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Catalina Lucero 2014

February 19,

To be determined to continue my education is a goal I've set for myself !y reasons for a""lying to #m"ire $tate College are for t%e follo&ing reasons' my "ositive attitude, s(ills, o"timism, focus, ambition and interest in learning In my o"inion, I %ave t%e )ualities t%at allo& me t%e o""ortunity to continue my education #veryone deserves t%e "ossibility to gain, gro& dee"er and furt%er into t%eir future T%e im"ortance of (no&ledge and learning ne& acts benefits and ins"ires me to "ut my all in everyt%ing t%at consists of class &or(, assignments and "ro*ects I &ill ma(e great use, if given t%e c%ance to ta(e "art as an +dvertising and !ar(eting Communications student, of &%at I learn in t%is "rogram in my everyday life to t%rive in real life situations I encounter ,eing an -ndergraduate student &it% a .%otogra"%y ma*or, %as enabled me to ta(e advantage of t&o years t%at offered many c%ances in gro&ing into t%e field of business In ot%er &ords, I've educated myself on %o& to ta(e res"onsibility of my being in innumerable &ays, bot% in my "rofessional and "ersonal goals +s far &it% my "ersonal goals, I %ave been able to get t%roug% many obstacles t%at never discouraged me rat%er encouraged me to do better to fulfill t%e "ur"ose of my career "at% ,ased on constant criti)ues &it%in t%e t&o years I attended t%e Fas%ion Institute of Tec%nology, it %el"ed me identify my strengt%s and &ea(nesses t%at %ave led me to find my true identity as a young adult, artist, and %ard &or(er ,eing able to communicate freely and res"ectfully &it% students and "rofessors, %as led me into t%e &orld of interaction T%is %as broug%t a better understanding of &%y it is very im"ortant in any industry t%at consists of business /it% t%is being accom"lis%ed, I0ve been able to build better relations%i"s &it% t%e many "eo"le I %ave encountered and continue to meet to t%is day !y "rofessional e1"eriences %ave taug%t me to be consistent and fle1ible &it% my time in order to stay organi2ed and meet im"ortant deadlines T%e drastic c%ange in &anting and accom"lis%ing to become a better "erson allo&ed me to ins"ire students to continue t%eir education For e1am"le, I %ad a friend &%o &anted to dro" out of college because s%e felt s%e &asn0t in t%e rig%t "at% +s I listened to %er %esitation and fear of failing, I've learned to rely on myself to get &or( done, ins"ire my ideas to %ave great outcomes and &or( &it% ot%ers in order to net&or( 3et&or(ing &as one of my main "rofessional goals to accom"lis% and %as taug%t me %o& to c%allenge myself to better understand t%ose &%o surrounded me in order to come toget%er and bring need goals and ideas to t%e table T%e field I am focusing in is +dvertising and !ar(eting Communications, as &ell as minoring in $ociology T%e reason I &ant to focus on +dvertising and !ar(eting Communications is because t%is field caug%t my attention based on t%e "assion, commitment and a""eal I0ve al&ays %eld in being in

ent%usiasm. (no&ledge. "ositive and ready to learn attitude as a +dvertising and !ar(eting Communications student to use for t%e term in !ay I very muc% loo( for&ard and &elcome t%e contingency to develo" more net&or(ing e1"eriences to build furt%er into my career T%e atmos"%ere %el"s me com"re%end &%at it means to &or( %ard in a "rofessional manner t%at involves team&or(. structure and functioning of t%e %uman society. %el"ing me gain global "ers"ective !inoring in $ociology &ill also %el" me understand t%e develo"ment. as &ell. creativity and analytical t%in(ing come as one It doesn0t *ust end t%ere5 I am also given t%e c%ance of mastering t%e s(ills in management as &ell as addressing real &orld "roblems t%roug% t%e media.c%arge of a business and learning %o& to "ro"erly run it 4aving a big ent%usiasm in advertising. at my %ands t%at %el" clarify t%e understanding of t%e business industry . %o& it all connects &it% business /it% t%e abilities I %ave confidently e1"lained. "ublic relations and media buying %as led me to ma(e t%e decision of transferring and "ursuing furt%er into t%is medium T%is course of study is a "re"aration &%ere s(ills suc% as net&or(ing. direct mar(eting. ideas and magnificent outcomes It is im"ortant for me to continue studying at #m"ire $tate College because I %ave so many resources. *ournalism. e1"erience. I ta(e "ride and &ill "ut my s(ills.