a Muslim man praying at the shine. 4ow( whos he praying too! Is it to -llah there! 4o6 =e is worshiping a relic of the dead because this is the shrine of none other than Eohn the ,aptist. If you know something about your Johansen knights spoken about that( then you can already pick up. If you pick up the name Eohn you have Johansenism then you have secret society blended in the background. -nd they claim that this place has the head of Eohn the ,aptist. *o( in Islamic shrine in :amascus #this is by the oldest Mos1ue( the most illustrious in that country% has his head. &ortunately the /oman )atholic )hurch shrine with the alm of Eohn the ,aptist. -lways say if they carry on they might be put together again. I dont know. It is the same form behind the scene.

2I)T3/ 4-M A womennot

Inside the Mos1ue( the women( not that important they are relegated to the side.

2I)T3/ 4-M A Islamsit The men get the central positions. They are praying there with beads. In )atholicism you pray with beads( right! With the rosaries.

2I)T3/ 4-M A soloislam -nd the Islam is a very solemn religion. 4ow( which are the religions has priesthood >ust for men! /oman )atholic )hurch is exactly the same is for the Islamic faith.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 Islamicseeingeye The Islamic F-ll seeing yeG this is a very prominent structure that is used in all of Islam and you will not find the taxicab anywhere in Islamic countries that will not have the F-ll seeing yeG there as a protection. 0f course its used in )atholicism as well and its on the 3.* dollar and all this interesting places.

2I)T3/ 4-M A romancatholiceye

0f course the eye of =actor( the eye of 0siris and on gyptian temple there it is( on a /oman )atholic pulpit and another one on /oman catholic cathedral FMasonic author( )arl )laudy writesK FThis is the oldest and most widespread symbols denoting 'od. We find it on gypt( in India.. The open eye of gypt represented 0siris. The India *iva is represented by an eye.G -nd in encyclopedia of freemasonry page 7$( 7< say the F-ll *eeing yeG is an important symbol of the *upreme ,eing borrowed by freemasons from the nation of anti1uity. 0n the same principle( the gyptian represented 0siris( their chief deity( by the symbol of an open eye( and place the hieroglyphic of him in all their temples. *o( Islam uses the symbol. )atholicism uses the symbol. Im >ust trying you some comparison.G To the ancient gyptians the right eye symboli.ed the sun and the left eye the moon.G They have again two aspects of the sun god. F,ailey then goes to the mention that the F ye of 'odG is *hiva or *iva( the destroyer. /emember *hiva is the Indian 'od who is e1uivalent to 0siris. *hiva is also a synonym for *atan.G Is it possible that both religions in the inner circle worship the same +ucifer! ,ut that the outer court knows nothing about this! Who is ,aal! &rom ncyclopedia of &reemasonry page 1?? says( FWhenever the Israelites made one of their almost periodical deflections to idolatry( ,aal seems to have been the favorite idol to whose worship they addicted themselves.G FIn Tyre( ,aal was the sun( and -shtaroth the moon. ,aalApeor( the +ord of priapism( was the sun represented as the generative principle of nature and identical with the phallus of other religion. ,aalAgad was the lord of the multitudes #of stars% that is( the sun as the chief of the heavenly host. In brief( ,aal seems to have been wherever his cultus was active( a development of the old sun worship.G FThere is no contradiction here( for *et is the gyptian devil and *hiva is the Indian god of destruction. ,oth names( *et and *hiva are also listed in the *atanic ,ible as another name for *atan.G F@=elena 2etrovna ,lavatsky affirmsK 4ow( we have but to remember that *iva L*hivaM and the 2alestinian ,aal or Moloch and *aturn are identical.G Is it possible that both religions serves the same master behind the scenes and that the masses are deceived >ust like in )atholicism! ,eautiful people who are kept ignorant. -nd the sincerity of the Muslim duped and misused because they are 'uyam )atechumens. F=elena 2etrovna ,lavatsky( l inks *et and *atan together when she writesK @ =ermes the 'od of wisdom called also Thoth( Tat( *eth( *et and *atAanI and that he was( furthermore when viewed under his bad aspect( Typhon( the gyptian *atan( who was also *et.G F@-ncient gyptian( *et was worshipped with abscene( homosexual rituals.G -nd they have temples( in which they have these homosexual rituals.

2I)T3/ 4-M A +uxortemple &or example the +uxor temple when you go to the one wall you will see that the 2hallus was very important and the pictures are not for this place. This is an ancient 2agan site( the +uxor temple one of the great relicts of past times.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 +uxortemple$ 4ow( here we are at the entrance and look. Whats is that in the background ath the back top! Thats a Mos1ue.

2I)T3/ 4-M A +uxortemple< The Mos1ue is built in th +uxor temple6

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 +uxortemple? What does it tell you! If you have to build a )hristian )hurch today would you going to chose the ancient pagan temple of ,aal and build your church right in it! 4o6 ,ut what if the secret religion is really the same old ancient religion of +ucifer worship would you then part to it! 2erhaps yes! *o there theyve done it. Its built into that temple. -ma.ing666

2I)T3/ 4-M A Temple,aal +etDs take a look at the temple of ,aal which is in another country( in +ebanon. 0n the ,aal sides which is the same deity by the way. ,ut what is that!

2I)T3/ 4-M A ,aalcatholic That is a /oman )atholic )hurch on the same site there is the cross( there is the temple of ,aal. Why built it on the same site! Why have the same rituals! )atholicism does it! 0r Islam does it! :o you think they have an agenda!

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 )atholicbaal If we go into the great )atholic places( this is the place when Mary apparently ascended. There is the great )athedral in Eerusalem( on the floor you have the solar circle with all the signs of the .odiac which by the way 'od forbids.

2I)T3/ 4-M A Maryheaven

2I)T3/ 4-M A )atholicIslam1

-nd this is the place where Mary lay and then she ascended of course to heaven. 0n the floor you have the pagan symbolI you have all of this interesting mythsotom and what have use( pentagram( and upside down pentagrams.

2I)T3/ 4-M A /oof -ll the signs of +ucifer and then in the panting this interesting star( this is actually two s1uares( one inside another and that is how pagan deity where represented very often. -re there triangle one within another! 0r a s1uares one within the other! -nd the s1uares one within the other where often used for Isis and 0siris they see it in a /oman church dedicated to Mary.

2I)T3/ 4-M A ,oat -lso on the floor that from the )atholic )athedral( you have the boatI you have the wave( the water( you have the 2 and the N. /emember( that morals and dogma told us that that was the staff of 0siris. *o that means its actually the male and female phallic symbol and the boat would be the womb. This is a very naughty picture in a nice setting. 4obody would know what that really means. 4obody would really guest that that is an obscene picture. 3nless you read what the mason say about it. That the ship with its mos1ue in the half moon was also the same depiction.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 ,oatcatholic =ere is a /oman )atholic )athedral built like a 2hoenician ship. 4ow( what is a 2hoenician ship got to do with /oman )atholicism! 3nless of course it is the womb. -lbert 2ike writes that Isis and 0sirisK Fthe -ctive and 2assive 2rinciples of the 3niverse( where commonly symboli.ed by the generative parts of man and woman. The Indian lingam was the union of both as where the boat and mast and the point within a circle( all of which expressed the same philosophical ideas as to the union of the two great )auses of 4ature( which concur( one actively and the other passively( in the generation of all beings.G

2I)T3/ 4-M A "nightstemple We find this on the )atholic )hurch. Inside this knights temple( the double headed eagle.

2I)T3/ 4-M A :oubleheaded The double headed eagle and on the floor was an eight pointed star. 4ow who was this star represent! This is the star of Islam. The two stars are identical.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 *tar of Islam *o( we find the star of Islam in the )atholic )athedrals( we find it specially dedicated to Mary and we find it in the Islamic world. =ow does the star come into existent!

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 *tarofdavid Its simply a s1uare within a s1uare. If you want to have the *tar of :avid you >ust have a triangle within the triangle. Its a sex symbol( its occult( and its very occult in fact.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 >esuit Theres an interesting story about a Eesuit( -lberto /ivera. F=e said that )ardinal ,ea( the Eesuit 'eneral( personally instructed him in the origin of Islam. /ivera said( the /oman )atholic )hurch started Islam on purpose to take the -rabs under their control( and to secure Eerusalem.G This is of course highly ridiculed in the literature saying nothing like that ever happened. The 1uestion remains though( who was first )atholicism or Islam! -nswerK )atholicism was first. -nd )atholicism had a ma>or problem. The ,y.antine church initially was on the side /ome. In fact( the ,y.antine mperor elevated the /oman 2ontiff to his level of correct( of heresies of the entire world. The ,y.antine )hurch and /ome were initially one. 0nly after about a thousand years did the split come between the 0rthodox and the )atholic )hurch. When the 0rthodox patriarch refuse to accept and acknowledge the supremacy of the ,ishop of /ome. Then war broke up between these two groups and has been waging( sense after the /ussian /evolution. 4ow the 0rthodox )hurch is saying FIm sorry. Im sorry.G ,ut in the first few hundred years of )atholicisms rule. What was the main problem of )atholicism! Who was the problem! The true )hristians( because )hristianity had spread on the Middle ast. Would it be nice if the supposed )hristian of /ome could use an organi.ation to eradicate )hristianity and replace it with another form of their religion( front organi.ation! Then the Eesuit created who! &reemasonry to do the work. If there is something happens they are not the one to be blamed. If the occult world wanted to gain control in the occult world controlled /ome. Why not control occultism!

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 &atimahlink +ets see what happened. &atimah( is a very interesting place co. Islam controlled *pain and 2ortugal once upon a time. -nd the pope here in front of the statue of &atimah and here is the shrine( the &atimah +ink. Hatican insider( :r. Malachi Martin has said that( base on a message of Mary in a personal visitation( Eohn 2aul believes( FThere will come a day( when the heart of IslamAalready attuned to the figures of )hrist and of )hrists mother( Mary 5 will receive the illumination in it needs@ a second &atima @ in which they will recogni.e him as 'ods vicar on earth@who will recogni.e as 'ods vicar! The popes must be recogni.e as 'ods vicar. Then the fellow travellers like the )hurch of ngland( the piscopal )hurch( and others of like mind( the pope could be worshipped as the infallible =oly &ather by over oneAhalf of the worlds population.G I will agree with the fact that the did not rule half the world but all of it. Most of the population at that time wher in these areas on the map below.

2I)T3/ 4-M A map

*pain and all these -sia Minor areas were controlled by Islam. :id you know who ruled in *pain! It was the Hisigoths. The Hisigoths had a different gospel to )atholicismI they were more in lined with the 0strogoths( who actually was *abbath keepers. -nd /ome controlled the catholic world. ,ut initially where )hristianity was today( you can put Islam. The map below will show you where today the Islamic religion controls.

2I)T3/ 4-M A Islamicontrol 'ary =. "ah 5 0rgins of secret societies

2I)T3/ 4-M A *ecret 'ary =. "ah( speaks of the -ncient Mystery /eligions controlled by &reemasonry and the Illuminati and the world council of churches.

2I)T3/ 4-M A ,abylon 4ow( what if the true mystics behind the scene( the power xxx are really in /ome that they control everything including this other religion though insiders. If you put all the pieces together with all the references that theyre all( there are tremendous links between FThe TemplesG and the Islamic secret societyK the Ismailis( the "armathites( the &atimites( the :ruses and the -ssassins. -ssassins are interesting because they would kill themselves to gain an advantage. +ike they blow themselves up to destroy others. 4ow( who are these secrets societies that were xxx with the templars or did the templars control them! :egrees of the -ssassins where thus as followsK first the grand master( known as the *haikhAalAEabal or Fold man of the mountain.G *econd the :ail "ebir of 'rand 2riorsI third the fully initiated :ais@ &ourth( the /afi1s or associates@ fifth( the &adais or devoted@ sixth( the +asi1us or law brothers( and lastly the Fcommon peopleG( who were to be simply blind instruments. :esigns against religion were of course not admitted by the order( strict uniformity to Islam was demanded from all the lower rank of uninitiated( but the adept was taught to see through the deception of faith and works. =e believed in nothing and recogni.ed that all acts or means were indifferent and the #secular% end alone to be considered. *o( we have the whole nation sub>ect to these insiders using them as =uman )attle. Thus by the +ure of paradise the -ssassins enlisted instruments for their criminal works and established a system of organi.ed murder on a basis of religious fervour. F4othing is true and all is allowed was the ground of their secret doctrine( which( however( being imparted but too few and concealed under the veil of the most austere religionism and piety( restrained the mind under the yoke of blind obedience.

The &atimitesK the founder of the &atimite dynasty of the "halifas was one 3beidallah( known as the Madih. *ocieties in of wisdom were instituted in )airo. :ar ul =ikmat or the =ouse of "nowledge( by the sixth "alifa =akim( who was raise to a deity after his death and is worshipped to this day by the :ruses. 3nder the direction of the :ar ul =ikmat or 'rand +odge of )airo( the &atimites continued the plan of -bdullah ign Maymuns secret society with the addition of the two more degrees( making nine in all. Their method of enlisting proselytes and system of initiation which( as )laudio Eannet points out( are absolutely those which Weishaupt( the founder of the Illuminati. *o( there is no different between /ome and this &olks. Its the same organi.ation. Is it possible that they views thesis and antiAthesis for thousands of years if you like. To rub up remnant of )hristianity and opposition. +ater when the 0rthodox )hurch split what did they do! They created an mpire

called the 0ttoman mpire which went in and slaughtered the *urbs( who were 0rthodox. *laughter the /omanians( who were 0rthodox. They raped the womenI throw the children in the air( and coat at the ends of their bio nets. They decimated whole 0rthodox areas. -nd what escape to the 4orth into /ussia they didnt escape the sword of communism. +yninanis murderous band. There has been a religious war since )hrist died. Who is being rubbed up! The souls of Men.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 Islamicmen *o( here are these men of Islam. The world is meant to be afraid. Jou have thesis( you have antiAthesis. In the world wars( they said Fcommunist is the threatG you are supposed to be afraid. *o that you will accept any changes that are necessary to meet the threat. 4ow they are using this as a next thread to create the synthesis that they want. They gonna rub up two religions against each other. )hristianity Eudea )hristian culture and Islamic culture rub them up and destroy each other until what is left! *ynthesis6 -nd then you have one world religion and +ucifer re>oices because he is king.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 Islammen$ The ,ible is an indispensable part of the furniture of a )hristian +odge( only because it is the sacred book of the )hristian religion. The =ebrew 2entateuch in a =ebrew +odge( and the "oran in a Mohammedan one( belong on the -lterI and one of these( and the *1uare and )ompass( properly understood( are the 'reat +ights by which a Mason must walk and work. Which one! 0bviously not the ,ible because Morals and :ogma itself says it hates that ,ible and they changed it all. ,y elimination the "oran is left. The "oran as such or rightly understood! 2robably rightly understood( why! ,ecause the "oran directly demotes Eesus )hrist. Its the book that directly demotes Eesus )hrist where as the others had to be modified >ust to the insider to demotes Eesus )hrist. +ets have to look at this. The :eadly :eception( Eames :. *haw was a << degree &reemason =e has the interesting ceremony( were very high preacher( very prominent preacher( his first name is ,elly. << degree knight commander of )ourt of =onor( 2ast Worshipful Master( ,lue +odge( 2ast master of all *cottish /ite ,odies. Thats what he wasI he was a << degree freemason. +et me explain some from FT= : -:+J : ) 2TI04G ,y Eames :. *haw and Tom. ). Mc "enney. << rd degree initiation ceremonyK The oath is sealed by drinking Wine out of a =uman *kullK FMay this wine I now drink become a deadly poison to me( as the =emlock >uice drunk by *ocrates( should I ever knowingly or wilfully violate the same.G - member dressed as a skeleton places his arms around the candidate who then statesK F-nd may these cold arms forever encircle me should I ever knowingly or wilfully violate the same.G *o( that is the << degree initiation ceremony. ,ut there is another one. F ach of us was presented( along with the *cottish /ite ring( a copy of -lbert 2ikes book( FMorals and :ogmaG( we were told that it was the source book for &reemasonry and its meaning. We were also told that it must never leave our possession( and that arrangements must be made so that upon our deaths it would be returned to the *cottish /ites. What does this have to do with Islam! 4ow( this is the highest degree of &reemasonry. What happens there! *till on The :eadly :eception. FThe *cottish /ite includes $O degrees beyond the ,lue +odge( culminating in the <$nd. The Jork /ite has the e1uivalent of the $O degrees of the *cottish /ite and advancement along this path culminates in the degrees F"night Templar.G In addition( the *hrine #-ncient -rabic 0rder( 4obles of the Mystic *hrinesG% is available to <$ nd :egree Masons and "nights Templar who wish to participate.G *o( those of a highest order can become *hrines. The *hrine is on -rabic 0rder. We were talking about the shrine of &reemasonry and how it links Islam to the *ecret *ociety. FThe *hrine #-ncient -rabic 0rder( 4obles of the Mystic *hrine% 2age. 8<@ The *hrine( the F*how -rmy of Masonry(G maintains a very high profile@ it is necessary to be a <$ nd :egree Mason for six months before

being eligible to >oin the *hine.G 0nly the highest freemasons may >oin the shrine. ,y the way all the big prominent -mericans march little 4ew Jork as the shrineous. The *hrine is in the name of -llah. :id you know that! *o( here the )hristians of soAcalled )hristians of the <$ nd degree who now know already that they worship +ucifer( come to the *hrine with the "oran on the -ltar. 4ow( the ,ibles gone. When you reach the highest level of freemasonry you become shrine and the ,ibles gone. We sealed our solemn oath in the name of F-llah the 'od of -rab( Moslem and Mohammedan( the 'od of our fathers. Is -llah the 'od of our fathers! =ere is the oathK FIn wilful violation whereof may I incur the fearful penalty of having my eyeballs pierced to the center with a threeAedged blade( my feet flayed and I be forced to walk the hot sands upon the sterile shores of the /ed *ea until the flaming *un shall strike me with a livid plague( and may -llah( the god of -rab( Moslem and Mohammedan( the god of our fathers( support me to the entire fulfilment of the same.G )an a )hristian make such an oath! 0bviously not6

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 >m

*o( Masonry is nothing other than the ancient mystery religion and Eesuits are the ancient mystery religion and Islam is the ancient mystery religion behind the scenes. Who do you think controls it all! /ome controls it all6 =ow would you like it( if I said that I believe that Islam and )atholicism behind the scene is one the same thing! =ave you notice that )atholicism never complains about Islam not allowing vangelism. )o. it suits their purpose( its already )atholicism. When vangelism is done in none Islamic countries and it draws )atholic away( then you have huge drama. Thats a double standard which hard to understand unless you look behind the scene.

2I)T3/ 4-M A Masonlodge Well( you have all this gyptian rooms( and the -ssyrian rooms. =ere is a Masonic lodge( a freemason Meeting in )airo( 2resident 'amal -bdul 4assar 1O7? to 1O89 and Muhammad -nwar *abat 1O89 to 1OC1( they were also member of the -. .0 #-ncient gyptian 0rder% and -.4.0.M.* #-rab 4oble of the Mystic *hrine%. They are all working behind the scene is this all a >oke!

2I)T3/ 4-M A govenor

=ere is Eudge /agheb Idriss ,ey exAgovernor of "alioubieh( 'rand Master and *overeign 'rand )ommander of gypt. There is the fe. as their symbol.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 & P This is a mason himself( showed me in +ebanon that most of the high Muslims are all Masons. =e himself was a high Mason.

2I)T3/ 4-M A MT M2+

Masonic Temple in 0klahoma( inside we see a fe.( an -rabic symbols and a fe. with MosAlah written in it( FMuslim 5-llahG.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 M-*04 *o( freemasonry at the highest level worships -llah who actually directly is said Fsymbol of the moon and the starG. =igh masonary worships -llah which -llah is sunBmoon or set or *atan.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 Towerbaal -rthur dward Waite statesK ,abel of course represented a Masonic enterprise. What does it mean! +ets go a little bit deeper into the story. Weve seen that before the tower of ,abel is built like a *piral( these are all representations that you find. *o there is a Masonic nterprise.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 Maryscott +ets look at this picture again. In an Islamic country( Mary( on the spiral standing on top. There we have =oly Mary Queen( )ircle with the dot in it. :o you remember what -lbert 2ike said that was the generating principle like the ship and the mos1ue! *ame thing. They used that symbol for Mary. There is another place on *outhern -frica and +ebanon( Mary at the top of tower of ,abel or the spiral structure.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 ,aalmary

Whos going to be the 1ueen of the 4ew ,abylon! Mary6 ,ut who is Mary! Mary is Isis6 +ets asked ,lavasky on *ecret :octrine volume $ page 7$1.

2I)T3/ 4-M A Isis FIt is mankind which has become the F*erpent of 'enesis(G and thus causes daily and hourly the &all and sin of the F)elestial HirginG 5 Which thus becomes the Mother of gods and devils at one and the same timeI for she is

the everAloving( beneficent deity to all those who stir her *oul and heart( the shadow of the 3nknown and :eity in *pace. ,ut in anti1uity and reality( +ucifer or +uciferus is the name of the angelic ntity presiding over the light of truth as over the light of the day.G +ucifer is divine and terrestrial light( the F=oly 'hostG and F*atanG at one and the same time( visible *pace being truly filled with the differentiated ,reath invisiblyG ,lavasky( *ecret doctrine( Holume $( page 71<. *o( *atanAMary one in the same thing. In ,lavaskys work FIsis unveiledG *he said( Isis the gyptian had the followingK =oly Isis( universal mother( mother og gods( mother of =orus(Hirgo generatrix( motherAsoul of the universe( virgin sacred earth( mother of all the virtues( Illustrious Isis( most powerful( merciful( >ustI Mirror of Eustice and TruthAMysterious mother of the world( sacred +otus( sistrum of 'old( -gua of the Moon( Queen of =eaven and of the 3niverse( Model of all mothers( Isis is a Hirgin Mother. In =induism( same thing.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 Isishindu

Isis isK =oly 4ariAMariama( Mother of perpetual fecundity( Mother of an incarnated 'od( Mother of )hristna( ternal Hirginity( Mother 5 pure essence( virgin most chaste( 1ueen of =eaven and of the universeI all the same features( all the way trough. /oman )atholic +itany of our lady of +orettoK

2I)T3/ 4-M A Isisrome =oly Mary( mother of divine grace( Mother of 'od( Mother of )hrist( Hirgin of Hirgins( Mother of divine grace( virgin most chaste( Mother most pure( mother undefiled( mother inviolate( virgin most powerful( seat of Wisdom( ark of the covenant( morning star( mystical rose( 1ueen of =eaven. -ll the same titles. Isis 5 Mary( this is Isis unveiled( page ?1. This is =elena 2etrovna ,lavatsky speaking herself. FWhen )yril( the ,ishop of -lexandria( had openly embraced the cause of Isis( the gyptian goddess( and had anthropomorphi.ed her into Mary( the mother of 'odI and the Trinitarian controversy had taken placeI from that moment the gyptian doctrine of the emanation of the creative 'od out of emepath began to be tortured in the thousand ways( until the )ouncils had agreed upon the adoption of it as it now stands. *o there it is( the ,ishop of -lexandria made Isis into Mary. Its the same old worship.

2I)T3/ 4-M A prayersea

F2rayer to the star of the seaG 0 Mary@ *tar of the sea. Who is the star of the sea! Who was the god of the sea! Who was 2oseidon! It was 0siris. 0 dear mother( I now come to thee with greatest confidence. The many miracles( which have happened here thanks to thy intercession@ Thou sweetest mother( amiable Fstar of the *eaG( do not let me go away from here being heard@ Thou canst help me( for Thou art the mightiest after god. =ere is the famous 2ious( the same who catapulted -dolf =itler to 2ala( 1O79 :ogma of Marys ascension to heaven. =ere is the :ogmaK

2I)T3/ 4-M A dogma

FWe declare@ that the most ,lessed Hirgin Mary in the first moment of her conception was( by the uni1ue grace and privilege of god( in view of the merits of Eesus )hrist the *aviour of the human race( preserved in intact from all stain of original sin.G This doctrine is incredibly important because now Eesus has =is merits because of =is mother and not because of =is &ather. Eesus has the treats of =is mother. Thats what this doctrine teaches. =ere focus maga.ine( Maria *ol 'ottin Werden means Mary must become a goddess. *urely the )atholic )hurch will not promote Mary to be openly called goddess. FHiliblic =e 'ottlicheG( female goddess.

2I)T3/ 4-M A M-/J$ -bsolutely why not! Millions of 3* )atholic wanted godly Mary. )ardinal Eonna )ana and also 2ope Eohn II( a great Marian =onora not adverse to the idea. Mary is god. *he is god to the insiders because she is( as ,lavatsky said what! +ucifer6 *he is +ucifer. Thats why in "ing Eames Hersion 'enesis <K17 F-nd I will put enmity between thee and the woman( and between thy seed and her seedI it shall bruise thy head( and thou shalt bruise his heel. 4ot even the /*H did to change that. /*H 'enesis <K17 FI will put enmity between you and the woman( and between your seed and her seedI he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel.G ,ut the )atholics dont like it like that( because the :ouayA/helms 0nline ,ible which is the Eesuits one says( FI will put enmities between thee and the woman( and thy seed another seedK she shall crush thy head( and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.G *o( now Mary is the one who crushes Eesus its the other way around.

2I)T3/ 4-M A M-/J<

=ere is the photograph of a Mary an appearance in Peitoun( gypt. *o the Muslim are looking this. -nd heres a fascinating book FQueen of /ome and Queen of Islam( Q3 4 0& -++G . *o do we have same religion yet! +ets take the )atholic website( F/oman )atholic doctrine regarding MaryG. This is the Catholic faith beliefs A The 0ne( =oly( )atholic and -postolic )hurch( as lead by the ,ishop of /ome( successor to 2eter( the first 2ope( has always venerated the ,lessed Hirgin Mary including her sinlessnessI for The )hurch follows *cripture especially the 4ew Testament which *he( =erself( compiles as perfectly as *he follows =er Tradition. &or behold( henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. +uke 1K?C. The Woman of *criptureK FIt is no surprise that the woman would triumph over the red dragon for *cripture says so at the very beginning. /efer 'enesis <K17 which statesK -nd I will establish a feud between thee and the woman( between thy offspring and hersI she is to crush thy head( while thou dost lie in ambush at her heels.G *ame website. FTo Mary( The Woman of *cripture and Mother of the men who keep 'ods commandments and hold fast to the truth concerning Eesus. /ev. 1$K18.( The )hurch applies the beautiful words of Wisdom 8K$;@ she( the glow that radiates from eternal lightI she( the untarnished mirror of 'ods ma>estyI she( the faithful image of =is goodness. ,ecause Mary is full of grace +uke 1K$C.( The church( through 2ope 2ius IN in his FIneffabili :eusG( an -postolic )onstitution issued on :ecember C( 1C7?( confirmed the tradition that held Mary as being conceived immaculate. Without sin. Mary has become known as The Immaculate )onception as a result of her -pparitions at +ourdes in 1C7C( which is taken as a heavenly confirmation of 2ius INs -postolic )onstitution. It was at +ourdes that Mary named herself The Immaculate )onception. G *he is Immaculate and Eesus is sinless >ust because of her( not because of 'od. The Immaculate =eart. The )atholic ncylopaedia( book ; page O;7( makes it clear that heart in the biblical sense( can have a variety of meaning but usually directs the reader to the inner person or to the invisible inner or to the invisible inner man. Therefore when The )atholic )hurch( through =er Hicars 5 The 2ope 5 and the ,ishops united to them consecrate the world to the Immaculate =eart( they are consecrating the world to the inner person that is Mary. *uch consecrations by the fact that virtually every 2ope for a 199 years has consecrated the world to the Immaculate =eart. This exceptional importance is further confirmed by Mary herself when she appeared to the three children 5 +ucia( Eacinta( &rancisco at Fatima, 2ortugal( in 1O18. *he proclaimedK Jou have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them( 'od wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate =eart. What an astonishing statement6 Mary is saying and the )hurch has approved the &atima apparitions. That the sinners of the world will be saved through

devotion to her Immaculate =eart666 Mary further proclaims at &atima F/ussia will convert and in the end( my LImmaculateM =eart will triumph.G -nother astonishing statement6 Mary clearly states that she will triumph over the evils that are invading the world6 While The )hurch is fully aware that it is 'od Who will triumph( through Eesus )hrist( over all evils( Mary states that truth that 'od always works through =is children in =is triumph over evil. Thus Mary( 'ods most perfect and precious child of all creation( truly confirms that she( through the infinite Merits of Eesus )hrist( will triumph over evil. Indeed( she is saying that she( with her children( will triumph over evil( for this is the very reason why 'od calls for =is children to develop and to promote devotion to her Immaculate =eart. That is to say( that the world will be saved by Marys children( those who are devoted to her Immaculate =eart. +ets take a look at another article in the same webpage #catholic webpage%. F4one other than famous ,ishop( &ulten E. *heen( in his article Mary and the Moslems found in the Minds.enty /eport 2agesK 1 5 <. )ardinal Minds.ently &oundation( considers this exceptionally important matter which affects the whole world. The good ,ishop states the followingK The "oran( which is the ,ible of the Moslems( has many passages concerning the ,lessed Hirgin. &irst all( the "oran believes in her Immaculate Conception( and also( in her Hirgin ,irth.G *he was immaculately conceived and the mother of Mary was sterile. *o who is now the saviour counterfeiting Eesus )hrist! The third chapter of the "oran places the history of Marys family in a genealogy( which goes back through -braham( 4oah and -dam. When one compares the "orans description of the birth of Mary with the aposcryphal gospel #who said that the aposcryphal gospel must be accepted as )anonical! Who said that! Hatican said that council of Trent.% The ,irth of Mary( one is tempted to believe that Mohamed very much depended upon the latter.G Jou see Muhammad was married to a /oman )atholic nun the whole family was /oman )atholic. =e received his doctrines straight from the pits of the bottomless pit. Thats what the ,ible says. *o this doctrine starts spreading. -nd they used Islam first to counteract )hristianity later on spreading it up to get rid of the enemies of )hrist. To get rid of )hrist followers and then to get rid of all the enemies of /ome. F,oth books describe the old age and the definite sterility of the mother of Mary. When( however( she conceives( the mother of Mary is made to say in the "oranI F0 +ord( I vow and consecrate to you what is already within me. -ccept it from me.G When Mary is born( the mother saysK F-nd I consecrate her with all of her posterity under thy protection( 0 +ord( against *atan6G Eoseph in1uired how she conceived Eesus without a father( Mary answeredK F:o you not know that 'od( when =e created the wheat had no need of seed( and that 'od by =is power made the trees grow without the help of rain! -ll that 'od had to do was to say( F*o be it( and it was done.G FThe "oran has also verses on the -nnunciation( Hisitation( and 4ativity. -ngels are pictured as accompanying the ,lessed Mother and sayingI F0h( Mary( 'od has chosen you and purified you( and elected you above all the women of the earth.G In the nineteenth chapter of the "oran there are ?1 verses on Eesus and Mary.G Jou see the links! Who created who! :id )atholicism create Islam! 0r Islam created )atholicism! It can be co. the )atholicism was there before Islam6 FThere is such a strong defence of the virginity of Mary here that the "oran( in the fourth book( attributed the condemnation of the Eews to their monstrous calumny against the Hirgin Mary.G The ,ishop saysK FThe two largest religions in the world believe in fervent devotion to Mary and hold her virtues in the very highest esteem. The Muslims and the )atholics comprise some $ billion people in the world6 Then there are the 0rthodox )hristians who also have great devotion to Mary. It is true too( that there is a large number of 2rotestants who hold Mary in great favour. In fact( any sincere( fairAminded person cannot do other then consider Mary to be a heroine 5 consider( for example( her courage in accompanying Eesus to )alvary and remaining with =im beneath The )ross6 The whole idea of devotion to Mary is pure common sense.G FThe great Mother Teresa made this point when she summed up the matter in simple and forthright wordsI 4o MaryI no Eesus6 Mother Teresa says so( because everything that Eesus )hrist brought into the world came through =is Mother and by way of her coAoperation with 'od. ,ehold the handmaid of The +ord. ,e it done to me according to thy word. +uke 1K<C. The World :esperately 4eeds the Immaculate )onception@ /ecognition of the Immaculate )onception by the world will also tend to bring a closer relationship between the great )hristian denominations( )atholic and 0rthodox( as well as between )hristianity and Islam. *o( what is the synthesis they

want! - union of the religion6 What is freemasonry teach!...and Jesus the son of Eoseph( the +ord( the Messiah( and his -postles( and after these Mohammed the son of -bdlla( with his law( which is the law of IslamI and the disciples of truth followed the law of Islam.G #-lvert 2ike( FMorals and :ogma(G $7 th :egree( page <?.% When )hristianity had grown weak( profitless( and powerless( the -rab /estorer and Iconoclast came like a cleansing hurricane@ ,ut "haled( Fthe *word of 'odG( who had marched from victory to victory( exclaimed to his wearied soldiers( F+et no man sleep6 There will be rest enough in the bowers of 2aradiseI sweet will be the repose never more to be followed by labor.G The faith of the -rab had become stronger than that of the )hristian( and he con1uered.G Morals and :ogma( page 7<. *o( Islam is nothing else in )atholicism( winning or defeating )hristianity. FThe 'nostics made souls ascend and descend through eight =eavens( in each of which were certain 2owers that opposed their return( and often drove them back to earth( when not sufficiently purified. The last of these 2owers( nearest the luminous abode of souls( was a serpent of dragon. In the ancient doctrine( certain 'enii were charged with the duty of conducting souls to the bodies destined to receive them( and of withdrawing them from the bodies.G Morals and :ogma( page ?11. Jouve heard about the gene in the battle! -rabian knights( rub the bottle and here comes the 'ene! What is 'enii! 4otice that freemasonry speaks about 'enii. F-ccording to 2lutarch( these were the functions of 2roserpine and Mercury. In 2lato( a familiar 'enius accompanies man at his birth( follows and watches him all his life( and at death conducts him to the tribunal of the 'reat Eudge. These 'enii are the media of communication between man and the 'odsI and the soul is ever in their presence. This doctrine is taught in the oracles of PoroasterK and these 'enii were the Intelligences that resided in the planets.G Morals and :ogma( page ??1. The Eesus )hrist of Islam is also different. Muslims do not believe that Eesus was the *on of 'od or that =e was crucified. 1 Eohn $K$$ says FWho is a liar but he that denieth that Eesus is the )hrist! =e is antichrist( that denieth the &ather and the *on.G We saw how catholic scholars change the ,ible. To removed Eesus as the *oul *aviour. 4ow lets go to the "oran. *alman /ushdie( when he writes FThe *atanic HersesG he said that there are some strange verses in the book. =e saidK F-t least two early Muslim scholars( ibn *ad and an anonymous 2ersian historian( have related a legend which explains the origin of a group of apparently contradictory verses in the Quran( the soAcalled F*atanic verses.G 1.% *arah 7<. 1OA$9 reads F=ave you thoughts about alA+at( alAR3..a( and the third( Manat( the other goddess!G $.% *atan is supposed to have interfered here with the transmission of the holy words to Muhammad and tricked the prophet into inter>ecting an additional verse which allowed for a mixture of Islam and the indigenous polytheistic faithK FThese are the exalted birds whose intercession is to be desired.G <.% Through the archangel 'abriel( 'od corrected this error in a later revelation #*urah 18. 8<A87% which restored the strict monotheism of IslamK FThey had almost beguiled you away from what we had revealed to you with the temptation to invent something else against us. 0n that score they would have taken you up as a friend. =ad we not rallied you( you had almost conceded to them a little.G The =oly Quran with -rabic Text Transliteration in /oman *cript by M. -bdul =aleem llyasee. nglish translation by -bdullah Jusuf -li #/evised dition%. This is the International Quran. This comes straight from the explanation by the top theologians on the Quran itself. This is the International version that is used in the 3nited 4ations. F/evitali.e =umanismG Islam is the Message of the Quran. It is a 2erfect and a 2ractical /eligion of 1uality( +iberty and &raternity. Islam( as defined by the Quran( means *ubmission to the *upreme ,eing and compliance with =is laws( which constitute 4ature( including Man himself. Hide C$K<( <9K<9 F*urely the true /eligion with -llah is IslamG 1CKK<. Islam also insists upon the fundamental unity of all revealed /eligions in origin( Includes them all collectively in itself and en>oins all Muslims to acknowledge them.G Hide C<K<( <C7K$. F-nd whoever desires /eligion other than Islam( it shall not be accepted from him( and in the =ereafter he shall be one of the losers.G Hide C?K<1. 2age O. ). WIT= *2I/IT*K There has always been a class( generally called /ationalists( mainly including 2hilosophers and *cientists( who doubt( nay( deny the existence of -ssociationK while on the other hand( those usually called *piritualists( mostly including saints and savants of 2sychics( feel sure of *pirits and *piritual experience. -t one time or other( much fraud was practiced in the name of *piritualism( so as to in>ect superstition and terror in society( which evoke a natural reaction to suppress the fraudulent to the point of

ridicule and punishment. ,ut the Quran affirms the reality( and an approach between the two old parties is already in sight. 2age 1$. *o( the Quran says that *piritualism is fine( but what does the ,ible says! Its *atanic6 -ngelsK -ngel have their own shapes( usually carrying wings( but being formed of +ight( they are capable of easy transformation an can assume human features when necessary vide *eciton 1K<7( C(OK;(;O(89K11($? to $CK71( <1 to <?K71. The usual abode of -ngels is =eaven where they praise 'od and pray for Mankind but they also come to the arth on duty and call on people with or without recognition as strangers. They carry our duties which often seem super natural. FThose #-ngels% believe in =im and implore forgiveness for those who believe@G 8(CK?C FThe -ngels called unto him #Pakariyya%K 'od gives thee glad tidings of Jahya #2rophet%@G vide <C to ?9K< to $(<K1;( FWhen our Messengers #-ngels% came to +ut #in human shape% he was grieved on their account #taking them for youths%@G 88 to C<K11. -ngels particularly approach people at the time of their death with good or bad tidings according to their situation. FThe -ngels descend on them #the righteous% fear ye not #they suggest% nor grieve@G <9 to <$K?1. When the -ngels take the souls of the unbelievers #at death% #how% they smite their faces and their backs..G 79(71KC( ;SO<K;( $8K?8. They descend with blessings on particular occasions( such as F+ailatul QadarG the night is which the 2rophet received his first /evelation in the month of /amadan. 1 to 7KO8. 2age 1$. 'eniiK #When we read about 'enii! In &reemasonry6% 4ext to -ngels come 'enii( who are formed by &ire( the wellAknown Iblees or *atan being the =ead of this creation. They stand half way between -ngels and man( sharing the nature of both in parts. They have got their families( their culture and their religion and still they are invisible an capable of transfer and transformation. They had close contact with the 2rophet *olomon( in particular as also with the *enior *aint( 2iraaneA2ir *yed-bdulAQuaadir Eeelaanii of ,aghdad( who for at reason is called 'housusA*a1alayn. ,ut their contact with other saints is not uncommon. 'enii lead some people astray. Hide $8K17( 17K77( 1($(11( to 17K8$( $O to <1K?;( ;K8$( 1$CK;( 79K18. 2age 1$. In the other words( *atan is the head of the 'enii and the 'eniuses of the ones like( 2lato and the others. Then you got the devils( this are the bad guys. :.% Man vs. *piritsK FMan is 2aramount in )reation this is a Truth( persistently urged by the Quran( so as to declare man F"haleefaG or Hicegerent on arth( totally sub>ect to 'od as such exercising wide power in the 3niverse( bestowed on this frail )reature his Mighty )reator( 'od( Most xalted( entirely above such connection as *on and &ather. It would appear( from the Quran( that man is superior to -ngels and 'enii( being most advanced by nature( in knowledge( as also in :escension( -scension and Manifestation. +ove( :evotion and 0bedience put him in a position inaccessible to others. The paramountcy bestowed by 'od on man is fre1uently pointed out in the Quran. Hide <9 to <?K$(81 to C1K<C(<O to ?<K71. F*aid they +ord to the -ngelsK FI will create a Hicegerent on arth.G They saidK Wilt Thou place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood( whilst we do celebrate Thy 2raises and They glorify They =oly #name%. =e said I know what ye know not.G <9K$. =uman *oulsK Man is a combination of soul and body. *oul springs from the sphere of R-mr #)ommand% and ,ody grows in the sphere of R"hal1 #)reation% 5 both these spheres belong to R/ab #'od% as says the Quran. FHerily your R/ab is 'od. Who created the heavens and the earth in six :ays #periods%.. all governed by +aws under =is command. -re not both the =im( R"hal1I #)reation% and R-mr #)ommand% 7?K8 -s to the sphere of R-mr it is instantaneous and -bsolute( free from the chain of )ausation( as pointed out in the Quran. Herily =im -mr is #this% when he intends a thing. =e says for it R"un or Work #,o% and there it is. C$K<;. -s to soul( we are told by the Quran. They ask thee concerning the soul *ayK The soul is by the R-mr of my R/ab. #In fact% of "nowledge it is only a little that is allowed to you C7K18. What is death but the separation of soul from body as explained by the Quran. C< to 8CK7; #Wa1la%. We can even have contact with souls departed( apart from dreams( but it demands a separate treatment. 2age 1<. 4ow( let us see about the doctrine about Eesus )hrist. F nd of )hrist in the ,ible and the QuranK ,ut the Quran says R)hrist was altogether saved from the indignity of the cross and as if by a miracle of likeness( someone else of the same features was crucified by the Eews under illusion. *ays the QuranK #Hers( 178% F-nd they #Eews% said in boast( we killed )hrist Eesus( the son of Mary( the -postle of 'od #in the "nowledge of 'od%. ,ut they killed him not( nor crucified him( but it was made to appear to them( and those who differ therein are full of doubts with no #certain% knowledge( but only con>ectures to follow( for a surety they killed him not.G

What does it say! Eesus didnt die for you6 This is satanic occult teaching. #Herse( 17C% F4ay( 'od raised him up unto himself( and 'od is Mighty( Wise. #Herse( 17O% F-nd there is none( of the people of the book( but must believe I him! #)hrist% before his death. -nd on the :ay of Eudgment he #)hrist% will be witness. Hide 178 to 17OK?. *o( the Quran is directly against Eesus )hrist and the insiders of the Western World are directly against Eesus )hrist and so the Eesuits. FWhile the Eews claim to have killed )hrist on the )ross( it is also a )ardinal point of &aith to the 0rthodox )hristian )hurches( that #a% Eesus )hrist gave up his life on the )ross( the #b% he was buried after )rucifixion that #c% on the third day( he rose in body with this wounds fresh. That #d% he met his disciples and #f% was afterwards taken up bodily in heaven. In fact( this is the ,elief which forms the basis of the theological doctrine of blood sacrifice and Hicarious -tonement for sins( which is however( losing its force with the Modern -ge( an age of -ction and /etribution. 2age $;. Is there any different between the theologians and Islam! 4one what so ever. Who is controlling who! )hrist 5 3.air 5 2olytheismK F'od is indignant if )hrist is believed to be 'od himself. Hide 1OK7(87 to 8CK7. To say nothing of 'odship( )hrist is not even the son of 'od( but only an -postle like several others. The same is the case with 3.air a prophet of the Eews. The priests have often been the source of trouble in /eligion( to lead people astry(m and to grow rich at others expense. It is to be accepted that Islam is the /eligion of Truth( and Muhammed is the -postle of 'od( says the Quran. Hide 181K?( <9 to <?KO( $8( $CK78( 11<K7.G The same hatred of Eesus )hrist comes out over here as we saw the theologians influence by the Eesuits( revealed. This is a tremendous 1uote from the book #The =ome Missionary( *eptember 1( 1CO$ part ?% FThe *aviour has said( F=e that believeth on the *on hath everlasting lifeK and he that believeth not the *on shall not see lifeI but the wrath of 'od abideth on himG =e says again( F-nd this is the life eternal( that they might know thee( the only true 'od( and Eesus )hrist whom thou hast sent.G Mohammedanism has its converts in many lands( and its advocates deny the divinity of )hris. *hall this faith be propagated( and the advocates of truth fail to manifest intense .eal to overthrow the error( and teach men of the preAexistence of the only *aviour of the world!G *o( basically what Im doing is Im showing intense .eal to over through the era and to show you that it is a lie. F0 how we need men who will search and believe the word of 'od( who will present Eesus to the world in his divine and human nature( declaring with power and in demonstration of the *pirit( that Fthere is none other name under heaven given among men( whereby we must be saved.G 0 how we need believers who will now present )hrist in life and character( who will hold him up before the world as the brightness of the &athers glory( proclaiming that 'od is love6 #The =ome Missionary( *eptember 1( 1CO$ part ?%G FThere was a Muslim man( who converted to )hristianity. -nd the reporter said( what is the different between your previous -llah and Eesus )hrist! -nd he said( the only difference between the two is( For God so love the world that e !ives is only be!otten son" That whosoever believeth in im sho#ld not perish b#t have everlastin! li$e" That is the difference. -llah( a god of war( a god of retribution( a god that sins his people into destruction( promising them celestial virgins on the other side and eternal blessings and hell on earth and hell in heaven for all women. -nd Eesus )hrist( who says we are all e1ual before 'od. 4obody has the right to submerge the others character in himself. We are free agents before Eesus )hrist. Jes its says( wife submit to your husband as in the +ord( husband love your wife( as the +ord loves =is church. My Eesus is my husband in that allegory if you like. =es never forced me to do anything. Eesus is the most fantastic being in the universe( gives you absolute freedom of choice( allows you to choose for =im or against =im and the only thing =e has in =is defence is( when I be lifted up I will draw all man to me. +ove is the character of 'od and love is the only thing may con1uer. 0therwise we will have perpetual hell. +ove which comes from freedom of choice is incapable of giving.G AThe )onversation has record written. ncyclopedia ,ritannica says( FThe deviations Lin the "oranM from the ,iblical narratives are very marked( and can in most cases be traced back to the + ' 4:-/J -4 ):0T * 0& T= E WI*= =-''-:- -4: T= -20)/J2=-+ '0*2 +. Much has been written concerning the sources from which Muhammad derived his informationI there is no evidence T=-T = W-* -,+ T0 / -:( -4: his

dependence on 0/-+ )0MM34I)-TI04 may explain some of his misconceptions..G #httpKBBwww.britishA israel.caBIslam.htm %. Who controls those secret writings! /ome controls it today. /ome says you must believe them. FThe Eewish )abalaG saysK F,ut it is in the )abala( a =ebrew word signifying F/eceptionG that is to say Fa doctrine orally received(G that the speculative and philosophical or rather the theosophical doctrines of Israel are to be found. These are contained in two books( the *epher Jet.irah and the Pohar. *epher Jet.irah or the ,ook of the )reation( is described by dersheim as Fa monologue on the part of -braham( in which( by the contemplation of all that is around him( he ultimately arrives at the conclusion of the unity of 'od.G #-lfred dersheim( The +ife and Times of Eesus the Messiah( II. ;CO #1CC<%. The *epher Jet.irah is also said to be the work referred to in the "oran under the same of the F,ook of -brahamG This are the occult writings that create this books. FThe coming of the /edeemerG saysK F-bominable calumnies on )hrist and )hristianity occur not only in the )abala but in the earlier editions of the Talmud. In these( says ,arclay 5 0ur +ord and *aviour is Fthat one(G Fsuch a one(G Fa fool(G Fthe leper(G Fthe deceiver of Israel(G etc. fforts are made to prove that =e is the son of Eoseph 2andira before his marriage with Mary. =is miracles are attributed to sorcery( the secret of which =e brought in a slit in =is flesh out of gypt. =e is said to have been first stoned and then hanged on the eve of the 2assover. =is disciples are called heretics and opprobrious names. They are accused of immoral practices( and the 4ew Testament is called a sinful book. The references to these sub>ects manifest the most bitter aversion and hatred.G #Eoseph ,arclay( The Talmud( pages <C( <O. -ll this terrible words about Eesus )hrist.

2I)T3/ 4-M 5 passionofthe)hrist FThe pope and actor Eim )avie.el( who acted the part of The )hrist in the movie The 2assion of the )hrist.G "neeling down before the pope. Isnt the pope papacy uplifting Eesus )hrist here! If you watch carefully( Mary is the one who receives a lot of attention. 2eter kneels down and asks Mary for forgiveness. Jes6 If they were to come straight out nobody will believe( but why did you present a gospel for the 'uyam! -nd you attract them into this religious net which that is called a lie! What about poor Islam! What about exactly the same thing! The outer core is stored Islam with the most rigorous exacting things that is poor people have to do on the daily basis. -nd the Insiders dont even believe it they worship +ucifer direct them on the most licentious of all people. Millions of people being deceived in the world. Isnt that a catastrophe! *hall we not stand up and say( 'od is love give your life to =im and split with this lies that are being taught by )atholicism and Islam and in =induism and in ,uddhism. In ,uddhism you seat and you empty yourself until theres nothing left and then you start levitating because you are weightless( you have become nothing. Eesus )hrist says( I have come in to

give you life to the full and full you with myself. 4ow( what are all these other religions do today! mpty you( until you are a shell and theres nothing left with you. What a terrible deception and all this exacting roles and rituals( it is terrible to not have Eesus )hrist and the freedom you have in =im. Jou can see many photos of the pope being kissed by all these otehr religions. This is the Truth behind the scene. 'oogle pictures of people you would like and more than likely they are bowing to the pope with a kiss. There are rock star bowing down before the pope( you have Jasah -rafats kissing the popes ring. Jou have *eventh :ay -dventist giving the pope awards and shaking the hands of the pope like Mr. ,each. Take a look at the evidence in pictures at the www.* website and see for yourself. Jou have F2rotestant 2reacherG meeting with the pope and what do they have say about the Issue. 0n May <9( 1OO8( on the :avid frost program( ,illy 'raham saidK F@I think Islam is misunderstood( too( because Mohammed has a great respect for Eesus( and he called Eesus the greatest of the prophets except himself. -nd I think what were closer to Islam than we really think we are.G # vangelicals and )atholicsK coming Together( The :rawing 4ear #March 1OOO( Hol. 1( no. ; ( page $.% Men exalting himself above 'od! /obert *chuller did an interview with +arry "ing.. /eferring to meeting with the 'rand Mufti( *chuller braggedK FI have seldom met with a man Lwith 5 :.=.M whom I felt an immediate kinship of spirit and an agreement of faith and philosophy 1uite like I have with the grand mufti of the LMuslimM faith.G #:ave =unt( F4ew )hristianity(G The ,erean )all #&ebruary $999%( 2age 1. +arry "ing live interview with /obert *chuler on )hristmas ve 1OOO. "ingK Lasking why he met the 'rand MuftiM F-nd why are you here!G The idea of bringing religion together right!G *chulerK F-bsolutely@ Were in a totally new era@ the age of being able to indoctrinate people is finished@G "ingK F:oes Lthis visitM( /obert *chuler( give you encouragement@!G *chulerK 0h( absolutely@the 'rand Mufti said@ Rreligion is like rain that falls@the extremists@pollute the pure water@ I predict were going to focus in the next millennium as religious leaders to clean up the pollution in religion@G I think those who dont want to go along with the synthesis( the pain of the separateness is going to become so great. That the trebles of Israel. Those who say there is no other name on the heaven and earth whereby you can be save. There gonna be in trouble. Maybe this is the last time that you will hear a message like this. ,en>amin )havis@ &ormer Hice 2resident of the 4)) #4ational )ouncil of )hurches%@ =e stated that his ministry Fhas been ecumenical and interfaith. There is a linkage between Eudaism( )hristianity and Islam and I believe that there should be a great trialogue( not a dialogue( but a trialogue between these three great revealed religions.G In 1OO8 he Fannounced he is converting to Islam and becoming a member of /ev. +ouis &arrakhans 4ation of Islam.G=e claims that he still believes in Eesus )hrist but he Fexpects his announcement to shock many of his )hristian friends and follow member of the clergy@G =e also insists that he really hasnt changed. =e statesK FIf you pour water from one glass to another glass( the composition of the water is the same. I am who I am@G F-nd there is but one 'od. The 'od of Eudaism is the 'od of )hristianity is the 'od of Islam. *o if we all serve the same 'od why cant we all work together!G #:orothy E. 'aiter( F&ormer 4--)2 :irector )havis *ays =e Is Eoining &arrakhans 4ation of Islam(G The Wall *treet Eournal #&ebruary $?( 1OO8%( 2age ,O.

2I)T3/ 4-M A popekissing1uaran

F=ere is the photo of the pope at the end of an audience with 2atriarch /apheel I of Ira1( where the pope FbowedG to the Muslim holy book( The "oran( presented to him by the delegation.G )atholicism from the beginning has controlled Islam. Islam is >ust a tool. -nd we are at the right end of time. We are to proclaim the three angels message to the world and all the religions. Including the *:- )hurch who has for some time now played the harlot. /evelation 1CK? F-nd I heard another voice from heaven( saying( )ome out of her( my people( that ye be not partakers of her sins( and that ye receive not of her plagues.G I believe there are many( many people in Islam who will see this light. Who will see that they have been deceived >ust as there are many( many )atholics who will see the lights that they have been deceived. May everyone come into the truth for our time in the /emnant of her seed movement that is taking place before the 1??(999 living saints. /eferencesK The ncyclopedia of /eligion /obert -. Morey( Islam 3nveiledK The True :esert *torm #*hermans :iae( 2-K The *cholars 2ress( 1OO1%( p. ?CA?O. /obert -. Morey( Islam 3nveiledK The True :esert *torm #*hermans :iae( 2-K The *cholars 2ress( 1OO1%( p.?;.

morals and dogma page ?71

# ncyclopedia of &reemasonry page ;8C( 8?;% +ynn 2icknett and clive 2rince( The templar /evelation( Touchstone ,ook( 1OOC( p. 8O.