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The first Eye witness report on Operation Blue Star released on 14th of June 1984 in New Delhi at Hotel taj by






The humble servant of the Khalsa Panth, Sardar Atinder pal Singh, Senior Vice-President of the All India Sikh Student's Federation, who has assumed the responsibilities as President after the heroic

To Khalsa Panth by Atinder Pal Singh …1 of 11

martyrdom of his President, “Bhai Amrik Singh,” has issued the following


1. In the holocaust of June 1984, Sant Jarnail Singh, Khalsa “Bhinderanwala”, “Bhai Amrik Singh”, Baba Thara Singh, “General Subheg Singh” and thousands of Sikhs laid down their lives to achieve the objective of ‘Raj Karega Khalsa’. I, on behalf of all the 60,000 members of the All India Sikh Student's Federation (founded in the year, 1944) pay rich tributes to their memory and we, today take pledge that we shall continue the struggle to achieve our objective namely, ‘to create environments for the fulfillment of our national aspirations’. We shall feel honoured if our lives are spent in emulation of the examples of Sikh national heroes.

2. The Sikhs are today facing the biggest crisis since the last 400 years. The Hindu government and its people have declared a war on the Khalsa Panth by attacking the holy precincts of the Darbar Sahib, about a hundred and seventy Gurdwaras in the Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, and Chandigarh and also the Sikh masses in villages, towns and cities. Since 1947, we have been struggling hard to convince the Hindu government in India to ensure our identity, freedom of religion and culture but have reached a point of no-return, when no democratic method can ensure us the freedom of our religion and culture and our very existence is threatened in Hindu India. We are war with a government whis is bereft of civility, human dignity and respectability.

3. The barbaric military attack was begun on 30th May, 1984 and was planned to be a surgical operation to be carried out on 3rd June, 1984 the martyrdo day of Guru Arjan Dev, our fifth Guru, so that the loss of lives would be maximum. However, as destiny would have it, on 2nd. June 1984 Major General Jaunswal of the 15th. Division refused to carry out a massacre of the Sikhs, as according to him this was sinister action of the government against its own people. This saddened the government a great deal. It took two days for the military to arrange a fresh attack and thus the death toll was to some extent reduced. You the members of the fourth estate, may kindly recollect that Mrs. Indira Gandhi had to telecast was delayed because of cabinet discussions on these new developments.

4. The Indian Army with a strength of four corps (11 corp, 10 corp 1 corp and 2 corp) was deployed and was supported by the Navy and the Air Force. The entire state of the Punjab became a prison for the Sikhs.

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On the 1st of June, the holy precincts of Darbar Sahib were attacked by the B.S.F. and the C.R.P.F. to incite and instigate the Sikhs, but the Sikh national soldiers showed extreme caution and twenty of our youth were killed without a bullet being fired by them. On the 5th of June, 1984, the Indian Army of the ‘secular’ government of India, stormed the holiest of holy, Sri Darbar Sahib &

Sri Akal Takht Sahib. In the first attack, the military suffered heavy losses and had retreat. Further reinforcements were deployed. I would like to expose the government and its false claims regarding the use of weapons by the military. The Indian Army was equipped with the following variety of Russian weapons :

1. 130 mm artillery guns

2. Armored cars

3. Forty-two tanks

4. 3.7 Rocket launchers

5. Laser Beams

6. 27 Lbs. field bombs

7. Lethal poisonous gasses.

5. The Sikhs are known for their valor and this was best explified by the resistance shown by the Sikh national soldiers. These Sikh freedom fighters showed exemplary courage in protecting the sanctity of the holy precincts. The Sikh youth in the age group of eight and sixteen, wrapped themselves with explosives and destroyed the armored cars and tanks, and not by using rocket launchers for they did not possess any : The Sikh sangat, numbering 6,000 (out of which only 1,200 surrendered; which according to official details were mostly employees of the S.G.P.C. and the Akali Dal lied down before the tanks to stop their entry, but the barbaric Hindu military had no qualms in overriding them to enable them to storm the Akal Takht with 27 lbs. field bombs and 3.7’ rocket launchers. Our brave Sikh liberators killed more than 5,000 Indian military men, which fact can be verified from the number of wounded soldiers recovering in the various army and navy hospitals all over the country. Though the government has suppressed these details it is common knowledge of every Sikh and others living in Amritsar that three commando units and three battalions- the Garwahlis, the Biharis and the Dogras were totally wiped out. The three hundred and fifty Sikh freedom fighters fought till the last man, and with such huge military mite the Indian forces could gain entry an area of about one lakh square feet only after three days.

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We salute our brave brethren and pray that we get inspiration from them to continue the struggle. Here, I also want to note that more than a hundred children within the age group of eight to twelve years were individually asked by army officers whether they ‘still wanted Khalistan’. As each one of them answered in the affirmative they were shot dead by the swans of the Indian Army. They all died upholding the glorious traditions of the Khalsa Panth.

6. The sanctum sanctorum has also been desecrated. ‘There are more

than 400 bullet marks on the Golden Temple. The historic body of Sri Guru Granth Sahib has been wounded. The Granthi Sahib (Priest) Bhai Ram Singh was severely wounded. The revered Ragi Jatha of Bhai Amrik Singh was killed in the sanum sanctorum of the Golden Temple. The holy sarovar, which is the source of inspiration to the Sikh community was filled with the dead bodies of the Sikh martyrs who were mercilessly killed by the Indian Army. The Thadha Sahib and the Deodi in front of the Thadha Sahib has been completely destroyed. Thousands of priceless manuscripts, including historical hand- written bodies of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, lying in the Sikh Research library have been reduced to ashes by the army. The records of the S.G.P.C., and Darbar Sahib were set ablaze and destroyed. The Guru Nanak Niwas has also been set ablaze. Darshani Deodi has been completely destroyed and the Toshakhana looted. From the Toshakhana, silver and golden Palki Sahibs have been destroyed & priceless covers of Guru Granth Sahib have looted

and destroyed. After looting the jewels and emerald from the Chandni Sahib and other treasures, the military set it ablaze. These jewels are now adorning the necklaces of the wives of military officers and jawans engaged in the actions, Priceless treasures and traditional arms belonging to our Great Gurus and erstwhile Sikh generals like Baba Deep Singh were looted by the army and are now being exhibited as war trophies by the military. The area in front of the Darshani Deodi and Sri Akal Takht, was a virtual bloodbath with about a horse's hoof length of blood.

7. The vandalism at Sri Akal Takht by the government of India will

be remembered by the Sikhs in the same way as the Chinese remember the vandalism of the Forbidden City by the Europeans in 1857.

8. According to the government of India's official version, the

government wanted to arrest twenty seven alleged extremists, who were supposed to be hiding in the precincts of the Golden Temple and the Operation Bluestar was planned for it. But in reality the government

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declared every Sikh as an enemy and the statement of the Prime Minister on

the eve of the attack was a like a head of state addressing her people before the state forces are sent for war against an enemy.

9. The Golden Temple Complex is still occupied and so are 37 other

prominent historical Gurdwaras which include the Takht Sri Damdama Sahib, Gurdwara Mukatsar, Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran in Patiala, Gurdwara Moga, the martyrdom places of Baba Ajit Singh Baba Jujhar Singh at Chamkaur and the martyrdom places of Baba Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh at Sirhind. The whole of Punjab has been occupied as an enemy country as the government of India is not satisfied with the loot it has made from it during the last 37 year of colonial rule, Khalsa ji, historians and members of the fourth estate, may you kindly remember in this context that the army was withdrawn from Bangladesh within a month, but the Sikhs are worst enemies of India and occupation of their territories continues.

The government of India has declared pension benefits of Rupees One lakh to the next of kin of the soldiers who lost their lives in the action. Such benefits were denied to those killed in the wars of 1962, 1965 and 1971. What a great vengeance against the Sikhs.

10. The whole of Punjab, the countryside in particular is groaning

under the so-called mopping operations during which innocent Sikh are being killed mercilessly, Young Sikhs-boys and girls are removed from their homes, their turbans removed, hand tied at their backs Keshas (Hair) untied in order to block their vision and then shot at point-blank range in front of the entire rural folk. More than 20,000 Sikhs have been killed and the whereabouts of another 50,000 is not known. It is feared that they have been killed in fake encounters and concentration camps at Ladha Kothi in Sangrur District, Chandi, Mandir in Chandigarh, Patiala fort in Patiala, Meerut-Cantt. and Agra Cantt. in Uttar Pardesh, 3EME Center, Bairagarh in Bhopal, Babina, Mhow and Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, N.D.A. Khadakvasla in Pune and Jaipur in Rajasthan, About 260 young girls are also being tortured in these centres.

The above reminds the Sikhs of the cruel deeds of General Cowan ICS, who, at Malerkotla, tied hundreds of Kuka Sikhs to the mouths of tanks and blew them into smithereens. As we have not forgotten that incident even after a hundred years, we shall never forget this holocaust for centuries to come. about 40,000 Sikh homes have been raided by the army in retaliation (as more than 5,000 man of the Indian army have so far been

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killed by the Sikh liberation soldiers). All these have been mercilessly looted by the army in celebration of their victory.

11. Now let me give you the role of the Hindu community After the

occupation of the Golden Temple Complex on the 6th, of June, 1984 the bodies of Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindaranwala, Bhai Amrik Singh Baba Thara Singh and General Subheg Singh were pleased in front of the Darshani Deodi and displayed to the Hindu population whose happiness know no hounds. How did the Hindus enter the Golden Temple Complex ? 240 representatives of the Durgiana Temple committee, the Hindu Mahasabha and the Hindu Suraksha Samiti were given special passes by the government of India. Rupees Seven and a half Lakh Rupees was given (by the army) Durgiana management to kill Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhinderanwala. These members were too willing to celebrate the victory of the Hindu kingdom. To that on sweets, sweetmeats, cigarettes, mutton, drinks, etc. were distributed amongst the army within the holy precincts of the Golden Temple Complex.

May it be put on record that on 9th, June, 1984, two Sikh soldiers of the Indian army who were stationed at the Akal Takht, killed thirty-five of their cosoldiers who were merry-making there. My community and the Panth shall remember them as martyrs. Not only in the Punjab but all over the country the Hindus celebrated this victory and ridiculed the at the allghtest pretext. Also during the mopping up operations supposedly to find out extremists, the Hindus lent and are lending full support covertly in Identifying Sikh homes, for the military to shoot and loot.

12. I, the humble servant of the Khalsa Panth emphatically point out

that the military has looted more than 500 crores in cash & kind from the Akal Takht, Sri Darbar Sahib and a hundred and seventy of the other

Gurdwaras This money and treasure is the property of the Khalsa Panth

given at the Akal Takht Sahib to enable the Sikh freedom fighters to liberate the community from the Indian yolk. We will endeavor and recover this loot with Interest from the Indian army and the government of India. The traditional weapons which were given as ‘Darshan Bhet’ by devout Sikhs to their Gurus and which were looted after gaining control of the Akal Takht will be forcibly recovered from the Hindu Indian army.

13. I, the humble servant of the Sikh nation would like to caution the

Sikh world and plead to every Sikh to keep his eyes open and be alert to the

designs of traitors within the community. Especially those who surrendered before the army action and also those who later on preferred to enjoy the

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comforts of luxurious rest houses (called jails by the government) than to organise and lead the community in this hour of grave crisis. The Akal Dal which is an organisation of brave ‘Shaheeds’ should strive & persevere to get their body rid of such leaders and pseudo- jathedars who have used their martyrdom for petty ministries and positions. The members of the Akali Dal and the Sikh world at alarge should be aware that these very men may through secret parleys the government try and deceive the community to satisfy their love for ‘kursi’. It is not only my conviction and that of my organisation, but he voice of the entire Sikh nation that the khalsa panth will not allow any Sikh to enter political offices under the Indian constitution anywhere in the country.

It is time that the body politic of the Akali Dal must come forward to renounce the agreement made by it with the Hindu leaders in 1946, for

the government of India has lost its right to represent us, and that agreement is no longer binding on the Sikh community.

14. Unlike other religious groups in Indian and the world, the Sikhs are

the only people who are enjoined upon to carry weapons on their body as a means of protection of oneself and readiness to offer protection to the needy. The Sikh Gurdwaras are not mere places of worship and congregation but a center which always offers protection and safety to all those who need it from the tyranny of the state and anti-social elements. The Sikh way of life is to hail the saints and to destroy the demons. As such all Gurdwaras must have arms and the tradition of maintaining the best of sophisticated weaponry is perfectly in order & according to the tenets of the Sikh Gurus. History bears testimony to the

fact that Guru Gobind Singh possessed ninety - three types of weapons including a ‘Cheh-mukhi a sophisticated weapon of those times, which was not in the possession of the then Delhi Darbar. Also according to a Hukamnama (order) of the tenth Guru only those Sikhs should come to seek his Darahan who were the best of weapons and brought sophisticated weapons as an offering. Today, all those who are questioning the storing of arms at the Akal Takht Harmandir Sahib and other Gurdwaras are in fact questioning the wisdom of Guru Hargobind Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It is an indirect method of condemning the Sikh way of life, the Hukamnamas of our Gurus and the Sikh concepts of Miri-Piri and Sant-Sipahi All those- Sikhs and non Sikhs: who are indulging in this compaign of vilification will have to face the consequences.

15. The Sikh outside the punjab are under a very wrong notion that the

struggle in punjab is a regional problem and the Sikh in the other states of

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India are not concerned. This is a big folly, let it be known to all that they are soon going to be the victims of this policy of genocide of the Hindu Indian government. It is in their interest that they should see the writing on the well and without losing-time make adequate arrangements and

preparation for the protection of their families and protection of the sanctity of their Gurdwaras. Sikhs all over India should rise above local politics and see the whole situation in a broader perspective. They should actively participate in this war of liberation by spending time, money and efforts. In their own self interest, they and their organisations should desist from oppsoing and condemining the Sikh liberation struggle. The panth knows its traitors will deal with accordingly.

A large number of Sikh- men women are facing mocktrials tortures

(so far the government of India has used fifteen different in human methods of torture in the jails and concentration camps) and privations at Ladha Kothi in Sangrur district and other places mentioned above. Four to six bodies are thrown out of the Chandi Mandir concentration camp at Chandigarh every day which fact can be verified by those who can get these so for, fifteen Sikhs have been killed at the camp in 3EME, Bairagarh, Bhopal. This sad story continues unabated. May I humbly request the Sikhs out of Punjab to endeavor their maximum to liberate these heroes or else a whole generation will be wiped out.

It is also the bounding duty of the Sikhs in India to come forward

and assist with all their mite the rehabilitation of the families who are the victim of the wanton aggression of the Indian government.

16. I, the humble servant of the Khalsa Panth, personally and on behalf

of my organisation and its members commend the unique services rendered by the Sikhs living abroad in the furtherance of our liberation movement. My brethren. You have rightly held demonstrations against the barbaric actions of the government of India in front of Indian embassies and missions. I appeal to all Sikhs living abroad, to stage such demonstrations on the 6th of very month so that the western world can understand the enormity against of cruelty Sikhs in India. The Sikhs, wherever, they are should expose the hallowness and felsehood of the Indian government vis- a-vis Sikhs. A case should be prepared and presented to world bodies like the U.N.O. Human Rights Commission and Amnesty International. on all occasions, when world leaders meet efforts must be made to familarise

them with the fate of Sikhs in secular, socialist India.

I appeal to Sikhs in all corners of the globe to unite under the

present leadership which is already voicing the Sikhs viewpoint to the

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various governments Unity the need of the hour. we must desist from

organising new factions and function as a disciplined people under the canopy of the Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

17. The Sri Akal Takht Sahib embodies our sovereign indestructible

will for freedom. The Khalsa Panth will get it erected when the Sikhs are a free people and that too through the hands of Ammritdhari Sikhs Particularly the members of the families of all those martyrs whose children

laid down their live to maintain its sanctity and glory. Let it be clear to the government and the traitors of the Panth that the Akal Takht erected by them and other repair work done would be dismantled. The cronies of the government - in the garb of Nihanga and pseudo-saints and factional leaders of breakaway Akali Dal groups (without any membership) are too well-known to the Khalsa Panth. The Sikhs must offer almost residence to the designs of the government. As the need has arisen, we shall forcibly stop these paid laborers and stooges of the Congress, whatever the price we may have to pay.

18. I and sixty thousand members of my organisation and their parents

are in the throes of pain and agony in pointing out that while thousands of the youth of Punjab are languishing in jails, the government is manipulating to hold a mockery of examinations under the control of the military. We will ensure that no examination will be allowed to be held till all those who have been detained are released and the army is completely withdrawn from the Punjab. I, the humble servant of the Sikh nation, hereby sternly warn the teachers, professors, supervisors and university employees that they should not participate in the conduction of the exams. If they do, they shall be doing it at their own risk.

19. The Khalsa Panth extends a hearty welcome the 15,000 soldiers

who have spontaneously left their barracks in sympathy to our liberation struggle. They are the true saint-soldiers who have offend themselves at the altar of Indian bigotry. Every Sikh - particularly those living in states other than Punjab must strive to get them released, as they are likely to be shot dead at the hands of the Hindu military. We also welcome all those IAS, IFA, IPS and other officials who have resigned from Indian posts and have expressed their solidarity with the Panth. The panth will not tolerate the compulsory retirement of police officers and administrators, for it is yet another example of “gross”

indiscrimination by the Hindu government. All those who have resigned and those who have been discriminated will be looked after taken care of by the Khalsa Panth. To Khalsa Panth by Atinder Pal Singh …9 of 11

20. According to official sources the Indian Army was to assist the

civil administration but instead without declaring martial law, the army is in control of the civil administration. All executive power is exercised by the army generals The sixth and seventh floors of the Punjab Secretariat at Chandigarh are the headquarters of the army, R.S. Dayal with assistance from military officers controls the state affairs from the sixth floor The IAS, IPS officers have been divested of their powers and are mere clerks of the military.

According to secret notification of the government of India the army intends to stay atleast till 31st. Dec. 84 provided the conditions are restored to normalcy which means that the government is likely to extend occupation of Punjab thereafter took. The latest ordinance proves that the government is determined to destroy the Sikhs root and branch. These dark deeds of the government of Indira Gandhi is reminiscent of the Mac Aothian occupation of Japan after the Second world war.

I, the humble servant of the Khalsa Panth appeal to Sikhs all over the world to understand the implications of this attitude of the Hindu kingdom. It is possible that like Assam the government may hold elections under the duress of the army and foist upon us a puppet government of Nazis in France in 1940.

21. I, voice the conviction of all Sikhs that we will not allow our

Gurdwaras to be converted into ‘mandirs’ by the government which is hell bent on installing mahants and touts ot manage all Sikhs institutions. The effort of the government to divide the Sikh community by raising vital

fundamental Issue like, karsewa storing and wearing of arms sonic political base of Sikhim will be thwarted by the Khalsa panth we will run our institutions and manage our Gurdwaras in accordance with the tenets of the Sikh religion.

22. I, also declare that all police officials, military men administrators,

members of the Congress cabinet the Prime Minister and president of India

who all in unieon prepared a conspiracy to annihilate the Sikhs would be given an opportunity to seek Justice after Nuremberg trials at the Akal Takht.

23. On behalf of the Sikh nation, I wish to add that our struggle for

liberation is not merely limited to Punjab but has wider international implications when we succeed in our objectives it would ensure the freedom

of Kashmir stability in Pakistan and the designs of nec-imperialists like USSR would be foiled. It would also ensure the freedom of Afghans, who are reeling under the hordes of Russian bears. To Khalsa Panth by Atinder Pal Singh …10 of 11

We will soon establish diplomatic relations with all countries

especially our neighboring countries. we also deem fit to emphasize here that hence forth Sikh no longer accepts the Sikhs citizens.

24. very humbly, the All India Sikh Student's Federation submits a

five-point Charter. which every member of the Khalsa Panth should entrain on their hearts :

(1) We are no longer Indian and India no longer exists for us now our one & only destination is a sovereign and independent state duly recognised by public law.


We have no demands to make and no compromises to discuss.


No Sikh in India, hereafter will participate in any election

under the Indian constitution, Including the elections of the SGPC and the DGPC. we shall frame our own laws at the Akal Takht for the management of our Gurdwaras & other institution all over the world (4) We are Royal devotees of Waheguru and we shall hereafter seek his favor and shall endeavor to work towards the realisation of our being, SOVEREIGN SUI GENERIES. (5) Every Sikh family must send atleast one son or daughter for the Sikh liberation movement. They should organise themselves into Shaheedi jathas and be ready to fight and dle.

14 TH OF JUNE 1984

Atinder Pal Singh


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