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Press Release

Warrington March 2014

Reliable Manufacturing at Factory Health & Maintenance Conference 2014

At this year s Factory Health & Maintenance Conference Andrew Fraser, Managing Director of change management consultancy, Reliable Manufacturing, will demonstrate how reliability is the key to safety. The event takes place on 5 June 2014 at the Gaydon Motor Heritage Centre in Warwickshire. All factories recognise the importance of safety, but its link to maintenance is sometimes overlooked. Planned maintenance is key to creating a safe working environment - ignore this at your peril, warns Fraser. Studies show that increasing the proportion of preventive and predictive maintenance work results in a clear decrease in the number of injuries, in some cases by as much as 50%. In his presentation, A reliable plant is a safe plant, is a cost - effective plant, Fraser will argue factories should be giving reliab ility the same credence as safety. Although reliability isnt the only way to ensure a safer plant, it is very difficult for companies to have a good safety record without being reliable. Not only does higher asset utilisation have a clear correlation with improved safety, of course it helps to generate more revenue too and reduce costs in a sustainable way, he says. Using a combination of case studies and industry data, Fraser will demonstrate how the best plants are able to compete globally through the application of an holistic top-down and bottom-up 'reliability strategy and provide practical advice on how this can be implemented at the delegates own plants. The one-day event is designed to help plants discover and deploy safety and maintenance best practice, and will cover the following topics: Maintenance operator safety Organised maintenance and design for safety Outsourced maintenance Occupational risk prevention Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) Efficient maintenance operations Maintenance and CI: path to excellence

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Notes to editors About Reliable Manufacturing

Reliable Manufacturing is a reliability-based change management consultancy, helping global clients from a wide variety of industrial sectors realise superior business results. We are specialists in delivering performance improvement through the implementation of operations and maintenance best practices, which facilitate organisational cultural change. Our pragmatic approach delivers improved asset availability, reduced operating costs, improved HSE performance and increased employee motivation and satisfaction. Change is delivered through tailored programmes, and we work at all levels of client organisations to equip the leadership and engage staff in the practices, systems and behaviours that assure outstanding operational performance.

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