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History of Electricity Todays world has become addicted to the use of electronic gadgets.

Our daily routine chores from ironing our clothes for office to watching TV for recreation are dependant on the availability of Electricity. Try imagining a world without electricityobviously we cant. But the fact remains there that the man was not gifted with electricity since his birth. Lets see how this blessing came in to being. Ancient Times ncient men i.e. Egyptians! "ree#s and $omans! #new only the e%istence of electric shoc# in electric fish called Eel. They believed that the fish had a power to cure gout and headache with the help of its electric shoc#. &n '(th century rabs were a step ahead of them for having a proper rabic word for the electric ray i.e. Raad. Electricus Period Thales of )iletus in ancient "reece discovered that rubbing mber with *ats fur could create electric charge and it could attract some light ob+ects such as feathers. ,e perceived that the attraction was due to magnetic effect on amber! which was later on proved wrong by -illiam "ilbert in './/. ,e differentiated electric charge form magnetic charge and used the Latin word Electricus for it! which means amber or amber li#e. This was the word! which later on became Electricity. Benjamin Franklins kite brings the Light fter './/! many hits and trials made by many people such as Otto von "ueric#e 0e%perimented on electricity generation1 and Thomas Browne! led to the discovery of electrical conductivity by 2tephen "ray in '345. Ben+amin 6ran#lin made the ma+or contribution towards the discovery of electricity when! in '3(4! he discovered the flow of electric charges from a region of higher gradient to a region of lower gradient. ,is e%periment in this regard is 7uite famous. ,e tied a metal #ey with a dampened #ite string and flew the #ite in storm threatened s#y. ,e e%perienced some shoc#s or +olts in his hand and stated that the lightning is electrical in nature. Volt !hm Faraday " Bulb Then in '8// lssendro Volta invented electrical battery for producing 9* current. ,e made his battery by piling :inc and copper plates over one another. ;ow the man could rely on a better electric source than electrostatic charged ob+ects. Then came the Ohms law as the greatest discovery in this regard. &n '843! "eorge 2imon Ohm stated that the current flowing through a piece of wire is directly proportional to the cross sectional area of the wire and is inversely proportional to the length of that piece of wire. This law is still considered as the base of modern days physics. &n '8<' )ichael 6araday gave the 7uantitative laws for electrolysis! transformers! electric motors etc. &t was in '835 that the father of electricity Thomas lva Edison invented lightning bulb and illuminated the whole world. Todays #onders fter that the 7uest for more and more rose beyond the e%pectations of that days man. )any machines were invented which wor#ed by using the electric power. )any great men such as ;i#ola Tesla! Thomas Edison! ,einrich ,ert:! Ott= Bl>thy! Elihu Thomson! ?nyos @edli#! 2ir *harles Aarsons! "eorge -estinghouse! Ernst -erner von 2iemens! le%ander "raham Bell! and Lord Belvin! #ept discovering more and more interesting facts about electricity. Their search reached the atomic and subatomic level! giving rise to

many miracles such as discovery of photons! 7uar#s! alpha! beta and gamma rays and many more. The search of those men created wonders for todays man and yet its not over.