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15 Shaw Road WANNEROO WA 6065 Telephone (08) 9306 0500 Fax (08) 9306 0599 S M S (absencesonly) 0 4 1 7 0 9 7 4 3 5 ABN: 31 340

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Wanneroo Primary App can be downloaded from the web

Term 1 2014
Wednesday 2 April Room 9: Wanneroo Museum (moved from Tuesday) STRIVE program information session 9.00am Breakfast Club 8-8.30am Thursday 3 April Room 7: Wanneroo Museum Uniform Shop 8.45-9.15am Monday 7 April Breakfast Club 8-8.30am Tuesday 8 April Room 10: Wanneroo Museum Wednesday 9 April Breakfast Club 8-8.30am Thursday 10 April Uniform Shop 8.45-9.15am Friday 11 April ANZAC Day service: 9.00am Last day Term 1

Recently a group of staff and parents was involved in Positive Behaviour training. The positive behaviour approach involves staff and parents in a process of defining expected behaviour for all members of the school community and then establishing a positive, proactive school-wide behaviour management practice. It is based on the underlying principles of decision making guided by data, the establishment of effective school-wide routines and a consistent response to behaviour, both positive and negative. PBS is a researchbased process that, when correctly implemented, has proven to create safer and more effective schools. In the coming months the committee, in consultation with the community, will develop a positive behaviour strategy unique to the context of our school.

Term 2 2014
Monday 28 April Students and staff resume Breakfast Club 8-8.30am

Our School Values Respect Tolerance Self Discipline Courtesy Cooperation Confidence

The Positive Behaviour Committee

Over the last few weeks, the Pre-primary teachers have been busy assessing students using the on-entry interview. The staff are currently analysing the results and will use the information to plan for improvement. Parents will be invited to meet with the class teachers to discuss their childs results. Thank you to the pre-primary teachers for the supportive way in which they administered the testing. On Friday 11 April the school will conduct an ANZAC Day service at 9.00am. Families are asked to contribute flowers for the wreaths which will be made by each class prior to the service. If your child is a member of a group such as scouts or cadets he or she may wear the uniform for the service but should bring a school uniform to change into afterwards. Parents and visitors are welcome to join us for the service. As from next Monday I will be on LSL through until the end of May. Amanda Kelley will fill the position of Principal and Helen Orzel and Sonia Price will share the role of Deputy Principal while I enjoy my travels overseas. As this is the last newsletter before the April school holidays I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable break. Just a reminder school recommences on Monday 28 April. Penny Halleen Principal 2 April, 2014

Our School Vision

The Wanneroo Primary School Community will be highly regarded for its strong partnerships creating an inclusive learning environment where students are supported to achieve and successes are celebrated.

Issue Number: 5

Term 1

Week 9

The following students and classes were presented with certificates and awards at our recent assembly Hunter, Jaidyn, Kai, Rebecca, Year 1 Kalel, Asha, Amity Kiana, Luke, Rylan, Melrick, Ayden Year 2 Emily, Byron, Tamika, Thomas, Year 3 Sharon Amy, Zoe, Sakura, Ashna, Ewan Year 4 Caleb, Jordan, Holly, Zoe, Bailee Year 5 Georgia, Harlin, Kathy Year 6 Jack, Madison, Qeysha, Gina, Year 7 Peter, Jed Mental Maths Assembly Spy Mathletics Room 14, Room 13 Tyrell, McKenzie and Room 11 Sakura, Nirjari

entertaining assembly in which they outlined all the wonderful things we do at our school as part of our branding. Room 15 did a brilliant job of portraying what our school is all about and our vision for the future. Our next assembly will be our ANZAC service on Friday 11 April. Parents, grandparents and friends are welcome to join us in the covered assembly area followed by tea and coffee with the school chaplain.

Harmony Week

Thank you to the many families who came dressed in orange for Harmony Day. A special thank you to Mrs Akroyd, Ms Fuselier and Mrs Campbell for organising the day and displaying the hands of friendship in which each child depicted their culture. A total of $418 was collected on the day which will be forwarded to The Smith Family.
This fortnight we focus on the virtue

Cooperation is working together for the good of everyone. It is a willingness to respect others and to follow rules which keep everyone safe and happy.

Mathletics Gold Medal Winners

Congratulations to Sakura and Nirjari who have recently received a gold medal for Mathletics. Parents are reminded that the contribution for the Mathletics program is an annual fee of $5.00 and is due before the end of term. Payment can be made through your childs class teacher. Miss Kelley Deputy Principal

Room 15 Assembly

NAPLAN Reminder A reminder to parents of children in Years 3, 5 or 7 that if they wish to officially withdraw their child from Term 2s NAPLAN testing they must collect a form from Mr Simmonds. It needs to be completed and returned to the schools office by Thursday 10 April.

Congratulations to Mrs Lilburne and Mrs Baileys Year 4/5, Room 15 for their

Online Resources for Parents A recent article in The West Australian

featured early childhood education with experts highlighting the importance of parents supporting the education of their children using everyday experiences. The article is further supported by a growing body of research emphasising the importance of the early years in building solid foundations for future development. For example, a literature review by Edith Cowan University, confirms the importance of learning and development during the early years, both before school and during the first years of school. The Department has a number of online resources to support parents and carers. They provide parents with ways to build their childrens development and confidence through easy to use and fun activities that can be incorporated into daily life: Learning at home: A guide for parents of children aged 0 to four years; Hello school! Reading: Light up your childs imagination: Numbers: Showing children they count Writing and spelling: the world of words: The online resources are available for parents on our website.

Voluntary Contributions
A schedule for the 2014 Contributions and Charges was sent home with students at the end of last year. Reminders have been sent home. If you have recently paid please disregard the reminder. The Wanneroo Primary School voluntary contribution is: Kindergarten & Pre-primary $60 per child Year 1 7 $30 per child The payment can be made by cash, cheque or eftpos at the front office and a receipt will be issued. Please note that the P&C contribution must be kept separate from all other school payments.

Evidence Files
All students are required to have an evidence file that will stay with them for the duration of their primary schooling. Evidence files are available for purchase through your childs classroom teacher at a cost of $3.00.

Head Lice
The presence of head lice in schools is an ongoing community problem. When present, the child, school and family are all most inconvenienced. By working cooperatively as a school community, the presence of lice at school may be reduced. Please check your childs hair on a regular basis and if lice are found treatment must be commenced. Children with long hair should keep it tied up. More information is available at the Department of Health website

2014 SMS Attendance

If your child is going to be absent and you know in advance you can SMS the school or let the teacher know before 9.30am by SMS only on 0417097435 or by phoning the school on 9306 0500. Notes will be sent home for parents to respond to any absences that are outstanding. Kevin Simmonds Deputy Principal

City of Wanneroo YSpeak

YSpeak! A face, place and voice, is embarking on a mission to ask as many 8-25 year olds who live, work, attend school or hang out in the City of Wanneroo to complete the quick survey on your future vision. Complete the survey for a chance to win $100's worth of prizes. Head onto the City's website> to complete the online survey before 30 May. For more information contact Youth Services on 9405 5600 or<mailto:progr>.

Wanneroo Primary School App and Web Page

Both the app and web page are a valuable means of communicating the special things that are happening in our school. It will also be our key means of distributing information to parents electronically. The Wanneroo Primary app can be downloaded to your phone, iPad or tablet. The school web page can be accessed at

Chaplains Chat
Last Friday lunchtime about twenty five students from Year 6 and 7 joined me and two special volunteers, Yvonne and Sylvia, to learn how to knit. We will be meeting fortnightly on Fridays to knit squares that we will join together to make a blanket to donate to charity. Does anyone have any 4 ply wool and/or No. 8 knitting needles they can donate? If so please leave at the office for my attention. If anyone else would like to help out with this large group please contact me via email. The Child and Parent Centre Neerabup is running free workshops including Guiding Childrens Behaviour, The Secrets of Good Sleepers, Triple P, Building Brains and Toilet Education. It is a great resource for any parents in need of some tips and support. For more information about the workshops please email me. Please join me for a cuppa before and/or after assembly each Friday fortnightly. Please feel free to email me or phone the office and leave a message. Carolyn Campbell YouthCARE Support Chaplain Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Wanneroo Dental Therapy Centre

The Wanneroo Dental Therapy Centre is open from 8.00am-4.00pm Monday to Friday 94053178.

Secondary College information

Wanneroo Secondary College 2015 Year 7 and 8 Specialist and Elite Programs. Information evenings were conducted recently for the following programs Australian Rules Football (6pm) Performing Arts (6pm) Instrumental Music (6pm) Academic Extension (7pm) Robotics (7pm) A scholarship will be awarded to the highest performing student in each of the above specialist programs. Applications close Friday 16 May 2014. Application forms may be obtained from the college or by phoning Katrina Smith on 92066562 Woodvale Secondary College 2015 Our approved Specialist Programs provide the level of attention your child needs to turn a talent into a dream career. Apply now for 2015 for the following programs: Basketball, Soccer and Music. Applications are due by Friday 23 May, 2014 and trials will commence on Wednesday 4 June, 2014. Call 93090808 or check the website

P&C Notices
P&C Annual General Meeting (AGM) The P&C conducted its AGM last Wednesday 26 March. Congratulations to the new P&C committee which was elected for 2014. Rebecca Miller was elected as the P&C representative on the School Board. Easter Bun Fundraiser Orders will be delivered on Thursday 10 April. Once again we would like to thank the school community for their support. Easter Raffle Winners will be announced on Thursday 10 April. Prizes are on display and spare tickets are available on the display table admin. Canteen Update From Term 2 the canteen will only be available on Thursdays. An updated menu will appear on the schools app and website and copies will be available from the school office. If you have any concerns please contact me via email or see me at the canteen from 8.30am Tuesdays (this term) or Silvana on Thursday mornings. Please do not contact the high school direct. Thank you, Deb Festa, Canteen Coordinator.

Community Notices
City of Wanneroo School Holiday Program A variety of activities and excursions are available during the school holidays through the City of Wanneroo. Bookings are essential. Visit or phone 9405 5600. If you would like information about upcoming children and youth programs please send your email address to

by Michael Grose - Australias No 1 parenting educator

Resisting kids pester power

Kids have a way of getting under your skin when they really want something.
Mum, can you buy me a treat? MUUUMMMM, can you get me some new clothes? Its not fair. You never let me have any fun. Sound familiar? Kids have a way of getting under your skin when they really want something. You can refuse their request for a treat, some extra time up out of bed or some new clothes and they can keep at you until you give in. Some kids when they receive a knockback from one parent, will try the other parent. Okay, mum said no to an ice cream, Ill just check to see what dad says is the type of tactic Im talking about here. Sole parents can easily become worn down by pester power as there is no one to share the burden with. There is no doubt that kids pester power is alive and well and living in Australian homes right now. In these times of small families the voice of one child resisting can be the only voice a parent hears. Currently, kids are seen as fair game by marketers and advertisers that use increasingly sophisticated tactics to stimulate consumerism in kids. This makes life increasingly difcult for parents. Pester power hasnt always been a problem for parents. In the days of large families, when four or more children were common, not only was there less propensity to give kids what they wanted but siblings had their own way of dealing with rebellious or prima donna type behaviour. If your kids dont take no for answer, particularly when they want you to buy, buy, buy consider these well-tested resistance strategies: 2. 1. Avoid getting into too many negotiations with kids. Its worth remembering that its okay to say no.without always having to explain yourself. Make yourself scarce, either physically or psychologically when they dont take no for an answer. My wife was an expert at the latter method when my kids used to argue the point with her. She would ignore attempts to change her mind, going about her business as if they werent there. They soon realised that arguing was futile. Differentiate between a want and a need. Kids want many things including the latest gadget, more free time and lots of treats. But they dont necessarily need these things. Understanding the difference between a need and a want helps you resist pester power. Communicate with your partner. Teenagers are adept at putting pressure on parents to acquiesce to their demands, particularly when it comes to going out. Get into the habit of bringing your partner into the picture. Im not sure about that. Ill check with your father and get back to you is a handy response. Draw strength from a friend. It helps, particularly if you are on your own, to phone a friend to check if you are being reasonable. Its easy to doubt yourself, and your sanity, when you are on your own. How can you make this happen? Sometimes its best to put the onus on to kids, particularly when they pester you to buy them things. Sure, you can have a new mobile phone. Have you got enough money to buy it now or do you have to save for it? is the type of response I suggest for kids who just love you to be their automatic teller machine.





Resisting kids pressure for parents to purchase items for them is a challenge that comes with living in more afuent times. But its a challenge thats worth meeting, not just for our peace of mind, but to promote some restraint and self-discipline in kids. Published by Michael Grose Presentations. All rights reserved. For more ideas, support and advice for all your parenting challenges visit:

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2009 Michael Grose