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Citace Hattori K.: Operation with keramic membrane filtration system for DWTP in Japan. born!

!k konference Pitn" #o$a %&'&( s. '&')'&*. W+,T Team( -. ./$01o#ice %&'&. 2 .3 456)6&)%78)*678)6


Koji Hattori PE. Jp =,T>W>T,? Co.( @t$. ,/rope office( Westerbachstrasse A%( D)*'85* Kronber: im Ta/n/s( Bermany( e)mail: Hattori)ko1iCmetawater.e/

KEYWORDS Cerami mem!ra"e# mi ro $i%tratio"# oa&'%atio"# mem!ra"e $i%tratio"# (ir') remo(a%# *ri"+i"& ,ater

INTROD-CTION =embrane filtration technolo:y has been wi$ely applie$ to many kin$s of fiel$s( not only in$/strial applications( b/t also m/nicipal applications. Dor these applications( both polymeric membranes( that $ominate the ma1or parts( an$ ceramic membranes ha#e been /se$. Ceramic membrane has been mostly limite$ to a certain special application beca/se of its hi:her cost( altho/:h the membrane performance an$ $/rability are better than those of polymeric membranes. ./t =,T>W>T,?( a Japanese company that s/pplies from ceramic membrane to filtration system( filtration facility as an ,PC or PD2 pro1ect( broke thro/:h the cost problem an$ has been eEpan$in: the market share of $rinkin: water treatment plant FDWTPG in Japan. 2n CHech rep/blic an$ its s/rro/n$in: co/ntries( ,n#i)P/r( s.r.o.( who took o#er all the system know)how from =,T>W>T,?( is a responsible company. 2n this paper( =,T>W>T,? ceramic membrane filtration system for m/nicipal $rinkin: water application is intro$/ce$.

HISTORY OF CERAMIC MEMBRANE FILTRATION TECHNOLO.Y The 'st :eneration ceramic membrane Fspecification: 'm)len:th E A&mm)I E &.8m%G was starte$ in$/strial application in '467( an$ installe$ a membrane plant for the first DWTP in '44*. 2n or$er to re$/ce the membrane cost an$ increase the membrane performance f/rther( the %n$ :eneration membrane Fspecification: 'm)len:th E '6&mm) I E '7m%G an$ the Ar$ :eneration membrane Fspecification: '.7m)len:th E '6&mm)I E %7m%G were $e#elope$ an$ installe$ to DWTP in %&&' an$ %&&* in Japan respecti#ely. 2n %&&6( this technolo:y was selecte$ for %7 years .TO F./il$)Transfer)OperationG pro1ect of DWTP with '5'(&7&mAJ$ay F'5(&&&mAJhrG in capacity. 2n %&&6( as of a/:/stJ%&&4( =,T>W>T,? ceramic membrane filtration system was /se$ or will be /se$ for 65 DWTPs( an$ the total water pro$/ction capacity reache$ abo/t 8&&(&&&mAJ$ay F'5(&&&mAJhrG in Japan. 2n %&&4( the first installation o/t si$e of Japan with the capacity of A5(67&mAJ$ay F'(*&&mAJhrG was $eci$e$ in COJK >.

9 W+,T Team( $oc. 2n:. Petr Dole1;( C c.( -esk< ./$01o#ice %&'&

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

Dimension Dimension : : 30mm 30mm 1,000mmL 1,000mmL Pore Pore size size : : 0.1 0.1 m m 2 Mem. Mem. area area : : 0.48m 0.48m2 Channel Channel : : 2.5mm-ID, 2.5mm-ID, 61 61 h h

Dimension Dimension : : 180mm 180mm 1,000mmL 1,000mmL Pore Pore size size : : 0.1 0.1 m m 2 Mem. Mem. area area : : 15m 15m2 Channel Channel : : 2.5mm-ID, 2.5mm-ID, 2,000 2,000 h h

Dimension Dimension : : 180mm 180mm 1,500mmL 1,500mmL Pore Pore size size : : 0.1 0.1 m m 2 Mem. Mem. area area : : 25m 25m2 Channel Channel : : 2.5mm-ID, 2.5mm-ID, 2,000 2,000 h h

Pi t're /. Spe i$i atio" o$ erami mem!ra"e

< 1,000 m3/day < 10,000 m3/day

(< 42 m3/hr) (< 420 m3/hr)

< 100,000 m3/day (< 4200 m3/hr) > 100,000 m3/day (> 4200 m3/hr)

Generation Number of DWTP Total Capacity m3/day

1st 18 7,100

2nd 45 92,900

3rd 24 306,600

Total 87 406,600

Pi t're 1. I")ta%%atio" map


SPECIFICATION OF CERAMIC MEMBRANE Ceramic membrane has &.'Mm as a nominal pore siHe( an$ is cate:oriHe$ to micro)filter F=DG. ?aw water is fe$ into %(&&& membrane filtration cells( which has %.7mm)I as a $iameter( an$ totally collecte$ as filtrate F$ea$)en$ filtrationG. @ar:e #ol/me of membrane filtration cell Fin total '7 @G can store m/ch t/rbi$ matter( an$ as a res/lt( realiHe the lon: .W inter#al. >n$ thanks to the filtration collection cell preparation( filtration is finishe$ with #ery low press/re( altho/:h the o/ter $iameter of the membrane is #ery lar:e of '6&mm)I.

Pi t're 2. Cerami mem!ra"e )tr' t're FILTRATION MECHANISM 3 INTE.RATION WITH COA.-LATION Nariety kin$s of water can be treate$ an$ p/rifie$ by the inte:ration with coa:/lation an$ ceramic membrane filtration. ,#en tho/:h the nominal pore siHe of the membrane is &.'Mm( this inte:ration filtration system can remo#e not only the s/spen$e$ soli$( b/t also some $issol#e$ material( bacteria( protoHoa an$ #ir/s.

Membrane filtration Pretreatment

Fully atomized flocculation No sedimentation DeadDead-end filtration Backwash interval : 22-6 hrs Filtrate Air compressor

Coagulant Raw water Feed pump Membrane module

Backwash tank

Treated water reservoir

Wastewater treatment
Coagulation/Flocculation Basin

Backwash wastewater

SolidSolid-liquid separation of discharge Supernatant is returned to Coagulation/ Supernatant Flocculation Basin. Thickened sludge Thickener

Pi t're 4. Cerami mem!ra"e $i%tratio" )5)tem CHARACTERISTICS OF CERAMIC MEMBRANE SYSTEM


Ceramic membrane has many /niO/e characteristics( s/ch as membrane $/rability( lon: ser#in: life( stability a:ainst t/rbi$ity( low filtration press/re with hi:h operation fl/E( hi:h water reco#ery an$ so on. 2n case of the membrane replacement( which =,T>W>T,? has 3,N,? eEperience$ for '%years( the /se$ membrane will be /se$ as ceramic pro$/cts( an$ ne#er be a waste. This means that ceramic membrane wo/l$ meet PQero emissionR policy( an$ be an en#ironmentally frien$ly technolo:y.

Lo"& )er(i e %i$e The ol$est membrane plant was starte$ operation in '446. The raw water is ri#er s/rface water that fl/ct/ate$ seasonally( beca/se of the weather an$ a:ric/lt/ral acti#ity. /ch s/rface water has been $irectly treate$ by only a$$in: P>Cl as coa:/lant before filtration. Dor more than '% years( the membrane permeability has been kept the ori:inal performance witho/t any membrane breaka:e( any membrane replacement an$ operation sh/t $own.

DWTP in Kyoto (Operation start in 1998) 1998

Membrane: Capacity: Raw water: Flow: Flux: BW interval: CIP interval: Recovery:

30mm x 1,000mmL 17.7 m3/hr (425 m3/day) River surface water Coagulation(PACl) => Membrane filtration 64 LMH 6 hrs once/year >99%


1.5 TMP (bar)



0.0 1998





2003 year







Pi t're 6. Operatio" re)'%t) 7Lo"& perio* operatio"8

Ro!')t"e)) $or 9i&9 t'r!i*it5


Ceramic membrane has a stron: rob/stness a:ainst hi:h t/rbi$ity o#er '(&&& 3TK. 3ormally( most membrane filtration system ha$ no chance b/t to stop operation( or install an a$$itional pre)treatment to remo#e s/ch t/rbi$ matters before membrane. The pilot test for ri#er s/rface water was con$/cte$ by =,T>W>T,? in %&&&( an$ then the raw water t/rbi$ity was s/$$enly increase$ /p to '(%&& 3TK by hea#y rain. T=P ha$ increase$ accor$in: to the increase of t/rbi$ity( b/t after con$/ctin: ..W.( T=P was completely reco#ere$ witho/t C2P. D/rin: this perio$( 3O operation stop happene$ an$ stable operation was confirme$.

Pi t're :. Operatio" re)'%t) 7Hi&9 t'r!i*it58

;ir') remo(a% ?e:ar$in: the #ir/s remo#al( an in#esti:ation was carrie$ o/t /sin: two kin$s of #ir/ses that ha#e a $ifferent isoelectric point( = )% an$ PhiS)'58. .oth #ir/ses were $ose$ into the raw water taken from the water reser#oir with the concentration of abo/t '&5 cf/Jm@( an$ filtrate was sample$ at the timin: of 'G ri:ht after backwash F.WG an$ %G ' ho/r after startin: filtration. The confirme$ #ir/ses in the filtrate showe$ /n$er $etection le#el for all samples( an$ the #ir/s remo#al rate showe$ more than @?N *. To:ether with coa:/lation( ceramic membrane can also remo#e s/ch #ir/ses perfectly.


Used viruses
MS2 Size M S2 Size= =24-30 24-30(nm), (nm), Isoelectricpoint Isoelectricpoint= =6.6-6.8 6.6-6.8 PhiX-174 PhiX-174 Size Size= =24-30 24-30(nm), (nm), Isoelectricpoint Isoelectric point= =3.4-3.9 3.4-3.9

Operation condition
Raw Rawwater water Surface Surfacewater water (Dammed (Dammedwater) water) Coagulation PACl (3.0mg-Al/L) Coagulation PACl (3.0mg-Al/L) Flux 140 Flux 140(LMH) (LMH)

M S2
1E+08 1E+07 1E+06 1E+05 1E+04 1E+03 1E+02 1E+01 1E+00 1E-01 Rawwater Filtrate Dose right after BW Dose after 1 hr filtration 1E+08 1E+07 1E+06 1E+05 1E+04 1E+03 1E+02 1E+01 1E+00 1E-01

Dose right after BW Dose after 1 hr filtration



Pi t're <. ;ir') remo(a%

Re$ere" e) '. Ko1i Hattori P,. Jp: Ksin: of membrane processes for water treatment in the worl$. born!k konference P3o#< tren$y # Tist!renst#! a #o$"renst#!R. ,3N2)PK? s.r.o.( p. 8* 7A( %&&4. %. Toshi Kato: Ksin: of membrane processes for water treatment in the worl$. born!k konferene PNo$a Ql!n %&'&R. =ora#sk" #o$"rensk"( a.s.( p. 8')8*( %&'&.